We Are Change NYC Confronts Norman Podhoretz!! This is BEAUTIFUL!

This is how it's done, fantastic!! Great action, great questions, great organisation, great editing (big thanks to Mike Swenson!) and a great example for all future actions!!


http://www.wearechange.org We Are Change New York City confronted Neocon Norman Podhoretz back on October 11th, 2007 at a Barnes and Noble in Manhattan! Listen to the sheer arrogance, disrespect, and pure evil being spewed from his mouth! Ask Questions! Demand Answers! Never back down!!


You just made my day. That was so well executed. This is a demonstration that if you get enough people in there, you can really sway the talk in our favour.


Get those neocon dogs running. Expose them to the light. And that guy was naivly trying to sell his book?

You guys are real heroes. We are all proud of you.

Lets see this on USAToday

Lets see this on USAToday and Glenn Beck... Oh, it makes us look good and is very powerful, drat.


Only one word can explain this - AWESOME!!! Great, great, great, great, great job guys!!! This might be the best piece of truth action I have ever seen!

That old bastard couldnt handle the pressure. Keep up the good work!!!

Great Job WeAreChange...

The FIFTH COLUMNISTS are alive and well in the US and Europe.

It's really great to see these greedy self-serving psychopathic liars feel the heat of the public eye, they hate having a bright light shone on them... A bit like Gremlins (but a million times more evil).

Many thanks and best wishes

Beautiful job

We Are Change crew is a lot smarter than our bully policy makers.

Amazing job!

They took what Wearechange LA did on Bill Maher to another level. This is the best I've seen Wearechange NYC. Amazing job Luke and crew!


What a disgusting piece of maggot vomit this zionist guy is... How can anybody so close to death's door be so evil and stupid?

It takes a lifetime

A neocon since before there were neocons

'How can anybody so close to death's door be so evil and stupid?'

By being Norman Podhoretz, that's how.

It's unbelievable to see

It's unbelievable to see this p.o.s. posture, dissemble, and spew such ugliness and disregard for innocent humans yet expect to be treated with hushed reverence and/or affirming questions! He was totally unprepared for an audience with even a pinch of historical context. This was a perfect window into the mindset of the people who direct and inform what passes for political discourse. He was so angry and disdainful that he looked as though he'd just as soon pop a few into the questioners as deal with them.

His reactions literally turned my stomach. He is truly a psychopath, and shouldn't be allowed on public streets, let alone near any halls of influence.

Great job, both in using his own previous words against him and in eliciting new ones. It's a pleasure to watch the evolution of tactics!

Best Activist Confrontation Yet

This is how such people should be confronted - with very pointed and articulate questions, yet done in a way that doesn't make some of these rather evil people appear to be victims.

There was no name calling or anyone getting carried away - and it frustrated him.

I've seen some confrontations where the subject winds up looking victimized by unruly or abusive presentations.

This was definetly not one of them.


You are changing history. Confront every person every time. Do it in numbers. Write letters to your local newspaper, get on the radio and TV. Talk to all your friends... especially in high places. DO NOT STOP. When enough people cotton on, policy will HAVE to change. THIS is how you have a revolution. The truth is on your side.

Podhoretz is a Coward

This creep couldn't handle reality. He ran out of the place. Great stuff!


Really !

Posted incorrectly- see Glen Beck

Posted incorrectly- see Glen Beck, comments...

this man is so guilty the

this man is so guilty the way he reacts! the way he completely cuts the guy off as soon as he mentions 9/11 speaks volumes to me.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


We must always confront these spreaders of fear, hate and lies. "The CIA over throw of Iran is now anchent history? dont worry about that,. and 9/11 is the reason we are defendeing ourselves when we bomb Iran?!? " How they manage to pull in any followers with this type of blatent fear/hate crap is astounding,. and how they are allowed to publicly speak it,. is a travestry,. ! people everywhere need to confront these Nazi,.er,. I mean Neo-Con madmen at every oportunity. Great work!

Anyone who advocates

for war so strongly should be forced to serve in combat zones.

I don't care how old he is he could do communications in a humvee or dismantle IED"s.

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This is a thing of beauty

And this guy is Giuilani's defense guy?

We need Ron Paul now more than ever.

NIce work guys.

Really nice work. Should have pushed Building 7 a little harder though. Like when he mentioned being attacked on 9/11, maybe have thrown in a "did they attack Building 7 too?" or something like that. But really nice work.

Inspiring Work.

The Bill Maher confrontation probably garnered more attention to our nation's crisis, but this was definitely a success and a great example as well. Driving the man out of the room was a crescendo I wasn't expecting. Geez. Great work Luke and friends. I can't wait til we run all these goons out of this country. That will be the day.

An astounding piece

This was an astounding piece of activism by WearechangeNYC. I was glad to see some older people in the group asking questions and making comments also.

This isn't going to be like the Vietnam era where those in control were able to propagandize the older generation into thinking it was just rebellious young people (hippies) against the establishment, and that they were wrong.

This time it is good Americans of all ages fighting against criminal fascists who, in addition to their crimes against humanity, are taking our freedoms under the guise of protecting us from terrorism, to protect themselves from our wrath.

Everybody needs to do everything they can to continue educating the public about what really occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.


Is a perfect example of what happens when people not educated by the media go up against someone that benefits from the propaganda they spew.

Who Is? Archives

Yes this was excellent

and for those 50-60 people there many of which were 9/11 truthers and for the few people that see this on this website and YouTube most of which will also be 9/11 truthers it is a shining example of how to OWN a Neofascist Nutbag that has the gall to show his face at a Barnes and Noble.
However the "crazies" that confronted Maher got tons of airtime on Mainstream media getting the truth out to Millions, most of which have no idea what is going on.

While this was excellent and should be copied in as many places and functions like this as possible, we should also do everything possible to repeat the Maher confrontation as much as possible in as many venues as possible. Hit them hard and non stop, MAKE them take notice.


Impressive stuff! You're right on all counts--very arrogant man! I worry about our nukes far more than Iran's!

The camera work on this piece is well done! 9/11 Truthers owned this neocon on this evening! I wish you would've made more use of Podhoretz's whence when he heard something to his disliking!

Verdict: Truthers 1 Neocons 0
and a definite thumbs up!

Thank you for this effort!

...don't believe them!


This was a route! The man was dodging questions, cutting people off, lashing out at another.... He was probably too upset to bite the heads off of puppies when he got home. Excellent job We Are Change NYC

A gift from WE ARE CHANGE NYC. Thanks, you all!

What a gift you all brought, WE ARE CHANGE..NYC to all of us, and it will ripple outward, if all of us, whenever we can, go to these events, all over the country and do the exact same thing to all of these defense industry funded Fascist-shill-PNACzis. EVERY public event they come to, with questions following the lecture, needs that same finale' over and over and over again. Soon, they will not be able to go into public and speak, and people will wonder why. That will be AFTER, this scenario has occurred so many times, that the truth will be impossible to hide. Questions will only lead to the answers. The case for raising eyebrows is becoming more apparent to more people. APPLAUSE to all of you and your great work!

JAMES MADISON said: "The fetters imposed on liberty at home have ever been forged out of the weapons provided for defense against real, PRETENDED, or IMAGINARY dangers from abroad."

WILLIAM BLUM, brilliant author wrote: "No matter how paranoid or conspiracy minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine."

ABRAHAM LINCOLN said: "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

JAMES MADISON said: "If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the GUISE of fighting a foreign enemy."

ALBERT EINSTEIN: "Democracy taken, in its narrower, purely political sense, suffers from the fact that those in economic and political power possess the means for molding public opinion to serve THEIR own class interests."

ALBERT EINSTEIN: "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."

ZDENER URBANEK, Czech novelist: "In dictatorships, we are more fortunate than you in one respect. We believe nothing of what we read and nothing of what we see on television, because we know it is propaganda and lies. Unlike you in the West. We've learned to look behind the propaganda and to read between the lines, and unlike you, we know that the real truth is always subversive."

'do you mean the negroes?'

that made me laugh! but in fairness 'My Negro Problem - And Ours' was written in 1963 when 'Negro' was not a derisive term. I have enjoyed some early writings by Podhoretz. I don't really understand his transformation; he advocates some evil ideas today, but I think it's the ideas that are evil, not the man. I don't think he'll want to make a lot of public appearances for a while.

Podhoretz secretly urged Bush to bomb Iran

"If Podhoretz were merely another old man of the chattering class, his intellectual instincts would hardly be worth pondering. But Podhoretz, after a half-century in argument, remains fiercely relevant.

He is a senior foreign policy adviser to Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani. He participates in weekly conference calls with the campaign and says he is in constant contact via e-mail with the foreign policy team. The meeting with the president was at Podhoretz’s request."

Podhoretz secretly urged Bush to bomb Iran
By: David Paul Kuhn
September 24, 2007 12:06 PM EST


President Bush and Karl Rove sat listening to Norman Podhoretz for roughly 45 minutes at the White House as the patriarch of neoconservatism argued that the United States should bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The meeting was not on the president’s public schedule.

Rove was silent throughout, though he took notes. The president listened diligently, Podhoretz said as he recounted the conversation months later, but he “didn’t tip his hand.”

“I did say to [the president], that people ask: Why are you spending all this time negotiating sanctions? Time is passing. I said, my friend [Robert] Kagan wrote a column which he said you were giving ‘futility its chance.’ And both he and Karl Rove burst out laughing.

“It struck me,” Podhoretz added, “that if they really believed that there was a chance for these negotiations and sanctions to work, they would not have laughed. They would have got their backs up and said, ‘No, no, it’s not futile, there’s a very good chance.’ ”

Podhoretz walked out of the meeting neither deterred nor assured the president would attack the Persian state.

Yet prior to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York for the United Nations’ General Assembly, Podhoretz said he believes that “Bush is going to hit” Iran before the end of his presidency.

His assumption is based on intellectual instinct.

If Podhoretz were merely another old man of the chattering class, his intellectual instincts would hardly be worth pondering. But Podhoretz, after a half-century in argument, remains fiercely relevant.

He is a senior foreign policy adviser to Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani. He participates in weekly conference calls with the campaign and says he is in constant contact via e-mail with the foreign policy team. The meeting with the president was at Podhoretz’s request.

No less a figure than Rush Limbaugh said on Wednesday, during his radio show, that Podhoretz’s most recent book is “a no-holds-barred, brilliant explanation of just what we face around the world, not just here in our country.”

That book, “World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism,” is not so much a study of the “Islamofascism” he argues Americans must fight, as it is a treatise justifying his own fight. He indicts the foes of neoconservatism (of which there are many), and defends the Bush doctrine of pre-emption (a task few would attempt today).

Podhoretz sometimes seems to be the last neoconservative still in the political arena.

One of the movement’s formative minds, Francis Fukuyama, has recanted. Paul Wolfowitz ingloriously left the White House and was later pushed off the world stage, quite literally, after his brief stint leading the World Bank.

Dick Cheney, their consummate paleoconservative ally, has seen his influence over the president diminish.

Then there is Iraq.

If an idea is only as good as its implementation, the protracted war in Iraq has left neoconservatives struggling to prove they had a good idea.

Undeterred, Podhoretz plods onward. He remains the unabashed hawk. History will redeem him, Iraq and this president, Podhoretz asserts.

“When this war’s won — I don’t say if, I say when; I am uncharacteristically optimistic — what will happen is the political configuration of the entire region will be changed,” he insisted.

“That will involve a replacement of all the despotisms with regimes that are on the way to becoming free societies.”

This was a characteristic neoconservative comment in 2003, at the outset of the war in Iraq.

But Podhoretz is still saying it four years later, sitting in his Upper East Side Manhattan apartment between pictures of his grandchildren and the archives of Commentary, where he was the editor for 35 years.

The nation’s highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is framed in his living room. Bush bestowed it in 2004, at the very time that Democrats were attacking him for a war that was not going as advertised.

Podhoretz now finds himself defending both the rosy picture he and fellow neoconservatives painted in the run-up to war, as well as the reasons America has been involved in it longer now than World War II.

It is world war that dominates Podhoretz’s work today. He argues that World War III was the Cold War and that World War IV is the war on terrorism, a view echoed by the likes of Clinton-era CIA Director James Woolsey.

Only when the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are understood as one larger conflict, Podhoretz argues, can one grasp the gravity of the struggle before the United States.

The Bush Doctrine — as he summarizes it, “to make the Middle East safe for America by making it safe for democracy” — puts democratization at the top of the agenda.

During the Cold War containment was the priority; democracy was secondary. Neoconservatives, by contrast, argue that democracy is a means to an end.

Perhaps ironically, democracy may be one of the great impediments to Podhoretz’s getting his way. A good portion of his book is devoted to arguing why the president should press on despite the domestic unpopularity of the war in Iraq — effectively short-circuiting democracy here in America.

He does acknowledge that after Vietnam, Americans became impatient with war, especially when it seems mismanaged and ill-conceived (which he argues Iraq was not).

Still, Podhoretz says, “We have to find a way to fight the war with the people we now are.”

Podhoretz cannot be dismissed as an ideological outlier. Despite a majority of Americans favoring a withdrawal from Iraq, a substantial minority subscribe to his argument that the war there is part of a larger one.

As recently as this summer, according to the Gallup Poll, 44 percent of Americans considered the war in Iraq “to be part of the war on terrorism which began on Sept. 11, 2001.”

But when he details his worldview, he severs himself from the bulk of foreign policy wonks, both conservative and liberal.

Podhoretz argues the war in Iraq has not empowered Iran. He believes that Iraq had biological and chemical weapons, but they were likely shipped out to Syria. And, says the man with the ear of the current and possibly next president, the war in Iraq is a success.

“The seeds of this democratization are planted,” as Podhoretz describes Iraq. “The opposition to this process of democratization turned out to be much more ferocious than anybody anticipated, including me. So it took a while for our people to learn how to deal with it,” he continued.

The greatest proof that Podhoretz is right, he insisted, is the very intensity of attacks in Iraq.

“If the enemy of that process [of democratization] thought it was a failure, they wouldn’t be blowing themselves up to frustrate it or derail it,” he argued.

“They agree that this is not only happening, but that it is a danger to them. They agree with Bush. They agree with me,” Podhoretz chuckled.

“That’s why they are fighting so hard.”

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