Historic Interview with Aaron Russo

I'm only 35 minutes into this 69 minute interview, conducted by Alex Jones, but Russo's really speaking much more forthrightly than I've seen before, with not just questioning 9/11 but stating unequivocally that it was part of creating a one world government, and that the war on terror is a huge hoax, and inside information he received from Nick Rockefeller (some of which I've heard before, but more in-depth here), the NWO's plans for an RFID chip on every person on the planet, etc. All quite disturbing, but nonetheless fascinating and highly recommended.


"AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM", by Aaron Russo, is an

amazing video that should be seen by all 9/11 truthers & everyone who opposes the NWO!!!



........That should be seen by ALL Americans!
The UnFederal No Reserve bank is breaking this great country!

Thank you for reposting this interview....

....it is vital information for people that haven't seen it or know of Russo's work (which probably doesn't include anyone here).

The more I learn about 9/11, the more I suspect one of the major motivations to committ it might've been to salvage or prolong our fraudulent monetary/fiscal system.
To anyone who spends anytime investigating this at all, 9/11 reveals itself to be such a sloppy act of desperation.

I think you are right

9/11 and the bigger crimes that followed are above all an act of hubris (*) and greed. 9/11 was planned as a psyop, straight out of their historic knowledge on tension building and the usage of trauma and patriotism. People are now waking up, and will need to become much more involved and responsible with their own government.

Just to show how the Vatican / Jesuit Order was behind the setup of the Federal Reserve:
* http://www.pacinst.com/terrorists/chapter5/titanic.html
* http://spirituallysmart.com/pics.htm ("When the Titanic went down, so did three of the richest and most prominent men in the world. These three men were against the forming of the federal Reserve Bank" ... "Now get this, the pictures that were used in this film were taken by a Jesuit Priest Francis M. Browne, SJ from Ireland"
* These men were:
** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Guggenheim
** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Jacob_Astor_IV
** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isidor_Straus
* "Edward Mandell House totally controlled Woodrow Wilson. House was a Jesuit carrying out their every desire. He used Wilson as a puppet to create the League of Nations for the Jesuits. Wilson was nothing more than Rome’s tool to do their bidding." (from: http://www.pacinst.com/terrorists/chapter6/ww1.html)
* Actually the struggle for the federal reserve central bank goes back all the way to President Lincoln (who was murdered by the Vatican/Jesuit Order when he found out about their plans).
* See also the books on the Vatican / Jesuit conspiracy: http://wikicompany.org/wiki/911:Vatican_%26_Jesuits#Literature

Now this is something Alex Jones will not talk about!

(*) "Hubris or hybris (Greek ὕβρις), according to its modern usage, is exaggerated self pride or self-confidence (overbearing pride), often resulting in fatal retribution. In Ancient Greek hubris referred to actions taken in order to shame the victim, thereby making oneself seem superior. Hubris was a crime in classical Athens. Violations of the law against hubris ranged from what might today be termed assault and battery, to sexual assault, to the theft of public or sacred property."

Google this!

......Monopoly men federal reserve fraud. In depth look at how this shit happened.

Russo Interview is a MUST-SEE

- Russo claims Nick Rockefeller told him a big 'event' was coming 11 months before 9/11

- This 'event' would lead to invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq

Why isn't Nick Rockefeller in jail?


probly because thats just hearsay.

edit: oh yea, also because hes a rockefeller

head up, eyes open, fist clenched

On Sunday, April 15 (THIS

On Sunday, April 15 (THIS SUNDAY), KBDI (channel 12 in Denver, channel 23 in Colorado Springs) will show "America: Freedom to Fascism" at 7pm :
This film documents the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America and how this country is quickly becoming like a fascist state. This video can also be viewed on Google video: