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Very interesting. I've been banned from posting at "Crooks and Liars"

I was going to make a comment to this McCain article, but found out I'd been banned!
I guess they didn't like all the 9/11 posts I'd been making. Sad for them.

McCain: al Qaeda Planning Spectacular Attacks In Iraq To Sway U.S. Election

Bill Maher is at it again during his "New Rules" Segment

He says that bush couldn't have done 9/11 because it took planning.
He makes it sound like bush sat down with this crayons and planned 9/11.
He is truly an idiot.

Also covered on RawStory:

Sam Adams' quote sounds like it was made for 9/11 Truth!

And up until now, I just liked his beer! : )

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." -- Samuel Adams

Ray McGovern makes surprise visit to Dr. Griffin's Tempe, AZ meeting

David Ray Griffin's presentation in Tempe, AZ tonight was a great success!

Everyone was very surprised and pleased when Ray McGovern showed
up. He is vacationing in Scottsdale and decided to drop in.

The church was full and overflowing...I'd guess about 250 people showed up.

Dr. Griffin will be in Tempe, AZ on Fri, Feb 22, 2008

Dr. Griffin’s presentation is based on his forthcoming book “9/11 Contradictions: An
Open Message to Congress and the Press.” Rather than developing a theory about
what happened on 9/11, his lecture will simply show that the official account is riddled with
internal contradictions.

Friday - February 22, 2008
7:00 pm

$5-$10 Donation Requested

University Presbyterian Church
139 E. Alameda
Tempe, AZ. (SW corner of Alameda & College, North of Southern Ave. Just East of Mill)

Loose Change Final Cut was on Free Speech TV today, Jan 1

I was flipping channels when I stumbled on LCFC on Free Speech TV this afternoon.
I was VERY surprised because it wasn't on the schedule or on the title.
It said the INN News was on but LCFC was playing.

Then when the half hour came, the show that was supposed to be on came on
and LCFC ended. I only saw about 15 min or so....the Pentagon part.

Very strange!! I wonder if someone put it on as a joke or something??

Did anyone else happen to see it?

BTW, I saw the Ron Paul blimp in Orlando, FL on Sun as I was driving to
the airport. Very impressive.

Keith Olbermann Special Comment 12/6/07 - is 9/11 Truth next?

He's pushing the envelope....

I hope he pulls the trigger and questions their obvious (to me) involvement with 9/11
or, at the very least, their definite role in the cover-up.

His possible premise: They've lied about everything else, why not 9/11??

Saw Richard Gage last night here in Phoenix, 12/1/07

He was awesome!! I give him tremendous credit for doing what he's doing.

I'd say the auditorium was about 75% full.
He spoke for almost 4 hrs and brought the number of non-believers
down from 39 to 2. He asked them to explain why they still believed
the official story during the Q&A, but they left.

He will be in Tucson today, 12/2 at 2pm.

Plz go to to find out where.

Please contact your Senators to stop this Orwellian nightmare!!

Neo-cons and MSM attacking Ron Paul and 9/11 Truth!

Please contact your Senators to stop H.R. 1955 from passing!

If it does, we're ALL screwed!!

Impeach Cheney Movement

Someone connected to the AZ Dem Party called in to the Cynthia Black show on
KPHX -AM NovaM radio today and said she'd heard that Pelosi said she'd proceed with the
impeachment resolution if she received at least 10,000 written, USPS mailed letters to her

Let's give her MUCH more than 10,000!!! Please be polite.

I mentioned that I'm a veteran....figured it wouldn't hurt.

I suggest NOT mailing it to her DC office since all mail goes thru
the anthrax checks there and takes forever to get thru.

Here's her address:

Hon. Nancy Pelosi
District Office
450 Golden Gate Ave.
14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

FAX: 202-225-8259 in DC

Richard Gage in Phoenix, AZ Dec 1, 2007 7pm

Be there or be square! : )

Date: Sat, Dec 1, 2007
Time: 7:00 PM
Topic: 9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction
Speaker: Richard Gage, AIA
Venue: Sunnyslope High School
Location: 35 W. Dunlap Ave (Dunlap & Central) Phoenix, AZ 85021

A $5 - $10 donation is suggested at the door. However, no one will be turned away.

North American Union made possible by 9/11 Lie

Ex-Mexican president Vicente Fox was on Jon Stewart's Daily Show just now........

He came right out and admitted he wants a North American Union with the US and Canada
when Jon Stewart asked him if he wanted it.

The collapse of the dollar is no accident.....when the NAU is complete
they're going to replace all three currencies with the "Amero".

This country is doomed as we know it....and it all started with 9/11.

Google it. Lou Dobbs on CNN is the only person even talking about this.

THE reason for 9/11. Fascism.....we're 14 for 14, and screwed.

Fascism Anyone?

According to the 14 steps in this article, we're living under fascism folks.

"Perpetual" 9/11 Google video

Has anyone else noticed, or does anyone know why this video is at
#30 (give or take a few) on the Google Top 100 videos ALL the time?

I just am extremely curious as to why this is.....I've noticed this for months. It barely moves.
If anyone know, please reply. Thanks.

Scott Ritter still spewing the "official" 9/11 Lie. My God!!

I happened to hear Scott Ritter on Nova M Radio today and someone called
in and asked him directly if he thought 9/11 was an inside job.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting him to say "yes", but I was expecting to say
that we never learned all the facts and that he supports a new investigation...or
something along those lines.

But no, like a parrot, he spewed the lie that Osama bin Laden did it...blah, blah, blah

He's either a complete coward or a complete moron.