Yes, the middle class will be destroyed. No, it's not an accident.

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Economist and financial guru Karl Denninger has been railing for weeks about the lunacy of the bailout bill and the devastation it will bring to our financial markets.

Here's the key passage from Denninger's post on Market Ticker from Wednesday:

"Oil will collapse in price to $20/bbl. Unfortunately nobody will have any money to buy gasoline, or a car, so it won't matter. As in The Depression millions of automobiles will be scrapped after being abandoned by their owners for lack of insurance and registration fee money. Cheap scooters will become the dominant form of transportation for those with jobs, as they will be all most people can afford.

RFID in the post-9/11 World

In the years before he died and based on his friendship with Nick Rockefeller, film-maker Aaron Russo made a concerted effort to warn us about the long-range plan for mass social control involving the use of RFID devices. Many people in the 9/11 truth movement may consider this a dubious or nonsensical claim; however, there is compelling evidence that incremental steps towards this end are being taken now. This evidence includes the numerous articles, ads, and editorials related to RFID technology in the professional electrical engineering trade journals such as [EDN], [Electronic Design], and [Electronic Products], and in magazines such as [Popular Science] and [Popular Mechanics]. In order to get acceptance for RFID control, there must be "early-adopters" who use and promote RFID in normal public and commercial settings, e.g., RFID implants in dogs and cats and mandates such as the National Animal Identification System authorized by the Patriot Act.

ZEITGEIST The Movie - DVD for downloading

The official release of the three part movie Zeitgeist is out on Google video. I downloaded the high resolution AVI file and converted it to DVD. I also put together some images to use for DVD label and cover.

Historic Interview with Aaron Russo

I'm only 35 minutes into this 69 minute interview, conducted by Alex Jones, but Russo's really speaking much more forthrightly than I've seen before, with not just questioning 9/11 but stating unequivocally that it was part of creating a one world government, and that the war on terror is a huge hoax, and inside information he received from Nick Rockefeller (some of which I've heard before, but more in-depth here), the NWO's plans for an RFID chip on every person on the planet, etc. All quite disturbing, but nonetheless fascinating and highly recommended.