WeAreCHANGE Ohio confronts Bill Maher on Impeachment & 9/11

Bill Maher decided to make a stop on his comedy tour in Ohio. WeAreCHANGE Ohio was able to successfully infiltrate the show modeling the work of WeAreCHANGE LA after their successful infiltration of his show regarding his disrespectful statements where he attempted to comically call out 9/11 truth activists. According to Bill Doyle head of the largest 9/11 victims family members group the majority of them believe it was an inside job. According to Bill Maher they're all nuts.

Bill Maher "hires" 'Blackwater Security' to block interruptions

Well, the visit sure shook Bill up. Imagine botching a joke about the California wildfires.

After 9-11 Truth protesters interrupted his live show last week, comedian Bill Maher seemed on edge during his monologue Friday night.

After botching an opening joke about the California wildfires, Maher laughed, assumed an attack pose, and said "I'm worried about having to run into the audience!"

His first joke referenced the scuffles from last week as well. "I'd like to extend a warm welcome to my security team: Blackwater," he said as he ran on stage. "They're in the house tonight."

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Corporate Disobedience: A Shrill Hysteria in the Fascist Press

Crimes of the State Blog

It's not civil disobedience, but corporate disobedience -- upsetting the corporate control paradigm -- that just plain flips out the media oligarchs and their loyal proxies.

"It's not a debate. It's a debate between us. You're in the audience. Audience comes from the Latin, 'to listen'."
--Bill Maher, (confronted by WeAreChange LA regarding his 9/11 censorship

The most powerful weapon the corporate state has is editorial control. The information clampdown is total, on certain topics. No "debate" is allowed, and opposition voices are not permitted to appear despite the validity of their case, or the amount and quality of evidence they can provide. Opposition is routinely written out of history, and it is demonized when it refuses to remain silent.