Video: Big day for street action at Ground Zero - 11/18/06

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This video has some priceless moments. There were a coincidentally large number of activist at Ground Zero that day, and we took full advantage of our unified presence. Our resident debunker was also present, doing his best to represent the 'official conspiracy theory'. We even got the message on live TV, and captured the angry response of the news correspondent. The day was challenging and inspiring.

The video...

Doesn't work for me?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I can't sart the video either


Same problem here

I upgraded Quicktime, and then it worked fine.

You have to right click the

You have to right click the screen while at the same time holding down either your control key or apple key. You must do it because this video is great. Power to the Truther and the true patriots working their asses off at ground zero.


Roberts go to Ground Zero every Saturday?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Pretty much every saturday

I've seen him there every saturday or sunday that I've been there. I've talked with him a couple of times and he doesn't remember me each time. It's a little bit odd. If he were smarter I might think he was CIA or an info control agent, but I think he's simply some guy with serious issues; he's a little bit scary and not worthe getting into it with him. But everyone should decide for themselves. (I may be wrong about his CIA status, I guess they all don't have to be geniuses). Also, I asked him once if he thinks it could at all be possible that a rogue faction from one or more of our Intelligence Agencies or any other group other than the hijackers could ever carry out an attack on the country. He said it was impossible. As if bad bad people only exist amongst the masses and could never make way into our government. I then asked him if he beleives it is possible to find someone capable of murdering their mother for money, or murdering anyone for money. He said, of course, yes. His grave contradiction speaks volumes about him.

Just have to say this

He has an uncanny resemblance to a certain actor.. both in looks and mannerisms.

"You got nuthin'.. you got nuthin'!" :)

I have to say I was REALLY

I have to say I was REALLY unimpressed with his demeanor--as in "you need to back off, sonny, and stop following me around when I'm walking away from you"--unimpressed.

Tell you, all my 'bully alert' spider senses got triggered watching him. He didn't seem to try to follow or crowd people who were closer to his height, but maybe he just changed tactics later.

I could SO believe he was a dis-info agent. Most people I know who don't want to believe MIHOP can easily admit SOME culpability by the powers that be. And intelligence officers who've drunk the Kool aid are notoriously arrogant.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

What's with the "CAL" cap he's wearing?

Please ask him about it the next time you see him.

Try to draw him out on a non-9/11 subject and see where that goes, just as an experiment.

Also try pulling out your ID and asking him to show his, I'd love to know if he does and what it says.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

I'm just reading John Marks'

I'm just reading John Marks' "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate - the CIA and Mind Control, the secret history of the Behavioural Sciences".

is this guy an example of the MKULTRA programme?


I think it's far from an established fact that such programs are still operating today, but they might be, and if they are, it can only be supposed that their efficacy has advanced. I think some form of manipulation of already unstable people may be the best explanation for some of the shill stuff that goes on here and elsewhere. (if nothing else, it's probably more cost effective.)

Show "guts at ground zero expose CT idiots" by x lemming (not verified)

Mmm.. have fun jumping off

Mmm.. have fun jumping off that Iraq cliff!

of course, you probably didn't serve now did you?

Is that agent provocateur named "Roberts"? He is a

double-talking liar, whoever he is!

It would be good to hand out DVDs of "Loose Change" there at Ground Zero.

Double talking...

While I found the video quite entertaining, I really wonder how many folks you convinced to look further into this matter. NYC is a passionate place, making it difficult to use logic to temper emotion, but I doubt argument of the type in the video will move many minds. That said- I commend you on the effort and hope you keep it up- just lower the volume, take a deep breath and shake off the assholes with smiles. I probably would have acted exactly as you did, with that jerk in my face...who is he and who pays him?

Please note

This video was shot and edited with a focus on the more controversial moments of a unique day. It was not intended to broadly represent the 9/11 truth movement, or our street action. We feel that public discussion about 9/11 can be sensitive, and that pushing a camera in someone's face as they are asked to deal with heavy issues is not a winning combination. For this reason the camera ended up where the communication was more social and less personal.

Much of the drama you see in the video was instigated by Mark Roberts (discussed in my post below) doing his job. You don't see the hundreds of positive conversations that went on that day. Don't worry, most of us are getting better at resisting the temptation to be baited into a pointless argument.

International Truth Movement

keep up the good work Jules

personally I've noticed far fewer numbers of people trying to start arguments, and far more looking to just see what we have to say. It IS hard not to take the bait though, but very important that we keep it positive. We're breaking through most people's media-induced perceptions that we're "conspiracy theorists" precisely because of the work we do in the streets that lets people judge for themselves. This goon no doubt is being paid to get in your way. Figure out ways to make him look even worse while keeping you all on the high ground and he will be helping you more than hindering. When people get to see representatives of both sides and what they are really like, that can have a tremendous impact on their decision of which side to take seriously. Well done! Keep it up.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Jules, I'd just like to say

Jules, I'd just like to say that many people would be tempted to just punch this guy cold!! Your reserve is admirable.

Stay strong and keep up the great work.


Also, who is that tv news reporter who became so irate?


That reporter is a typical

That reporter is a typical media stooge. The type that believe they were selected to shovel bushit out to the masses because they are special, above ordinary, as if reading lines off a telepromtor warrants a noble cause. In other words, this guy was a real duschebag.

We need to find out who the

We need to find out who the reporter was!! We can get that asshole in serious trouble with his employers by writing to the station he works at and complaining about his extremely unprofessional behavior. Don't get mad! Get even!!! Some one in the New York area please find out this information and pass it on!!!

the reporter is Pat Dawson-- how ironic

If you will recall a certain clip of 9-11 news footage of one reporter saying the NYFD chief of safety had recieved word of secondary devices how there were bombs in the bulldings. I think its that very same guy. It sounds like his same voice. NBC's Pat Dawson.

How ironic

That is a great find, good

That is a great find, good work. Pat Dawson is a dope, a second rate hack, and vulgar on top of it. Both he and his producer were insulting to the young man dealing with the murder of his father while he attempts to get to the bottom of the 911 planned attacks. Even for a cheap newscaster it is totally revolting behavior and NBC is going to hear about it. I bet the young fella could sue NBC for cruel and tormenting acts in the face of his greif..

Nice Vid...

Loved the TV on the trolley :)

and the moving banners behind the news guy... v funny lol

Do you need a genorator or

Do you need a genorator or does it work off a battery.

I was very pleased to find a huge 9/11 truth section on the

Format issues and Mark Roberts

Hey guys,

The movie is in Quicktime format, and as someone above discovered, because it was created by the latest version of Quicktime, the latest version must be used to view it.

And yes, our resident debunker is named Mark Roberts. He's a regular over at the James Randi Educational Foundation forum, an organization of "skeptics". He carries around a folder with a color encoded breakdown of the errors and misstatements of the NY911Truth flyer and walks around saying that everything the movement has to offer is critically off base.

From what I hear, he is at Ground Zero as often as he can be. He told me he is a Ground Zero tour guide, and loses money in his commitment to debunking our concerns on Saturday afternoons. He claims to care about the truth, says that he's liberal, and skeptical of government authority, and yet finds the entire matter of 9/11 to be unworthy of further investigation.

From a strictly functional point of view, he serves primarily to interrupt our conversations with the public, and most often in doing so, to draw more attention and sympathy our direction. People generally find his abrasive approach to be unappealing. Next to him, us 'conspiracy theorists' generally seem calm and reasonable. But unfortunately, he does offer a convenient out for those sitting on the fence. I suspect that this is the best he can hope to achieve.

International Truth Movement

there is a WMV available now

there is a WMV available now too.. its linked in your blog entry now.

btw Jules, the email address you registered with is rejecting emails with 'mailbox full' errors, please update your email address incase i need to contact you in the future.

thanks for the submission!

Thanks dz

I think I got my email issue cleared up. Thanks for the format conversion and post.

International Truth Movement

Show "About Mark Roberts in the video" by ScanningFool (not verified)

That POS

That newsachor is a real pos scumbag prick. He wants to hide the truth from the world, and cusses truthers for trying to get the word out to people.

Somebody should have cussed him out, prick.

You Know...

Mark Roberts, and the obnoxiously vindictive and hateful "debunkers"/JREF folks/etc("liberal", yeah right! More like neocon lapdogs) and the "space beam/no planers" should get together and put on a performancer art street play of the truly looney, and let the real truthseeks do their work(INCLUDING the heroes and suffering citizens of 9/11 who still need the media's and medical establishment's attention)

ground zero 9/11 truth wtc

I just uploaded it to YouTube :)
That should make it easier for everyone.

Show "Troofers" by Oliver (not verified)

Loose Change is still one of the best, or the best, 9/11 truth

video of all time! Anyone reasonalbe person who watches it will have their eyes opened to the fact that 9/11 was a inside job.

Sorry, can't see what you're

Sorry, can't see what you're saying. La, la, la... and at -5 it can't be good.

La, la, la,...moving on, *smile*...

Show "Another twoofer shows her" by Anonymous (not verified)
Show "Another twoofer shows her" by Anonymous (not verified)

Rejected: Video Too Long

I just checked and YouTube rejected the video (after all that processing wait time!) because the time length of the video is too long. Oh, well. I tried...

WHY does this guy keep

WHY does this guy keep asking people if they think the firemen were involved ? wtf ? NOBODY has EVER suggested the firemen were involved, what a weasel.

What a sad sack, going

What a sad sack, going around desperatly trying to prove the Bush admins "official theory" what right does he have telling people there story is right, lets take a look at there back ground for lieing

-2000 election has now been confirmed was stolen
-Illigal invasion of Iraq
-WMD ?
-Saddam Al Qeada links ?
-Secret CIA camps
-phone tapping
-Guantanamo bay/camp x-ray torture, it's now coming out that Rusmfeld ok'ed torture

You know what, i'd sypathise with the guy if the govenment actually deserve supporting, but how can anyone be so vigourously agaisnt the possibility of 9/11 complicity in the face of all the lies they've spun over the last 6 years ? why would you give them the benefit of the doubt in the face of even circumstantial evidence ? WHY ?.

Oh, man, I would LOOOOVE to

Oh, man, I would LOOOOVE to talk to that guy... actually not so much talk as argue in as civil way as possible, rile him up with information in a calm way. Every time I talk 9/11 truth to a official conspiracy theory nut, they become quite agitated even though the discussion always begins with a fairly civil discourse. Oh man, I'd take a plane to NY just for that...

"True enlightenment is attained when one can, at will, see through the illusion of reality." - Me, intoxicated

It's true, so many of those

It's true, so many of those Official Conspiracy Nut Jobs cannot take hearing things like Cheney sitting in control of War Game Exercises which were occuring on 911 and happened to be nearly the same as the actual hijacking events. Although I have to say, there are less and less of them everyday.

Injecting double-talk about firemen being involved is part of

this paid shill's street theater. ("Street theater" is actually a known tactic of many different types of agents provocateur.)

Show "firefighters" by James (not verified)


The firefighters were just doing their jobs, they aren't implemented, they didn't benefit. In fact, they lost a lot. They weren't in on the big picture they were just doing what they were told. Don't put words in our mouths.
YOU'RE saying that the firefighters who said there is bombs in the buildings are liars, correct?
So they're in on some plot with us Truthers to deceive the American public, no?


NOBODY has EVER suggested the firemen were involved, what a weasel.

Excerpts from Alex Jones' Prison Planet website:

Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC complex, admitted on a September 2002 PBS documentary, 'America Rebuilds' that he and the NYFD decided to 'pull' WTC 7 on the day of the attack. The word 'pull' is industry jargon for taking a building down with explosives.

Update: World Trade Center 7 Imploded by Silverstein, FDNY and others

Update: People Died in WTC 7: This Makes Silverstein and the FDNY guilty of AT LEAST Manslaughter

I guess Alex Jones is a nobody. Well, OK, I might actually agree with that....

I think what Alex is missing

I think what Alex is missing is knowing/ suspecting bombs are in the buildings and putting them there are two different things. As are what the NYFD knows via it's administration and what the rank and file firefighter is culpable for. But even Alex is saying FDNY, not "firemen" generally.

The point the poster quoted was making was that the activist hadn't said that or anything like it. It was just dis-info shite Roberts was using to stir the pot, and desparate dis-info shite at that.

And I thought no one died from the collapse of WTC7.

Anyone care to clarify? Or is Alex confused?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "You have got to be kidding me" by James (not verified)

You have got to be kidding ME

Do you even read, sunshine? You really do believe what powerful people at the top decide ALWAYS reflects on the rank and file?

When Roberts said 'firemen'--he was clearly trying to set up truthers against the "hardworking wholesome heros of the day", not the possibly corrupt higher ups who run FDNY.

I edited this out of my original post, but now I'm putting it back in. Blame James for my verbosity.

Demolitions work is only carried out for profit by a handful of companies world wide; the experience required can only be found on the job or in the military. Firemen do not have this expertise. Silverstien either arranged with a company to blow his own building up, or he was used in the op and as a reward got a chunk of change for it. My personal suspicion is an intelligence service, perhaps MOSSAD, was responsible, especially for WTC1&2; not certain about WTC7.

You're not trying to start trouble, are you, James? I edited my first post because re-reading(try that occasionally, re-reading that is) your post I realized you may not be defending ALex's take, just pointing it out.

Now I see you just want a drama. Your comment "Could you people be any more intellectually dishonest?" is right out, chum.

For the record, while I respect Alex, I think his reaserch is sloppy.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Bizarre, innit? 'Madcow'

Bizarre, innit?

'Madcow' was doing something simular about a week ago, just throwing random 'conspiracy' shite at his truther guest to try to start a fight.

Shows he's just there to cause trouble.

Thanks, but...

Hey, appreciate the enthusiasm. Right now Max is reformatting and editing the video so that it will fit on Youtube. Its generally good etiquette to let people upload their own videos to Youtube, although once again, your encouragement is very welcome. Thanks.

newscast clips on youtube now

Pass it around.

International Truth Movement

Mark Roberts - his page

After watching the video and rading the above threads, I did a little reaserch myself. Mark Roberts has his own debunking 9/11 myths page:

In his homepage he states, "If we’ve an overall message here, it’s check things for yourself. Don’t trust a site just because it’s telling you what you want to believe. Don’t believe us without evaluating our arguments and checking the references we provide, either (we’re as likely to make mistakes as anyone else)."

He gives some analysis here but much of it doesn't seem to follow a deductive reasoning pattern. It's as if he starts with the hypothesis that 9/11 WAS NOT a government cover-up and cherry picks some facts from there.

Here are some points I was surprised he neglected:

1. Bin Laden responsibility for 9/11. He provides a number of quotes and citations, mainky from other Al Queda operatives which support this. But he doesn't give mention to the FBI website itself, which lists bin Laden as wanted for the 1998 embassy bombings and not 9/11. Has anyone looked into this? Wouldn't 9/11 be the marquis crime for their website? Is it that they don't have enough evidence to convict him?

2. He refutes the numerous claims that eye-witnesses, including firefighters and civilians (like Rodriguez) heard explosions prior to the collpases. He states that these witnesses could be wrong because, "You can hear an "explosion" without a bomb being required, and saying something was "like a bomb" doesn't mean you think it was one."

It's as if any testimony which suggests explosives or CD is to be discounted on the basis that eye witnesses are gnerally mislead. He even states, "one-liners like 'I heard another explosion' or 'we thought there was a secondary explosion' aren't necessarily meaningful."
Here again is the inductive method. Assume your theory is true, then build it with evidence (or hypothetical conjecture) to support your argument.

3. He refutes the claim that explosives accounted for the molten metal or that molten metal wasn't present at all. To his credit, Roberts provides decent quotations and sequential analysis to dismiss the molten steel evidence then concludes, "none of these stories prove there was molten (as in liquid) steel at the WTC. There's no evidence temperatures were hot enough to produce that (whatever the energy source), and some of the stories claiming "molten steel" have built-in implausibilities. There was certainly glowing metal, but this only indicates temperatures within the range of a fire."

He addresses every possible explanation that fires could have reached a temperature hot enough to burn metal. But he rules out the use of sub-level explosives which supports again the CD claim.

As mentioned above, what we have here from Roberts is admirable to a degree. There are interesting links, citations, and sources to his work. But he has the conclusive tone to all his arguments to uphold remote possibilities. In doing this, he dismisses the CD theory altogether by defending the government's account which demonstrates an inductive approach rather than a decuctive approach.

There are other strange dismissive techniques he uses such as suggesting that video and photographs can be doctored to defend the CD theory and cuh. But at the same time, he will use similar photos and video links to defend his own theory.

Visit his site, if you like. It offers some interesting counter-arguments. If anything, think of it as useful analytical exercise.

Uh, no. is by

Uh, no. is by Mike Williams, not Mark Roberts.

Williams explains who he is at .

Who is behind this site? Person or corporation?

Domains by Proxy, Inc.

Registered through:
Domain Name: 911MYTHS.COM

Show "9/11 Myths is not his page," by Anonymous (not verified)

Ohhh wowzer, he debunked

Ohhh wowzer, he debunked loose change ? wow he must be a genius, typical straw man, pick probably one of the weaker, albiet more thought provoking, films about 9/11 and then claim he's de-bunked the alternate theories on 9/11, 1, loose change mixes truth with lies 2, it doesn't even cover alot of the accusations, i'd give it credit though it has bought 9/11 truth to a mass world wide audience.This Roberts guy and people of his ilk are hindering the familes goal of re-opening 9/11, he's a parasite.

Show "That guy kicked your stupid" by Anonymous (not verified)

Why is the 9/11 Commission Report & the Nist Report filled

with blatant lies, distortions, & omissions of evidence if caveman Osama & his 19 flunkies really pulled off 9/11?

Why did Larry Silverstein, the over-insured leaseholder of WTC-7 say:
"I remember getting a call from the, uh, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'You know we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it.' Uh, and they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse."

BTW, Mark Roberts is most likely a paid goon of the real perptraitors. As such, he is guilty of the serious crime of "accessory after the fact."

Show "All your crap has been" by Anonymous (not verified)

Don't get baited by this comment! (n/c)


awhaaa.... Jules, but the anon shouldn't feel left out.

(edited for better taste and the consideration of our gentler company)

Whatever are you writing,

Whatever are you writing, love? Everytime you get "edited for better taste" I burn with curiosity. Makes me feel like a bloody prude. I think they should just do a "taste compression", no relation to your points, so we at least know WHY.

Hell, I'm giving you a point just for for the hell of it.

I'm actually self-censoring, sweetheart.

I know my own language has been getting ever more crud and cursed toward our more provocative visitors these past few weeks. I do not like the idea of these people swooping in here and doing fly-by assaults on the intentions, hard work and GREAT sacrifice of so many trying to turn this apple cart of lies about "9/11".

These lies, obfuscations, and manipulations of thought and image, have undeniable been used to "justify" and turbo-charge reprehensible and gross violations of human rights around the world. Most ironic, are the truly pornographic (see the real definition of that word) words of King George himself; 'Protecting Freedom and Democracy for the Whole World' (by crushing it into oblivion for all). This man and his court, are as pornographic as Man can possibly be.

I have not (to my knowledge) been censored by the fine folks running this blog. However, shortly after I starting spending time here, I was asked in a most polite way... to temper down my language (particularly the F's and S's). I do the best I can... yet at times I really wish to lash BACK at the provocateurs who come here for that express reason.

What I've written and posted for just moments before replacing with my own words of 'censorship'.... is not so much laced with mindless curse, but rather DIRECT confrontation to the worst of our possible visitors... the paid Agents of The State.

The amateur citizen 'true believer', as dangerously ignorant he or she may be, is not my concern as 'they know not what they do' (to paraphrase a great thinker and lover of humanity old). My real beef, is with those sick f*cks with the power and access to reach into and meddle with our First and Greatest of all human rights... the freedom of speech, association, assembly and the formulation of our Redress of Grievances against wayward governance.

If Agents of The State are in fact participating in ANY manipulation of our WORK here at 911blogger.... then they certainly have the ability to capture and pour over the words I've written and posted briefly. If in fact We are here unmolested by The State, unlikely as I may feel that is, than those who swoop in here for simple shits-n-grins, have no need to read what I posted.

Literally.... I dare those cowardly Power Sycophants to face me, man to man. I would only have vastly more respect for such pricks, as I remove the throats from such tyrants and their toddies.

Peace, for those who know better... my war-paint, for those who don't.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

I know what you mean, about

I know what you mean, about the language going down the toilet, that is. I could almost mark the day on the calender, sometime in 2002, when I started swearing like a sailor again.

And that was just over the stress of running a business ravaged by the economy-- before I knew how BAD everything was and how 911 was an excuse for much of it.

Glad to know it's you doing the editing; I'm certain there's worse around here with less cause.


"Bugger this; I want a better world."


Please..... Please prove us wrong.... I would absolutely love to be proven wrong.... so our government can continue to go about it's business.... doing what it's been doing since WWII

Where would George be without 9/11?..... Would we be in Iraq without 9/11?.... would we be threatening Iran or Hugo Chavez and getting away with it without 9/11

please.... give us the justification as well.....

you want evidence.... then you give us the JUSTIFICATION..... and when you are done explaining this war..... give me your thoughts on Vietnam...

Wow that comment really woke

Wow that comment really woke me up! What was I thinking to doubt Lord Bush's official report!
Show me the light, Anonymous!
Notice how all the Official Story Conspiracy nuts only post with Anonymous now. They know they're in the minority now so they resort to name calling and getting upset.
Look how angry they are!!! It's hilarious! I say we stop blocking out their messages. Look how insanely juvenile their posts are! They prove how the 9/11 Commission report believers and government apologists are in the "violently opposed" stage now.
Look in every single thread: they start by using names like "Twoofers" and ALL they do is state we have no evidence. Once the evidence is presented (quite effectively at times), the shill either vanishes or just launches into a spitting fit.
Good work, guys!

Foreknowledge and Cover-up

We now know that there was forknowledge at the highest levels of our government...... (Which the repeatedly lied about)

Have you ever thought about the implications of this knowledge.... How the events of 9/11 would have been dramaticly altered based on this knowledge.

We could easily base a case for treason and impeachment based on this knowledge.

then if we look at how this story was twisted in an effort to cover-up the truth.... If you are not guilty.... then you have no reason for secrecy.

I think we could have put a fork in these guys when they tried to appoint Kissinger to oversee the 9/11 Commission..... Seriously people.

The evidence is there.... if we are allowed to ask the right people.... the pointed questions.

The evidence is there if we were allowed to pay for an independent engineering investigation.

The evidence is there if we were granted access to the original CDI plan for demolition of the WTC complex..... we would see their assessment of how this could be accomplished... How much explosives would be needed... How they planned to demolish a structure of this dimension.... You may see the eerie similarities of how these buildings actually collapsed.

Building 7.... There is no logical explaination for the collapse of this building without the aid of controlled demolition.... and if this building fell due to CD.... then it's only logical to assume that CD had played a part in the other buildings which also fell at freefalll speed into their own footprint.

We are not saying we can prove everything absolutely..... We are saying that there is more than enough evidence to give the American People a reason to pursue a new investigation.... Enough evidence to say that the 9/11 Commission Report was flawed in it's processes... it's oversights.... it's people.... and it's findings....

Enough Evidence to say that the NIST report manipulated it's experiments and their finding to create the desired results.

Enough evidence to prove sufficient foreknowledge.... foreknowledge that could have severely altered the events of that day.

Think about it..... At this point.... It's not our job to prove anything..... We have the bloody gloves.

Show "The bloody gloves didn't fit" by Anonymous (not verified)

"Bloody Gloves"

The "Bloody Gloves" didn't fit the first time....

Because they were putting them on the wrong criminals......

and now the guilty are playing golf on the Course of Great American Ignorance

while doing the "Secret CIA Prison" Tour

Debunked eh?

If all the evidence that we present has been debunked and is no good then why do you have to resort to ad hominem attacks. Why must we continue to present evidence when you can find it on this site and other 9/11 truth websites. If all the evidence has been debunked I would like to read this debunking information as I am always wanting new info. Why don't you provide us links to these debunkers. Also why is it that anyone that seems to have a problem with our wanting to find out the truth behind 9/11 that post on this site does not have enough gall to regester with the site and have a name instead of hiding behind the anonymos label.

Don't get baited by this comment. (n/c)


Sorry, Jules, not seeing any

Sorry, Jules, not seeing any bait here...

Ya, I got a bit carried away. (n/c)


I disagree with you subtle bashing of "Loose Change"

LC2E is 99% facts, perhaps 1% insignificant errors or conjecture. It is still one of the best, if not the best, 9/11 truth videos out there!

"Mark Roberts" massive website launched August 20, 2006

What does this guy do for a living? Who is "Mark Roberts"? The name is so common... Does he have a degree? Does he have a past? His web site is quite large. Is it possible that he has devoted years of his life to this rambling defense of the Official theory? And no website until 2006? Odd. Presumably he has been toiling away for years on this and has launched a web site as massive as, say, Jim Hoffman's site which has been under development for years.

Is "Mark Roberts" a real person with an ax to grind, or is he employed by someone to do what he does? Some research and pointed questions into his background seem fair.

On Curtis, one can find this:
How does Mark know Curtis? Maybe someone should call Curtis and ask him if he can vouch for Mark's sanity? Is Mark on SSI?
Maybe Curtis knows?


Curtis Cameron
6721 Clear Springs Cir
Garland, Texas 75044-2826
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 20-Aug-06
Expires on: 20-Aug-08
Last Updated on: 20-Aug-06

Administrative Contact:
Cameron, Curtis
6721 Clear Springs Cir
Garland, Texas 75044-2826
United States
(469) 223-1795

Technical Contact:
Cameron, Curtis
6721 Clear Springs Cir
Garland, Texas 75044-2826
United States
(469) 223-1795

This video is a waste of Time.

This clip is a counter-productive waste of time.

Who in their right mind would spend so much energy arguing the toss with anyone down there - let alone the people in this vid.

Spend your energy telling the masses and waking people up in many more powerful ways than arguing with a few nutjobs on the street.

In the very least - stay calm and hand out dvd's but arguing the toss with another person to save face is pathetic which ever side of the fence you are on.

You can wake people up without them even knowing it. This is simply pathetic.

2 cents. | |

If you read the previous posts, you would've seen that this

video is a compilation of the most controversial moments that day. Most of the truthers time was spent handing out flyers, DVDs, and politely talking with the public.

I think it is fantastic to have truthers like those at Ground Zero!!! I thank them!!!

You missed something.

First of all, you might think the contents of the video suggest a counter-productive approach, but the video itself is just a record of the event, and has its educational moments, not about 9/11 truth, but about the kinds of challenges we face on the street.

Second, I generally agree with your thought that its a waste of time to argue endlessly with people like Mark Roberts, however, I had a rather calm conversation with him, and learned a lot about his intentions and approach. This information has value for the movement. And as I suggest in a post above, his presence draws people's attention and sympathy toward us.

Third, as I and the comment above have suggested, this video was not meant to document all the positive interactions we have with the public that far outnumber the kinds of arguments you see here.

TruthMove goes to a different location in NYC every week, and completely avoids Mark, and anyone specifically attempting to debunk our claims. Our experience on the street has been overwhelmingly calm and positive. I know the same it true for other groups like NY911Truth, when they go other places. But Ground Zero will always be a very contentious place to promote 9/11 truth. Mark is always there, and does succeed in getting people frustrated. But so are a great number of receptive New Yorkers who are curious and take flyers. And you aren't going to randomly get the message on live TV in many other locations.

Fourth, not everyone in the movement has the same approach, and while we do all serve to encourage one another to find the best methods for spreading the truth, we can't really police one another's actions. We can certainly police the facts. I get the sense that more than ever before, people in the movement are learning about more effective promotional strategies. This is a work in progress.

Finally, you are dissing some of the movement's most active and committed members. "Pathetic"? Are you on our side or not? Have you been out on the street? Maybe it would be more productive for you to codify your critique of movement methods and present it in a clear manner.

By the way, NY911Truth, and TruthMove are both endorsed by

We have more than 2 cents.

I do my fair share... If the

I do my fair share...

If the idea of this video is to show chaos and how not to productively make the masses aware then this video example rocks. I'm not dissing the people or the movement. Just this video does nothing for sheep. Ok so it's not supposed to...Just like to see stuff posted that helps wake sheep up - not simply reiterates to the rest of us what we already know.

More than 2 cents? The enemy has Billions. They have Hollywood, the Mass Media, Congress, The Law, the Law Makers, the Military, the Police, Space and they rake in millions faking that HIV = AIDS (with no proof). What do we have again? Oh yeah - Google video. How long will that last.

Focus should be on the people at the top. The Bankers. The Media Bosses. The Rothschilds etc etc. The second biggest enemy is the mass media. Where are all of their transmitters? Where do their heads live?

NOT a waste of time.

This is a great video, it shows one of the most important aspects of getting the word out, and that is conversing with people who disagree.. it's very important to do this in order to gauge how to tailor your methods of communication to be the most effective for any given situation.

For example, it showed that arguing a controlled demolition with the guy was fruitless because he had his own data which didn't agree, and the whole issue came down to a "he said, she said." I think it is better to state facts such as the trillions of dollars missing from the Pentagon being announced on Sept 10, the drills which ensured the rescue workers at the Pentagon and WTC were geared up to deal with the disaster beforehand, the insider trading, the prior warnings, the blocked investigations, prior examples of government terrorism, Bush giving a speech at the school 25 minutes after knowing the country was under attack, ect..

mark roberts just looks

mark roberts just looks worse and worse down at ground zero. this is almost stalking.

and if you guys can stop hating on us and focus on something productive instead, that'd be great.

Make sure...

Jason and Korey read my advice, live it, love it, and learn it... :) With the little tidbits I sent, they can't go wrong...

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

i might even tag along...:D

i might even tag along...:D


We are focused on something productive, every time you lie, we are there to correct you. Stop lying about one of the most important events in our history, stop falsly accusing thousands of people of being involved in mass murder without proof, and stop profiting off of this tragedy, and we will go back to doing other things.

"accusing 1000s of people of being involved in mass murder"???

If it would take "thousands of people to commit 9/11", then how could a caveman & his 19 flunkies manage it?

Show "Why do you people persist" by James (not verified)

You tell us, a-hole...

How many villainous, spooky AND racist videos did the MSM play over and over and over... of the "hard-to-catch-boogie-man-in-a-cave"?

We here for the simple truth, didn't make that shit up.... but when it's shoved back into your disgusting face for absurdist effect... you try to blame truth seekers for making it up? Fuck you.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Gee, I love you too

Well sure, he was in a cave AFTER 9/11, when 5th Group was trying to ruin his day. Before 9/11 he lived in houses built at large terrorist training camps. It is a senseless point anyway, nobody has ever alleged Osama had operational control. The 19 hijackers all lived in the west extensively, and had the proper training (including 5 licensed pilots) to carry out the attacks themselves.

So what WAS Osama's role, James?

And why does everyone keep saying that Osama has admitted guilt? How many different versions of your lies are there anyway?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I only read this comment to

I only read this comment to see what Erin was on about.

I think you'll find it's the purveyors of the Official Story who keep pushing "19 highjackers directed by a man in a cave" pulled off 911--BECAUSE THEY HATE OUR FREEDOMS.

Now, watch the hand kiddies: they used to say the reason it COULDN'T be an inside job was because a small group of people couldn't have pulled it off. Now they're saying a small group of people in the right places with the right leverage and financing COULD do it.

Well, we agree at last.

Now, between a)a diabetic hiding out in a cave with no plumbing much less internet access, surrounded by goats and b)a power hungry US administration with access to the US military industrial complex --which small group of people is more likely to succeed on an op of this scale?

Hint: not the goat herders.

There may have been a couple

There may have been a couple hundred with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of this plot.....

there are probably just that many who have circumstantial details about certain aspects of the plot but they have been silenced.... dragged into something that they want no part of....and are not willing to risk life and family to reveal without knowing that they will get results and they will be protected.
(My great Grandfather saw Al Capone shoot some guy in an alley in Chicago.... the next day he and his family were living 500 miles away with nothing but their shirts on their backs. If you think that our government doesn't wield that kind of power.... you'd be wrong.)

I can't even imagine how many people did their part thinking that they were running a drill.

I think that the most difficult aspect was the planting of the explosives in the WTC complex.... and I believe that they could of had over a month to pull that off.... at least..... that was the time for planting the thermite which probably wouldn't be detected by the bomb sniffing dogs.....and we can guess that the explosive material was planted during the two weeks when the bomb sniffing dogs were removed.

If the planes were remotely controlled their flight computers could have been programmed by one person.

If the planes were switched out then there would need to be 200 low level agents.... who were probably already living double lives.... they simply had to be willing to leave one life behind.... Knowing they could easily disappear.... who'd be looking for them..... that or just off the ones that they feel pose any threat to the plan.... I mean what another 200 to 300 people dead when you are willing to kill 3,000?

Then again they could have not switched the planes.... those pilots could have been patsies as well.... thinking they were participating in a drill.... and when they switched off the transponders.... everyone was gassed prior to the remote autopilot took over. The radio transmissions and phone calls could have come from anywhere. And we know the technology is available to fake the voices.

as far as moles go.... you simply need a few in respected positions and you can direct the way every person handles the crisis... how they absorb the details of the event.... one guy to say how it is and another to second it then everyone in the room piles on.... Groupthink.

Was it in the film 9/11 Revisited where they show all the people trying to help out at the Pentagon.... in a line scouring the lawn for even the tiniest fragments of the wreckage? WTF were they thinking? What was the purpose really? To eliminate any evidence of what really hit the Pentagon....
were they in on it?
NO... probably just interested in doing whatever they could do to help... and that's what they were directed to do.
Do they have any damning details?
Any detail of what they found might help.... but they are not in direct danger unless they speak... and they were probably already coached on what to say.

How many people?

Just one lone nut sitting in a sixth floor window... and another faking a seizure in the street.... and another driving the motorcade too damn slow.... and another out of position to offer proper protection..... and another removing the evidence... and another...and another...and another

but we will never really ever get close to the truth without a real investigation.


and we can guess that the explosive material was planted during the two weeks when the bomb sniffing dogs were removed.

Ahh, this is what I am talking about. If the truth is on your side, why do you have to lie all the time? The WTC was on heightened alert before the attacks (kind of odd the conspirators would make it more difficult for them to carry out the plot). The only bomb sniffing dogs that were removed were those that were part of the extra security. In fact one dog even died in the attack. Only conspiracy theory logic can magically transform heightened security into a security stand down.

Why do you say that they

Why do you say that they were on heightened alert?... where is your reference?

do you say this because the security personnel just completed two weeks of 12 hour shifts?

Who do you think they used to plant the explosives? guess would be explosives experts in security guards clothing


The same source that Dylan Avery used to falsly claim that bomb sniffing dogs were removed from WTC.

The World Trade Center was destroyed just days after a heightened security alert was lifted at the landmark 110-story towers, security personnel said yesterday.

Daria Coard, 37, a guard at Tower One, said the security detail had been working 12-hour shifts for the past two weeks because of numerous phone threats. But on Thursday, bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly removed.

"Today was the first day there was not the extra security," Coard said. "We were protecting below. We had the ground covered. We didn't figure they would do it with planes. There is no way anyone could have stopped that."

You have to love conspiracy theory logic. If there was low security, that proves your story because there was a stand down, if there was heightened security, then the security guards must have been involved in the plot!

You can't lose, no matter what.

Did I miss the part where

Did I miss the part where someone said that security dogs were involved in the plot? Damn!

Never thought the problem would be from above? And yet they were running drills for that exact possibility. And yet most of the intelligence warnings involved airplanes. And yet the Trade Center was named specifically. as a high value target. And yet some of those warnings involved the very date.

Those dogs are surely the biggest fuck-ups of the 9/11 tragedy, aren't they? I bet they received the canine equivalent of the Medal of Freedom.

You left out some important stuff...

It's amusing to watch you tap dance, must be difficult to mention the security at the Towers over and over again without touching on the subject of who provided that security.


Companies that Provided Security at the World Trade Center

A company named Stratesec had an ongoing contractor to handle security at the World Trade Center "up to the day the buildings fell down" according to CEO Barry McDaniel. The company, formerly named Securacom, acquired an $8.3 million World Trade Center contract in October 1996, according to SEC filings. The company also provided security for Dulles International Airport and United Airlines between 1995 and 2001. Two of the commandeered flights on September 11th were United Airlines', and one took off from Dulles.

Marvin P. Bush, brother of George W. Bush, was a principal in the company between 1993 and 2000. A private Kuwaiti-American investment firm with ties to the Bush family was one of the company's backers.

In the company's own words, Stratesec has "an open-ended contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) and a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the agency that allows the government to purchase materials and services from the Company without having to go through a full competition." It promotes its services to clients such as the armed services and Department of Justice for projects that "often require state-of-the-art security solutions for classified or high-risk government sites."

The role of Stratesec in providing security to the targets of the September 11th attacks has apparently not been investigated. Asked if FBI or other agents had questioned anyone at Stratesec about the company's security work in connection with the 9/11 attack, CEO Barry McDaniel said no.

And you were dancing so well, too... Sorry I had to do that to you...

They had a contract for

They had a contract for electronic security, they did not run the security, Silverstein properties and the Port Authority police did that. Remember John O'Neill? Guess what, he didn't work for Stratesec. Regardless Marvin Bush was only on the board of directors, and he even left that over a year before the attacks. Stratesec's involvement ended even earlier.

Securacom got the $8.3 million World Trade Center security contract in October 1996 and received about $9.2 million from the WTC job from 1996 (a quarter of its revenues that year) to 1998. But in 1998, the company was "excused from the project" because it could not fulfill the work, according to former manager Al Weinstein, and the electronic security work at the WTC was taken over by EJ Electric, a larger contractor.


you really did some digging for that reference... right there at a click of the mouse.... you call out the big guns and here they come..

funny how that article does it's best to remove Marvin from 9/11 complicity yet throws him under the bus for everything else

I've read enough; 'James' is

I've read enough; 'James' is a troll, mates. He's just here for drama.

Pity his name's so close to yours, JJ. Maybe you want to get verified.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


I didn't say there was low security.... I do think that the demolitions teams may have been disguised as security workers... pulling double duty.... but they were not on the day shift.... they were doing their work on the graveyard shift.... a very easy cover.

dogs ABRUPTLY REMOVED.... threat somehow gone???

They were protecting below? HOW?.... were any security personnel killed that day besides John O'Neil? Perhaps they were guarding their set-up.... we know that there were explosions in the understructure prior to the planes hitting... William Rodriguez seems very credible to me.

I read another account where a woman who worked on the 22nd floor where the mainframes were stored.... She reported that they had replaced all of the windows on that floor with impact resistant windows to help protect agianst ariel attack....

What does this mean?... you got me.... last time I checked.... the entire complex was surrounded by 40 story buildings.... how an ariel attack would affect the 22nd floor is beyond me.... but there had to be some logic here..... impact resistant windows could also conceal an explosion from the inside of the building

James.... you probably know how the Heads of security were connected to BUSH and that their last day was September 10th
Marvin Bush (brother) and Wirt Walker (cousin)

God you people are stupid

James.... you probably know how the Heads of security were connected to BUSH and that their last day was September 10th
Marvin Bush (brother) and Wirt Walker (cousin)

No they weren't. They weren't the head of security, and Bush was only on the board of directors of a company which previously had a contract for security at the WTC. His last day was not September 10th, he stepped down in June 2000. Wirt Walker is not a cousin, he has no known relation.

Geez, that is like 4 lies in one sentence. Impressive.

God you people are stupid

James is probably correct about Walker, much to my surprise:


Okay, so the WTC was on heightened alert. Plane crashes into North Tower. People in South Tower told to return to their desks, because, despite the suggestion that something was going to happen, and hence the need for heightened security, it was immediately possible to determine that the South Tower was safe. Not.

And where did they determine

And where did they determine that those ordrers came from..... the FBI stationed in Building 7

Why did the second building hit collapse quicker than the first?..... maximize casualties.... I don't think it hit exactly where it was intended to hit

and then BUSH who had foreknowledge.... so much that he slept on a Navy ship as well as anti-aircraft guns stationed the week before while attending the G8 Summit because of threats of planes being flown into the conference.... yet he still sits in the classroom.


We are being productive. Anytime you lie, we are there to catch you. Stop lying about one of the most significant historical events in our history, stop falsly accusing thousands of being complicit in murder without proof, and stop profiting off of this tragedy, and we will go back to doing other things. Until then, you will just have to put up with us.

Who is saying thousands are complicit in perpetrating 9/11?

Many truthers think that 50-200 people would be all that it took to pull-off 9/11. Most all false-flag operations are highly compartmentalized, having the entire operation known only to a small number of perpetrators.

"this is almost stalking".

There's no almost about it. You walk away from a conversation and the wanker follows you trying to provoke you that's harassment. Roberts needs to be called on it.

Oi, are you THE dylan avery, or are you just flattering him by imitation?

Duane Street

I would like to talk to the Firefighters from the Duane St..... First ones on the scene.... not one killed.... they made a very important film though..... they seemed to be there to capture every major aspect of the day.

but the Naudets were very skilled first time documentary film makers

NAUDETS.......... DUANE ST...... any similarities?

did you see the rookie in this film with the giant grin on his face after the towers collapsed?

did you see the rookie in

"did you see the rookie in this film with the giant grin on his face after the towers collapsed?"

Nah; I'm going to have to go back and look for that.

it's me. i respond to the

it's me. i respond to the haters now and then. it's amusing.

anyone care to "debunk" the ISI connection? no? didn't think so.

anyone care to "debunk" the ISI connection? no? didn't think so.


Brilliant film, btw, but don't let those sods at Popular Mechanics wind you up.


"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Haters and the ISI

I don't hate you, I just think you are dishonest and stupid, there is no hatred involved.

There is very little debunk in this ISI story. The whole story is based off of one anonymously sourced, unsubstantiated story in an Indian newspaper 5 years ago. Gee, I can't imagine at all why the Indians would want to blame Pakistan for something... Would you run with a story blaming Arab hijackers based off of a single story in an Israeli newspaper? I doubt it, your neo-Nazi friends at the American Free Press would have a fit. Even if the story is true, it doesn't show American complicity, the ISI is a rogue element, even within the Pakistani government.

Why would Atta need $100K just hours before the attack anyway? He had already bought the airplane tickets. What, was he bidding on something really cool on E-bay? Actually since you guys claim Atta is alive, why don't you interview him for "Loose Change: The 4th dishonest attempt at the truth" and ask him? Now that would be a story! You could win an Oscar, a Pulitzer, the Purchase College flim school would name a building after you.

Actually this begs, the question. If 7 of the hijackers are alive, then why hasn't a single truther interviewed any of them? I thought you guys were seeking the truth, nobody can afford an airplane ticket to Morocco, or do you just not own passports? Hell, if you could pull that off, even I would consider turning in my NWO decoder ring.

Um, I had a question but

Um, I had a question but never mind. Clearly you're getting paid by the word--how they go together, with or without meaning, is obviously optional.

Hope that works out for you, sunbeam.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

James, normally I don't reply to people who are obviously trying

to sew dissent and spread misinformation....

Re: Lt .Gen. Mahmoud Ahmed. Our very own FBI confirmed his role in the wire transfer and then he quickly decided to retire, this after having spent so much time meeting with top US intelligence and political figures.

Combine this information with the fact that Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered while investigating this very story AND by the same intermediary used by Gen. Ahmed to wire the $100k.

One Omar Sayeed Sheikh.

The more facts you know, the more you know the official story is BOGUS.

In the realm of pure speculation: Is it not possible that the $100k was for Atta to leave the country and get plastic surgery in some out-of -the-way country like Brasil and then work his way back to the ME or just lay low?

Please keep in mind that many of these "hijackers" moved in and out of the country using express visa's from the US consulate in Saudi Arabia.

BTW - We don't need to interview the surviving "hijackers" the British press did that already.

If I may make one suggestion, get a few books and do some reading, it helps to be at least somewhat informed.

Start with Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert and use Paul Thompson's Terror Timeline as a reference. The you may want to read DRG and PDS's 9/11 and American Empire: Vol. 1 or Webster Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA.

That's about all the time I'm willing to give you this week.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

true genius

I like how all the hijackers are now listed on our wonderful no-fly list.... yet all real threats are not becuase the list might get leaked and we don't want these most dangerous people to find out that we know they are dangerous

true genius

Mark Roberts - questionable investigative techniques

Someone suggested seeing Mark Roberts' site. I did. Here's one that's kinda humorous regarding the Silverstein "pull it" admittance:

"There are questions about both sides of the issue, then, but overall, the explanation of “pull it” meaning “remove the firefighters” makes more sense to us. It means we don’t have to find explanations for why he said this on TV, for instance, or why the fire department would be involved in demolitions, and cover them up afterwards (or why we should take Silverstein at his word for “pull it”, then ignore everything else he says)."

Do not the facts show that the firefighters were not near or in the building by the time it came down? Also, why would silverstein use the term "it" referring to firefighters. He's an educated guy. Wouldn't he use the correct pronoun, "they," when referring to people?

Here's what Silverstein said, again - "We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

So, if Roberts logic is correct, does that mean the building then waited for the firefighters to leave and be "pulled" before IT collapsed on itself in a neat pile? That was very considerate of building 7. They, the powers that be, decided to pull it...ahem...I mean, them, then they watched the building come down. Had the firefighters stayed, the imaginary ones that is, perhaps the building wouldn't have come down on its own, out of courtesy.

Also, this dude uses Popular Mechanics to defend his sources. Whats up with that? Popular mechanics is so linked to the Bush admin. And they also only focused on the pod nonsense and not the real serious issues of 9/11. Is he proud that he uses such a shotty piece of hack journalism to defend his argument?

This guy uses remote and unlikely scenarios to argue against the theory that the towers were brought down by demolitions. He lists a bunch of "presumed" and "possible" reasons to make his own case. But he never admits that demolition theory is also probable and can be presumed.

Not quite a scientific approach.

Popular mechanics is that same rag when I was a kid that said we would have colonized mars by 1997.

I wasted far too much time looking at Roberts' web site

It is not academic in any sense of the word, is often self-contradictory and the general tone of the site is quite nasty.

That said, some of his arguments will have some sway with some people, there's really no way around that except to be persistent, calm and clearly state ALL the facts.

I will say that he is very clever in his tactic of trying to pit Truthers against the rank and file FDNY firefighters.
If you find yourself in this trap the simple answer is to reply that:

1) The firefighters were simply following orders when they were told to abandon the building and clear a "collapse" perimeter,

2) There is video of firefighters and NYPD stating that there is a bomb in the building, and

3) Several FDNY members have stated that they were told by their brass not to talk about any of this.

Additionally, bring the debate back to the actual "collapse" itself. If the building had "severe" damage on one side, the why did it fall symetrically into its own footprint at near free fall speed? Why didn't it fall in the direction of the damage?

Stay away from the Silverstein quote with Roberts, or anyone with a similar tactic, as this plays to his strategy of not talking about the actual CD of WTC 7. (Look at this one tree, ignore the forest!)

Furthermore, and perhaps y'all can help with a source or two on this, there were one or two gentlemen who were rescued from the 8th floor (I believe) by the FDNY because of explosions on the floors below in WTC 7 well before the building "collapsed."

Finally, never allow yourself to get framed against a fireman, policeman, emergency worker or other survivor no matter how ill-informed or irrational they may be. Go easy on them and try to draw them to the truth. Remember that almost all those who worked at "ground zero" (we really need a better term for the crime scene) have a slow death sentence on them. Treating these folks badly is a lose-lose situation.

Part of Kevin Smith's problem on Planet Mancow was the fact that Mancow framed him against an ill fireman. I think Smith's best strategy would've been to engage the firefighter, Brian Harvey, directly with the faulty radio issue from the get go and thus side with him and the firefighters from the beginning, this also would've exposed Mancow's ignorance of the issue.

(Just a note: I have been too busy to finish deconstructing the Mancow episode, but should have that done and posted by the end of the weekend)

We are now at the point where we need to really sharpen and refine our approach with the general public, 99% of the thinking people that will have come to 9/11 Truth on their own have done so, we are now working on the middle third who need to be led to the truth with calm, gentle and persistent rational arguments. Draw them out, engage them with side issues first (the war in Iraq always works great for me) and then lead them back to the truth of 9/11. Alternatively, playfully tease their curiosity with buttons or shirts that say "Ask me about 9/11" or my favorite to get women interested " Who is Sibel Edmonds?" (we really do need more women, btw, I work with Carol Brouillet and she is fantastic).

Ok, back to my sign painting and other gorilla peace activities! LOL

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks for the posting, LeftWright

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

First Responders' Oral Histories

This is an enormous body of eyewitness testimony that was finally made available and can be accessed through the NYT. Occasionally, I've found something interesting in it.

So far, the MOST interesting thing I've come across was the statement by Lt Commander (?) Pfeiffer, who was featured in the Naudet Bros' film. He says that at the command center in the base of the North Tower, there were LOTS of high ranking officials from various organizations present. Right before the South Tower collapse, they all disappeared. He actually says "It was almost like they knew what was about to happen." I'd say that's pretty damning and pretty bitter, as you can easily imagine what he must have thought afterwards: they saved their own skins, but not ours.

I had a little document with the exact quote, link, etc, but evidently I've misfiled it.

casseia, my understanding is that Giuliani's OEM guys were

all over the place directing people (with radio's that worked just fine, btw) and then magically disappeared just in time to save themselves, but told no one else to get out of there.

Combine this with Giuliani's quote about being told the tower was about to collapse and you have a very nice scene in court (hopefully sooner rather than later).

If Giuliani does decide to run for President in 2008, and with his ego (and chips in the game) I'm pretty sure he will, we will need to follow him everywhere and hound him all the way to Leavenworth.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Hi Dylan

I've purchased and given away about 10 of your LC 2E dvd's, including one to Harry Anderson of Night Court. He used to own a bar here in New Orleans, (Oswalds) Nice guy.

What an ass!

For doing so much research on his own he sure appears to be very biased and mis-informed. I think there's lot's of people just like him. great work there guys. I'd be there every Sat. if I could. This guy need to be proven wrong. Keep up the great work.

robert de niro look alike is

robert de niro look alike is a cia man.He is using a well defined pattern of of of argument.all the government spooks argue the same way.You can smell the scum a mile away.

I just demonstrated today

I just demonstrated today and it felt great.

I just held up some signs in a public place

It just invites people to come debate with you and its fun!

What a rush!

Great footage! Along with

Great footage! Along with Alex Jones and others this should be getting the coverage it deserves on mainstream! Idealistic I know, God forbid people should see the reality... Better just a shot of GW with a puppy.

CCC-Media - Read, Watch, Think, Decide!

About Mr. De Niro ..

A while ago I tried to watch the 'Loose Change Viewers Guide', which I think the Robert-De-Niro-Looking guy in the video here made, and with the project he reveals his mentality very well. Instead of just trying to debunk some various claims made in the movie, he literally tries to debunk every single statement made from start to finish, no matter how irrefutable the statements may be. It's an example of desperation to the point of actually making his project be an asset for the truth movement. It's very comical, really...

For example, in the part of the movie where they mention Willie Brown being warned not to fly, he cuts and says "So What?? He took the flight anyway!" And in the part where they mention the PNAC "New Perl Harbor" statement, he says "So What? It's just one statement in a large document," and then he goes on to try to imply that the document was only about expanding the communication abilities of the military, ect... So for anyone who was wondering if the guy is genuine with his intentions, they should view the project to get a good idea of what his agenda is.


I came across these comments on Google. They amply demonstrate the investigative prowess of the "truth" movement.

I do not run That's Mike Williams' website.

I did not make the "Screw Loose Change" video. That's Mark Iradian.

I did not conceive of, do now own, and did not construct,, although the content is mine.

I am, however, a CIA/FBI/IRS/Illuminati/NWO/Mossad/Freemason/Special Forces/Zionist shill, who happens to be an antiwar liberal Democrat who can't stand Bush.

–Mark Roberts