Connect the Dots

Common Dreams, one of the largest liberal websites, has a front-page story called "Easter Surprise: Attack on Iran, New 9/11… or Worse". The story comes so close, yet doesn't connect the dots. Specifically, it documents that:

(1) the U.S. plans to invade Iran very soon, on a pre-set timetable, despite its denials;

(2) another 9/11 type attack will be the precipitating cause;

(3) Iran will not necessarily be behind the attack, but will be blamed anyway; and

(4) the attack will lead to a suspension of constitutional freedoms and liberties.

The article has everything EXCEPT the fact that the attack will be a false flag attack. How can the U.S. be assured that a terror attack will be carried out according to its very short timetable unless it does it itself?

When will the "alternative" media connect the dots?

Easter Surprise: Attack on Iran, New 9/11… or Worse

by Heather Wokusch

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” – George W. Bush, September 2002

“This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous… Having said that, all options are on the table.” – George W. Bush, February 2005

The Bush administration continues moving closer to a nuclear attack on Iran, and we ignore the obvious buildup at our peril.

Russian media is sounding alarms. In February, ultra-nationalist leader Vladimir Shirinovsky warned that the US would launch a strike against Tehran at the end of this month. Then last week, the Russian News and Information Agency Novosti (RIA-Novosti) quoted military experts predicting the US will attack Iran on April 6th, Good Friday. According to RIA-Novosti, the imminent assault will target Iranian air and naval defense capabilities, armed forces headquarters as well as key economic assets and administration headquarters. Massive air strikes will be deployed, possibly tactical nuclear weapons as well, and the Bush administration will attempt to exploit the resulting chaos and political unrest by installing a pro-US government.

Sound familiar? It’s Iraq déjà vu all over again, and we know how well that war has gone.

Seymour Hersh has published numerous articles in The New Yorker detailing the Bush administration’s plans to invade Iran. His latest, “The Redirection,” discusses US participation in Iran-based clandestine operations, the kidnapping of hundreds of Iranians (including many “humanitarian and aid workers”) by US forces and the shocking revelation that an Iran-Contra-type scandal has been run out of Vice President Dick Cheney’s office with some of the illicit funds going to groups “sympathetic to al-Qaeda.”

“The Redirection” also reports that the Pentagon has been planning to bomb Iran for a year and that a recently-established group connected to the Joint Chiefs of Staff is formulating a assault strategy to be implemented “upon orders from the President, within twenty-four hours.” Hersh notes that current capabilities “allow for an attack order this spring,” possibly when four US aircraft-carrier battle groups are scheduled to be in the Persian Gulf simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Congress busies itself with non-binding, timid resolutions on Iraq and recently altered a military-funding bill to make it easier for Bush to invade Iran. As Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-NV) explained, language demanding that Bush seek congressional approval before attacking Iran “would take away perhaps the most important negotiating tool that the U.S. has when it comes to Iran.”

Such sheer ignorance and blind denial would be laughable if it weren’t marching us into Armageddon.

But with this Administration (and this Congress, apparently) diplomacy be damned.

It’s now widely known that Iran had broached peace talks with the US in 2003 - Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice admitted as much in 2006 when she said, “what the Iranians wanted earlier was to be one-on-one with the United States.” Yet the White House rejected Tehran’s overture outright and Rice has since developed selective amnesia, later saying of the Iranian proposal, “I don’t remember seeing any such thing. ”

For its part, the UN Security Council recently tightened sanctions aimed at pressuring Iran to cease uranium enrichment, and in response, Iran announced it would cooperate less with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

It’s worth noting that Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and says that its program falls under the legally permitted right to “peacefully use nuclear technology.” In contrast, Israel has neither signed nor ratified the NPT and the US would breach the Treaty by conducting a nuclear attack against Iran.

Besides, the Bush administration’s message to its enemies has been very clear: if you possess WMD you’re safe, and if you don’t, you’re fair game. Iraq had no nuclear weapons and was invaded, Iran doesn’t as well and risks attack, yet that other “Axis of Evil” country, North Korea, reportedly does have nuclear weapons and is left alone. When considering that India and Pakistan (and presumably Israel) developed secret nuclear weapons programs yet remain on good terms with Washington, the case for war becomes even more tenuous.

What consequences would arise from a US attack on Iran? Retaliation, for one. Tehran promised a “crushing response” to any US or Israeli assault, and while the country - ironically - doesn’t possess nuclear weapons to scare off attackers, it does have other options. Iran boasts a standing army estimated at 450,000 personnel, as well as long-range missiles that could hit Israel and possibly even Europe. In addition, much of the world’s oil supply is transported through the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow stretch of water which Iran borders to the north. In 1997, Iran’s deputy foreign minister warned that the country might close off that shipping route if ever threatened, and it wouldn’t be difficult. Just a few missiles or gunboats could bring down vessels and block the Strait, thereby threatening the global oil supply and shooting the price of crude oil to over $100 a barrel, with untold negative consequences for the world economy.

An attack on Iran would also inflame tensions in the Middle East, and could tip the scales towards a new geopolitical balance, one in which the US finds itself shut out by Russia, China, Iran, Muslim countries and the many others Bush has managed to alienate during his period in office.

The most horrific impact of a US assault on Iran, of course, would be the potentially catastrophic number of casualties. The Oxford Research Group predicted that up to 10,000 people would die if the US bombed Iran’s nuclear sites, and that an attack on the Bushehr nuclear reactor could send a radioactive cloud over the Gulf. If the US uses nuclear weapons, such as earth-penetrating “bunker buster” bombs, radioactive fallout would become even more disastrous.

The devastating implications of a US strike on Iran are clear. And that begs the question: how could the US public be convinced to enter another potentially ugly and protracted war?

Former CIA Officer Philip Giraldi chillingly noted that the Pentagon’s plans to attack Iran were drawn up “to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States.” Writing in The American Conservative in August 2005, Giraldi added, “The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites … As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States.”

Chew on that one a minute. The Pentagon’s plan would be in response to a terrorist attack on the US, but not contingent upon Iran actually having been responsible. How outlandish is this scenario: another 9/11 hits the US, the administration says it has secret information implicating Iran, the US population demands retribution and bombs start dropping on Tehran.

While even contemplating another 9/11 brings shudders, it’s worth noting that last year, Congress quietly approved provisions making it easier for the President to declare federal martial law after a domestic terrorist incident. And recall that in late 2003, General Tommy Franks openly speculated on how a new 9/11 could lead to a military form of government: “a terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event somewhere in the Western world – it may be in the United States of America – that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event. Which in fact, then begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution.”

Meanwhile, Iran conducted wargames in the Persian Gulf last week and just yesterday, the US Navy began its largest maneuvers in the region since the 2003 Iraq invasion, complete with over 100 US warplanes and 10,000 personnel.

The clock is ticking, and there’s far too much at stake.

If you’re from the US, contact your Senators today and ask them to support the Webb amendment prohibiting the Administration from attacking Iran without congressional approval. Tell them to support the Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.) bill making it harder for Bush to declare martial law and take over the National Guard, and while you’re at it, tell your Senators to only fund troop withdrawal and to bring the troops home. Thank those Congress members who voted against more war funding.

We could be looking at WWIII. The time for positive action is now.

Heather Wokusch is the author of The Progressives’ Handbook: Get the Facts and Make a Difference Now, Volumes I and II. She can be reached via and seen at

good article

This article pretty much sums up the current concerns of the majority of SANE citizens in the U.S. and the world -- that is, those who have been paying attention.

And, like you GW, I'm wishing that the author (and, by extension, Common Dreams) would just come right out and say that the next 9/11 will be a false-flag event just like the first.

But, in defense of the author, I will say that there really isn't any other conclusion that can be reached by anyone with a brain who reads this article.


how effective is writing to your Senator?

I'd imagine it doesn't hold much weight these days in the one-party system that's millions of miles (and dollars) away from the average American citizen.
What do THEY care if I send them an email pleading with them to try to stop Bush from bombing Iran.

That being said, I already sent them emails through their sites.

I'm sure Arlen will be moved into action by my email.
Yeah right.

And while they're at it

why don't they connect the pre-9/11 dots.

Plans on the table to invade Iraq.

Negotiations already made to invade Afghanistan.

White House crammed with neocon zealots barking for an event of catastrophic terrorism, to enable the Revolution in Military Affairs, the remodeling of the Middle East, and other agenda they have been writing about for a decade.

War games, pet goats, Cheney in the bunker, "the orders still stand," squibs from the towers, down goes building 7, and presto... dots connected. SEC crimes buried. PATRIOT Act already authored. Anthrax attacks an inside job. No money or time for the 9/11 Commission. Zelikow, Kean, Hamilton: the three (Bush) stooges. EPA lies. First responder witnesses dying. First responder testimony suppressed. Military Commissions Act. Torture legal. Military tribunals replace fair trials. Invisible suspects issuing absurd confessions. "No hard evidence" to connect Bin Laden, who denied complicity. "No paper trail" on the hijackers.

Now where is that congressional broom to sweep these dots under the carpet?

"My Pet Goat" was the dead giveaway

“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush

Show "More fear mongering..." by Mel


i remember the last time this happened - the summer of 2001 when security indicators around the world were blinking red - except in America where people sat on their FAT asses watching FoxNews and bullshit TV shows ignoring reality. We are after all AMERICANS - NOTHING bad could happen here - right?

ignore all those aircraft carrier groups steaming into the Persian Gulf. Ignore the forces all moving into position around Iran. Ignore the rhetoric that ALL points to all out war.

well - as someone who WATCHED two planes fly into buildings with my own eyes - and WATCHED people dying and buildings collapsing and people running in the streets covered in dust and grown men crying like little babies - i ask you - what one SHRED of decency does this president have to ensure us that he is trust worthy?

Just exactly WHAT master strokes of diplomacy and statesmanship does THIS administration have to brag about?

what diplomatic solutions does it wear like a feather in its cap?

we're fear mongering? why don't you pick up a history book of the 20th century and tell us how we are NOT at the mercy of one act of mentally retarded BARBARITY after another.

50 million killed in WW2? You know why? wankers like YOU who sit on their fat asses and mistake STUPIDITY for BRAVERY. ignore that little man with the funny mustache who just invaded poland. what's to worry about?? duh

wake up. war with Iran is coming. that's reality. and you can either CHOOSE to care - or not. But do NOT come here and insult people's sensibilities by mocking their LEGITIMATE concerns.

Show "I can assure you..." by Mel

Look, Mel

I don't think anyone here is pretending that talking about 9/11 by itself is going to bring change to the corrupt governing elite. But given the choice of doing nothing or something, we choose to do something, however ineffectual you may think that something is. And if that ineffectual something leads to a more effective something -- say, mass action, some kind of legal proceeding, or the advocacy of someone powerful -- then all this talk will have been worthwhile. In addition, many people here do support their talk with action: donating money, and different forms of social protest.

So, if you feel wronged by the "cabal" who run this site, it's because some people around here might take your sudden eruption of despair and fatalism as a concerted effort to disrupt the activities of this site. If you don't like the tone around here, then don't trouble yourself with posting.

Interesting article

I speculated about an imminent attack on Iran last May, though I didn't take into account the False Flag option - somehow it seemed far more unlikely then while now it seems almost a given, or the potential consequences... though I think even this article understates those. Prepare for the worst is what I'd say.

Precisely how would you recommend I "prepare"?

Just wondering...

Depends where you live

If you're in the U.S., you should have a bail-out bag ready and a plan to hit the wilderness or leave the country via a route that everyone else won't be trying to use. At the very least, I'd hope that everyone has some sort of PLAN for several bad eventualities which look more likely to occur every day. Martial Law is almost garunteed to happen within the next two years, regardless of what sparks it off.

I'm new to this but if this

I'm new to this but if this thing happens, would this distract people from the 9/11 truth? And make it harder since everyone will be focused on the attack etc? It seems impossible to ever get the truth out if there going to keep staging these things one after the other to distract people, shut people up, and scare people into believing what they want. Is this going to make it harder for the 9/11 truth to come out?

the newbie gets it

yes, yes, and yes. That is what we are up against. Welcome aboard.

Not sure

might as well be that the more obvious the insanity becomes, the more people are willing to hear us out.

interns < internets

i'm with Bruce

there seems to be way too much doomshilling going on as a result of some "prediction o a left gatekeeping site. yoohoo--remember who the enemy is? here's a hint--it's not Iran.

so unpack your bags, put the survival kit away, and go out witha sign so that IF another fake attack happens we can all respond with more sanity than was the case after 9/11 when grown men cried and decided arab muslims were evil and Israel's problems were our problems.

l blame alex jones for all this sky is falling crap. Seeing how certain people try to guide the narrative into unproductive dead ends of fear and panic makes it more and more obvious who are sincere members of the truth movement. Right now as far as I'm concerned AJ has gone the way of Fetzer and the "Loose Change guys" are one Cuban short of a Northwood themselves. It's time to cut the crap and tell it like it is. If as a result of telling it like it is I am disappeared from this site, check my website for updates, because then the gloves will really be off as far as identifying disinfo.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


So then, while we're telling it like it is:

I'm not a regular listener of AJ, but he seems to follow a pattern not unlike the one of our resident grand inquisitor: Leaving Israel out of the equation.

Of course, I'd be more than happy to be presented evidence to the contrary, but I'm not holding my breath...

interns < internets

Pot, Kettle, Black.

Pot, Kettle, Black.

it would be very revealing

to see what percentage of misterguy's comments over the last 6 months have been cheap and vacuous attacks on me.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


You are suggesting that Alex Jones is not a sincere member

of the truth movement??? That he has gone the way of Fetzer??? Are you f*cking kidding me???

That the "Loose Change guys" are one Cuban short of a Northwood??? Again, are you f*cking kidding me???

No one is above suspicion

Trust can always be betrayed. That was one of the main lessons of 9/11, wasn't it?

"Are you suggesting that our own government killed 3.000 people? Are you f*cking kidding me??"

interns < internets

yeah yeah yeah

Sorry Colombo, I don't do the cult thing. AJ has been sloppy in the past and is too much of a fearmonger. Loose Change has to explain this whole Mark Cuban business IMO--it's just too weird. Sorry if any of them are your idols, that's just the way I see it. Your reaction is also a little over the top--like I'm commiting a crime even suggesting it. Weird...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


We are at least watching better this time

Having figured out 911 to the extent we here have, which is substantial, we at least might be better prepared to call what we see when it happens next.

All the get-the-word-out that we do on the 911 issue prepares ground for more people seeing how the next engineered event gets engineered. The Common Dreams article shows that. Let's keep it up.

Any and all letters help, I say, however pitiable the effort seems.

For instance, I tried to comment on this Common Dreams article. As it happens, I don't seem able to sign up successfully. Anyone else try this? It will help to point out the implications of what the author is saying. How can the US just simply 'have' another 911 sort of event, without actually doing it using US resources and/or assets? And what does that say to those readers about the original 911 event? As GW points out, the dots are there for the connecting.

"Evil can only exist as long as we support it."
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOYCOTT THE MSM?

Re: Preparation

It's always good to have some emergency food and water stored. Set yourself up as much as possible to be independant of the system and grow your own food. (In cities this is more challenging)
Foster local networks of people who are doing the same thing. With local networks, people can pool resources/information/protection.
When the shit hits the fan, trying to provide life's needs by yourself is much more challenging and less likely to succeed than working with nearby trusted associates who are doing the same thing.
Local networks and sustainable systems free us from dependance on a system that will ultimately fail us anyway.

"In cities this is more challenging"

Talk about understatements. Grow your own wheat in the flower boxes by the window? In metropolitan areas, self-sustainability is impossible, and in case supplies dry up, it's bound to get dirty.

interns < internets

When will the Alternate Media Get It?

We are the alternate media and we do get it.

OT: British Sailors

Downing Street has claimed having GPS data or possibly satellite images supporting their claims of not having strayed into iranian territory. Click here for a skeptical point of view. Myself, I still maintain it's Lebanon II, including a soon-to-follow bombing.


PS: Actually, it's not really OT.

interns < internets

False flag after the attack on Iran

Its my feeling that the false flag attack on the US will occur after the attack on Iran and be used as a sledgehammer to destroy 9/11 etc. truth, the antiwar movement, and the left generally through suspension of civil rights.

I believe a false flag after attacking Iran would be a more effective strategy for various reasons.

Interesting possibility.

I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense. Game, set, match. *sigh*

Problem for bad guys

"I believe a false flag after attacking Iran would be a more effective strategy for various reasons."

Not if this happens


that would actually be more logical.....

though I am still ambivalent regarding exactly which would more likely occur

i hate to sound critical

but -

when are we all going to practice what we preach?

i mean - i agree with this blog 110%. the situation is so dire that i myself have trouble wrapping my mind around it.

yet - here we are - talking about it as if it is happening on a different planet.

if WE truly believe that 911 was an inside job - and WE now can read the writing on the wall with the distinct possibility of something CATASTROPHIC happening in the for of ANOTHER 9/11 - why is HELL are we NOT chaining ourselves to the doors of the major networks and staging sit-ins and organizing very loud angry protests?

do we REALLY need more evidence? maybe this is as good as it gets. maybe NOW is the optimum time for action. maybe we need to USE IF (free speech and the right to assemble) before we LOSE IT.

i will admit - i am at my wit's end. i REALLY think that this country is planning to nuke Iran. i REALLY believe that. i see NO OTHER scenario that makes sense - given how this government has INTENTIONALLY engineered this crisis in the first place. and as a 911 Truth activist WE are forced to face the reality of a government that is willing to fly airplanes into skyscrapers filled with people - and knock down buildings on top of heroes who are only there to save people's lives.

WHY would they DO this? WHY would they kill thousands of people in New York City if they are NOT planning to take out Iran??? how can we believe what we believe WITHOUT understanding the end-game to this crisis?

Folks. The 911 Truth movement has accomplished MIRACLES - against all odds - in taking the truth directly to the people and exposing 911.

But - we need one more miracle - because if we do not convert this TRUTH into ACTION - and respond in a way PROPORTIONAL to the reality at hand - it may all be for nothing.

Precisely my point above...

...which got voted out by the cabal that runs this site.

And I brought up the subject of "what do we do" a long time ago, and IIRC, those comments got voted down or diss'ed by the local "Colonels" and friends.

Regardless of what everyone here thinks, there are, in my guest-imate, very few people in this world who are willing to go beyond the "OMG, OMG, OMG" that is so prevelant at this site. It's easy to come in here and talk trash about everything, but it seems that that's all anyone is doing. Take note of the uninspiring turnout out the various "9/11 Truth" events. We see what, 20 people (at most) in the photos?

Granted, perhaps millions are aware that 9/11 was an "inside" job, but virtually none of them are willing and able to do anything about it, and probably because they take the "what can I do stance".

And I don't know what to do either, and I gave up seriously broaching the subject a long time ago because I've discovered that almost everyone is all talk and no action (including myself).

Show em' what can be done!

"Granted, perhaps millions are aware that 9/11 was an "inside" job, but virtually none of them are willing and able to do anything about it, and probably because they take the "what can I do stance".

I know that my efforts have alerted thousands to the truth. And every person added increases the intelligence, the talent, and the resources to find a solution. Knowing that keeps me going.

It is true that it is only a small fraction who are compelled to do something in accord with their talents and ability. People are working on this from every angle. Some angles have not even been thought of yet, but they are coming.

I've been watching and working for most of five years and I have seen this grow immensely. The rate of growth is increasing exponentially. Everything we do inspires and empowers others to take a stand. There are many, many of us here whose character will not allow them to do nothing.

It goes in only one direction

Joe, good post. I like to point out that no one who doubts the official 911 story ever later starts to believe in it.

But lots of folks who start out believing in it later come to doubt it -- including me for example, and probably most people here. Maybe a few, one or two or ten, never believed the official tale. But most started out believing it.

Doesn't that bring hope? It can only go in one direction! That fact alone tells us what we all need to do, if we want any big movement on the 911 truth issue.

Note too that the spread will be exponential, if each of us manages to get others on board, and they do the same... and on and on.

Evil can only exist as long as we support it.
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOYCOTT THE MSM?


Oh lovely snowball, packed with care, smack a head that's unaware!
Then with freezing ice to spare, melt and soak through underwear!
Fly straight and true, hit hard and square! This, oh snowball, is my prayer.

--Calvin and Hobbes

interns < internets

F&*$ing damn straight Joe

We can't stop anyone from nuking anyone. But we CAN continue to tell the truth, scream the truth, and force the truth into people's heads. Because that's in our power, and because little can be done at thi spoint to shut us all up, they have to try to scare and intimidate us into stunned inaction. Problem is, I got over fear of any of this shit long ago and now I'm simply determined. Single mindedly and single handedly if necessary. If I felt we weren't making progress I would have done the perps'job for them and killed myself. Unfortunately for them, I've developed a taste for enforcing justice, and that is all I need to keep on truthing until they have to tie me down and gag me in the darkest cell in gitmo to make me stop. They'll have to nuke the entire world to stop us, not Iran. And guess what? I bet they won't dare. And if they do? Sucks to be... all of us. And at this point I would rather that happen than let these scumbags get away with this.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


"We can't stop anyone from

"We can't stop anyone from nuking anyone."

You're preaching defeatism as action.

dude, do you have any other role

than to be my shadow here?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Here's another viewpoint

Mel, maybe there is a cumulative effect going on. Sometimes things change very rapidly, but before that they looked as though clogged up and unmoving.

The Watergate thing was like that, back in the Nixon days. It just took persistence on the part of a few, to get the many to look. I'm glad they kept at it.

This is much bigger than Watergate was. This one has to do with dominator politics versus people politics, i.e., democracy. Really, we no longer have either democracy or freedom of the press. We need both. It will not be easy to get them back. But it will not be possible at all if we do not try.

People here are doing more than complaining in comments to this 911blogger site. I am doing lots more than that. Let's do all we can. Also, some of what has come out here, as comments and blogs, has had big effects.

Not everything we do will look big and impressive. The importance is not in how big the thing is that we do, but how persistent it is. Quality also helps. The effects accumulate, especially if many people do things. – and that includes talking, sending comments and letters, and other such small stuff.

Evil can only exist as long as we support it.
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOYCOTT THE MSM?

"Very few people in this

"Very few people in this world who are willing to go beyond the 'OMG, OMG, OMG' that is so prevelant at this site. It's easy to come in here and talk trash about everything, but it seems that that's all anyone is doing."

That's because we're a cadre. Check out this video for an explanation.

That impotence thing really got to me

So I took a Viagra

Now I have two things that just won't go away and nobody wants to talk about....

and both are straight from Bush!
Together in Truth!

Mel, I feel your pain

Actually, I am in agreement with almost everyone here. However, since Mel was initially voted down big time, I would particularly like to affirm his concerns.

I gave up on the US after the 2004 election and reading "Crossing the Rubicon". I fled with my family to the southern hemisphere, where I am now living complete with a stash of potassium iodide tablets to take in the event of radioactive fallout. I figured that if it was possible to run a fake US presidential election between two Yale skull & bonesmen, complete with massive voting fraud in broad daylight, and nothing happened, that homelanders would never rise up enmasse. So far I am not wrong.

If I had stayed and openly opposed the system, I might have already met an quiet untimely end like Paul Sanford and Michael Zebuhr. Instead I chose to be an international expat truther, following in the giant footsteps of famed German expat Albert Einstein. Despite the romantic story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose, that domestic anti-facist movement failed utterly. Domestic dissident movements do not fare well in post democratic nations. In the end, Hitler was not defeated by dissident German volk, but by the active and passive opposition by other nations.

True, the Soviet system collapsed 1989 - 1991 after being completely discredited, and except in Romania, there was minimal bloodshed. I would love to see the other evil empire fall apart due to popular discontent, I wish for that miracle every day. But, it doesn't seem likely to happen before another war, martial law, and economic collapse.

Everyone has a different personal situation. For aged 60+ gray haired hippies, it might be best to remain in the only life they have ever known, and risk going down fighting the machine with their lifelong friends. What the heck, even dying in a Halliburton FEMA camp beats living another decade and getting Alzheimer's.

For younger people who are more flexible and mobile, it is not crazy to consider getting out of the homeland. This goes double for draft age men. Right now, you can go almost anywhere as a tourist on a US passport, most countries will let you stay at least three months legally. If during that time, someone offers you a job, or a marriage, you can stay. Of course, if you are outside the homeland and world war breaks out, you won't have to go home anyway.

What kind of action do you

What kind of action do you suggest?

Here are some options:

1. Big March going round and round.
2. Writing letters to politicians (this amounts to begging)
3. Storming the Castle (on its own this is inadvisable)
4. Stop going to work (AKA General Strike)


A comment on a debunking article is what got me on board. It wasn't begging, but informative. Writing stuff helps.

If a politician receIves 300 letters saying something, it matters. One really good letter can do lots, I know of such a case. At a minimum, that polician's staffers will notice the disjoint. Politicians need enthusiastic staffers. Turned off staffers might do odd things.

Letters help, if you can spare the time to write them.

I realize it looks very dire right now. Let's keep up pressure however we can.

Evil can only exist as long as we support it.
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOYCOTT THE MSM?

Item 4 IS EXACTLY the thing I'm looking for, and...

...JJTruthSeeker, below, endorses something similar. IMO, item 4 is the ONLY thing we can do that will produce real, lasting change, but how the hell do we get people to do it?

For all those in here that spit venom at me when I make a post, please know that my negative, sarcastic remarks are borne from absolute frustration at watching the ineffectiveness of sites like this. These forums almost seemed designed to keep people corraled, to give them somewhere other than the streets to vent. And judging by how ineffective the truth movement is (suck it's true), I'd say that that observation is not far from being true.

And FWIW, know this about me WRT 9/11: I feel strongly enough in my belief that it was an "inside" job that I ended a 19 year marriage because of it. My very Christian ex thinks that I'm nuts, and that I am a victim of the Bible's prophecied (sp?) "end-time deception". Imagine that.

I feel ya, man.

My longtime gf left me over this as well. Turns out she was a zombie. I'm happy she didn't eat my brains. Goes to show love is not stronger than justice...

Listen, everyone here knows these feelings of frustration, that things are not moving fast enough, that people are unwilling to "go there" -- but as a matter of fact, we are making progress, and it is snowballing. I think you have chosen wisely, but don't expect instant gratification.

Look around you. Look at all the great people here. Look how they've multiplied. Isn't this fantastic? We are one hell of a global grassroots movement, and we hit where it really, really hurts.

This is not the time for pessimism, believe me.

interns < internets

Really, I'm curious

Who voted this down? And why? I know it went from 4 to 3 in the last 5 minutes, and I think it's not too much to ask.

There must be something you strongly disagree with -- what is it?

interns < internets

too close to the truth

they know they can't win, so they're hoping we'll defeat ourselves for them. it's kind of pathetic to have them writhe in their death throes right here among us, but what can ya do? if you wanna eat bacon, you have to watch a pig go down squealing... :)


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Mel, I have thought that too,

as in a similar vein, 'MoveOn' does the same thing for regular libs/progressives.

The manipulators are quite good. I did enough graduate courses in social psych to know that thirty years ago they had the knowledge to do just about whatever they wanted in terms of manipulating the public. I am not implying anything about specific sites but we are all stymied. It -appears- we cannot act. Very little I can think of would actually affect the PTB.

Ceasing working would not be effective nor would it be so universal so as to even have a chance of being effective.

What would be effective? Don't know but what Jefferson proposed would at least be satisfying. Of course, if I quote Jefferson, then I am at risk for being accused of sedition. Eh?

Mel - If Iran is attacked or another 9/11 begins

I will immediately call everyone I know and tell them to do the following:

1) Call everyone they know and tell them to do the following:

2) Not to go to work and keep any kids home from school.

3) Knock on neighbors doors and tell them to not go to work and quickly explain why.

4) Go down to the nearest major traffic intersection with a sign calling for a general strike to stop the madness.

If we all do this in every major metropolitan area we will be able to instigate a general strike in one day that will send a message directly to the powers that be and they will have to stop or be faced with a real revolution.

Additionally, if we can get our European brothers and sisters to join us (this should not be a problem in most of Europe) we can quickly shut down most of the industrialized world.

I'm making my signs this weekend.

A widespread non-violent general strike is our only viable option and is strategically sound.

This country runs on the trucking industry and the truckers are really angry about the NAU and the coming "invasion" of Mexican truckers. They are planning their own action April 23-25. We need to build an alliance with them. I will not be surprised if something does happen before then to preempt the truckers action as this is a REAL THREAT to the economy and the elite.

Some suggest that we try to preempt a possible second 9/11 by taking action right now. While storming some of the tv stations in the major media outlets right now would feel good it is not a practical or productive strategy. There are simply not enough of us who are willing to get arrested and jailed (I am) at this time to clog up the system and the media would not cover the story. Thus, the majority of Americans would not be reached and we would have effectively neutralized ourselves. Not a wise strategy.

As dire as things appear at this moment in time always remember that there are many forces at work in the world, many of them unseen and working to restore balance. Much has changed since 9/11, the neocons have lost the advantage and most of them know it. However, it is possible that some are truly insane, so we have to be ready for that.

Mel, are you involved with a local 9/11 Truth group? Personally working with like-minded people may alleviate some of your frustration and actually get some positive energy going. I know I get a great buzz every time I work with our brothers and sisters in truth.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Adding more to the comments for Mel

Mel, honestly, this site itself has done quite a bit. I am really grateful for its existence. We could give you a list of its accomplishments. Bigger among them is the sense of belonging, of others seeing what you, I, we, see. It helps.

The BBC cockup was also fun. That one got found right here.


you take it to the streets, thats what you do. you display your message to the public. you dont argue, you dont scream at people. you give information, let them decide. once we plant the seeds of truth in peoples minds, their subconcious will pick up on the logic of what we are saying.
they wont be able to ignore it forever, and the seed will overgrow the mind with truth, until it can no longer be ignored.

when we win over the rest of the people, we will have won.

Head up, eyes open, fist clenched

Sorry, but this needs to be repeated, again and again

"if WE truly believe that 911 was an inside job - and WE now can read the writing on the wall with the distinct possibility of something CATASTROPHIC happening in the for of ANOTHER 9/11 - why in HELL are we NOT chaining ourselves to the doors of the major networks and staging sit-ins and organizing very loud angry protests?"

I can't believe in took 5 and 1/2 years for somebody to say this. Thank you.

there have been others saying this

including me when I have sent info to the list of folks I know.

Usually the sacrifices come from the young who are angriest and are willing to risk. For folks like me it is hard when you are older and an established professional. But my bet is that it will all come down, in the end, to those willing to lay something on the line. And you know, you really have to know, what that is. The Iraqis do. The Latin and South Americans knew, and know. And all those that have had to fight for freedom know. People on this site and elsewhere mince about it. But ultimately, you have to know.

here's an inspiration

if you want to cut to the chase, start at around 15:00 and just watch. and learn. Israeli anarchists are anti-Zionists. they want to wipe Israel off the map. they want to wipe ALL borders off the map. god bless them. anyway, listen to the Israeli anarchist woman talk about Argentina... seriously, this shit will change your life, and that's why you'll never ever see this point of view in the Zionist dominated american media.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Powerful vid

What I like most about it is how it encapsulates the profound absurdity of "anti-semitism". On the one hand, you have Israeli anarchists, and on the other Israeli hotshot soldiers. You can only sympathize (or antipathize) with one of them, never both, so no matter how you put it, them being Israeli is irrelevant. It's only what you do that matters. Go AATF!

Here's a transcript from 24:05 on, just because it's funny:

The Anarchists are dangerous creatures. They don't believe in borders. They tear down fences, interfere with the course of economic conferences and chase politicians and business people everywhere: at the office, at home and in between. They have long and colorful hair, and they are usually masked. The Anarchist has many pockets, in which he hides stones, knives, shotguns and bombs. We're talking about an animal that is mostly active at night. At dusk it plots raids, bombings and the distribution of lies. Its actions are subversive and unexpected. The Anarchist doesn't like walls. He tries to destroy them at every opportunity. For that purpose he's willing to employ any means necessary. For the Anarchist, every wall is a prison, which is why he breaks every border.


interns < internets


Yes, thank you for that. I've found that anarchists *outside of North America* are at the forefront of progressive radicalism today. Unfortunately, many of those who call themselves anarchists in the U.S. focus their energies on marginal, fairly inconsequential activities (among constant infighting) and have demonstrated themselves to be vehemently closed to the idea of 9/11 truth. I myself have had my IP address banned from certain "anarchist" websites for calmly mentioning 9/11 truth related issues. Oh, and I consider my philosophy to be very close to Anarchism.

A rather pathetically ironic state of affairs we're dealing with here, isn't it.

should be noted

that the quote above is intended ironically, as a satire of the hysterical anti-anarchist propaganda served up by the Israeli right wing (they have their very own bill oreillys) and you left out "The anarchist is the Zionist's worst nightmare" Unless you're talking about the spayed and neutered american "anarchists". seems everything in America is fake.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



I've been thinking a lot lately of when I was a kid in school and learned about Hitler. I remember being so confused as to how someone like Hitler could be permitted by the masses to rise to power. I felt so comfortable for years after KNOWING that I would never have stood by and allowed an evil dicatorship to thrive and invade and wage war.

What a crock.

I'm assuming the German masses were a lot like a lot of us. I honestly don't know what to do that would have an impact. I've hung 9-11 fliers up at work only to see them ripped down HOURS after they were placed. I discuss the basic concepts of the truth movement to people that know me and I get the rolling of the eyes. I'm torn between wanting to be a patriot and fearing the loss of my job and my house and my life.

What a disgusting place to be at in one's life.

Jeez, looks like we need a support section

Those that avoid 9/11 Truth like the plague -- apart from accessories and perps -- are terrified of it. They don't have the guts to confront the hideous reality it unravels, and they will abandon all reason in order to preserve their phony peace of mind. So more than facts and evidence, they're in need of emotional backup and encouragement.

All the doublespeak, -think and -standards that are industrially cultivated nowadays have one common denominator: Self comfort. We are the good guys, and the bad guys are taken care of. Sit back, relax, and don't worry your pretty little head about it...

People are accustomed to this.

9/11 Truth brutally demolishes this very comfortable, infantile mindset, and leaves people with enormous responsibility, something they've been kept from most of their lives. If we can make them understand what perspectives there are beyond the initial horror, by being exemplary, positive, and maybe taking them by the hand, chances are they will find the strength to overcome the fear that paralyzes them, and embrace the chance that 9/11 has offered all of us.

We have been framed as basement-dwelling, whacky undesirables -- but each of us has the power to shine the light. Use it.

interns < internets


I still have many 911 vids sharing on emule and people are constantly downloading them from me and others. When I see this I can make it through another day. I have been working on the physics professors at the major university I work at and planting seeds throughout the entire faculty. One professor said "those buildings did come down awfully fast." And then said" it's pretty scary." I started them on LC but I think I'm going to switch to Press for Truth. We can't stop.

Happy Easter

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? —William Butler Yeats

(But seriously, everybody pray!)

Most American people's

Most American people's interests revolve around satisfying their own immediate needs, and their curiosity of Hollywood. The only way to wake up America unfortunately will be through a major "star" coming forward and uniting the entertainment industry. This would result in enlightening the people of this country as to what is going on with this administration. I believe this to be the only way that the everyday American would even pay attention. Politicians will get us nowhere unless they are pressured by the people that the American's look up to. Can you imagine Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen stepping up and forming a coalition for the truth. Robert Redford, Steven Spielberg etc... Sad to say..

break the damn...

That's a very good point Chrissy, and it's true even of my own family. In fact you worded it very accurately. Immediate material needs and fascination/obsession with Hollyweird. It really is a pathetic state of affairs for an entire mainstream population (hundreds of millions) to be in. I think once a Critical Mass of people are aware (no folks...we're STILL not there yet) the foundations of empire will finally start to budge. We've made great progress already though, those who support the empire's foundations are holding on very tightly now as the wind (you and me) gusts are now blowing very strongly. Don't underestimate or despair. We've done good, brothers and sisters.


"Can you imagine Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen stepping up and forming a coalition for the truth. Robert Redford, Steven Spielberg etc."

No Chrissy, I can't imagine it, and I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. Hanks, Springsteen, and Redford have become wealthy under the system. They have a lot to lose and are highly unlikely to risk it.

As for Spielberg... ROTFLMAO!!! Darth Spielberg is the opposite of a truther, he has always been part of the control matrix, second only to Murdoch and Bruckheimer.

Rosie is a special case, as a lesbian, she is already afraid that she and her friends are headed for the camps anyway. You don't get to keep your money in the camps, so she doesn't have as much to lose.

Maybe, maybe not

Is it not worth trying? How is it going with the Scholars and the Politicians? Getting much public response from them? If Rosie could get Elton John and Cindi Lauper on board -who knows we could have another 'We are the World, We are the Children" How about "We want the Truth, We want to save our Children". Maybe James Brolin could get Barbara to headline. Never say never, don't give up on any avenue. There are alot of musicians out there who know about the truth. Actors - Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn. How about the Dixie Chicks - think they might due a concert for the truth - all proceeds going to an independent investigation.


I also read alot of Science Fiction and Fantasy...Orson Scott Card etc...Maybe as individuals they would hesitate, as we all would, raising a family, there is a lot at stake - FEAR. But, as a group, safety in numbers, well who knows. I do not know much about Spielberg -can't pretend to know much about anyone I have never met. But, as artists, with their creativity and the integrity that they have shown over the years - i.e Bono, Springsteen, Dylan, I would liken them to stand up for what is right. Think about the 60's, Vietnam. It was the musicians who made alot of that happen. For this country to accept the truth it will have to come from people they admire. Not the MSM, sure as hell not their elected officials. Who would you rather have on your side? Bono or F***in O'Reilly! As far as Rosie goes, shame on you. She is standing up for what she believes to be true. What about you? Didn't you run away?

I moved to a country where

I moved to a country where my partner and I have equal rights. I no longer pay taxes to an evil regime waging an illegal war.

Celebrities are not magic bullets

and we should not pin our hopes on them.

Rosie is courageous and is doing a great job spreading the word as she sees fit and we need to continue to support her vociferously. I think we should also step up our support for Charlie Sheen, unless he asks us not to.

But WE need to keep leading on this. When the people take the lead, true leaders will follow and join the people. OUR courage gives them courage.

That said, I know of a world-class icon in the music industry who knows the truth about 9/11 and is working to educate an internationally known icon in the civil rights movement about 9/11 truth. This same civil rights icon is also being "worked on" by a member of his family. Hopefully, something will come of this and sooner rather than later.

(I just wish I could get a very famous and extremely wealthy neighbor of mine, who I'm sure knows the truth about 9/11, to secretly bankroll the movement. With some serious money and all the energy and imagination we have in the movement I have no doubt that we could breakthrough the msm barriers in a few months).

I will continue to put signs where I know all the celebrities around here can see them (as well as everyone else) and will take every opportunity I have to chat them up (yes, some do their own shopping and pump their own gas) just as I chat everyone else up.

I apologize for the non-name name dropping, but discretion is the better part of valor and all that.

We live in dark times, but as we are the ones shining the bright light of TRUTH people will be drawn to us and join us. Of this I have no doubt, whatsoever.

I hope that you and yours are all well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

yes, discretion

no need to tip off the perps as to who they need to target with dirty tricks. thanks for sharing LW, it is inspiring to know that others are quietly going about the serious work at hand.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Houston Building Fire

I havn't seen anyone mention this breaking news yet. Houston 9/11 Truth, we need you down at that fire with some 9/11 signs. Like this one -> "This building did not collapse, then why did they on 9/11?" Get down there!

chicago fire

it burned for two hours on the roof and the building only sustained external damage.

boy, if that isn't enough proof for you.

Wait, there were 2

high rise fires today? Now that's just odd.

Hold on....

I'm switching over to the BBC right now...

Come on....come on....

They just keep going on and on about how the Cubs just won the World Series?? WTF BBC?
Together in Truth!

JJ, the Cubs won the world series?

That broadcast must be almost a 100 years Bartman wasn't there, was he? seriously though. I will put a website here after a bit. This site is dedicated to getting AIPAC out of the lobby business. The Neocons are pursuing Israeli interests, and they are getting it done through our Congress. This one is based in California

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.

Gearing up for war

Looks like the Israeli's are on board...

But of course, they would be.

How many Neocons does it take to change a lightbulb?

As many as Israel tells them it would take.


how many sayanim are available to help out?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


what we are against

A rather logical person told me today that they believed the myth that the towers fell because the heat of the fires weakened the steel. My question is this. Has anyone here ever cut steel with a propane or acetylene torch? If yes then do you remeber it? I have cut alot of steel and does anyone know that some metals such as stainless steel cannot be cut even using these torches. Stainless steel must have a plasma cutter in order to cut, which is also used in aluminum. This being said i must say do they think we are all idiots?

Criticism of Film Won't deter Cuban

Cuban: "[M]y only response is to quote JFK: 'We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.' "

07:44 AM CDT on Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Send Mr Ragland a note.

James Ragland

Before I get started, let me say this column is not a critique of Loose Change, the independent Internet film that suggests some U.S. government officials may have staged the 9/11 attacks.
Also Online

Watch Loose Change

Watch Screw Loose Change

I know, the very thought makes you cringe.

Nor is this about Screw Loose Change, an equally delightful documentary that responds to the conspiracy theories and speculation contained in the aforementioned flick. If nothing else, you've got to love the in-your-face title.

This column is mostly about our very own Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who is planning to use his media muscle to distribute Loose Change in theaters this year.

His potential involvement has set the local jock kingdom on its heels, with some talk-show hosts and callers wondering if Mr. Cuban has a screw loose.

At least one elderly reader of this paper called our sports desk this week to say she would no longer be a fan of Mr. Cuban's team. Her question to a Sports Day editor: How could someone of Mr. Cuban's stature support a movie with this message?

Other critics, including Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, have chastised Mr. Cuban for offering to finance the distribution of Loose Change, a documentary that Mr. O'Reilly described as "absurd."

"And it doesn't deserve the platform you're going to give it," Mr. O'Reilly told Mr. Cuban during a lively radio debate last Friday.

Mr. Cuban firmly disagreed, saying the public could judge for itself whether the film has merit. And he won't retreat, he said, just because it's incendiary: "I'm not going to back away from a topic because it's controversial."

This is what most of us love – and hate – about Mark Cuban. He's his own man, unafraid of the sort of risks that would make the average businessman quake and shiver in his boots.

Not Mark.

He digs in his heels, offering a spirited defense of everything he does – whether that's jumping on NBA referees for blowing a call or jumping on board a film project that's bound to make some people downright mad.

All of which got me interested.

I sent Mr. Cuban a long list of questions asking how and why he was involved with Loose Change, a project that reportedly started out as a work of fiction then morphed into a documentary that drew some 10 million Internet viewers last year.

Initially, Mr. Cuban gave me the old stiff arm, sending a terse e-mail in which he quotes the late John F. Kennedy, an odd and apt choice given the conspiracy theories surrounding Kennedy's assassination right around the corner from where I'm writing this column.

"[M]y only response is to quote JFK: 'We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.' "

I'm not going to be lured into a debate with JFK. So I sent Mr. Cuban a follow-up email in which I said the real issue is not about the film per se but rather his involvement.

"Are you concerned," I asked, "that this will cause, for lack of a better term, a political backlash against you or your team?"

To his credit, Mr. Cuban fired back: "I guess I give the people in Dallas more credit for being smart and making up their own minds than you do."

That's not true, people.

I also asked whether his association with the movie might lend credibility to the controversial way it connects the dots of its conspiracy theory?

"I don't believe the movie. Not at all," Mr. Cuban explained. "But I do believe that lies in the shadows are far more dangerous than lies you can confront and refute. There probably will be a movie that responds to this one, and we would be more than happy to distribute it as well, for the very same reason."

For what it's worth, I don't consider Mr. Cuban a loose – make that looser – cannon for financing the distribution of the flick. I watched Loose Change, and its rival, on the Internet and found them both to be quite – how should I put this – amusing.

Both films address probing, provocative questions. The problem I have with Loose Change lies in its answers, many of which are based on loosely strung-together facts, speculations and inferences that, when mixed together, drive conspiracy theorists wild.

That's OK with Mr. Cuban, who doesn't seem to think his role in distributing the film will hurt his image or his team's.

"I happen to think we live in a city of smart and educated people who don't need anyone to censor for them," he said. "They can make up their own minds. Don't you?"

We'll soon find out.

two possibilities

OK no, just the one actually with two alternative scenarios...

Cuban is hedging.

If the truth movement succeeds, he claims he lied when he said he didn't believe it, that he was "easing people into the idea". He then is celebrated along with the Loose Change boys for saving America. Cuban becomes president, Loose Change boys become congressmen. The dancing Israelis are never heard of again.

If the truth movement falters, he and the Loose Change boys reveal that it was really just fiction all along and an experiment in seeing how far a kooky conspiracy theory could go. Mavericks go on to win the title, Cuban the presidency. Loose Change boys start own network. The dancing Israelis are never heard of again.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Big Agree

Cuban is in a sweet spot, well hedged. I suspect a limited hangout position is being crafted in case the official conspiracy theory is rejected by an overwhelming majority of the public. Plan B will scapegoat Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, paving the way for a "clean" Democrat to save the day. Paul Wolfowitz gets to keep his job at the World Bank. Dov Zackheim gets off scot free. Larry Silverstein keeps the insurance money. And Democrats would double down on the unconditional support for Israel.

And yes, the dancing Israelis would never be heard of again. Anyone who talks about that sort of thing goes to jail as a holocaust denier.

The Worst Thing Is..

Those planning this adventure will blame it on American's lustfor revenge. I wrote a blog a while back on GNN.TV which I can't find..

It was an ex-cia spook saying exactly that if there was a nuke in the US that the United States would invade Iran and bomb it to all hell. He then went on to say that Iran would most likely not be responsible and that, because Americans would want sweet bloody revenge on anyone.

The worst thing is the host of Fresh Air went right along with it nodding her head all the way to the gulag. I was outraged that such nonsense was being openly discussed as if "oh yea that is true".

"That" being American citizen's lust for revenge, no matter who it is...guilty or innocent.

I'm sure the American's who visit this site know what I mean..right?

I hope the world can separate the forces that are planning these events from the people of this country.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Never Forget

Let's not let any new terror that happens dwarf 9/11 truth—the way TWA Flight 800 (possible missile attack in 1996 and subsequent Clinton cover-up) fell by the wayside in 2001 after the death of William S. Donaldson (who had been blowing the cover on the FAA) and then 9/11.

By the way, not to fear-monger too much, but there's an Air Force / DHS regional counterterrorism exercise going on in Oregon this week called Operation Grey Flag.

There will not be

another 9/11 and there will not be an attack on Iran. What you see here is fear tactics. These people live and thrive on it. Bush, Cheney and the rest of that mob are fighting just to stay in power let alone try another 9/11 to justify an attack on Iran. Too many people are wise to what happened on 9/11 and won't be fooled again. In order to attack Iran the military has to go along with it also. The Admirals and Generals aren't stupid. They know Cheney and the neocons are madmen. Do you think for a second they are willing to risk a nuclear war for these madmen? If you have been paying attention they have already tried to arrest Cheney. You can sleep well tonight, nothing is going to happen on Good Friday and you can plain on having a Happy Easter. Don't fall for the fear tactics. That is all they have left. Just trust maddog for a change.

I completely agree. Also

I completely agree. Also along with the military point, Rumsfeld isn't around to twist general's arms. If Gates went into a meeting and said "guys, we are going to bomb Iran" the generals would tell him to get the hell outta there. Look, the military is trying very hard to make this Iraq disaster work. Patreus said he had a 1 in 4 shot, if everything went right. They aren't going to rock the boat and risk destroying the military.

And as far as another 9/11, the elite establishment has lost faith in Bush/Cheney. You think they trust those guys to be in charge after another 9/11? No way. They are trying to lay low and lull the populace to sleep again and keep 9/11 truth margianalized. Why do you think they stopped faking those Bin Laden 'messages' after last January? They didn't want to keep drawing attention to how phony some of this stuff is.

News editor at The Watchman Report,, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

Iran was the endpoint all along

Time for a new neocon reality? Remember Iraq and the fact that Bush is a cruel psychopath.

Also the full fire power of the navy and airforce is ready to go, bristling with all sorts of missiles. Stories of the impending attack have been circulating for at least a year(Seymour Hersh) and many Americans are expecting this.

Even the Dems are unlikely to complain. And this is the last shot. The new theatre commander is Adm. Fallon who was not appointed recently to disobey Bush's.orders.

I dont like the possibility but it seems to be in character with the current administration

pay attention to the parsing of words

We are getting ready to remove combat troops from Iraq. In other words, non combat troops stay. The ones removed are not coming home, they are being redeployed. I don't doubt that fear tactics are being used, but I also don't doubt that Iran is next. New reality indeed. Remember Afghanistan? No one does. No one will remember what we did to Iraq after what we do to Iran. Shock and Awe. Change the reality. Real men go to Teheran. No need to fall for the fear though. A tragedy is a tragedy but we will survive it--no matter how much or how many they try to take down as they themselves go down in flames, we have won. They're just trying to get away with as much as they can until they are forced to stop.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


great article

i do think that something will happen to initiate a war with Iran. remember it is still considered an "axis of evil" i dont think that it will be a 9/11 type attack. it will be more like a Gulf of Tokin attack, in that the MSM will report it and we will never know if it actually happened. the only reason why i think that it wont be a 9/11 type attack is because so many Americans are on to them and realize that they engineered 9/11 as a pretext for war. i have heard that 36% of Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job, but i have a hard time believing that. im a college student and i recently gave a speech on 9/11 being an inside job in an Alternative Media class. there were close to 80 college students in the class and no-one, NOT ONE, believed that the government was behind 9/11. i mostly talk about Building 7, and asked for a show-of-hands if they didnt know that Building 7 fell on 9/11. i was shocked when all but a few raised their hands. so many people are still being kept in the dark about 9/11. i think its more like 5-10% who believe that 9/11 was an inside job, unfortunately. so at the same time i think that a 9/11 style attack could occur. because what will happen if it
happens again:
-Bush WILL impose martial law, like he said he would do after 9/11 if there was another attack
-new radical anti-terrorism legislation
-the internet could be censored to stomp down any dissent (which could also stop the release of Loose Change FC)

im not ruling anything out...too many Americans are STILL asleep at the prepared that anything could happen

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th;
malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty."

-George W. Bush November 11, 2001


Thanks for sharing your views. You expressed my fears all too well. Being the eternal optimist that I am though, I have to shine some light where it seems to be lacking. And that is, even though the overall percentage is probably more around 10-15%, that's probably around 9-14% more people who suspect foul play than right after 9/11. So even though it's not nearly where it needs to be, we're not exactly starting from square one either. And there are more and more people being woken up all the time, albeit slowly.
The moral of this story is, take the high ball estimate and roll it up with the low ball, and somewhere in there is the truth.
So it may not be where we want it, but the game ain't over yet. There's no doubt the 9/11 truth movement has made an enormous impact, and I suspect this impact was fairly unexpected by those who would seek to undermine our efforts. For now another round of information warfare is underway.

notice the article's comments have nothing about 9/11 truth

What are the chances of that? Low in my opinion unless they are censoring. Why should we take Common Dreams seriously again?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Thanks to the people that took...

The depressive emotional fog that I live in from day to day is particularily thick today, so I'm not up for replying to some of the great responses to my post, but I do want to say thanks, especially to those who seem to understand where I'm coming from.

You know what?

you remind me of Marvin, the depressed android :-)

interns < internets