Changing the Terminology of Engagement

Just like we have managed in coining the phrase “911 Truth Movement” which sounds great compared to “911 conspiracy theorists” we must also change the terminology when it comes to the story.

I have heard many many truthers say the “official story”(me included) and I think that lends the idea too much credence.

We need to change the term to “government story” and get away from that word official. You ask why?

Well, nobody trusts government, everyone hates government, government sounds more shrill and projects a better point.

Official sounds too official. The real truth is not the “official” story, so wht are we all calling it that?

Change the word to government please.


How about "the formal

How about "the formal doctrine"

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The "Baker" Panel on Iraq

James Baker solemnly prepares to notify Pres. G[-H]WBush Jr (begat of Pres. GHWBush Sr). of the Panel's recommendation for disposition of the American military force in Iraq (...I meant to say "Coalition"):

GWB: Well James, let's skip the intro's and cut right to the primary piece of "sage" advice you've developed for me on Iraq.

JB: Mr. President, our main, well-considered recommendation to you, sir, regarding the U.S. Army in Iraq is that in light of all the terrible loss of life involved, we should just "PULL IT"!!

Spying Won't Deter Us, Peace Groups Say!

A coalition of U.S. peace groups is pressing ahead with plans for what it hopes will be a massive march on Washington Jan. 27, even though newly released documents show the antiwar community is under Pentagon surveillance.

Tell all those sneaky pricks...

privacy-invading constitution-defying war-mongering shiites, that they can blow me!

Spy all you like, shit bags.... maybe you'll learn something about what free people have an inalienable right to do... TO CRUSH THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS, WHEN THOSE GOVERNMENTS LEAD ASTRAY.

(And if you don't think peaceful humanity has a Cosmic Right to freedom... keep pushing against it, and see what it gets you!)


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Very good point. We're in

Very good point. We're in an infowar here, and we have to play it smart. Having the facts on your side as we do isn't the key part in winning a debate these days, sadly enough. "Government story" it is.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

How about a third option?

Anyone who reads the trollposts here knows that they have already figured this out. Anytime a fact is ascribed to "the government" or even the Commission Report, they always come back with the retort that "It's not the government's story -- it's the truth as pieced together from a diversity of independent sources." What this tells us is that they already know that associating their OV with the government is asking for public relations trouble. Other than being quite specific (NIST theory, Commission Report theory, etc) I'm not sure what a more effective label would be, from a Truth standpoint.

Just call it the "Steven Jones Theory"

Just call it the "Steven Jones Theory" because that's what Jones' theory is becoming.

How about the GFYSYSF theory?

For you, I mean. Just for you.



Astute observation, cassiea:

When the shills and trolls (shoals to run aground upon) try to distance "The Government" from being the responsible party for answering the people's question like "WTF happened on 9/11?"... their argument becomes idiotic both ways. First, during their ground-shifting operation, it begs the immediate return question about "well, wtf does the Government actually have to say about this then? All that money going to them, and they can't answer questions directly? What, after all that money sent, "independent" organizations must volunteer answers on the government's behalf?"

(give me a break)

More immediate, is the second question this ground-shift begs; If the government can't produce their own f'n answers to we the people... can't locate any wrong doing, can't build a case against the very same person[s] fingered by the "independent investigations", can't locate Boogyman Osama, can't get their [Dick] head out of the ass of Iraq, can't come to grips with the fact that We the people are getting quite short on patience with this evermore obvious mind-f*ck game by the Government.... when exactly might they expect to have the funding spigot turned off (Tax Honesty)?

If the government is incapable of doing these things they constantly remind people that taxes and obedience must be paid for... why the hell should this government remain in operation? Time for a new one, the old one seems quite warn out and rather useless. In fact, it sure as shit seems like quite the liability to me. All that resource wasted, and not an f'n thing to show for it. All the resource wasted, and a whole hell of a lot of people who should otherwise have no reason to despise me, if it wasn't for all the havoc perpetrated in my name?

Shills and trolls... get a damn clue. You seem to have no idea what argument you are actually making AGAINST this very government you continue to defend... because the answers and explanations about what happened on 9/11, generally referred to as the Official Version, the Popular Version, the Mainstream Media Version... whatever you want to call it... if not actually coming from the Government, actually makes this Government moot as a servant of the people.

(but that's not news to many of us already)


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Agreed, language and framing are very important

I will endeavor to modify my rhetoric accordingly, err, umm,

I will make the change.


Make signs, not bombs.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

lucus you are the shit!! you

lucus you are the shit!!

you know another way to bypass the stupid forums like crooks and liars and stuff is to tell them about how awesome infowars and alex jones is

you dont even have to give any 911 smoking guns.

just go on and on letting them know how infowars is totally kicking their asses

or you can fake that you hate the 911 truth movement and then whine about how you cant beat their arguments

see ya in the forums!!

I agree Alex is a master of

I agree Alex is a master of the movement, but one thing I never understood is why he talks about the weight of responsibility, provides link information to his site but does not link out to others who could reduce that load. Whenever you follow a link chain it always ends with him...

Info-Monopoly? Just a thought.

CCC-Media: Watch, Read, Think - Decide!


"or you can fake that you hate the 911 truth movement and then whine about how you cant beat their arguments"

That's what they do to us all day right here... so turn their false flag bullshit right back on them.

Doomshill their asses haha

LUCUS--- hey i dont know if


hey i dont know if you know me on here or not---but this site is the most evil shill infested scumhole on the internet

this is all a setup to associate 911truth with being "enemy combatants"

look at all the headlines in the 'news' section---they all contain islamic sounding words....or they all are defeatist sounding towards 911truth movement

and then there's kevin barrett and his "truth jihad"----this is a fucking disinfo tactic to try to associate everyone with being in fucking al quaeda or something

i've been banned from here like on four different computers but you guys need to know this----make a big blog headline

Great topic, LUCUS!

Let me chime in with two of my very least favorite word usages by truthers:

"Debunker" - This word comes from the word "bunk" which is another word for bullshit. If someone is obfuscating - or adding bullshit ie BUNK - they are not a "debunker". Why call them that?

"Skeptic" - I'm still waiting for someone to explain exactly how a true believer in the government's story qualifies as a skeptic. A skeptic would be the last person on earth to buy that bunk.

Don't let shills control the language - take it back!

Also, I'll throw in another call for completely ditching the asinine and oxymoronic terms "LIHOP" and "MIHOP" - these terms were designed by disinfo perps to manufacture artificial division and make you sound like a clown.

Hey Lucas - Do you think if

Hey Lucas - Do you think if you just phrase it differently you'll fool more people? That's what this is all about anyway; trying to figure out new ways to make others believe your story. Here's an idea; throw in some facts. Not just facts like the high temperature was 62 degrees yesterday, facts relevant to what you're trying to prove. When someone backs you into a corner, show some conviction. State the facts the lead you to your conclusions, and be prepared to show those facts when asked. When someone calls you on your claims, you have to answer. Even you don't believe it yourself, or even if you don't know.
We all look to you for answers Lucas. Show some leadership and take the reigns. Tell us what really happened. Tell us how it happened. Give us the intricate details on exactly how this diabolical plan was pulled off, and why they really did it. And dont be shy. Reach deep into that seemingly bottomless pit of knowledge you possess. I can understand you wanting to change the wording so us common folks can understand it too, but even that won't be good enough if you want long term success. You can't keep running away when you're challenged. I'm here for you buddy. Let me help.