9/11 Truth Bullhorns at United for Peace and Justice Conference 1/29/2007

The day after 500,000 plus people rallied in Washington D.C. calling for peace in the Middle East, a follow up strategy session took place at a High School not far away in Bethesda, Maryland hosted by United for Peace and Justice (UPFJ). The focus of the session was to educate Peace activists on the topics which were to be addressed during the Congressional lobbying session planned for the following day. However to the dismay of several 9/11 Truth activists in the audience, no mention was ever made of the most imperative issue of them all. UFPJ refuses to recognise 9/11 Truth as part of the Peace Movement demonstrated by the multiple requests made by D.C. 9/11 Truth and other 9/11 activists to arrange a 9/11 Truth speaker at the Peace Rally on January 27, 2007. Knowing full well the contempt held by UPFJ for the 9/11 Truth Movement, a voice of dissent made sure that 9/11 was on the UFPJ agenda!


Thanks to D.C. 9/11 Truth for hosting the weekend.

Thank you, Mike Edgerton!

"Why is 911 such a taboo subject at a peace rally?


It bears repeating...

DC 9/11 truth has their sh*t together, these guys are awesome. I've particularly enjoyed the videos they put up back in November on google video. Thanks!


....somewhere John Conner is smiling,,,,

This is an amazing historical document

Show "the bullhorn is such a tard" by ihatenameswhich...

take your own advice...

LEARN what Mike said before he picked up the bullhorn.


Show ""he bullhorn is such a tard" by Robbie Martin

just who are the freaks

History will show who the freaks are....a so called "peace movement" which ignores the root cause of all these genocidal wars, that being the false flag attack of 9/11/01. A movement co-opted by George Soros, a movement that has become the #1 most effective tool of the Bush administration, a movement that is THE left gatekeeper of the day. The man was forced to use the bullhorn because the REAL freaks refused to let him speak WITHOUT it. They refused to allow anyone to represent 9/11 Truth at the DC rally. And the one person with the guts to get up and shed light on this, you call a "freak". That's fine, you just stick your head further into the sand like the rest of this yuppy "peace" movement.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

Really inspiring, great

Really inspiring, great job!!!

hmmmmmmm, kind of funny how

hmmmmmmm, kind of funny how YET ANOTHER person says that Loose Change opened their eyes. but its killing the movement right guys? the controlled demolition theories are killing the movement right? its all about the ISI link right? fuck outta here........

Damn right!

Damn right!

Damn right!

Damn right!

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Show "Whuh?" by Jon Gold


Not ONE media outlet, media pundit, local newspaper, etc... has acknowledged the existence of 9/11: Press For Truth.

Things that really make you go Hmmmmmmm...

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

because you are typical Jon.

because you are typical Jon. again you attack roughly half of the people(probably more) in this movement with your sarcastic and typical comments about Loose Change and CD theories. im ALL FOR focusing on other aspects, i dont know how many times ive said ALL EVIDENCE on this board. its funny how you and Albanese and others like you dont have the same tolerance for your CD counterparts that they for the most part have for you. i dont see CD advocates running around telling people like you to shut up about Pakistan. the "church of controlled demolition"? is that how you really feel about Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan and others? this is why you get voted down.

No one...

Takes anything away from Loose Changes' success. I have a problem with the fact that the media thinks its' the only movie in existence when it is CLEARLY not. I have a problem with the fact that because of some of the questionable information in Loose Change, it is an easy target for the mainstream media. I have a problem when people make claims like (its all about the ISI link right? fuck outta here........) when that is anything but the truth.

If you were to say, "it's all about Controlled Demolition right? fuck outta here........", THAT would be closer to the truth.

And please, deny that statement. Insult my intelligence.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

its a target for the MSM

its a target for the MSM becuase of the numbers its done and because its been widely accepted within AND outside of the 9/11 truth movement. if PFT did the numbers Loose Change has done and was as promoted within the movement as much as LC2E has been i suspect the media would attack it as well. is there jealousy at play here at all? like it or not, PFT is seen as limited hangout ot just a bit harsher than icompetence theory to some people within the movement. i dont fully agree with that and have said in the past that PFT serves a good purpose and is a positive. as far as your last statement goes, i'll say again, its people like you that go around screaming about how CD is hurting the movement and Loose Change is an easy target and shit. you wont catch me telling people not to look at the money trail or the ISI link, or bashing people who do. i cant say the same about you, who takes shots at the Pentagon and CD theories and those that promote them regularly. when i said -"its all about the ISI link right? fuck outta here........" i think it was pretty obvious what i meant. people like you only what YOUR line of research to be front and center when the evidence shows that the CD theories, and yes, even the Pentagon theories have caused droves of people into questioning 9/11 or becoming activists themselves.. thats why i always say ALL eveidence, the Loose Change and 9/11 Mysteries variety and the Ruppert,PFT variety. all of it is needed. wish you could agree.


I go around "screaming" that Controlled Demolition is "hurting the movement."

Actually, I go around "screaming" that people should go see Prof. Jones' work when Controlled Demolition is brought up, after I have posted a PLETHORA of threads on my own site having to do with his work.

If you think other issues related to 9/11 Truth get more attention than "Controlled Demolition", you are SORELY mistaken.

"PFT is seen as limited hangout ot just a bit harsher than icompetence theory to some people within the movement."

By those that don't want this movement to succeed.

I'm done.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

oh wow, taking only part of

oh wow, taking only part of my comment and putting into a context that fits your agenda? im so surprised at you Jon.(and that -"i tell people to see Prof. Jones work all the time, look at my site etc." line is great cover. why do you continue to take little shots then?) and Jon, just to be clear, are you saying i dont want the movement to succeed? you wanna expand on that bullshit accusation? thanks. oh, and for the record, i never said CD doesnt get enough attention or that it gets less attention than other issues. dont know where the hell you got that from, i just said i find myself having to defend it more from within the movement.


chris wrote.. "PFT is seen as limited hangout ot just a bit harsher than icompetence theory to some people within the movement."

then jon wrote..By those that don't want this movement to succeed.

inside... jon, that is such bull... how many people have even seen pft??? only on 911blogger do i even see people talking about it and even here its pretty much just you... i guess its hard for you to deal with the fact that not many people think that its as good as loose change 2...

i have always said that i have a problem with anyone that states as fact that flight 77 hit the pentagon(like gold)... what does pft say about it???

first post in months and it

first post in months and it get -3 votes??? HAHAHHAHAH!!!!!

i guess this place has changed... if youre not part of the gold pft army then you shouldnt even post....

here is a repost

of a comment i made recently because i once again found myself having to defend CD from within this movement. it fits here as well:

absolutely. but people on both sides need to recognize the importance of the others area of research/activism. i like to think i am in both camps but i find that i have to defend the CD camp from within the movement much more. it other words, the CD camp seems to be much more accepting of the BCCI, Pakistani ISI, Kroll, etc. camp. both sides need to realize the importance of the other. we would not be here in the capacity we are now as a movement without BOTH areas of research. its time everyone realizes that. this is why Sanders comments are off base in my opinion. he is one hell of a public speaker though for sure. and the way he made that scumbag 9/11 Commissioner Ven-Beniste squirm was classic. same with his picture with Dick Cheney. great stuff.

Anti-War Movement Is Controlled

The anti-war movement seems to be a manufactured "limited hangout" designed to keep the masses divided into camps that serve only as magnets to draw more misinformed supporters without offering real solutions.

9/11 Truth is the genuine article.

This is why 9/11 Truth has been rejected by the controllers of the anti-war movement, for it's controllers are apparently controlled.

The so called anti-war movement has probably been infiltrated by the same well financed forces that infiltrated the women's movement decades ago.

The powers who control this nation also have manufactured the phony left vs. right paradigm in order to prevent the masses from engaging in real enemy identification - with the enemy being America's ruling class who serve the Federal Reserve based financial pardigm.

The anti war

movement is handcuffed and worthless without 9/11 truth.
9/11 truth is THE KEY to all of it.

Until we can get together a few Million protesters that will take over whatever area, be it NYC times square, Washington DC etc. then we are going no where that is just a simple fact.

The monthly protest on the 11th is a good idea if we can keep the intensity up.
We need MILLIONS in the streets, not 1000s.
We need them to be ANGRY, mad as hell not mulling around smiling holding a sign.

Small protest worked back in the sixties because at that time we had a Centrist news media instead of a Reich wing propaganda machine we have today.

Today we need absolutely overwhelming numbers with fire in their eyes.

I agree that the anti-war movement is worthless

It has been co-opted and is controlled opposition.

I agree that we do need massive crowds of 9/11 Truthers in the streets, BUT they should be calm, friendly and putting forward a reasonable message that will appeal to middle America, not scare them off.

The truth of our message is profound and paradigm breaking, if we appear angry or threatening our message will not be heard by those who need to hear it most.

Keep the fire in your belly, love in your heart and the light of truth in your eyes.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

This hits the nail on the head

Email me. I want you on my radio show.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

thank you Mike, you are the

thank you Mike, you are the man.

I'm sorry to say this but

I'm sorry to say this but the peace movement has become the best weapon this administration has in its' arsenal. Mike, with or without the bullhorn has more insite and courage than the rest of the people in that auditorium put together. Did anyone notice that Cynthia McKinney was not present at the rally in Washington? One might suspect it is because of her outspokenness on this issue.

So here is an idea who's time has come: Why are we so intent on being "allowed in" to THEIR rallies? We are a movement that is growing exponentially. As we hold out own rallies, and as our numbers grow, the peace groups will want in.

George Soros is a name mentioned in that video. He HAS funded the movement and HAS redirected it, as powerfull foundations have been doing for quite some time. There is only 1 real study of this issue: "Foundations And Public Policy, The Mask Of Pluralism" by Joan Roelofs. Delve into this and the tragedy of the peace movement will become crystal clear. Thank you my friend with the bullhorn!! We will take your example and run with it!!

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth


Congratulations, Mike! Great display of courage and composure.

Kudos to the camera guy too. We need more videos like this to encourage people to talk openly about 9/11. Who was that woman eyewitness? There must be hundreds of people like her who are waiting for the right time and place to tell their story, but are too afraid right now.

What if...!?

What if Mike would have bring with him 3 or 4 body guards... Not for agression but simply to calm (let say discourage) the people hwo wanted to get him out of the place. A dissuasion simply put. Maybe he would have had some time to speak out. Anyway in the name of what kind of authority those guys were acting. They were no police or agent. Again it's not a question of agression but a question to make a point : you don't touch me and you don't ask me to leave cause you're not in a position of authority.

Excelent idea

I was yelling at my computer telling him to stay put, not to leave, to keep talking until they dragged him out. Imagine a "peace" movement, forced to drag out a 9/11 Truther!? It would force the issue to the surface. And the idea of protection is excelent indeed.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

WorldCantWait.org Opposition

I have repeatedly pled with the worldcantwait.org in Chicago to at least recognize the 9/11 Truth Movement as being supporters of their organization.

For about two months or so, they actually put up a small acknowledgement of 9/11 Truth activists on the chicagoworldcant.org site. This acknowledgement is now gone from their site.

From emailing and talking to people within WCW, they say that 9/11 is a divisive issue. They do not want to touch it, let alone listen to it or embrace it.

I've carried signs at WCW protests in Chicago that read "9/11 Was an Inside Job" on one side and "Stop the 9/11 Cover-Up" on the other as I was volunteering for WCW. The organizers would distance themselves from me. They wanted to tell people that "they don't have to agree that 9/11 was an inside job in order to be a part of WCW".


Even though I have found a few people here and there within WCW who support 9/11 Truth, they still refuse to talk about it at their meetings and to publicly acknowledge the movement at protests and on their websites.

I have been on their list of drivers for 5 months and I send out articles and postings concerning 9/11 Truth issues frequently. I have yet to hear back from anyone about anything I have sent out. It's like talking to friggin brick wall.

Has anyone else out there worked with WCW? Have you received a similar response?

How about we start emailing and lobbying these people and demand that they acknowledge us?


A slight shift in focus will solve this.

I'm with you, so please hear me out. The 9/11 Truth movement is about to explode. Soon WCW and others will want to join OUR movement. We are wasting energy and belittling ourselves by seeking acceptance from them. We need our own rallies, which will grow and put them to shame when they realize they are missing the boat.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

three cheers!

First off, I just had to remark that this event took place in RT's old high school--just goes to show the kind of extra-worldly synchronicity our energy is causing to emerge. Incidentally, Bush senior had a rally in that same auditorium during his doomed '92 campaign.

Hats off and major props to the dude who stood up for the truth, literally and figuratively. There is simply no substitute for actions like his.

Also great to see from the comments here that people understand what the controlled antiwar movement (stay CAWM, citizens?) is all about. And the leadership roles played by UFPJ, UJP, and WCW. Where DOES their money come from?

WCW tried to reach out a little, probably just to hoodwink a few more people into thinking they were not in fact as a policy ignoring 9/11. That is as good a sign as any that we ARE undermining the fake left, and they are feeling it.

I know we're all waiting with baited breath for the truth to "explode". It HAS to happen, right? Even if it seems to be taking a while--remember that everyone has a gestation period during which they absorb the new reality, come to terms with it internally, and then finally get to a point where following the script becomes impossible. It will take some time, in other words. But let's never become discouraged--things ARE happening, as this video shows. The fake opposition has been confronted, and is failing to explain themselves. They will come around or they will become irrelevant. We know this.

Keep hammering away, everyone!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Thanks brother, that is

Thanks brother, that is right on.

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

The Drama of Humanity Is There...

...Courage and Truth, Cowardice and Hypocrisy

Spot on, MG!

It most surely conveyed to me, as I was present (and taken by surprise of the public display), that the "peace movement" is actually wrestling with ITSELF between those who may or may not know they are serving the war-mongers by excluding the dialogue, vs. those in the genuine peace movement who know they are impotent in achieving a goal of peace so long as they have no teeth to bit into the root causes of war itself.

Amendment: Drama and Humanity

If possible, I would ask the above to be dissolved

WCW ... door is opened a crack

In Los Angeles, last October 5, World Can't Wait allowed a 9/11 Truth Speaker, Kathleen Rosenblatt, at a large rally in Pershing Square. I really got the feeling I was witnessing somewhat of a breakthrough. I have also heard of at least two other chapters that have included 9/11 Truth speakers at events. Most recently, however, one of those speakers happened to be Jim Fetzer, and I can't remember exactly where that was. Not long ago, I saw David Ray Griffin's name listed as an endorser of WCW. Yes, WCW has ties to the Revolutionary Communist Party. Might as well say that right now. I have also attended marches sponsored by ANSWER and UFPJ, and always carry the 9/11 Truth message. WCW is, by far, the most welcoming to their tent.

Left anti-truthism (or, left official-storyism)

Remember how one of the allegations in that Counterpunch hit piece was that we're 'racist' for denying that Muslim groups working out of Afghanistan could plausibly have pulled off 9/11, and for believing that only elements in our own ruling class could have done it? The charge is BS of course, but I think it contains a clue to what's behind the clinging to the official 9/11 story on the part of many orthodox leftists. However much they may have (just like most everyone else) been appalled by the violence and carnage and sympathized with the victims, I sometimes suspect that there might also have been just a little bit of satisfaction at the thought that someone from the non-western world had managed for once to turn the tables and inflict pain and humiliation on the west. While the difficulty in questioning the official story for most people is having to let go of their cherished ideas of trustworthy and ethical authority figures, for some on the left the greater difficulty might well be letting go of the notion of an assertive third world demonstrating a readiness to 'push back' (in Ward Churchill's phrase). They thereby became as pshychologically committed to the official story as their supposed foes in the Bush-Cheney administration--yes, even despite the fact that acceptance of the official story has done so much to strengthen the forces of militarism and political reaction, and despite the fact that the non-western elements alleged to be responsible for the crimes were known to have longstanding ties to western intelligence.

Another big factor, I believe, is that so much of the sense of self-worth in these groups is tied up in an assumption of mental superiority vis a vis their political opponents, and they are loath to ever acknowledge that they were actually duped by such people, especially about something as big as 9/11.

That's an important understanding, rm... thank you.

Among the most frustrating aspects of truth 'proselytizing'... is the parallel it evokes, and thus the vast majority of people do not appreciate an approach so often associated with 'religious belief' proselytizing.

Once the false 9/11 meme has been planted deep into the psyche of a person (catapulting the propaganda through MSM repetition and threats of being considered an aid to terrorists for thinking otherwise), 'truth' is the unfortunately outclassed tool of persuasion tasked with uprooting an internalized "belief".

For the vast majority of peace activists (by nature, more often self-identified as if 'immune' to fundamentalist-like religious tendencies), the introspection needed to confront their own gullibility, and unseat an internalized false meme... is a very tall order indeed.

Make no mistake, with a smallish number of propagandist working for The Man, and/or working from within a group such as UFPJ, it would be an efficient method of "vaccinating" it's members with a kind of allergic reaction to a person like Mike standing and begging them to reconsider their toothless efficacy in pursuing peace. At that, the various "Peace Movements" themselves, do more to squash introspection and real progress, than several battalions of battle-hardened war-makers. Truly an embarrassing and shameful thought to ponder ones own gullibility in having been manipulated in such a way... the thought therefor only spends about a second within the inductive brain before being rejected in a perverse manifestation of "self" preservation.

Half of that room, as if on cue, automatically boo'ed the simple request from Mike. Their auto-immune system kicking in with lightning quickness, to fend off any and all threats to the deepest of internalized pre-programming.

Love thy peace-nick... for often they know not how they serve the Dogs of War, while marching in circles and chanting Koom-ba-ya.

If we are correct in OUR OWN understanding of these things which generate and prolong war for profiteers... then We will only, if proper means be our most important marker along the road to a peaceful ends... we are bound to the under-equipped, underfunded, underdog but NOT underhanded, tactics and strategies of digging out falsehoods which are incased just the same as a fortified religious belief... and offering truth, hope and love to replace it.


We live upon a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice... cut the crap.

Thanks Erin, an enjoyable read!

Youv'e posted late and I hope a few people come back to read this excellent examination of the peacefull lefts mind set.

Regards John


I'm the guy !

You know when i left that auditorium i was really upset. I did'nt want to be the bad guy, and now looking back and discussing this situation with various people who hold different opinions i can say that the only thing i regret is allowing them to escort me out. Someone made a comment that i should of had bodygaurds and stayed put . Well to be honest i don't need bodygaurds , because i really doubt that anyone there could restrain me if they tried. YA I'm a badass!!!!.
The more i think about this the more i am inspired to do things of this nature. There were other conversations that took place when the camera was off that lead me to believe that people like UFPJ ( the leaders) are gatekeepers for these assholes.
I suck with this computer and wish i could get around on it quicker. The only reason i use it is because of 911 truth. Ya know i use to surf alot , wakeboard , go 4-wheeling, shit i live out on an Island on the innercoastal in Florida , but let me say this none of that means anything to me now. They let the wrong person find out and i promise i won't rest until the truth is exposed to all. And i will fight til the day i die , because i know that there are people out there and people like Dan Wallace who can't......

It was great to have been there, Mike.

No regrets, Mike... it may stand as historic for what it was anyway. But don't worry, it shouldn't go to your head as it seems your head is already in the right place.

Thanks again,


(btw: I hope things are well and/or peacefull with your dear friend)

fight on, bro

I hear you loud and clear. NOT only did they make the mistake of letting me find out the truth, BUT they also led me around by the nose with their fake antiwar (bowel) movement until I figured out I was being played for a chump by a bunch of gatekeepers.

I also had a life before 9/11 came along. As much as I miss the freedom to sit around worrying about simpler problems, there simply will be no rest until justice is done. And I will not be saving for retirement as long as there are blank DVDs to buy and burn, and posters to print.

They will have to pry every last DVD out of my cold dead hands.

Anyway, THANKS for getting your action on tape and for uploading it. As more people see stuff like this, more people will DO stuff like this.

And then we win...

Let's make this Sunday the 11th a "shot heard round the world." We have three days to line up a shtick and a camera. Last one to upload their action vid is a rotten eggshill!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


I agree with your attitude...

Unlike the previous JFK, MLK, RFK, Iran-Contra, Gulf War I (and other) coverups, the events of 9/11 cannot and will not be forgotten, downplayed or ignored. Our country is imploding in on itself and too few people even give a shit enough to put down the TV remote and do anything about it.

Your actions help to inspire others. We need to confront more and more 'shell' organizations such as UFPJ, WCW and particularly the phony '08 Presidential candidates like McCain, Guiliani, Hillary and Hagel etc. who will be soon traveling around to many cities to sell their BS.

I'm particularly looking forward to attending a Guiliani Rally and ask (or scream) questions about the destruction of WTC evidence, molten metal, faulty Motorola radios, WTC 7 and so on.

Don't forget to check out Pilots For 911 Truth and their 9/11 Truth - Operation Vid2 Congress Campaign.

Here: http://www.petitiononline.com/911dvds/petition.html

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Way to go Mike!

You were the good guy going in and you were the better guy going out. You and John Conner are inspirations. I'm going shopping for a bullhorn. You did nothing wrong, unless asking REAL questions is a wrong thing to do anymore.

There has to be a way to find out for sure whether United for Police and Injustice and others of their ilk are indeed receiving funding and direction from the globalists who are determined to keep us divided.

Jimmy Walters once offered a lot of money for evidence to prove the OCT. Maybe he could hire some P.I.'s instead.

I'm going to make a special effort now to show this video to every leftwingnut, chompsy-worshipping, naysayer I know.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001


Well Mike I just have to say that I'm proud of you and that I admire the courage that you're showing in that clip. I do think that you ougtha have somebody with you to help you stay in place and continue your speech. I know you could have stay there by yourself... and I'm so f****ing tired to see dudes like yourself being laught at in interviews or being forced out of the place because of what they say, that I wish tI won't happend again.

Take care body. Keep on.

Great work man.

Don't think for a second that -you're- the unreasonable one. This needs to happen, if these peace movements are supposed to represent the will of the people when the govt wont, then it is not only your right but your responsibility to share your opinion.

I've seen it too, peace movement organizers have told us "Go away, don't embarass us, you're taking focus away" etc etc. To organize resistance to 9/11 truth if you know it is real is nothing less than treason, and shame on those who do so within the organized left in order to get invited to all the best dem parties. This means you, Kos and all you hypocritical, obsolete gatekeeping traitors.

What if they attack...

... what they see as a greater danger?

Please expand your thought, Vesa.

Who are you referring to? The internally-conflicted and thus impotent peace movement? Or those who may be on the run as We the People zero in on the real terrorists?

I have no intentions of shying away from either of these cornered animals.

I want peace, so that I can return to a more normal and tranquil life... but the war-mongers do their best when avowed pacifists can't even get their own shit together, to save their own skin.

I choose not to live in Fear

If it happens it happens , but i can honestly say that i'm not scared. I have a myspace page with the same name as i have on here . I have all kinds of pictures of myself on it and am forever typing information that can be tracked right to me. I choose not to live in fear . Think about it. If they wanna get ya they will. They have the money and resources to do so. BUT i refuse to go quitley , and i have assured everyone i know that if anything ever does happen to me that they'll know why. See i too know alot of people with resources and money . I consider myself a soldier in this war and am willing to risk it all, because at the end of the day i know deep down that i will have made a differance and to me thats what matters....

A truly Inspirational Post! No compromises, frontal assault...

is what is required to shake them awake!
I feel like I have been renewed by your courage TSSUF. This is the hardest ground of all to tread, for you and I feel compassion for these people of noble cause. Unfortunately for them pacifism and peace are to different things and one will not lead to the other.

It seems now obvious to me that the peace movement doesn't understand the opportunity that presents itself to them, a real "Pax Americana" where the battle to get what they want, a permanent global peace is possible if they can only get out of their comfort zone.
In my struggle to open peoples minds about 9/11, it has also been this passive stonewalling of good peaceful people (Greens/Peace activists etc), that has upset me the most. Is it that they can not face such pure evil that is human by nature? Or is it just to confronting emotionally that they have to realize the whole F#$%ing free worlds governments are standing by allowing these lies to stand untested and accepted!
My conclusion is that the real warriors in the Truth Movement will become the people that would normally fight or have fought in the wars, the poor, the young, the immigrants and the working class men and women of the world. These people that understand how cruel and evil the world has become and are sick and tired of being feed this bullshit American Dream of excess and celebrity are going to rise up if we can get the truth through to them!!
I hope to see a working class revolution in the USA and the world. Obviously 9/11 is the required catalyst for this revolution! Wake up Peace Movement!!
Unfortunately this could involve more blood shed and maybe the consequences will be dire, too bad.
In the scheme of things who cares what the Peace Movement thinks of us, they already vote the right way and they can't hurt us by nature. We can't hope to persuade them to want what we want, the whole painful truth and our f#$%ing reality back, regardless of the bloody consequences that’s not their turf!!
No compromise, exposing all the painful truths of our false reality, is the only way to a lasting Peace!

Regards John


Ask them?

Ask United For Peace & Justice to incorporate 9/11 Truth into their message?

What do you think people like Gabriel Day, Janice Matthews, etc... have been doing FOR YEARS?!?

Good job Temple 9/11 Truth.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Amy Goodman????

Amy Goodmaqn is coming to my area Saturday night and guess who's got a ticket? Now i know she has had Dylan and Jason on her show to debate the Popular Mechanic chumps , but i don't know alot about her. I plan to go and ask her if she will let me have a chance to speak or at the very least discuss 911 truth with the audiance herself. If not then i promise not to leave the room so quickly this time. This is my State!!!!

seriously, you are the man.

seriously, you are the man. having Dylan and Jason on her show was nothing in the grand scheme of things and the way she willfully ignores 9/11 on a daily basis and pretends that everything is "ok" in regard to the official story is bullshit. good luck man.

Amy Goodman

I don't know if having the LC boys on debating the PM boys was nothing...? I thought it was pretty important. I thought Dylan and Jason did a great job and 'won' the debate. The fact that is was done on the fifth anniversary, 9/11/06, added some extra punch.

I was happy that she gave them the floor. Of course I wish she would address 9/11 Truth issues more often however. I remember seeing some video taken of her and her staff that day with Barrie Zwicker hangin around in thebackground. Her staff seemed to be split on 9/11 when asked.

Either way, try and get a video of your endeavors with Amy Goodman. Good Luck!!

Here it is! Tell Amy I said Hi!

Radical Pragmatist

Great Job Mike! Watch the video's and cringe at the deference these intelligent people have for Amy's non coverage of 911.

Call her on it, again, again and again....video the encounter.....and eventually, her generally well intentioned activist fans and will get the picture.

'Can you say...'co-oped opposition' boys and girls."

This thread gives me hope!!!!!!

Amy Goodman.

Amy Goodman needs a little taste of the truth in my opinion. I wish you the best in making the most of your appearance at her show. Good job getting the tickets too. Report back to us how it went.

Good job on that, Mike

However the truth gets heard whether its bullhorn, microphone, or just speaking confidently makes no difference to Me. You know the facts about 9/11, and there are many, but it is no longer thoeries being put out there when you have facts.
The biggest fact of all is what does this government do when a person who is employed by the government speaks out? They get attacked and ridiculed and/or fired. Nobody who worked for the government on 9/11 got fired, at least not those who were "confused" and "incompetent" on that day. They were promoted.
How many people really know that? How many people really know what the victims families want? How many people really know what is going on with the First Responders? How many of us are willing to go through the crap and ridicule to reach the finish line? I'm totally committed to this, I just can't be anything other than that. I feel I would letting people down if I did nothing and just waited for someone else to do it. Kudos to You Mike, the end will justify the means, however We get there!

Mike Anti-Neo-Con:

I would really like to give you a point up for that writing... but other people like me might also be hesitant to endorse it in toto, if for only the sake of the very last line. I think I know what you meant by using the word "means" (Mike's bulhorn)... but might you consider rewording that just a tad, as the complete phrase is very charged with imagery you might not have intended.

Best, MANO


It is this Erin

The end is a complete and thorough, totally independant and all powerfull investigation to nail everybody who knowingly had facilitated or assisted 9/11 to happen. And whatever means We need to do to reach that point is exactly what I meant.
Equal Justice under the law.
Best regards MANO. :)

i accept that challenge...


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I actually feel ambivalent about it. If they had gone up to the organizers and said "Hi, can I talk about 9/11 truth from the stage for a minute," then a good part of the people gathered, the public, could have been on his side. But by seeming to set up a confrontational situation, they'll be written off by all as disrupters, nothing more. Mike is asked if he requested time to speak, and he says he didn't have a chance.
Nobody else had a bullhorn, so to bullhorn a place and ask to be listened to, well, that won't work anywhere.
Everybody knows about the foundation funding, the CIA-financed gatekeeping, but I still think it's rude and counterproductive to confront people with questions like "where do you get your money." That suggests that the 9/11 activists started off as antagonistic, looking for conflict.
The point should be to calmly but firmly seek a large audience and bring onto your side, not alienate them. Becuase if you get them on your side, then the leaders will feel the heat. That should be the point

James, they would have NEVER

James, they would have NEVER let him speak about 9/11,even if he "asked nicely". i can promise you that. he did what he had to and did it well.

Don't take this the wrong way but...

You need to watch the video one more time . You'll see that i did not just break out the bullhorn and start ranting. I spoke with my voice loud enough for all to hear then it got so loud in the place that i had to turn the bullhorn on in order to be heard. May i be so blunt as to ask what tactics you are using? Please don't say computer!!!
Mike in Florida...