Amy Goodman Supports New Investigation into WTC 7

I am sorry, but that is not good enough

Good show We Are Change.

As regards her statement, it is week and meek. She knows whats going on. I saw a video of her a while back being told about 911 and given material by hand to study. I wrote to her too, and never got an answer. Just graffiti on the wall...

Funny. She takes good positions about torture.

Yes, especially since Ms. Goodman was present, in person,

at the controlled demolition of WTC-7!

Amy has never offered to explain why she & many other people were assembled behind police barricades, at about 5:20 pm on 9/11, waiting for Building #7 to be taken down! I think she should start talking:

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any thoughts on why Goodman was there?


You seem to imply people were assembled behind police barricades intentionally to witness the collapse? Do you have any more thoughts on it?

...don't believe them!

Her radio studio at WBAI was a few blocks away

and if I was a journalist, who happened to be a few blocks away, I probably would have been at the barricades too.

My big issue with Goodman is that she refuses to adequately cover this story. How could a journalist be an witness to these events and then not do a show about her personal experience? She's a witness to the biggest crime in US History and she refuses to cover the story.

OK, but there are many streets running North-South in Manhattan,

as well as East-West. Ms. Goodman & the others were on a street looking south at WTC-7, which being 500' tall, was basically blocking their view until it came down for them, of course.

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I'm not trying to defend her

I was just stating her official excuse.

Why doesn't she just tell us herself, what she was doing there at that particular moment, and if she had foreknowledge that WTC 7 was going to be demolished? Then we wouldn't have to speculate.

No, not at the moment, but from watching the clip that I linked

to, it did seem that people were waiting for something to happen to Building #7.

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I agree

She's late, very very late.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Baby steps...

Is that you Luke again?! One by one you get em on the record, time and time again, well done!

Kind regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

A CONFRONTATION...or a respectful interaction?


You got a million times more out of a "left gatekeeper" by asking a quick, simple and respectful question than Barrett did when CONFRONTING Goodman.


Look folks, if we truly believe that we have the goods on them, lets just keep respectfully asking questions....the John and Jane Does can then comfortably look at our work and eventually come to deal with the FACTS.

Its our emotions that can be harmfully exploited when in the midst of CONFRONTATIONS.

PLEASE...Lets BE the CHANGE that we want to BECOME....

The 2% rulers have no defense against us in the 98% "ruled" class...if we treat them this will see.

The HI PERPS have always depended upon us being "outlaws" to undermine our credibility...

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon

Template For Future Dialogues

Great video. This is how we bring people to be open to exploring 9/11 issues. Amy Goodman has done tireless work in putting peace and justice at the center of her broadcasts.
She is not an adversary.

I don't know. I thought Amy was very weak in exposing the lies

that got us into Iraq, and have kept us there to this day. She never really trumpeted any anti-war rallies, & stayed rather neutral about too many critical issues. (btw, at least 1 million dead Iraqs so far, & way more than the reported 4,000 dead U.S. soldiers I'd bet!)

Goodman often seemed too concerned with appearing unbiased, or in giving the Bush regime the benefit of the doubt, or in being "fair & balanced" on too many of their other obvious lies as well. (It would be like covering Hitler without challenging the boldfaced lies & propaganda.)

(I stopped watching & listening to Goodman a while ago, so I don't really know what she's up to lately.)

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Yes that is true Robin, but there is a place for both forms..

Luke, as you say provides the respectful context this time, but I bet it is because they know who he is and what he can do, they show him some in return. WE MUST also be the outlaw on occasion to show people we mean business and we are truly passionate.

All non-violent methods are valid if they achieve a positive outcome!

Obviously the red-faced man yelling at the odd musician is pointless and harmful as it shows no intellect or true thoughtful passion.


Robin I would also like to say that your perspective on the ATC aspects of 9/11 really put it all together for me and I talk about the change in protocols in nearly every discussion I have on the matter, thanks.

Kind regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!


Six and a half years later Amy Goodman thinks it should be investigated ..
What kept you from investigating all that time ? Aren't reporters supposed to ask questions ?
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Old news,more self promotion

Amy Goodman has said a number of times that she supports a new investigation.What's the purpose of this posting?Is it merely to promote Luke? This should be filed under "non-news" as in:nothing happened today.Are we supposed to get excited that Luke didn't bluster and motor mouth alot of New World Order Jewish banker garbage or threaten to hound Amy until she goes to Ground Zero with flyers?

I disagree, & "NWO banker garbage" has played a huge role in

putting us in the dire emergency we are in today.

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Amy Gatekeeper

Mmh, she wont dare openly oppose an investigation anymore. After all, to agree with an investigation that won't happen anyway costs nothing and she understands that it is the best way to get rid of the guy with the camera.

Lets not forget that Amy is jewish and clearly supports Israel. This fact along with her history of effectively opposing 9/11 truth makes her highlly suspect in my view.


"Lets not forget that Amy is jewish and clearly supports Israel."

You mean by exposing Israel's attacks on Palestinians almost constantly? It sounds like you don't listen to the show. This has nothing to do with anyone's religion.

Thanks Vic.

I'm glad you jumped on that, because I really didn't want to have to, at least not first, anyway. (LOL @ myself)

The folks we're after, the perps of the 9/11 operation and their paymasters, clearly have no religion but pure,naked power. This soul corrupting lust for power knows no "race", no religion, no culture and no ethnicity; it is simply a product of basic human weakness, insecurity and self-hatred.

One can support Israel and oppose Israeli government policy, just as one can support the U.S. and oppose U.S. government policy, yes?

Finally, I know quite a few Jewish people who are very hip to 9/11 truth, it scares the bejeebers out of many of them, but they want full and complete investigations into the crime. A few have even told me quietly that they suspect Mossad involvement (the main reason for their fear, btw).

We are all brothers and sisters in one big dysfunctional family and name calling will not take us anywhere we really want to go.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

"We are all brothers and

"We are all brothers and sisters in one big dysfunctional family"

I'm not a brother or a sister. I'm the crazy aunt in the basement.

Well then,

I'm the nutty uncle dancing on the roof!

Hello sister!


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

That's not true.

Goodman supports Finkelstein and others who actively oppose Zionism generally and Israeli nationalism specifically. The Counterpunch team for instance is allowed on D-NOW:

9/11 Truth, not so much.

Yes, I have seen Amy take Finkelstein's (very resonable) side

regarding out-of-control Zionism, while she also opposed Alan Dershowitz's warmongering stance on Zionism. We should be encouraged regarding that, at least.

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You used the "J-word"

NEVER do that, it doesn't matter how right you are .
Yes, Amy is "critical" of zionism and Israeli nationalism but that is hardly "controversial", many Jews share similar views .
But she supports Israels right to exist by stealing other peoples land, doesn't she ?
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Let's go beyond cartoon versions of history

What exactly is your agenda? Your brand of Jew-hatred is exactly what Zionists point to when justifying Israel.

Do you support the right of the United States to exist? My understanding is that the U. S. is built on land stolen from the indigenous populations of North America. If you concede the point, and you are a U. S. citizen of non-indigenous decent, where are you planning on moving?

Of course, the truth is much more complicated than the cartoon Peter presents. Jews lived in Palestine for years prior to the advent of the modern Zionist movement. There was relative peace between Arabs and Jews until the beginning of the last century when the European Zionist movement began pushing for a homeland in the face of European Jew-hating, like that of our Mr. Peter, only without the keyboard.

The influx of European Jews alarmed not only Arabs, but the religious Jews who had been living there, waiting for their Messiah.( In fact, there is an organization of religious Jews who are vehemently anti-Zionist. See

After WW II the Nazi Holocaust provided the final impetus for a Jewish State. Of course, those who don't like the facts simply make them up by denying the Holocaust happened. But for rational people who do not have a completely paranoid worldview, I think it's possible to understand the reason that so many Jews support the Jewish State.

All of that said, the way that the right-wing Zionists inflamed an anti-Arab nationalism is truly despicable. I think that it was possible at a certain point in history (probably between the two world wars) to create a pluralistic state in Palestine that protected the rights of all citizens. But the European Zionists were able to manipulate the politics of Great Britain, in particular, between the wars such that a Jewish state would become an inevitability.

I get weary of this issue. Can someone tell me why, for some people, it always comes back to the Jews? What is the obsession? Never mind. I know the answer. It's ALWAYS easier to scapegoat another people than to take on your own home-grown ruling class.

Actually, I'd like to return to my ancestral home in Scotland

But I don't think they'd have me (smart lot, those Scots).

I do look smashing in a kilt, though, and plan on learning the bagpipes (then I can be really annoying).

Oh, Ian.....

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

You offer a very sketchy view of Israeli/Zionist history


Yes, I live in a land stolen from indigenous people, but I don't go around in a military uniform harassing, discriminating against, & beating the Native Americans as the Israeli military do to the Palestinians on a daily basis.

The crux of the matter is that Israel is tiny piece of land that deliberately destabilizes the entire Middle-East. Israeli politicians have been partners-in-crime with U.S. politicians for decades, using the military/industrial complex to reap endless profits from endless war.

Actually, the Israelis own many U.S. politicians. Even Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said: "Don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America."

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Furthermore, why are Palestinians responsible for giving up

their land because of the holocaust??? If anything, Germany should give up some of their land as reparations for the holocaust, not Palestinians!!!

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Brian -

When was this question asked and answered?

When a significant group of us were at the Memphis Media Conference last year it was obvious to us that Ms. Goodman was steering well clear of us. Every time she saw me I could sense great trepidation from her (and I'm really NOT that ugly, y'all), sometimes she practically ran away from us. I did, however, manage to cover the Democracy Now table with deception dollars and facts cards more than once, though.

***mischievous grin***

In my opinion, Ms. Goodman knows EXACTLY what went down that day. She also knows that 9/11 truth is the third rail for anyone in journalism or politics right now and is just not willing to go there. She will not risk losing her foundation money and coast to coast broadcasting access. Simply put, she has been seduced and co-opted by the system and she knows it. Until we, the people, make it safe for all these folks they will simply express their support for a new investigation, but not actually help to get one. Many, if not most, will not even bring the subject up unless pressed and then only do so in a cursory manner.

This is the most generous analysis of her position I can make, btw.

Thus, for this group of people, the so-called "gatekeepers", we should not have any expectation that they will assist us in any way and ask them very direct questions, always sprinkling in relevant facts and being very civil. It is their audience that we really want to influence, not them.

It will be quite fascinating to see who jumps ship and swims to the shore of truth and who keeps bailing water until they drown in the sea of lies.

Civility, truth and physics will prevail, brothers and sisters.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Fine analysis, very funny, & good work there!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

This confrontation took place last week.

Thanks for your analysis. I am enjoying reading everyone's interpertation. Goodman is hard to figure out.

Department of Youth-Jonestown version

It's getting to the point where Luke and Tom Folksie will show up at the opening of a new phone booth provided there are two cameras and an echo chamber around to film them....well...doing anything.It's crossed the line into self promotion and ego tripping.While many of us in NYC are pounding the pavement trying to secure signatures on a petition for a referendum on Novembers ballot( people are grandstanding and actively sabotaging an effort that is backed by Lorie van Auken,Patty Cassaza,Ray McGovern,Ralph Schoenman,William Pepper and Frank Morales,among many other stalwart players in the Truth Movement.While I applaud guerilla style activism of the kind Alex Jones has mastered,I think it is a damn shame that We Are ChangeNYC is all about themselves and will post videos of such minor value.Hell,they're still pestering Larry Silverstein based on a ludicrous misunderstanding of a short quote in a 2002 documentary on PBS.They are convinced that anything they do is golden.It's not all about Alex and his Department of Uncouth.

A friendly suggestion, ae

Instead of slamming them for doing their thing (which is your right,btw), why not post a blog about what YOU'RE doing for the petition drive?

I think that everyone one of us here would love to hear how the drive is going and there seems to be a dearth of information coming out of NYC about it.

What say you, friend? Will you update us on the progress of the petition?

Channel dem positive vibrations, mahn, ja dig?


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


I could sit here and poo-poo your efforts but that wouldn't be very productive, would it? Try leading by example. You will do far more good then running your mouth off in a message board.

I disagree

Goodman's response to Luke was, "Here's a lollipop, little fella. Now go away."

We see want we want to see, and sometimes it feels desperate.

Too little, too late.

don't expect any thank yous over here.


Message to Amy

SUBJECT: Amy discussed on 911 blogger

The point is: When will you interview Professors Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, or Archtect Richard Gage about the Truth of 911?

You must know by now that 911 was an inside job.


Here is where I sent this message:
Contact Democracy Now!

Nice one Luke! A little

Nice one Luke! A little civility can go a long way. Maybe next time she will agree to interview Jones or Gage about WTC7 too. Keep it up.

- 9/11 Civil Information Blog

PooPoo from Brian,jive from LeftWright

Typical arrogance from We are Change,this time from Brian.Imagine,one of Alex's boys is accusing someone of running their mouth! If you were allowed to think for yourself you'd have remembered that I said we're hitting the streets to get signatures for the petition.Of course your crew of hipsters DOES poo poo that effort,so pretending you won't is cute.Luke has even been seen heckling activists at Union Square who were working on the petition drive.Is there ever a mention of the effort on or Alex has a lot of fans in NYC,where is he on this? He's promoting himself and his acolytes,as usual, and continuing to rake in the bucks.I guess there's no money for him in this one or else there's no room on his home pages,with all the huckster advertisements taking up so much room. It's obvious,Brian,from your missive,and your organization's blackout on mentioning the pettition drive,that you think it's useless and that you guys are bigger than the movement.Well,you know what:Lorie van Auken and Patty Cassaza are the truest members of the movement and you guys have a valuable part to play.But you're not the only game in town.So,what I'd say to you is:Why is nobody from We are ChangeNYC helping out by getting signatures and spreading the word,instead of mocking the effort both privately and publicly? LeftWright,it's called a petition drive,you get people to sign a petition,by getting out there on the street.It's not as hip as self promotional films but it leads to something,we hope.The information is there,just not anywhere near We are Change and Alex Jones.You can find the relevant information at

Chill out, ae

If you're too busy to give those of us outside of NY an occasional update and maybe promote the petition drive, that's your choice.

I support the petition drive, I met with Les when he was out here seeking support and I would be in the street everyday in NYC if I were there, I happen to be 3,000 miles away and, regrettably, can't afford to make the trip to NYC to help you with it.

If you feel so strongly about Luke and WAC NY and they are heckling you, why not get that on video? I would.

A quick look at the web site is not very informative about the progress of the petition drive, I see nothing since February 6th, actually. My point was, and remains, that you would do your cause more benefit by keeping all of us at 911Blogger up to date on your activities and progress, than by bashing others. This is marketing 101.

Please, let us know how it's going, something as simple as how many signatures you've gotten to date would be great.

I do like jazz, btw.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Cosmos just informed me that this is from 2007, is that correct?