"Onze Bouge" Paris 11th July 2007 (Eleventh of each month as in America. )

Herblay FRANCE

Hoping you will be hundreds at the William Rodriguez conference this 11 July at Paris, 20 hours, 24 rue de la Banque organised by

If anyone wants the below image in form of a flyover pdf file (A4 ou A3) contact me at the above address so that I can send you a copy. (The file 1.4 mega is too large for blogger911)



9/11 Hero comes to Tulsa

William Rodriguez, The Last Man Out and a True 9-11 Hero
tell his harrowing tale of that day and his journey of personal growth and discovery in the days thereafter.

The evening of August 8th, 2007
at the Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center
6808 South 107th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Doors will open for seating at 6:30 p.m.
William will take the stage at 7:00 p.m.

William will speak for about an hour and a half
followed by an autograph session as time requires and a "Meet and Greet" in Merlots Wine Bar and Lounge (located in hotel)

For information e-mail
or call Clint at (918) 381-2739



Today folks, Troy from west Virginia has crossed a line.

Troy sent many emails to William that rival the thoughts of Cho Seung-Hui. I have personally never seen more hate filled text in my entire life. I was utterly beside myself at the things that Troy said in his letters.

The FBI hate crimes div has been contacted. I am going to include the text of the letters sent to William by Troy. I will edit the cuss words. I am working with William personally to bring Troy to justice.



I joined the Jref forum to answer questions and told them, that once they acted more civil I will be willing to face them. I really want to open a dialogue and clear some of the misconceptions they may have. I found some real nice people there, but also many viscious one. Sadly I received this email of one of their forum members. A coward and an ignnorant. He is referring to the baby I just lost.
Read below and feel free to email him:

William Rodriguez

from Joey P hide details 5:03 am (4 hours ago)
date Apr 25, 2007 5:03 AM

Rodriguez Plays in Peoria -- Uncensored!

We wrapped up our Midwest Tour in Peoria yesterday and William got great local TV coverage in Eau Claire Friday. Madison's WISC-TV covered the talk at the University of Wisconsin Saturday (I haven't seen the coverage yet).

Sunday's talk in Peoria was front page news (local section):

We had great crowds and William brought audiences to tears with hisamazing account. I'll be discussing the tour with organizer and fellow GCN host Gary Franchi of today on Dynamic Duo, 3-5 pm CT, channel two. (Gary and friends organized William's Chicago appearance that kicked off the tour.)

A huge thank-you to everyone who made this fantastic tour possible!

Kevin Barrett

Barrett Thanks Nass, Republicans for U.W. Rodriguez Event

Dear Steve Nass & followers,

I am writing to thank you, Rep. Nass—yes, you, the Constitution-burning bane of the U.W. system and the most hated man in Madison—for your tireless efforts to promote my “9/11 conspiracy theories.” By launching your unsuccessful crusade to get me fired due to political opinions I expressed on a radio show, you generated overwhelming sympathy for me and interest in 9/11 truth.

And you just can’t stop, can you? When your faithful minions brought 9/11 survivor Earl Johnson to campus last month, you ran a huge ad in the campus papers saying “9/11 an inside job? Tell that to a survivor.” By publishing ads in large screaming type highlighting the words “9/11 an inside job” you bought the 9/11 truth movement some very expensive publicity. Three cheers for the Republicans! As they say in Texas, “If you’re so rich, why aren’t you smart?”

New 911 Family Goes Public

Alex Jones interviews William Rodriguez regarding new family members that went public at recent conference.

Audio download:

Ann Arbor, Michigan Conference - Truth Strikes Back

Sat. April 7
Michigan League

10am - 10pm, 911 N.University Ave., A2

William Rodriguez, THE 9/11 hero 3:30pm Ballroom

The WTC janitor who risked his life to single-handedly save 15 people trapped in the North Tower on 9/11. He used his master key for the North Tower and helped save hundreds of lives – the only one available to open stairwell doors for fire department rescue crews. He exited the North
Tower just as it was beginning its explosive collapse, dove under a fire truck, and lived to tell the tale. Recognized world-wide.