Civil Informationing in Fort Langley, B.C. - May 18th


Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Civil Informationing in Fort Langley, B.C.

Members of Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth were on McMillan Island in Fort Langley near the Albion Ferry dock from 2 pm til 7 pm on this warm, sunny day. Marilyn, Johnny, Marina, Terry, Bianca and Wayne set up a gazebo and two tables on an open lot along the approach to the ferry dock with DVDs, fliers, and petitions for a new 9/11 investigation in Canada.

See: Google Map and Satellite photo of the location.

We had 2 portable DVD players on hand and broadcasted 9/11 related music on 91.1 FM with a low power transmitter and invited those waiting in their cars to tune in. We also had some 'sandwich boards' on loan from Vancouver 9/11 Truth (thanks guys!) which feature the names, faces and quotes from some of the very credible people listed at PatriotsQuestion911 .

Read full details and with more pictures here:

(our 4th outing in 4 weeks, 11th so far this Spring, with more to come each week if weather permits)

Wow, great job! And a good

Wow, great job! And a good location, with that line of cars . . . it's good to know that people are out there doing these actions.

Great sign

both graphically, and with the ironic twist in the message - Beware of the these people trying to bring forth truth and justice for your sake.


Great job, Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth!

I hope to organize a series of 9/11 truth picnics in Golden Gate Park and other bay area parks this spring and summer.

We need to go where the people are.

Professional sporting events are also great venues to do public outreach.

Love is a verb, brothers and sisters, let's get busier!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Satellite and Google Map links a nice touch....

Nice touch with the links to go along with very nice work.

By the way, how does the mini-FM transmitter work?

...don't believe them!