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Jonathan Kay"Among The Truthers" aligning 9/11 Truthers par to anti Semitics

Waging the Battle for Reality:
Joshua Blakeney Confronts Jonathan Kay's 9/11 Relativism (part 1)

Joshua Blakeney responds to Jonathan Kay's new book " Among The Truthers" on the "Unbought and Unbossed" radio show with host Raymond Geisler of CHLY-101.7 FM Nanaimo Canada. Joshua pieces together a trail of deceptive media propaganda led by The National Post of Canada and it's managing editor Jonathan Kay. Kay and the Post for years have attempted to demonize and scare away anyone who dares question the official 9/11 events sometimes comparing 911 truthers as cranks and anti Semitics.

Beyond the Lunatic Fringe- Wall Street Journal book review " Among The Truthers" by Jonathan Kay

By Sonny Bunch - Book Review - "Among The Truthers" By Jonathan Kay
The most disheartening aspect of the 2012 election cycle (so far) has been Donald Trump's effort to press the "birther" argument, claiming that President Barack Obama may not have been born in Hawaii in 1961 but somewhere else—Kenya, perhaps. A survey in February recorded that 51% of GOP primary voters believed Mr. Obama to be a non-native son. In a victory for common sense, support for the position plummeted with the recent release of Mr. Obama's long-form birth certificate.

Liberals should avoid crowing too loudly, though, since they have their own share of nutters. In 2007, pollster John Zogby asked Democratic voters about the terrorist attacks of 9/11; 42% of respondents said that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney either allowed the attacks to happen or deliberately caused the attacks to happen, presumably for political gain or to reap a financial windfall by waging a war for oil in the Middle East.

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Canada's - National Post - Jonathan Kay "Among The Truthers"

CHLY 101.7 Nanamo, Host Raymond Geisler interviews Jonathan Kay of the National Post July 2009. Complete Interview.
Kay's new book " Among The Truthers" comes out May 2011.
Kay's Blog- Among The Truthers.

National Post's Jonathan Kay Attacks a "Truther" to Introduce His Own Foxified Account of the 9/11 Attack:
By Anthony J. Hall.

"9/11 Truth and The Media" Good or Bad? You Decide!"

Compiled by Edmonton 9/11 Civil Information