Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth - Civil Informationing April 6th

Maple Ridge, BC
Sunday, April 6, 2008

Marilyn and I, along with newcomer Marina, were out today for some 9/11 Civil Information-ing. It rained on and off,so we could not set up at the usual location, but we did find a sheltered spot (empty store front with an awning) on 224th St (the main street) right next to a busy Italian Ice Cream Cafe and so we set up there. We had, numerous DVD compilations, music CDs and our new Weapon of Myth Destruction: a portable DVD player. There was not a lot of pedestrian traffic given the weather, but enough to make it worth while, and while some sauntered by obliviously, others crossed the street to talk to us and to learn more, and were thankful for our presence there.

(Picture taken with my very old pocket digi-cam - sorry, it's all I've got !)

Lots of cars drove by and quite a few drove around the block several times to check us out, and then stopped for free DVDs etc. We received lots of honks, smiles and thumbs up from passing motorists too. No negatives at all! One gentlemen was skeptical as he sat near by drinking coffee at the Cafe. He did take some literature and a fact sheet though and allowed me to show him a portion of 9/11 Mysteries. He was not convinced but was at least willing to take a reluctant look, and perhaps he will give it some thought and research it more, and that is all we can hope for. We have done our job.

Marina has been looking into 9/11 for over a year after a friend spoke to her about it. She was stunned at first and thought it was outrageous not to believe the official story, but did eventually look into it more and then attended the William Rodriguez event in Vancouver last year, and became convinced that there were indeed many unanswered questions and many facts which totally contradict the official story. She saw us on the streets a few weeks ago, signed up for our newsletter and decided to take the plunge today after meeting with us for coffee. She had never done this type of thing before. Marina didn't talk a lot, and was nervous and shy, but she grew more comfortable very quickly when she saw no one was laughing and pointing fingers, nor throwing insults or anything else in our direction. She grabbed a sign and held it high when cars were passing and did join in with talking to those who approached us. She had a great time and has volunteered to come out again on the 11th of April for the International Day of Action for 9/11 Truth too. As always, it was a fun and worthwhile day for us all. We hope to have more people joining our cause and doing the same in other towns around the Valley soon for a regular, peaceful, 9/11 Truth presence.

The best news of the week perhaps is that my dear old mom, God bless her, at 75 years is now a 9/11Truth Activist! She had been very skeptical and scared about what I was doing for a long time, but did watch a number of documentaries and some of the presentations from the Vancouver 9/11 Truth conference last year. Then recently, after she overheard me talking to some of her friends about 9/11 (who also took DVDs), as well as hearing about how well our street action was being received, she suddenly asked me for DVDs to keep in her purse to give to people she talks to when out for walks or on the bus, AND SHE DID ! They are all gone and she wants more!! Go Mom Go!

Now, we again ask locals to sign up for our newsletter or contact us if you wish to get involved. No experience necessary, just a desire to stand up for truth and justice for 9/11 victims, and to help stop a bogus war on terror.

The REAL War on Terrorism starts with YOU, by letting others know what you know, and showing that you care about what is going on in YOUR world, and taking responsibility for the solution - by saying no to fear and tyranny, and standing for Truth and Justice for all. We are providing a public service and doing our civic duty.

We hope you'll join us, wherever you happen to live, and help create a peaceful, civil 9/11 Truth presence everywhere, and as often as possible.

picture quality

doesn't matter here . . . great work!

Keep up the great work!

It took me about one month to convince my parents, who are both in their late 70's, of the serious need for new investigations into the events of 9/11.

First, I sat down with them and watched 9/11: Press For Truth, then we watched 9/11: The Myth and the Reality together. Finally, when I showed them WTC 7 going down they came fully on board with 9/11 truth. I loaned them a copies of Dr. Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor and Debunking 9/11 Debunking ,as they are both avid readers, to give them a thorough exposure to the great many problems with the government story and the hundreds of unanswered questions.

At present, they are reading Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA by Tim Weiner and can clearly see how 9/11 fits into the history of the CIA and the world of deep politics.

It took me about the same amount of time to bring my oldest brother around and I'm still trying to figure out how to break through another brother's massive denial.

When introducing anyone to the subject of 9/11 and 9/11 truth, I find the best approach is to just ask them what they know and if they have any questions. This almost always leads to a conversation that exposes them to information they were unaware of and awakens them to the compelling need for new investigations.

I love talking to people on the street and every day I go out and spread the truth in public is a good day.

Thanks again for all your hard work and I look forward to getting back to B.C. soon.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Great work

Great work and thank you. I know what it's like to be out there! Keep it up ~~ the truth will prevail!

Getting CI active for 911 Truth

Spent my early hours burning DVDs for this Fridays civil information action here in Edmonton
Thank you Wayne, Robin Hordon and our good friends in Canada and the U.S for giving CI a chance to show its true value as a very effective tool for the 911 truth movement....see you on the streets April 11/2008 safe...peace!

Contact the CBC

CBC's The Hour will be having Margaret Cho on today. I've emailed the producer and host to ask her a few questions and to recommend a few other guests.

contact page

my email:


Love the all the time. Please have Strombo ask Margaret Cho why she believes the world trade center was blown up by controlled demolition on September 11th.

here is the audio of her saying so -

Maybe you could have Jesse Ventura on the show. He's currently on a promo tour for his new book and he came out this week demanding the truth come out about the controlled demolition of all 3 buildings on 9/11.

Gov Jesse Ventura audio -

Willie Nelson Came out last week and said 9/11 was an inside job....maybe you could have him on the show.

On January 11th 2008 member of Parliament Yukihisa Fujita of the Japan Democratic party, made a 20 minute long statement at the House of Councillors, the upper house of the Diet (parliament) of Japan. He questioned the official version of 9/11 presented to the Japanese government and the public by the US administration in a session of the defense commission.

I'm sure he'll come on the show...his English is pretty good.

here is Fujita's audio

The US administration has lied about everything...why must we believe their explanation of 9/11 without evidence?

Since 9/11 is the excuse for all the wars and liberty stripping laws being passed, lets all do our part to expose these lies and get our troops home.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks for that reminder and the link to The Hour's contact page

I just sent them my request to ask Margaret Cho about WTC 7 and asked them to show the audience the video of the collapsing building. I also suggested some future guests for them, like David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage, Jesse Ventura etc.

These are the real Patriots

I believe that when we apprehend the truth within ourselves, the best we can do is try and make that realization happen for others - these folks are trying to do that in the most unobtrusive way possible. When the light went on in my head - it was not because somebody was arguing with me, or disturbing my shopping experience. It was a friend who took the time and had the patience to explain the incongruity of the official story of 9/11, to point out the inconsistencies, the lies, the improbabilities, etc.

Whether it's one person standing there holding a truth sign or 5,000 people, it matters not.

"Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it" - William Penn

What's important, I believe - is to have the opportunity to hear the correct information, have the intelligence and reasoning ability to be able to process the data, and then possess the moral integrity to act on this information in a positive way.

Everybody I know including myself has gone through the same steps in assimilating 9/11 Truth:

- shock and disbelief at hearing this disturbing idea
- anger and frustration at the message source
- internal struggle as our mental paradigm of the world is shattered
- taking the time to do the necessary research and educate ourselves
- having the courage to stand for truth and justice

People who fight for 9/11 truth are the real heroes in this world.

Nice work adanac