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ReDiscover911.com vs ReDiscover911.org (update)

So ReDiscover911.com, promoted by Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer, and WACLA, among others, updated their site a while back, making it look a bit more respectable and improving it's SEO profile. The point of the site remains the same and that is specifically to blame Israel for 9/11. The site also continues to lack any indication of a solid commitment to 9/11 facts or activities of the movement and has repeatedly attacked 911truth.org and Janice Matthews personally. For more info you can look at this post on Truth Action:


The site now lists a number of other participants. To save you a visit, as there's nothing of interest there and we shouldn't give them traffic, I'll list those people here. Ed Kendrick, Zan Overall, Dr. Tom Tvedten, Wendy Campbell, Judy Kemecsei, Jerry Mazza, Stephen Lendman, Adrian Salbuchi, T. Mark Hightower, and Tim Titrud.

In response to this update and their continued activities I updated my counter site, ReDiscover911.org, adding three new pages that will help my site to remain just under theirs in the search results. Clicking on these links will help the sites ranking.

My new blog: "9/11 Truth Burnout"

"This is a blog for those like myself who support the discovery and promotion of 9/11 truth but who have lost interest, stopped participating, or are generally frustrated with the movement, due to intentional disruption, ineffective leadership, counter-productive strategy, partisanship, or the promotion of poorly founded speculation."

"I hope to air out the deep frustrations of many people who want the truth but feel that the movement is not facing it's own truth. In the process I also hope to offer reasons for optimism and continued investment."


The Shell Game & Week of Truth - A crirtical view

This is Julian from TruthMove. Many weeks ago I was offered an advanced copy of "The Shell Game." I had heard it was good talking to a prominent member of the movement whom I respect.

That got me looking into the author. What I found out did not make me very enthusiastic, and I expressed those concerns. My biggest concern at the time was this:


So I asked for a copy of the book and read it cover to cover. After having read the book I was at first somewhat charmed by reading fiction that dealt with many of the themes I am so close to. However, after a week of thinking more about it, I came to realize that I had many problems with the book. I offered a review of the book and had an interesting discussion about it here:


Then a few weeks later I received an e-mail message that Steve Alten sent out asking for support. The message contained many inaccurate, misleading, and even false statements. I expressed my concerns here:


Video: Big day for street action at Ground Zero - 11/18/06

40mb MOV - 911podcasts mirror
40mb MOV - truthmove.org mirror
48mb WMV - 911podcasts mirror

This video has some priceless moments. There were a coincidentally large number of activist at Ground Zero that day, and we took full advantage of our unified presence. Our resident debunker was also present, doing his best to represent the 'official conspiracy theory'. We even got the message on live TV, and captured the angry response of the news correspondent. The day was challenging and inspiring.

Letter to an Anonymous Nuke Hypothesist

I wanted to share this with more people than would find it buried in the blog posts below, because I feel like the faith based approach of the anonymous person to whom I'm responding, represents the approach of many both inside and outside our movement who appear to have little experience with formal logic. And I mean the kind of thinking you pick up by reading, debating people, going to college, or just having a curiosity bigger than your ego. The '9/11 truth movement' is guided by a logical, legal, and journalistic approach to the facts and their promotion. While there are those blindly following obscure lines of inquiry who will only distract us, we should reach out to those who might have strayed down an obscure path, but have a genuine concern for the truth.

Message posted to the following thread:


"I believe some form of nuclear device was used at the WTC. The chances are it is still top secret so we have no way of knowing what it is.

There is simply no other explanation for the rapid and near-total pulverisation of the concrete. I am no expert so I have no facts to back me up but I am convinced that when the truth is known these facts will be made clear.

TruthMove report from Ground Zero


That was the largest rally for 9/11 truth yet. The energy was amazing. A real shot in the arm for any of us who have been feeling a bit pessimistic. A big thanks to the NY911truth and Loose Change crews, and Frank Morales and Alex Jones, for making this work and successful.

First of all, that morning Dylan and Jason did a great job standing up to the establishment goons sent to debate them on Democracy Now! At Ground Zero, Jones kicked ass getting the crowd hyped up, Luke did a great job keeping our crowd in line, and everyone kept their cool. We saw Les, Frank, Nick, John, Nico, Victor, Judy, Rodney, Jon, Sherry, and Charlie, among others. Zwicker and Rodreguez, still in makeup from TV interviews, talking to movement folks, and the curious. Jenette waved from her window above. Kerry and Eric got a lot of attention, as always, with their infamous and huge, "The Bush Regime Engineered 9/11" sign. Later Tom gave a rousing speech about how we fight for justice with and for the police and not against them. They certainly had to protect us more than anyone else at ground zero that day.

At one point, carrying our sign around, and not being able to set down in one place, one of the monks conducting a prayer for peace, asked us to stand behind them. He specifically wanted the side that says "9/11 was an inside job." to face forward. The other side says "The lies will not stand!" They were playing drums and chanting. The police had a hard time keeping all the people moving past us. We were both moved by the gesture, and felt honored to join their prayer.

A message to "Loose Change" debunkers

Your pursuit is rather reactionary. This certainly could be a reputable effort considering that Loose Change has its ambigous moments, and runs with a couple of hypotheses that many in the movement do not favor. Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing the next version. While I respect the pursuit of truth and which ever direction it may lead, I think this effort to debunk Loose Change is a bit misguided for the following reasons.

First of all, while the movie is our most popular, it is far from the only 9/11 movie that gets peoples attention. After many see the movie they are curious, and seek out other sources for further information. For this reason, attacking Loose Change is not likely to dubunk the whole movement. What do you guys have to say about Press for Truth? This action seems to be the work of people who don't really understand the movement as they respond to it.

Second, debunking Loose Change is easy. Debunking 9/11 is easy. For that matter, debunking just about anything is easy. There is an ever growing mainstream response to the movement attempting to debunk our claims. This in itself signals the rise of the movement. In other words, an anti-Loose Change crew may actually help promote the significance of 9/11 truth. The very premise of your actions may be faulty. Two kinds of people will go to your debunking site. People who happen upon it and then watch the movie as a result, and people who want to find fault with the movie and seek you out. Guess what? The 9/11 truth movement isn't presently trying to convince the people likely to find your arguments entirely compelling. 42% question the offical story, but don't have all the facts. Personally, I don't think this effort will draw many of our target audience away from exporing the issue for themselves.