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The 2008 Declaration: Standards and Strategies for 9/11 Truth

After months of cooperative effort, we are proud to announce "The 2008 Declaration: Standards and Strategies for 9/11 Truth." Many truth movement veterans came together after the 9/11/07 anniversary with concerns over the increasing influence of disinformation, disruption, partisanship, and irresponsible representation within the movement. This document is our response.

As we state clearly in the Declaration, we simply aim it to be a guide for others, not a divisive list of commandments. It's the best we could come up with, we hope it does some good.

The authors and supporters listed are not the only ones who participated in the creation of this Declaration. Some names may be added or removed as per individual request. We invite everyone who so wishes, to host or link to the Declaration.

Comments and questions are welcome on the TruthMove Forum.

TruthMove video of Ground Zero 9/11/07 events

Also there's been quite an active discussion about the events in NYC on our forum:

General Strike 9/11/07 Updates

The Strike keeps gaining steam. The Facebook group has nearly 15,000 members, and new articles on Scoop and Newsvine just came out in the last day.

There is also a Myspace page and group.

Keep networking and organizing and get ready for an exciting day!

General Stike 9/11/07 site up! --

The momentum is building for the General Strike on 9/11/07. You can just feel it: people are fed up and ready to do something big!

At last count, the General Strike has over 4500 Diggs and 1000 comments. A Facebook group has been created as well, with already almost 300 members--mostly students.

The site will be an open hub of information for this event. Anyone can submit flyers, posters, or other graphics to promote the strike. The blog will be updated with all relevant information.

Check it out and get involved. If you want to get people on board with the General Strike this is a great place to send them! The email contact is info (AT)

One more month!

TruthMove Updated Site + We Need Your Help!

We've just updated our site over at and we're also making an appeal for people who want to join up to do activism in NYC or who might be able to contribute a couple bucks to the cause.

By the way, TruthMove is completely self-funded and designed. We are just a handful of dedicated activists in NYC and Washington DC. Please check out our Donate Page for more information. You can also join our new Mailing List and Forum.

TruthMove has always aimed to be a responsible and professional organization promoting 9/11 truth and progressive values. Recently, a clearer distinction has been developing in the movement between the Left/Right and the Libertarian/Progressive. We hope that we can all unite for the cause of truth, justice, and equality, but we make no apologies for our progressive perspective.

TruthMove 6/11/07 Video - Wall Street

We've posted a couple videos from our 6/11/07 actions. We were down by Wall St. and the Stock Exchange and eventually ended up at the entrance to the Staten Island Ferry.

Most of our videos are now archived here:
TruthMove Videos

We came across some supposedly "patriotic" Americans, one of whom deserved his own little video:

Full 9 minute 6/11 video

International Truth Movement

Media Matters: Conservative media tout flawed poll to call Dems 9-11 conspiracy theorists

Media watchdog group, Media Matters, extensively covers the right wing media attempts to paint the left as "whacko conspiracy theorists."

"Several conservative commentators have misrepresented the results of an April 20-May 1 Rasmussen Results poll question -- which was itself ambiguous -- to accuse a substantial percentage of Democrats of believing that President Bush knew about the 9-11 attacks in advance and deliberately did nothing to stop them. According to Rasmussen Reports, respondents were asked, "Did Bush know about the 9/11 attacks in advance?" Twenty-two percent replied that he did, 55 percent that he did not, and 22 percent were not sure. According to the poll: "Thirty-five percent of Democrats believe he did know, 39% say he did not know, and 26% are not sure. Republicans reject that view and, by a 7-to-1 margin, say the President did not know in advance about the attacks. Among those not affiliated with either major party, 18% believe the President knew and 57% take the opposite view."

TruthMove 1 Year Anniversary - New Outreach Video

May is our 1 year anniversary here at! It's been an amazing year--we've completely renovated our site, developed lots of new materials and launched a whole new first responder site at:

We've got a lot of new plans in the works for our second year--stay posted. And we will be continuing to do truth outreach every week. Here is a video of highlights from our last two actions:

We get all kind of reactions, but the response is overwhelmingly more positive than negative. There are always people who call us names and tell us, “Get a job” or “You should be ashamed of yourself,” but never as many as say, “I know” or “I believe that” or “Thank you so much for doing this.”

Videos of James Fetzer event sponsored by (filmed by

Controversial researcher Dr. James Fetzer was invited to speak in NYC on Friday 4/20/07 by I was in attendance and have put together two rush video cuts (one 9 minutes, the other 1hr18min). I have provided these videos as a simple public service and will currently refrain from making judgment calls about the content.

You can see both the videos here on TruthMove's new Video section:
Also, check out our Disinformation page for more on some of the controversies surrounding these issues:

9 minute highlight version on YouTube:

1hr18min version on Google Video:

Videos of 4/11/07 Actions in NYC by TruthMove and We Are Change

Here is video of the 11th of the month actions in NYC. We were down by Building 7, Pace University, and then on the Brooklyn Bridge. Some people also later went on to Times Square. The response was generally good, although a few college students at Pace got very angry. We got some great shots on the Brooklyn Bridge...

New 9/11 Disinformation/Misinformation Page Up on TruthMove

I've been meaning to add this page for quite a while. Here's my first shot at it:

We'll probably be making a whole section for Disinfo eventually, as there are so many facets to the subject. We're also planning a page dedicated to "debunkers" as well.

Check it out, all suggestions welcome.


International Truth Movement

Eric D. Williams: 9/11 Accountability Conference Director and Holocaust Revisionist!?

Sorry if you find this "divisive," but I think it's an important issue, and one that seems to not have been addressed by the movement.

Does anyone else find it a little disconcerting that the director of the this conference has a new book of Holocaust revisionism called "The Puzzle of Auschwitz?" His prior books were on 9/11, fascism, the matrix, etc., yet his latest release is on a topic that can taint anything connected to it. Even if the information is accurate, it is not a subject or association that is going to advance our cause.

So how did this happen? Someone should have taken issue with this and at the very least asked Williams to play a less visible roll.

Williams' site:

Sorry to point you to Screw Loose Change, but you can see how this might be something the "skeptics" and "debunkers" could use against us very effectively.

A post on TruthMove about this:

New Oklahoma City Bombing and Gladio Pages on

I've added two new pages to the TruthMove False Flag section. Both are works in progress and I will be happy to make any valid corrections. (

Oklahoma City Bombing 1995

"The 1995 Oklahoma City (OKC) bombing killed 168 people and injured more than 800. It was the worst terrorist attack on US soil up until 9/11. The government and media have attributed the bombing to right-wing, anti-government domestic terrorists. But the official story that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were solely responsible is contradicted by independent research as well as mainstream news coverage."...


"Operation Gladio is undisputed historical fact. Gladio was part of a post-World War II program set up by the CIA and NATO supposedly to thwart future Soviet/communist invasions or influence in Italy and Western Europe. In fact, it became a state-sponsored right-wing terrorist network, involved in false flag operations and the subversion of democracy."... Announces New Improved Website

We are happy to announce the latest development of our site at:

TruthMove is a site dedicated to expanding the Truth Movement beyond 9/11--we are very much focused on context, scope, and psychology. We emerged from 9/11 Truth and still consider it to probably be the most critical issue of the wider Truth Movement. Our other main areas of focus are the Environment, Psychology, and Black Ops.

We would like to express our extreme gratitude to yh ( for his amazing skill and diligence in programming and designing our new site! (If you're not aware of yh's contribution to the movement, he is also the designer of the new user-friendly 911blogger that you're browsing right now.)

There may be a few kinks left to work out, but the site looks great and is ready to be explored. We've tried to keep some of the feel of the old site while adding new functionality and more efficient content organization.

Make sure to check out our Outreach section including our Outreach Journal and links to our flickr page ( Users can now comment on our Journal entries.

There may be some minor changes to the site over the next days or weeks but overall things are complete. Any and all suggestions, questions, comments are welcome. We want your input in order to make this the most accessible, efficient, useful Truth Movement resource out there!

Photos from Ground Zero 9/11/06 (by a Protest Warrior?)

Here are some photos I came across on flickr. The photographer doesn't seem too sympathetic to our cause, in fact, a look at some of this other photo captions reveals that he may be specifically going to to left wing protests to photograph and then ridicule the participants.

We actually exchanged words with this guy, he was telling us that our banner was "hate speech" against the families. I told him that the dead would probably want to know the truth of who killed them.

check it out