Videos of 4/11/07 Actions in NYC by TruthMove and We Are Change

Here is video of the 11th of the month actions in NYC. We were down by Building 7, Pace University, and then on the Brooklyn Bridge. Some people also later went on to Times Square. The response was generally good, although a few college students at Pace got very angry. We got some great shots on the Brooklyn Bridge...

GREAT job guys. Looks like

GREAT job guys. Looks like Silverstein is starting to get nervous. Nice to see all those cars honking in support of your signs. Don't forget to post your audio/video materials on Let's hope the next action on the 11th draws huge numbers.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

That was brilliant!

That was brilliant!

I am...

So F-ing proud of you guys. I literally clapped when the cars started honking.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton


Regards John, Sydney Australia






You know, 9/11 says something very profound about us human beings. There is something here that I - frankly - find more disturbing than the heinous attrocities of the day itself:-

Namely, that it would appear that people *now know what really happened*, that is to say that deep within themselves they already know that 9/11 is a scam. Because that admission is disturbing, and because it requires something of them (or frightens them) - not least because "I'm alright, Jack" and don't want to ruin my peace and security - people instead become angry, and treat anyone who mentions what they inwardly already know as truth with contempt... and as a criminal.

Let is be clear that we ARE living in a different world now. Perhaps there was a time when most people had not heard anything other than the official account of 9/11, and believed that to say anything to the contrary was mere "conspiracy". I FIND IT AMAZING THAT I MYSELF THOUGHT THIS ONLY 1 YEAR AGO! Yet now this is so widespread, so understood, that in fact we are witness to a willing acquiescence with those unamed who committed this deed.

In practice people are saying, I know that what you're saying is true, but to something about it or for me to get involved... would cause too many waves.

That, I submit is the reason people at Pace got angry with you, and that is why the police (who ought to be out catching real criminals) treated you with such contempt. It is all very, very sad. And as said, this willing refusal to accept what the inward conscience clearly says, I find deeply disturbing, even more so that the slaughter of 3000 people whose justice it thereby denies.

This guy, Mark Roberts,

This guy, Mark Roberts, tried to flame my videos before on YouTube. Too bad for him that I moderate all comments. This guy is totally suspect and shouldn't be humored at all with any debate. When is he NOT down there messing with 911 truthers? Don't you kinda get the feeling he's making money doing what he's doing?


yeah, i definitely get the feeling he's not just doing it for fun. he's so dedicated to debunking us and showing up wherever we are that it just doesn't seem possible.

he is a dishonest debater; his whole program is to make you stutter and look stupid by asking you arcane questions and sounding authoritative. he never acknowledges the suspicious nature of any one of the pieces of evidence brought up by 9/11 truth; he dismisses the whole case and says we are lying or misleading on every single point.

my personal strategy is simply to ignore him as much as possible.

International Truth Movement

The value of Mark Roberts

is in opposition research. He is but the rhetorical tip of an iceberg that we have to melt or tow to safe harbor.

Every interaction with him should be recorded and analyzed so that we can better refute his arguments and counter rhetorical tricks and nullify whatever short term tactical advantage these techniques offer our opponents. We will be facing this approach more and more as we gain greater traction and our numbers grow, so it is important that we learn to effectively counter it.

I look forward to conversing with Mr. Roberts when I visit NYC, if he's still on the scene, that is.

We are winning over more people every day, keep up the great work, brothers and sisters!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Mark Roberts: By the books

Everything Mark does is textbook. I do recommend talking to him. And he will still be here. You might have to catch two Saturdays at Ground Zero to make sure you see him. He came out for this action, but wasn't at GZ today.

We were there at his first appearance. The United 93 premier. His strategy at the time was to hand out flyers countering our message. It wasn't long before he was bringing a folder to GZ with the NY911Truth flyer color coded for kinds of fallacies. He spends a lot of time interrupting our conversations with the public.

Now it would seem that he is focusing on the activists in an attempt to sew doubt and dissension. While I think that we should value his presence for what we can learn about our adversaries, and even for the bit of valid critique he has to offer, we can not ever be fooled that his intentions are positive, no matter how genial he can be.

Most of us just ignore him. This recent time I just got pissed and made it as clear as possible, with all of my urgency, that I knew he was a fraud. While I did go a bit overboard, I got to push a couple of new buttons, and learned a bit more about him.

I got him to admit that he acted smug and condescending. He said that he certainly would act this way toward people such as ourselves who spread lies. He basically admitted that his position was dogmatic. Despite his insistence that he is just there to set the record straight, his approach, as I have told him many times, precludes any possibility for dialog. You don't learn from people who are telling you that you are stupid, and recording every conversation.

Previously Mark told me that he gets audio recordings nearly every time he goes out, and that he has over 200 pages of transcriptions. He most often has a camera with video function as well. He claims to be a long time Ground Zero tour guide, and told me this time that he got the highest score on the entrance exam. I recently talked to a GZ tour guide who said she had never seen him working.

The most obvious tell with Mark is his unwillingness to have an extended conversation about any one concept. If he feels for a second that he does not have the upper hand, he will change the subject, or get too specific avoiding the larger issue, and regain control. Well...who does that? Sociopaths, and infiltrators.

Now there is all the room in the world for all the crazy people. But Mark is not crazy. Obviously, there's no use speculating about his sponsorship, but his behavior speaks for itself. As I've been saying, being an agent and acting like one are just as much of a problem.

International Truth Movement

"He claims to be a long time

"He claims to be a long time Ground Zero tour guide, and told me this time that he got the highest score on the entrance exam. I recently talked to a GZ tour guide who said she had never seen him working."

^ Wow, if that's true it says it all, the guy probably is a fraud which would mean he's either a duped accessory after the fact and thinks he's doing the "right thing", or he's hardcore scum. He could just be a genuine assclown on the other hand.

One thing that we can take away as beneficial from people like this though is to really examine our own positions and make them more watertight. If there are any fallacies helpfully spotted by such individuals the “Tour Guide” codename “Mark Roberts" then it can be a good thing.

Here’s a funny animated gif from the loose change boards;

Tour guide

I told him about the other tour guide and he started rifling thought his wallet to show me an ID card. He didn't find it. He told me that there were over 1000 GZ tour guides, and that they all would not recognize one another.

We should all chip in to take his tour. :)

International Truth Movement

Don't tour guides have to be registered or licensed to be legal?

Isn't there some way of checking?

His cover story about being a NYC tour guide has always struck me as being very fishy, along with his CAL baseball cap.

Please don't think that I've ever considered him to be anything other than pure disinfo and I'm pretty aware of his rhetorical tricks.

I hope we can get together when I come to NYC, Jules.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I'm sure he's got his bases covered.

He may actually be licensed a licensed tour guide, as I doubt he would open himself up to being so easily refuted. But having the license and giving tours are two different things.

If you are coming to NYC, let us know at and we can head on down to GZ, and meet the locals, maybe Mark Roberts himself.

International Truth Movement

"no matter how genial he can be."

I think you forgot a "t" there.

interns < internets


When I first saw footage of the new WTC 7 I noticed the scrolling text. So I decided in this video to read what id was saying. I got a lot of bits and pieces.... but there was some strange things.








What does this all sound like to you?

Walt Whitman

Together in Truth!


I noticed that too, and thank you for taking the time to dig it out and highlight.

What does it sound like? What does it mean in that context of the lobby scroll?

Not sure yet, but I enjoy having the data point. Thanks again.

One quick interpretation, from the perspective of suspecting that Larry is a very likely bastard... is that he sticks that absurdly large and yelling version of text... so large, that a reader is completely unable to view the body of text in periphery (the way a page in a book is viewed, or a string of poetry), and turned into a myopically narrowed LOOK... AT... ONE... WORD... AT.... A... TIME....

.... dumbs the reader down.

Dumbs down, even if it's Walt Whitman. Would hardly matter if he was even scrolling the words of DRG... maybe he's saving that for next month.

But Larry gets to say... "Look, I offer, as the great benefactor of the common people I am, free for the viewing.. Walt Whitman. Don't you think that's proof that I'm a great guy... come on... free poetry... for the rabble."

He's still a piece of shit, and his FingerMen goons deserve a special cesspit in hell.



Just wait till we start

Just wait till we start blocking and locking ourselves down in busy intersections... ;)
Halting bu$iness a$ u$ual to get 9/11 truth more aggressively into the public sphere.