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Listen LIVE to Winter Soldier This Weekend on NO LIES RADIO.

Winter Soldier


Friday, March 14th - 9am-7pm EST (6am-4pm PST) (14:00-00:00 GMT)
Saturday, March 15th - 9am-7pm EST (6am-4pm PST) (14:00-00:00 GMT)
Sunday, March 16th - 10am-4pm EST (7am-1pm PST) (15:00-21:00 GMT)

Richard Gage, Carol Brouillet, and Kevin Barrett Discuss Today's Super Tuesday Elections on No Lies Radio!!

Today at 4pm Pacific -- 7pm Eastern exclusively on NO LIES RADIO --- TUNE IN
Repeated at 10pm Pacific -- 1am Eastern.

NEWS FLASH -- 911 Truth Leaders Richard Gage, Carol Brouillet and Kevin Barrett discuss today's Super Tuesday Elections on NO LIES RADIO. Find out if Cynthia McKinney and Ron Paul support 911Truth, will Obama start World War III, what Guilanni really did on September 11th, who runs America, who profits from all the wars, the evidence for controlled demolition, Carols' possible run for Congress again and how you can help her, the evidence for an "air defense stand-down" on September 11th. Make your vote count today. Get the real 911 election news before you vote.


Check Out NO LIES NEWS, My New Headline News Show on Pacifica

Please tune in to my new five-minute news headline show on No Lies Radio, a Pacifica Radio Network affiliate. "No Lies News" will be on seven days a week, eight times a day, and will be updated daily (well, five to seven times a week) to offer a 9/11 truth perspective on the latest headlines, spiced with the kind of offbeat humor that makes it all bearable.

Pacifica is the leading American left/alternative network, and No Lies Radio features Democracy Now, Free Speech Radio News, and 9/11 truth teach-in and music programming. No Lies News will be available for syndication to Pacifica stations around the country---please contact yours and urge them to carry it!

No Lies News runs every day, Monday thru Sunday (all times given are Pacific Time):
455 am
655 am
855 am
255 pm
455 pm
555 pm
755 pm
955 pm

To listen to the first episode, go to:

This is a different kind of show and audience from my talk shows on RBN, GCN, and WTPRN:

Steve Alten, author of The Shell Game, and the Green Party Debate is coming up on No Lies Radio!!

Sun Jan 20th -- 2pm PST -- 5pm EST -- Green Party Presidential Candidates Debate
Held in SF on 1/13/2008 - uncut 3 hours debate - hear Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, others.

Wed Jan 23rd -- 6pm PST -- 9pm EST -- Steve Alton, author of The Shell Game
interviewed by Carol Brouillet's on Questioning War-Organizing Resistance. We are now carrying Carol's show first broadcast on WTPRN on Mondays every Wednesday, but WITHOUT THE COMMERCIALS.

Every Weekday at 3pm PST -- 6pm EST -- 911Truth Teach-In.
and repeated Saturday at 9am -- 12pm EST

Hear the greatest interviews and lectures by David Ray Griffin, Stephen Jones, Richard Gage, and other leaders in the 911Truth movement. This is a perfect introduction to 911Truth for your friends that need the basics.

24 * 7 We have the best 911Truth and Anti-War Music, Talk, Comedy, and News on the Air.