Scott McClellan as Whistleblower-- NOT! (But "there was something good in what McClellan did")

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Scott McClellan as Whistleblower-- NOT!

after putting down my dog Vanilla, on Friday, I wrote an article about it, and feeling in a forgiving mood, spoke kindly about Scott McClellan. I decided to write more about it today, especially after reading right winger Peggy Noonan, in yesterday's Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, who says,

"When I finished the book I came out not admiring Mr. McClellan or liking him but, in terms of the larger arguments, believing him. One hopes more people who work or worked within the Bush White House will address the book's themes and interpretations. What he says may be inconvenient, and it may be painful, but that's not what matters. What matters is if it's true. Let the debate on the issues commence.

What's needed now? More memoirs, more data, more information, more testimony. More serious books..."

And I got to thinking and wrote, on Friday that there was something good in what McClellan did. Some readers agreed with me. So today, after seeing him on Meet The Press, with Tim Russert, I thought I'd write a bit more about it. After a few paragraphs, in which I was moving toward calling McClellan a whistleblower-- not a clean one, but a stinky one who, nonetheless was doing some good, I decided to ask one of my whistleblowing heroes-- Sibel Edmonds. Fortunately, she straightened me out, making it clear that he made money and really didn't disclose anything new. We ended up having a half hour conversation.

Sibel told me she absolutely did NOT see him as a whistle blower, based on the entire community of whistle blowers she's involved with-- the National Security whistleblowers coalition. She told me,

"We call these people opportunists, because that's exactly what he is. "

"He is not a whistle blower. It just makes me sick to see that much coverage of this guy."

She told me that real whistleblowers don't seek book contracts because, first, the government agencies can do major editing, and second, the editors themselves do more editing based on their own agendas. She cited Ann Wright's book, Dissent: Voices of Conscience, as an example of whistleblowers telling their story without censorship, but also without making any serious money. To be a whistleblower who makes a difference, she says, you really can't go for a big contract.

I'll be playing audio clips from my interview with Sibel on my new radio show, Wednesday night at 9:00 PM EST and I could use some help getting it transcribed. Any volunteers? I'll email it as two digital audio files.

Not a true whistleblower but:

At least some neo-convicts got a little case of heartburn. Any anti bush press is good press at this point and hopefully will help slow down a march to war with Iran. Any defection from the bush camp is still welcome and can't hurt. While he doesn't say anything new at least it's still being said and talked about and thus put back into America's short term memory. But from Sibel's point of view it's still small potatoes!

propaganda & spin

I can't help but think that Scott McClellan's book, claiming spin and propaganda leading up to the Iraq war, may somehow provide an opening for 9/11 Truth. Although Ari Fleischer was press secretary in 2001 (reportedly holding up a sign in the Florida classroom that read: "Don't say anything yet") wouldn't it be interesting to ask McClellan if he subsequently learned of any spin and propaganda surrounding 9/11. Seems like a natural line of questioning to me. Could start by asking Scott about the much delayed NIST report on Bldg 7; whether any of the bin Laden tapes were faked or, for that matter, if he believes bin Laden is alive or dead. The oft repeated phrase applies here: If they lied about Iraq, what makes anyone think we've been told the truth about 9/11?

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

"I can't help but think that

"I can't help but think that Scott McClellan's book, claiming spin and propaganda leading up to the Iraq war, may somehow provide an opening for 9/11 Truth."

I think you're on to something . . . I feel the same way about the 9/11 lawsuit in Philadelphia that has HEADLINED the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer two days in a row . . . .

"If they lied about Iraq, what makes anyone think we've been told the truth about 9/11?" . . . . SO true. I believe the pattern of lies and deceit are sinking in . . .

It's a good discussion on McClellan

Sibel is unfortunately closer to the truth. It may very well be another bit of interesting noise in the cacophony of crimes originating in the White House? It's true, my first reaction was it's sour grapes by someone forced out but confirming the deception employed in going to war--a very good thing. I remain alert to other possibilities, however?

McClellan may be getting back at the Bush administration and make a buck as well? If McClellan goes on living without severe repercussions, you know it's with some level of tolerance by this regime! Some with experience like John Dean suggests this is a fascinating yet limited hangout: Olbermann interview.

The key will be whether McClellan's life suffers whether this is an authenticate confession?

McClellan was in the Bush administration..
...don't believe him!