9/11 Tops Economist.com's List of Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

The Economist website posted a list yesterday of the top 10 conspiracy theories believed in today, and of course, 9/11 Truth topped the list. Direct link to article: http://www.economist.com/daily/chartgallery/displaystory.cfm?story_id=10715149

How many hits for the Official Fairy Tale that is...

....the Kean/Hamilton/Zelikow Omission Report?.....that Conspiracy Theory (just ask the FBI) is really entertaining....


9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Here's another Conspiracy Theory...

a measure of the effort to get out the word?

It is not entirely pleasant for the efforts of the truth movement to be ignorantly compared to a fiction about reptilian rulers (though there is more than a small bit of truth to that one), but what this actually reveals is the chatter there is on the web about 911. We might take this as an encouraging sign and try to get that number up to a million or more hits.

Positive comments

If the comments are any indication, it appears that a larger portion of the general public are becoming skeptical about everything that has the feel of propaganda or specious reasoning. A few years back this story might not have gotten any debate from Economist readers. The fact that around half the comments were questioning the official 9/11 conspiracy theory, shows that 9/11 truth is everywhere. I noticed the same ratio of positive comments after the TVO interview with Barrie Zwicker.
Thinking people everywhere are waking up to reality.
Yeah sure. There's still some cult thinkers but the Truth is growing and there ain't no turning back.

a letter to the editor at The Economist

Your 'At a glance' piece of Feb 19, 2008 'The hidden hand' shows just
how obvious truths CAN be difficult to face, even for The Economist.
Take for instance the molten iron found in the basements of all three
World Trade Center buildings that disintegrated into piles of rubble
in the unprecedented manner they did. This molten iron "flowed like
lava" according to eyewitness firefighters who saw the Dantesque
scene. Such an obvious truth, seen and publicly commented on by the
following, yet ignored and remaining unreported except by those trying
to investigate one of the arguably most significant conspiracies in
the modern age:

Peter Tully, president of Tully Construction of Flushing, N.Y told AFP
that he saw pools of "literally molten steel" at the World Trade

Abolhassan Astaneh, the first structural engineer given access to the WTC steel.

Leslie Robertson, the structural engineer responsible for World Trade
Centers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and all subgrade levels, stated "As of 21 days
after the attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was
still running."

A NY firefighter described steel flowing at ground zero. "You'd get
down below and you'd see molten steel — molten steel! — running down
the channel rails. Like you're in a foundry... like lava... from a

The owner of Controlled Demolition Inc., Mark Loizeaux stated the
molten steel was found "three, four, and five weeks later, when the
rubble was being removed,". He said molten steel was also found at 7
WTC, which collapsed mysteriously in the late afternoon. (You know,
the one the BBC corespondent stood in front of reporting live that it
had collapsed, all the while, standing in plain view immediately
behind her...)

Fires burned and molten steel flowed in the pile of ruins still
settling beneath her feet. -Sarah Atlas of New Jersey's Task Force One
Urban Search and Rescue

"Fires are still actively burning and the smoke is very intense,"
reports Alison Geyh, PhD. "In some pockets now being uncovered, they
are finding molten steel."

"They showed us many fascinating slides" he continued, "ranging from
molten metal which was still red hot weeks after the event, to 4-inch
thick steel plates sheared and bent in the disaster." -Dr Keith Eaton

"Smoke constantly poured from the peaks. One fireman told us that
there was still molten steel at the heart of the towers' remains.
Firemen sprayed water to cool the debris down but the heat remained
intense enough at the surface to melt their boots." -Guy Lounsbury of
New York Air National Guard's 109th Air Wing

A NY Department of Sanitation spokeswoman said "for about two and a
half months after the attacks, in addition to its regular duties, NYDS
played a major role in debris removal - everything from molten steel
beams to human remains...."

"the ominous groaning of weakened structures overhead, or, in the
early days, the streams of molten metal that leaked from the hot cores
and flowed down broken walls inside the foundation hole." -William

He remembers seeing in the darkness a distant, pinkish glow–molten
metal dripping from a beam–but found no signs of life. -Lee Turner of
The Boone County Firefighters

"In the first few weeks, sometimes when a worker would pull a steel
beam from the wreckage, the end of the beam would be dripping molten
steel," Fuchek said.

As late as five months after the attacks, in February 2002,
firefighter Joe O'Toole saw a steel beam being lifted from deep
underground at Ground Zero, which, he says, "was dripping from the
molten steel."

..numerous fires were still burning and smoldering. Underground it was
still so hot that molten metal dripped down the sides of the wall from
Building 6. 911 Commission report

Ed Pfister, a veteran of three hurricanes and two flood relief
efforts, and a member of the elite Disaster Medical Assistance Team,
wrote in his diary "deep below ground a portion of the pile was still
on fire and boiled with molten material. Sometimes, open flame would
erupt as a crane pulled debris out and air rushed in. Fire hoses
constantly poured streams of water causing huge billowing steam clouds
to rise up over the site into the huge lights above." NIH

Guy Lounsbury with the 109th Air Wing of the New York Air National
Guard wrote "The men who work on this must constantly change their
boots as the heat melts them. Two weeks after the attack, one fireman
told us that there was still molten steel at the heart of the towers'

Apparently, though, John Gross of the National Institute of Standards
and Technology in a lecture at the University of Texas abjectly denied
these "obvious truths," and the NIST investigation into what initiated
the collapse sequence, upon which so much of the official conspiracy
theory is based, made no mention of any of this.

This "obvious truth" is also difficult, apparently, for the The
Economist to face up to as well. It is better to relegate it to
asinine comparisons to Elvis sightings and reptilian rulers (though I
might venture your former PM, and our current cowboy just might...)

The significance of molten metal in the basements of three separate,
distinct collapse events...? Taken together with USGS findings of
once-molten microspheres of molybdenum (2726C) and iron (1500C), and
RJLee's study for the Deustche Bank environmental study, also finding
once-molten microspheres of iron, or Worchester Polytechnic Institutes
fire investigatory study examining steel taken from the collapse site
and finding "swiss cheese" like holes in inch thick steel flanges,
with edges that thinned down to razor sharp edges...THIS taken with
the at least 118 eyewitness reports of explosions throughout the
buildings well prior to the collapse, collected from the Oral
Histories collected by the NY Fire Commissioner's office... and the
video and photographic documentation of explosive characteristics...
or the seismic record of seismic events well in advance of the actual
collapses... or the sulfidation of steel, indicative of explosives
residue, along with other residues common to variants of military type

perhaps one of your "crackerjack" investigative reporters there at The
Economist could get off of their smarmy arse and investigate these
"obvious truths" and get to the bottom of this conspiracy. Then again,
it is so much easier to make ignorant comparisons to reptilian leaders
from outer space and dismiss the whole business as a public hunger for
far-fetched theories.

A very big acknowledgment

to Justin Keogh and the site:



So there is only about 30% more interest in 911 than in the Elvis-is-alive story??
I have a hard time believing that...

Many more people believe 9/11 was a fraud

I looked it up one time when someone made a faulty comparison like this one, and only 6% believe the Apollo landing was faked. Grouping those people with 9/11 Truthers is unjustified. Pick your favorite poll, there's a whole lot more Truthers than that.

Most of whom search for terms like "Loose Change"....

Huh, what do you know. Looks like 200,000 people believe in the McDonald's conspiracy. Googling random words +conspiracy is fun.

Oh, brother

I've never heard of Area 51 before, or the reptile thing. (Though I recall seeing an old John Carpenter movie along the lines of the latter. Never did I imagine anyone took it literally.)

I get the impression that The Economist -- a Project Mockingbird outfit if there ever was one -- put this up to associate 9/11 truth in the public's mind with nutty stuff.

(Not all this other stuff is nutty, of course, or should even be labeled "conspiracy". There's overwhelming evidence that Edward de Vere, the then-Earl of Oxford, ghostwrote using the actor William Shakspeare -- that's how the actor himself spelled his name in surviving documents -- as his front man. Academic Shakespeare scholars try to bury this, because its general recognition would be an immense embarrassment to the academic Shakespearians who've failed to note this heretofore. The Shakespeare-the-actor myth perpetuates itself in academia because anybody who even hints at the de Vere identity can ever be hired, tenured, or published by academic presses. Note how challenging the actor myth is associated with the Queen-Elizabeth-as-Shakespeare thesis, a preposterous notion that no modern Shakespearian scholar -- and hardly any past such scholar -- ever had, so as to make the whole de Vere authorship thesis sound insane.)

Sign of the Times....

The article is making every effort to portray 9/11 Truth as a conspiracy, i.e., some paranoid's misapprehension of reality! They're concerned and rightfully so. It's flattering that they feel the need to work overtime on it!

...don't believe them!