911blogger.com on Digg front page

This 911.blogger.com Blog entry (reproducing the online petition of 9/11 widows) just made it to the Digg frontpage (with 132 diggs right now). It may soon be off again from the "all diggs" frontpage, but it will likely stay for a few more hours on the "politics" frontpage.

It will not only help the petition, it will also help the 911blogger.com website.

Also, please participate in the

at Digg.com.

In recent weeks, more and more "9/11 scepticism"-related news stories made it to higher popularity at Digg.com, with many, many comments and debaties resulting from this, but very often, the comments were still over-representing the 9/11 anti-truthers, and our side's comments got moderated down. So please consider to

so you can also help spreading the 9/11 truth at Digg.com. The struggle is on to win more hearts, souls, brains, voters, marchers and fighters.

hey, thanks for the heads

hey, thanks for the heads up, i didnt even notice!

221 diggs and 57 comments right now

301 diggs, 72 comments -- and now off the "all" front page

301 diggs, 72 comments -- and now off the "all" front page (still on the "Political News" and "World and Business" front pages though):