Nader supports new independent inquiry into 9-11

PETER’S NEW YORK, April 14, 2008--Ralph Nader, the consumer activist and independent presidential candidate, seems to think that the report of the commission assigned to investigate the events of 9-11 should not be the last word.

"There are unanswered questions in the 9-11 investigation, and they should be answered," Nader said at a recent address at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. "How do you go from plausibility to evidence? You have a more independent inquiry."

On the morning of September 11, 2001, airliners collided with each of the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center, after which they and a third nearby office building mysteriously collapsed. Other incidents on the same day at the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania were also attributed to aircraft collisions. All were pitched by the government as the result of a terrorist conspiracy, although it is widely believed that the government may have played a direct role in orchestrating the events.

After public cries for an investigation, President George Bush and Congress deputized the 9-11 Commission, which issued its report in 2004. While the report was praised by some, critics contended that it was not much more than a government whitewash.

On another topic, Nader had kind words to say for presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

"Ron Paul is very good on foreign policy," he said. "He's a refreshing voice."

Nader also praised Paul for his outspoken opposition to the aggressive U.S. stance against Iran and the so-called “war-on-drugs.”

Paul is vying with John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination.

Nader’s remarks were made on April 4, and aired on C-SPAN today.

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OK lefties and greens, what

OK lefties and greens, what will your excuse be now for not joining in the call for a new investigation ???

Will you concede finally that 9/11 Truth is the key to stopping the illegal wars ?

Or will you continue the useless protests that are mostly ignored while war and mass murder rages on ?

Will you continue to trust your phony leaders who tell you not to look at 9/11 ?


9/11 truth ... it's the other War on Terrrorism ... silly!

Ummm, I'm a Green

and I'm a little unclear as to the point of your comment, are you saying that denial and ignorance (willful or not) are primarily the province of the political left?

Go Cynthia McKinney!

Yes, I'm frustrated that some so-called "left" leaders remain willfully ignorant and obstinant regarding the need for new investigations and I have challenged some of them in person.

9/11 truth is not a left-right issue, please don't try to make it one.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Nothing new...

67. Ralph Nader, Independent candidate for President

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Here's something new...

That we might be able to use... Randi Rhodes the top radio show host with new management.

And I wouldn't be surprised if Nader is being funded by the right wing again to improve their chances of winning in November.

no offense intended to the

no offense intended to the converted, but the majority of those i have encountered, and in particular their leaders and organizers don't want to hear about 9/11, much less discuss it. Just my frustration with them coming out. Sorry! My point is that they will hopefully begin to lose their resistance.

I'm delighted to read that Nader made these comments, but

I can't entirely trust him. I've seen Nader act as a spoiler in too many elections.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

How can one "spoil" corrupt elections?

By pointing out the corruption, perhaps?

There is no credible evidence showing that Mr. Nader helped Bush "beat" Gore in 2000, if that is what you are referring to.

Please don't do Mr. Rove's work for him.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Even corrupt elections need to be manipulated at times. This

way, most of the vote fraud can be concentrated on one or a few states.

I've yet to see Nader, who has been around for decades, do anything much of consequence except enter elections he has no chance of winning and take votes away from other moderates.

I don't think I'm doing "Rove's work for him" by suggesting that I'm skeptical of Nader until he proves himself further to us, especially if he may want to play a role in a new investigation.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

I share your skepticism of Mr. Nader

The Nader "factor" in elections is simply a cover story which provides the msm with a "plausible" explanation for the clearly stolen elections.

In 2004, the cover story was the miraculous appearance of 7 million "new" evangelical voters in key states, who then magically disappeared.

In 2008, the cover story will be "white flight" away from Sen. Obama, explaining Sen. McCain's victory (Unless Sen. Clinton succeeds in securing the nomination, which she still might do).

What is being "manipulated" is the perception of the election, not the actually process, the elections are being stolen outright, through a combination of direct and indirect means.

If you have not yet read it, I highly recommend Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?: Exit Polls, Election Fraud, and the Official Count by Joel Bleifuss and Steven F. Freeman. Mark Crispin Miller's work is also quite good.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

i 100% agree with you, in

i 100% agree with you, in fact im pretty shocked to see anyone on here giving disrespect to Nadar for 'spoiling' elections...
anytime Nadar is demonized for 'spoiling' or 'taking away votes' imo its another way of spreading false propaganda about 3rd parties being a waste of time (and taking the eye off the ball which is the false choices to begin with that are rigged) . again im pretty surprised truthers would fall for this obvious ploy.

BTW, Gore & Bush are on the same team. Bush was the NWO's

preferred winner in that particular election.

Did Gore contest those dubious election results? No, Gore went off on his b.s. "global warming" tangent, to further obscure the real issues like voting fraud, 9/11 truth, & one-world dictatorship!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Sen. Gore was the designated loser,

I will agree with you there.

And just in case he changed his mind, Sen. Leiberman was the back-up plan to enable the 9/11 operation. (One wonders what he would've been reading in the classroom)

Funny how Sen. Kerry shuffled off quietly, too. (Sen. Edwards made quite a fuss, though, so we may have an ally there).

Ain't horse race politics grand? What a SHOW!

Cheers, Colombo!

The truth shall set us free (and a lot of history texts will need to be re-written).

Love is the only way forward.


It's pathetic to see anyone who is seeking the truth, turn to parroting the labels of the corporate controlled duopoly -- might as well be using the phrase "conspiracy theorist" too.

Ralph Nader

It is good that Ralph Nader believes that there are still many unanswered questions in regards to 9/11, but I would like to hear specifics as to what questions he would like answered. How hard is he going to push for a new investigation?

Lee Hamilton made a similar point in an interview once. He stated, "I don’t believe for a minute that we got everything right. We wrote a first draft of history. We wrote it under a lot of time pressure, and we sorted through the evidence as best we could."

I believe Nader about as much as I believe this chick.

I hope I'm wrong, but these guys don't seem real sincere to me.

I agree


Just like Ron Paul.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Ralph Nader also said that "plausibility is not the same as evid

Ralph Nader also said that "plausibility is not evidence." (Philadelphia, April 5). And in that statement lies the fault of your entire "movement."

Off topic, but 911 related, so on-topic...

Mel, GW is great about always cross posting his blogs here

So, yes, we have seen it and it is another solid gold hit (maybe even platinum).

I'm glad that you found it noteworthy and thanks for the reminder.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Ralph Nader speaks the truth.

Nader is a good man; I have never caught him saying anything but the truth - verifiable truth.

It is unfortunate that some think speaking truth is a spoiler to an election. I think Nader runs with the hope that the people will awaken to the truth that he speaks. If so, he would win in a landslide.

In my life (and I am a senior), I have never heard any politician speak truth directly without being loaded with political gobbledygook, except Nader, Ron Paul and Mike Gravel .

Watch Ralph Nader speak about corporate fascism.

Enact real democracy at

Rally for Ralph

Ralph's been around for awhile but he just can't get the press or support needed to win an election, hopefully he can get some press for the 911 truth movement. I suggest we keep the pressure up on him and get as much publicity as possible. I agree the elections are being stolen and the democrats have been laying low on the subject. The supreme court didn't help with the Gore vs Bush decision and the electoral college should be abolished. Frankly almost all the polictians out there are phonies, and should have gone to hollywood. We need real civil servant minded people running the country. Kuncinich seems like a good man, and I like Defazio too! Mckinney is the real deal this election if we could have a real election.

trust no leaders

Russ Hallberg

Although Nader's comments are welcome, he is not to be trusted. His career was launched with his book "Unsafe at Any Speed." Ralph Nader succeeded in removing the Corvair, Chevrolet's answer to the VW Beetle. Think what a difference it would have made if we kept up with the Joneses with fuel efficiency, instead of over sized SUVs and monster pickups.

Ralph Nader's book was a boon to the oil companies. Personally, I consider it a false flag operation.

Are you joking?

Nader actions literally saved an untold number of lives of people who were being killed in unsafe vehicles. Read your history. Ralph Nader would eliminate corporate personhood so oil companies would be hit hard by that and the whole ability of corporations to control our lives increasingly could be stopped. That is huge. He is focusing on corporate crime because that is the crux of so much of what we are fighting.

re: about nadar hleping oil companies

never heard that theory before, that ralph nadar was secretly helping the oil companies? i find that extremely hard to believe, do you have any evidence to support it?

Recommended reading

Educate yourself:

* It is time to break our addiction to fossil fuels. (Feb 2008)
* End subsidies of entrenched oil, nuclear, & coal interests. (Feb 2008)
* US lags behind Europe & Japan in renewable energy. (Oct 2004)
* Kyoto treaty is so watered down there’s nothing to fight for. (Nov 2000)
* Drilling Alaska is a temporary fix for an inebriated system. (Oct 2000)
* More renewables & more efficency to stave off global warming. (Jul 2000)
* Raise CAFE standards; treat SUVs like cars. (Jul 2000)
* Congress should revive energy policies before crisis. (Oct 1999)
* Promote energy independence to avoid foreign wars. (Oct 1996)

* Rapid and responsible withdrawal of US military from Iraq. (Feb 2008)
* Stop saber rattling against Iran; start negotiating. (Feb 2008)
* Bush should never have invaded Iraq. (Nov 2006)
* Impeach Bush & Cheney for 5 falsehoods on Iraq war. (Apr 2004)
* Bush is acting as a selected dictator. (Jul 2003)
* US oil companies & Bush Admin eye Iraqi oil. (Feb 2003)
* US deserves to know the influence of the oil industry. (Feb 2003)
* Americans don't believe in Bush on Iraq. (Jan 2003)
* Afghanistan: Bush burned down haystack to find needle. (Sep 2002)

* Hold Bush accountable for torture & illegal war. (Feb 2008)
* End secret detentions & restore civil liberties. (Feb 2008)
* Repeal the Patriot Act; end secret detentions. (Nov 2004)
* Weapons corporations indirectly control tax dollars. (Jan 2003)
* Cut defense budget by $62B by reducing waste & fraud. (Sep 2002)

* For single-payer; all major candidates oppose it. (Feb 2008)
* Use Canadian system as a model for US. (May 2000)
* Health care is a universal human right. (May 2000)

* The two parties are proxies for corporate government. (Jul 2004)
* Giving information to people overcomes propaganda. (Jul 2004)
* Primary architect of Freedom of Information Act. (Sep 2002)

* Globalization is a betrayal of workers and environment. (Nov 2000)
* WTO makes trade supreme over labor, environment & consumers. (Feb 2008)
* NAFTA and GATT supersede national and state laws. (Sep 2002)

* Support foreign peasants instead of foreign dictators. (Jun 2000)
* US should be the world's humanitarian superpower. (Feb 2008)
* Corporate activity destroys the third world. (Jul 2004)

* More & more family functions are outsourced to corporations. (Feb 2007)
* Corporations are commercializing the world of the child. (Jul 2004)
* TV ads targeting kids are “electronic child molesting”. (Feb 2000)

* Charge agribusiness for water; stop charging more to people. (Oct 2000)
* End all commercial logging in National Forests. (Jul 2000)
* Head off a genetic engineering rampage. (Feb 2000)
* Protect whistleblowers on health, safety, & pollution. (Feb 2000)
* Corporate collectivism leads toward ecological disaster. (Feb 2000)
* More funds to maintain National Park system. (Jul 1999)

* For single-payer; all major candidates oppose it. (Feb 2008)

* Abandon standardized testing; focus on teaching civic skills. (Oct 2000)
* Invest in K-12 education; that will reduce poverty. (Jun 2000)
* Teach democratic principles & citizenship in schools. (Feb 2000)

* The drug war has failed, despite $50B annually. (Feb 2008)
* Rehabilitation, not incarceration. (Jul 2004)
* Failed War on Drugs endangers communities. (Oct 2000)
* Legalize marijuana, and treat addiction as a health problem. (Sep 2000)
* Treat hemp like poppy seeds, not like heroin. (Sep 2000)
* Remove industrial hemp from DEA drug list. (Jun 2000)
* Replace Drug War with treatment and alternative sentencing. (Jun 2000)
* Supports legalization of industrial hemp. (May 2000)
* Solution to addiction is information, not prohibition. (Oct 1994)
* Rated A+ by VOTE-HEMP, indicating a pro-hemp voting record. (Dec 2003)

* Opposed 1996 expansion of the federal death penalty. (Feb 2008)
* Crime in the suites worse than crime in the streets. (Sep 2002)
* Death penalty does not deter. (Aug 2000)
* Moratorium on executions. (Aug 2000)

and on and on . . .

Nader is a "good guy" . . . whether he agrees on demolition or not. Supporting a new investigation PLUS being a good guy is a lot.

I would imagine the 9/11 issue he might be most willing to speak out on would be the insider trading issue since following money trails is what he does.

Sounds good.

Just like Ron Paul did.


Forgive me if I don't hold my breath.

I have seen too many politicians kiss babies and steal their lollipops.

" Ralph Nader would eliminate corporate personhood so oil companies would be hit hard by that and the whole ability of corporations to control our lives increasingly could be stopped."

Ralp Nader is not going to do anything.

If any change is ever going to be made it is by We The People.

Never be drawn by individuals or personalities or political or economic messiahs to do WHAT WE COLLECTIVELY AS A SOCIETY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.




Let's stop hero worshipping individuals or personalities.

We should be driven by systems and principles that reflect the Constitution rather than personalities who USE issues to gain power.


The Presidency was never meant to be ONE MAN OR WOMAN.

They are supposed to be civil servants and public servants.

We The People have been complacent and allowed it to degenerate to the crisis we are in now.

Less Personalities and more Constitutional Rule of Law & Governance.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

yes, but . . .

"If any change is ever going to be made it is by We The People."

Let's hope so, and we're working for it bit by bit, but Ralph has also brought about a LOT of change in over decades by creating watchdog and consumer rights groups that then PROVIDED the information for we the people to know what was going on.

We are all doing what we can. If we are talking about presidential candidates we are discussing their position on the issues -- that isn't idolizing. That's discussing the facts of their stated opinions.

Greens are one of the few parties advocating proportional representation and taking money out of elections. Nader supports those positions.

It not so much that we the people have been complacent, it's that we the people have been hypnotized by the corporate media machine and the majority simply fall to it en masse. That's not complacency, that's mostly people being victimized and in denial, but most go into denial for one reason or another. If people are only concerned about the latest football scores, they were likely raised to have only that concern or have a predisposition to be unable to handle reality.