16e Onze Bouge Paris le 11/09/2008 Saint-Michel Fontaine

Herblay FRANCE

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between 16h00 and 20h00 myself and three members of the we are change Paris
distributed flyers and free DVDs on the 9/11 attacks of the 11th of September 2001. The reaction of the population mostly tourists was very good. Many Americans and the most interesting was a woman journalist who took many pictures and wants us to recontact her and another woman who works for the FBI. She told us that she is not the only one in the FBI who thinks 911 was an inside job. All of her colleagues know it was an inside job but the cannot do anything.

Lots have promised to look at the DVDs and do some researching of their own.

Meet a french demolition expert who we interviewed and normaly the video will be put on the web site WeAreChangeParis.He knew when he saw the towers falling that it was a demolition job because of his experience with pulling the buildings down.

"Onze Bouge" Paris 11th July 2007 (Eleventh of each month as in America. )

Herblay FRANCE

Hoping you will be hundreds at the William Rodriguez conference this 11 July at Paris, 20 hours, 24 rue de la Banque organised by

If anyone wants the below image in form of a flyover pdf file (A4 ou A3) contact me at the above address so that I can send you a copy. (The file 1.4 mega is too large for blogger911)