The real problem Wikileaks exposes


. . . but if what the Guardian is reporting is true and potentially 3 million people had access to this information, the only surprise is it took this long for someone to leak it.

(This is another very good example of the US government's ability to keep a secret.)

The real problem Wikileaks exposes

By Bruce McQuain
Created Nov 29 2010 - 7:48am

While it is certainly at least embarrassing and in many cases dangerous that US diplomatic cables have been leaked to the press, if one looks deeply enough, it is hardly surprising. The access granted by the US government to the cables which have been released in the past couple of days numbers into the millions of people.  That revelation makes it hard to imagine that the information wouldn't end up being leaked.

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Keeping Secrets

This dosen't have anything to do with 911, but it does show how a BIG secret can be kept for a LONG time among ALOT of people for PERSONAL gain.

I saw this, this morning on ESPN's Cold Pizza. It talks about how the Gaints stold pitching signs to come back and win the world series, and how everyone kept the secret nearly 50 years.