Analysis of an interview with Doug Cochrane

Christopher F. Aguilar wrote an outstanding article (source) about the events inside the white house from the eyes of the naval aide of Vice-President Cheney, Doug Cochrane. As his interview with the 911 Commission is still not being published, this 911blogger entry is going to highlight three significant points from above article:

1. First Attack in the television?

Cochrane says, that after he "received a call from the White House situation room informing him that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center. American Airlines Flight 11 struck the World Trade Center's north tower at 8:45 a.m. He ran to the situation room to verify the information, but by then it was already appearing on CNN."

This statement is problematic, because there were no recording of the first attack in the television until hours after the attack happened. Nevertheless President Bush himself confirms Cochranes account! President Bush holded a town hall meeting, which was aired December 4, 2001, where he had this to say: 

Statements of Monte Belger, Mike Weikert (both FAA) in regard to the Mineta-testimony

The testimony of Norman Mineta is widely discussed and known at 911blogger. For example "Mineta's Testimony CONFIRMED".

Nevertheless there are important statements made by important FAA-personal, which need to be contributed to the discussion:

Mike Weikert was in charge in the FAA-Headquarter for the "primary net" (hijack-net). In his statement to the 911 commission, he describes, what happened shortly before the Pentagon attack. He says, that the FAA-Headquarter tried to "raise" the White House, Defense Department, and that Belger was monotoring "both nets":

"We were trying to raise them when we were tracking the plane that crashed in the Pentagon. Belger was in the room at the time. He was monitoring both nets." source

Monte Belger Acting (FAA Deputy Administrator) cannot remember speaking with Mineta, but can recall reports of a "high speed VFR", which flow eastward in this time:

"What Hit the Pentagon?"

Noted 9/11 research Dr. Frank Legge has published a revised version of his paper with additional notes and discussion, “What Hit the Pentagon?” The paper is available at the Journal of 9/11 Studies:

His first version of the paper generated a great deal of discussion about this important issue. In presenting this revision, Dr. Legge notes:

“This version has been prepared to take into account a number of issues raised by critics and defenders of the original paper. Discussion of the implications of accepting or rejecting the official position that a 757 hit the Pentagon has been expanded and clarified. I am very grateful for the help provided. All significant alterations have been identified and discussed in footnotes.”

No doubt this revised version will encourage further discussion of what hit the Pentagon, and perhaps more importantly, a renewed push to obtain release of withheld video footage that will show unequivocally what hit the Pentagon – and a renewed interest in the whistleblower testimony of Secretary of Transportation (at the time) Norman Mineta.

The Three Amigos on 9/11

The Three Amigos on 9/11
New examination of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld whereabouts on 9/11 turns up many troubling questions

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
5 June, 2008

The Corbett Report has just released the final installment in a three-part YouTube documentary series seeking to highlight some of the bizarre facts surrounding the movements and whereabouts of President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld on the day of 9/11. The three videos can be watched in the players below.

Where Was Rumsfeld on 9/11?

Standing Orders to Delay on 911: Legislators Indict President Bush & Vice President Bush

RE: Request to Indict President Bush & Vice President Bush
for Criminal Neglect and Failure to Lift Standing Orders to Delay on 9/11

Dear Representative:

The United States has written laws so that people might know their rights and secure justice through the courts.
The U.S. Constitution requires that all elected officials take an oath promising to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.
Violating the Constitution is a crime. Those who violate the Constitution are criminals.

I am writing to you out of concern that constitutional violations occurred on 9/11.

Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states:
Every State shall be protected against Invasion; and domestic Violence.

President Bush and Vice President Cheney failed to protect the U.S. against Invasion on 9/11.

When notified of the attack on the World Trade Centers, President Bush neglected to assume his duties as Commander in Chief on 9/11, but instead continued participating in a reading lesson being conducted in a public school classroom in the State of Florida.

U.S. Constitution: Defensive Actions Reserved to States

Article 1, Section 8 states:

Flight 93 Was More than 100 Miles from the Pentagon

In a previous essay, I argued that Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta could not have been referring to Flight 93 because that Flight never got within "50 miles out", let alone 30 or 10 miles, from the Pentagon. Here's an update.

I found latitude and longitude information for the Pentagon and the Flight 93 crash site. Specifically, the Pentagon appears to be at a latitude of approximately 38.871 and a longitude of -77.0561.

The crater for Flight 93 (ignoring the possible that Flight 93 was shot down in order to focus, for this essay only, on Cheney's discussion of the plane at the PEOC), is probably located within a few seconds of 40°03'02" N longitude
78°45'22" W latitude, according to Jim Hoffman's research.

Mineta Could NOT Have Been Referring to Flight 93

In an update to our story yesterday, Mineta's Testimony CONFIRMED, I wanted to examine the claim that Mineta got confused, and that the conversation between Cheney and the young officer was actually referring to Flight 93.

The flight path of Flight 93 shows that its closest proximity to the Pentagon was probably when it crashed (or if it got closer prior to crash, it never got much closer).

The 9/11 Commission stated that Flight 93 crashed 125 miles from Washington, D.C. Washington is about 5 miles from the Pentagon. So Flight 93 could not have crashed much closer than 120 miles from the Pentagon.

Mineta's Testimony CONFIRMED


When faced with former Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta's testimony -- about Cheney's stand-down order as the plane approached the Pentagon -- Defenders of the official story have tried to discredit Mineta by saying that he got his times mixed up.

Specifically, Mineta claims:

"When I got to the White House, it was being evacuated. I met briefly with Richard Clark, a National Security Council staff member, who had no new information. Then the Secret Service escorted me down to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, otherwise known as the PEOC."