Initiate a Congressional Investigation supported by the truth movement

This post is in support of Alvin R who rightly pointed out a need for focus on specific goals by the truth movement. Alvin proposed directing the movements effort towards starting a reinvestigation of 9-11. His proposal was met with a lot of criticism by other bloggers, however much of the criticism validated the feasibility of embarking on an investigation by pointing out that a lot of important evidence actually exists already. The chief problem it turns out is that much of the evidence is not being entertained by the courts or the administration in the current political climate. This leaves the alternative, a Congressional investigation as a means to uncover the truth and identify the real perpetrators. I would like to add that an important, and perhaps initial goal of the investigation should be to publicly debunk and lay to rest the official conspiracy theory as embodied by the 9-11 Commission report. To get a Congressional investigation rolling I'd like to suggest the following actions:

1. Package the idea of an investigation so it can be shown to other members of the movement.
2. Float this proposal to 911bogger and other 9-11 truth groups with a sign-up sheet, get a sort of consensus from a broad front of truthers and modify the proposal based on their inputs
3. With the proposal getting a significant number of signed up supporters, submit it to members of the truth movement who are in the best position to approach and interact with representatives in Congress.

Sample proposal

The following list of actions is submitted for your inputs and approval in furtherance of our goal to have an open and truthful public inquiry into the events of September 11, 2001. Should you approve of the actions as outlined please make a blog response indicating so. Suggestions and corrections are welcome as well.

1. Submit a proposal to representative Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul to open a Congressional investigation of 9-11.

2. Arrange a meeting between a 9-11 truth team and the representatives to convince them of the need for the investigation as well as the best theories on what transpired and who are behind the conspiracy. The representatives must be convinced to let the best experts in the truth community to sit in the congressional investigation and provide inputs.

3. The members of the truth team will be composed of David Griffin, Webster Tarpley, William Rodriguez and Steven Jones. The truth team shall be assigned to determine if the representatives can be entrusted with spearheading the investigation and looking for alternatives should the ones they first meet seem to be less than genuine in their support of the movement.

4. The 9-11 truth team shall submit a list of issues that the investigation should pursue - evidence of an inside job; media complicity in the coverup; the release of foreign agents and suspects captured by the FBI after 9-11; misinformation and coverup by the 9-11 Comission, FEMA and other agencies ; airliner stock insider trading; WTC insurance scam, whistle blowers under court orders, etc.

5. When the investigation is in progress, the 9-11 movement members sitting in will provide updates after every session to the rest of the 9-11 community and the public at large.

6. In support of the investigation, the 9-11 truth movement will organize actions for political pressure (rallies, press releases, telephone/text message/IM/email brigades, alternative media exposure,etc). Political action will be resorted to whenever there are roadblocks imposed by other politicians who are hampering the investigation. A group convened within the movement will analyze the progress of the investigation and shall direct political actions as necessary to overcome roadblocks.

7. In further support of the investigation, the truth movement shall provide other assistance such as locating expert witnesses, research, whatever help is needed that the movement can provide.

8. A fund raising campaign will be launched to finance some of this political or media actions, I suppose the movement can solicit some funds from big name actors who have already expressed support for 9-11 truth. There is also a growing grassroots movement that may be willing to part with some funds to get a real investigation going.

9. In return for an honest effort to investigate 9-11, the movement will offer its endorsement to the representative if he runs for another elective position as well as to other representatives who show active support for the investigation.

10. There is no guarantee that the investigation will succeed in gathering info for eventually prosecuting all the perpetrators of 9-11. But at a minimum, it is expected to expose once and for all that the official government conspiracy blaming Al Quaeda as the culprits is not supported by the evidence.

11. In the course of the investigation, attempts to derail the effort by any congressmen or executive will be documented and be the basis for a negative publicity campaign by the truth movement should they ever run again for an electoral office.


Disclaimer: Participation in forming, approving or executing the proposal above does not absolve 9-11 truthers from their everyday task of grassroots education, passing out truth DVDs and any other 9-11 truth activity they were previously doing.

Great idea

Great idea and a well written blog.

I think theres enough talented people from all ranges of life that contribute to the movement and this blogger, to make this happen. This was well a written and structured outline. This can really be an asset to those with the skills to help make this happen.

Good one. I agree that we

Good one. I agree that we need to start doing stuff like this.

The 9-11 Truth movement is made up of many different types, so it will always be important to have basic goals expressed in simple language shorn of ideological slant.

We can get more people to adopt these goals by repeating them often enough and in the right contexts, and by being willing to change them if circumstances so warrant.

I am 100% behind your basic goal of a new Congressional investigation. If people do not like this goal or believe they have a better one, please say what it is!

This basic goal may sound too simple or naive, but it follows logically from our current position and makes for good politics as it is practical, reasonable, and likely to have wide appeal. It is hard to disagree with it.

How we go about achieving this goal may take more than one form. I like your suggestions above but believe that we should also be open to small groups and individuals going at it in any way they like.

For me, the bottom line is there needs to be more focus on a clear and attainable goal. Not every one will always go along with the goal, but all we need is to have most people agree most of the time.

We all want to push and most of us are. And if we push in different places, that is good. But if we all push at the same place, the house will be tumbling down. I guarantee that.

Last point, if you do not like the basic goal described above, WHAT DO YOU PROPOSE INSTEAD?

endorsement count

I hope to gather 10000 individuals supporting this proposal (or whatever it evolves to based on your inputs).

Current number of endorsements: 4

Endorsed by:
1. Lemonhoko
2. Alvin R
3. Lokijohn
4. Orangutan

This is going nowhere, if anyone wants to use this proposal, go ahead. I'm leaving this as is.


Apparently the Jersey Girls have their 15,000 signatures, so they will be returning to Congress.

Other than having standing (as they do), and/or walking into Congress to approach legislators in person, I'm not sure what we can do.

We can present better arguments, but if they won't listen, they won't listen.

Perhaps the United Nations can make statements? Other countries (such as Venezuela) have already voiced skepticism about the 9/11 attacks. They just ignore that too for the most part. Perhaps if Russia or China said something they would have to respond.

I will be working on a new article that lays down evidence against individuals for perjury, obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting known terrorists. One would hope if clear evidence of perjury under oath is shown in black and white that "lawmakers" would feel obliged to at least acknowledge the fact. So far, no.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

Hi John,

Hi John,

Can I add you to my list of endorsers?

The 9-11 truth team should approach the representatives in such a way that if they refuse to cooperate, they will be put on record doing so. This way, if it turns out that all Congressional representatives are beholden to the conspirators, we at least have it on record and can adjust our next move.

I also hope that an international effort be started to investigate 9-11. My grounds for the international investigation are:

1. The 9-11 conspiracy was used as justification for the invasion on Afghanistan where thousands were subsequently killed.

2. The conspiracy was international in nature, some evidence points to involvement of foreign agents in 9-11 itself, some events such as the bombing in the London subway and attempted bombing in Mexico can be linked as part of the whole conspiracy which in the end seemed aimed at justifying the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Anti terrorism laws that have curtailed citizen's rights were passed in several countries in response to 9-11.

3. The myth of the official conspiracy theory was used as a justification for soliciting troops from other countries to deploy in Afghanistan. Some of those foreign troops have lost their lives. The citizens of those countries may be very interested to learn that the justification for sending their soldiers to that war was based on a false flag operation rather than the alleged Islamic terrorist action.

An initial goal of the international investigation is similar to the Congressional investigation, to find out what happened on 9-11 based on evidence and point out that the official conspiracy was bogus. This alone could prove that the invasion of Afghanistan was illegal. The secondary goal is to identify the real culprits.and to build a whole picture of what is happening in the US, UK, Australia, Israel and other countries allegedly involved.

The first goal is actually bloody easy to prove, WTC 7 footage shows controlled demolition which cannot be attributed to AlQuaeda, ergo the Afghanistan invasion was illegal. All that is needed are honest investigators. The findings from this can be endorsed to the UN for resolutions calling for immediate US withdrawal from Afghanistan, maybe a symbolic arms embargo on the US.

The secondary goal is much harder, but even if the culprits cannot be identified, nor all pieces of the story tied together, the body can endorse it's findings to another investigation, perhaps a criminal investigation under the WORLD COURT.

I hope we can get the assistance of experts in international law to find the proper institution to do the investigation.

Another thing I hope the truth movement would do is to link up with truthers in other countries. Perhaps their assistance can be solicited to initiate the international investigation and to provide political pressure from abroad. Should the proposed US Congressional investigation take off, I hope we can get truthers from other countries to coordinate media campaigns.

Maybe truthers in other countries can persuade their president or prime ministers into publicly debunking the official conspiracy theory as have Venezuela's and Iran's. There are people who support 9-11 truth in other countries, the US movement only has to reach out and ask for help. Just imagine if controlled demolition experts from abroad testify in the UN that WTC7 was definitely a CD, what a day for truth that would be.

If no Congressional representatives from the US will participate in an investigation, then the effort can be shifted to supporting the international investigation instead.

Well said, Juandelacruz2.

Well said, Juandelacruz2. This is a good approach.

In Support!

Hey Juan. I'm in support of this approach and think the planning and outline of it is excellent. You can add me to the list. Also. hat tip to Alvin for starting this discussion. It was necessary and a little order to the chaos is probably a good thing for our movement. :) Peace.