March 2010

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David Ray Griffin - The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report About 9/11 Is Unscientific and False

Live Broadcast: Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 at 8 PM ET.

Join our special guest, David Ray Griffin, as we discuss his latest book about the collapse of WTC7, and other disturbing aspects of the events of September 11th 2001.

Following the September 11 attacks, David Ray Griffin moved his focus from questions of philosophy and religion to ones of politics and history, specifically American expansionism and imperialism. He as authored some of the most informative works on the events of 9/11 including, "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions."

Join us as our esteemed guest helps us focus on one of the biggest mysteries of 9/11, Building 7! And as usual your calls are welcome.

Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact?

Assisting the 9-11 hijackers and their Saudi Agent "babysitters", close to the Bush family and secret meetings with the head of the CIA. Prince Bandar is the common link between the hijackers, Saudi Intelligence, U.S. Intelligence, and the Bush Administration.

"Bandar's father is Prince Sultan, one of the seven sons of Abdul Aziz, the founder of modern Saudi Arabia."

"Tenet and his briefers informed Cheney and President Bush of the intercepted communications. Then they went to see Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan. Bandar greeted the delegation arriving at his palatial home in northern Virginia, Tenet and his small band of deputies. They hugged. Tenet is a hugger. He and Bandar have passed countless hours together, trust building, a Tenet specialty.",9171,1205478-2,00.html

Admitted in 9-11 Commission:

Building What?! Day 12

Fellow Advocates:

Thank you for making Day 11 another eye-opening day! One caller had this to report:
"Called all three today - ladies at Reyna and Rivera's offices were very receptive to the news about Building 7... None of the three had even heard of Building 7 before this calling campaign. I did my best to inform - got some "wow" responses!"

Day 12 Council Members

Council Member Deborah Rose
Phone: (718) 556-7370
Fax: (718) 556-7389

Council Member James Sanders, Jr.
Phone: (718) 527-4356
Fax: (718) 527-4402

Council Member Eric Ulrich
Phone: (718) 738-1083
Fax: (718) 738-1918

Please email us at to share what you learned from your phone calls!

As always, two simple rules for participating in this campaign:

1) Talk only about World Trade Center Building 7

2) Be courteous and respectful

Manny Badillo, Treason in America Conference, 03/06/10

9/11 Victim family member Manny Badillo speaks at the Treason in America Conference in Valley Forge, PA.

Full Presentation:

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9/11 Reconstruction: Mental Before Physical / by Joel S. Hirschhorn / March 29th, 2010 / Dissident Voice

9/11 Reconstruction: Mental Before Physical

by Joel S. Hirschhorn / March 29th, 2010

The failure to rebuild the World Trade Center site in Manhattan has received endless attention. But public anger about this failed reconstruction should not been seen so negatively. After all, mental reconstruction has also still not been successful and is surely more needed, with too many Americans still accepting the official government story about 9/11. This, despite a huge amount of compelling evidence that elements of the US government played some role, despite a very large, active 9/11 truth movement, and despite an impressive number of highly credible people demanding a new investigation as documented at

Army Intel ACORNing WikiLeaks? Web Publisher Under Attack

Michael Collins

U.S. Army Counterterrorism issued a report that said WikiLeaks is a threat to U.S. security, particularly in Afghanistan. The report says that the organization should be destroyed and offered a plan. Does the government really think it can destroy WikiLeaks or is the leaked report part of a plan to smear the organization so badly, it will lose supporters and money?

Asner AE911Truth TV Spots Air in New York

Another first. AE911Truth runs first-ever television ads on NY1 this Tuesday, 3-30 and Friday, 4-2. Featuring the voice of Ed Asner, these 30-second spots mention nanothermite, show WTC 7 imploding and have great coverage of the AE911Truth website. They will also coincide with Week 3 of the "Building What?!" campaign. Thanks to the A/E video team for providing the original .avi file enhanced for broadcast. This is one HOT commercial! Watch or DVR it if you can.

NY1 Run Times:

3/30 Tues. 10:55:55 a.m.

4/02 Fri. 01:14:00 p.m.

The Truth, A Radical Conversation With California Governor Candidate Chelene Nightingale Part 1 of 2

The Truth, A Radical Conversation With California Governor Candidate Chelene Nightingale Part 1 of 2


The Truth, A Radical Conversation With California Governor Candidate Chelene Nightingale Part 1 of 2 California Governor candidate Chelene Nightingale is a political candidate who is not afraid to exercise both her beliefs and her first amendment rights. During this exclusive part one interview, Mike Murphy discusses with Chelene the importance of 911 truth, the population control agenda and the controversial issue of stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering also known as chemtrails.

Executive Producer: Paul Wittenberger
Staring: Chelene Nightingale, Mike Murphy
Camera by: Paul Wittenberger
Edited by: Paul Wittenberger
Date: 2010

Covering up American War Crimes, From Baghdad to NYC

This following article ties together the cover-up of both war crimes and of the environmental damage to citizens and first responders from the 'demolition' destruction of the World Trade Center buildings.

Covering up American War Crimes,
From Baghdad to New York

By Charles Glass

For original post of article, see:

Building What?! Day 11 (7 Days to Go!)

Fellow Advocates:

Thank you for sticking with it and making it easy for the City Council to listen to us with your polite and focused manner! So far all of the offices have told us they were pleased with how we have been communicating our message. Rest assured they are taking notice of what we have to say.

As we head into the final seven days of our campaign, we will be contacting some key council members whose support we will be counting on to make the City Council address Building 7, The Salomon Brothers building. So please be sure to continue what you are doing and make the effort end with a crescendo.

If you haven't gotten involved yet, please consider doing so. One participant had this to say on Friday: "I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make a few simple calls to the Council Members. Their aides seem friendly and sincere, and are telling me they're getting over 100 calls per day. They all promise that the Members will be looking into WTC 7. It feels good to help spread the word."