Don't Be Counted!

By Nicholas Levis

October 12, 2007:

Today many of us received a long e-mail addressed to "Dear 9/11 Truth Movement Member," purporting to be from an anonymous "psychology student in the New York City area" ( It asks for participation in a "9/11 Truth Movement Survey" consisting of 80 mostly multiple-choice questions that will eat up a good part of your day. Among its stated goals, the survey is aimed at finding out "Who the TM members are and how they gather and communicate information," "What attracts people to the TM," "Why they stay involved and become activists," and "Why they drop out."

I am urging everyone not to fill out this survey and not to forward it to anyone else - except perhaps as a warning - and in general, never to respond to anonymous requests for personal information.

However, if you feel so inclined, since the sender already has your e-mail, perhaps you should respond to urge him or her to announce an immediate cancellation of the survey. In that case, you can include a link to this article.

Here are a few of the problems to consider:

ATS 9/11 Conspiracy Survey Results

Thanks to Tim for sending this in: conducted a survey of its members and visitors, asking their opinions of several generalized statements related to the possibility of conspiracies related to the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. WIth the largest active conspiracy theory discussion board, and over 80,000 daily visitors, represents an interesting slice of "Internet opinion". The survey is by no means a scientific study of general opinions related to 9/11 conspiracies, but a few interesting conclusions have emerged.

We asked our members and guests a series of eight questions that progressively advanced from somewhat mild ideas of a 9/11-related conspiracy, to full-fledged deep conspiracies. As of July 8th, 1,650 respondents have completed the survey, with a near equal mix of regular discussion board members, and unregistered visitors.

Question One: General Conspiracy?