June 19, 2008 Impeach Bush now? By Ray McGovern

Sadly, I'm pretty much convinced that "the people" will not wake up until another 9/11 happens or an attack on Iran commences . . . How much more evidence do "the people" and Congress need?

I feel a calm before the storm right now, but on a positive note, maybe that storm will allow 9/11 truth to finally be exposed . . . --Betsy

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June 19, 2008

Impeach Bush now?

By Ray McGovern

United States Rep. John Conyers, the Detroit Democrat who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, has a rendezvous with destiny. He is uniquely placed to thrust a rod through the wheels of a White House juggernaut to war with Iran by commencing impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush.

A move to impeach would bolster the resistance to Bush among our senior military leaders who know that attacking Iran at this time would be the strategic equivalent of the marches into Russia by Napoleon and Hitler.

Since Conyers took the helm of Judiciary in January 2007, the train of abuses and usurpations by the Bush administration has gotten even longer. But oddly, Conyers has lost his earlier appetite for impeachment and begun offering all manner of transparent excuses not to proceed. On July 23, 2007, for example, Conyers told Cindy Sheehan, the Rev. Lennox Yearwood and me that he would need 218 votes in the House, and vociferously claimed the votes were not there.

Well, they are now. Last week, 251 members of the House voted to refer to Conyers' committee the 35 Articles of Impeachment offered by U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio. Conyers should take them up.

When bombs are falling on Iran, it will be too late -- and our commander in chief is likely to give that order within the next couple of months. As former White House press secretary Scott McClellan reminds us, when the president sets his mind on something, he is not going to let anything stop him.

What seems to be driving Bush comes through best when he ad-libs at press conferences. On June 10, in Slovenia, he was asked about the intensifying debate in Israel about a military option against the nuclear installations in Iran. Bush responded: "If you go to Israel and listen carefully, you'll hear the urgency in their voice."

What's so urgent? Israel's ambassador to the United States, speaking at an American Jewish Committee luncheon last Oct. 22, said the Iranians must not be permitted to conclude that, "come January '09 (after Bush leaves office), they have it their own way."

Vice President Dick Cheney last summer pushed for air strikes on Revolutionary Guards bases in Iran, but was thwarted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to J. Scott Carpenter, a senior State Department official working on the Middle East at the time.

The Joint Chiefs also have strongly opposed attacking Iran's nuclear sites, according to a former Iran specialist at the National Security Council, Hillary Mann, who has wide contacts among senior Pentagon officials. Mann reports that Admiral William Fallon, the former CENTCOM commander, joined the Joint Chiefs in opposing such an attack and made his views known to the White House. Fallon was forced to resign in March and will be replaced as CENTCOM commander by Gen. David Petraeus.

A "political general," Petraeus has already demonstrated his willingness to do Cheney's bidding -- by, for example, making demonstrably false claims about Iranian weaponry in Iraq. Nonetheless, the U.S. military in Baghdad apparently remains under orders to blame any serious violence on "special groups" -- code for those said to be supported by Iran.

Before the smoke had cleared after Tuesday's bombing in Baghdad that left at least 63 dead and 78 wounded, U.S. spokesman Lt. Col. Steven Stover announced that the U.S. command believed one of those "special groups" was behind the bombing.

The corporate media are already launched in their pre-attack mode, providing stenographic services for the White House to indoctrinate Americans on a synthetic "threat" from Iran. So far, though, we have been spared the "mushroom cloud" imagery. Neither Bush nor Cheney want to risk drawing attention to the fact that all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies concluded last November that Iran stopped nuclear weapons-related work in 2003 and has not restarted it.

Conyers may say there's not enough time to begin impeachment, with only seven months left to this administration. But how could Conyers say this one day, and on the next say that if Bush attacks Iran, well then the House may move toward impeachment? His nonchalance regarding what an attack on Iran would mean is mind-boggling. You impeach the scoundrels before they start another war.

At a similarly critical juncture in our nation's history, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was characteristically direct: "There is such a thing as being too late. ... Life often leaves us standing bare, naked, and dejected with lost opportunity. ... Over the bleached bones of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words: 'Too late.'"

Authors Bio: Ray McGovern works with Tell the Word, the publishing arm of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC. During his 27-years as a CIA analyst, he chaired NIEs: he is now on the Steering Group of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

Bomb Iran? We know he can!

Recent comments by Bill Kristol and Daniel Pipes seem to indicate a higher probability that Bush will bomb Iran if it looks like Obama is going to win the election. McGovern is right and Conyers needs to rise to the occasion in these matters. I think he needs to hear from as many people as possible that he may be holding the key to STOPPING World War III . I am sorry to say I think the odds are against us based on the recent war exercises by Israel and the retirement of Admiral Fallon. I think we need to show up in numbers in the streets of DC this summer demanding Impeachment before it's too late. Let's pick a date!

It's going to be a suspense-filled year

Israeli military exercises and citizens urged by Olmert to build safe rooms earlier this year, spell out this may be the year. Israel has negotiated fly over rights with Iraq, then there's Cheney's Middle East tour, "are you with us or against us?"

I see it much as peaceful warrior, the remainder of this year is critical to denying this administration another war!

I suspect, Conyers cannot do much because he's compromised! Still, impeachment is our best bet at putting this criminal government on its heels!

I cannot get enough of Ray McGovern!

Ray McGovern
...believe him!


"But how could Conyers say this one day, and on the next say that if Bush attacks Iran, well then the House may move toward impeachment?"

Exactly. I've pretty much lost all respect for Conyers. He's no better than Pelosi, another Bush-enabler. Unfortunately, I don't think he's susceptible to eloquent, rational arguments. Perhaps the only thing left to try that will work is to shame him. But how?

The one thing that comes to mind is sending letters to his CONSTITUENTS (and his FAMILY, if we can get their addresses) showing pictures of dead and mangled Iraqi children, and not-yet-dead and not-yet-mangled Iranian children. You know, the sorts of pictures that our media doesn't want to show, because we might actually develop sympathy, human being to human being, for the victims of our imperial excesses.

On a related note, for those in power who are susceptible to rational arguments, I wonder if they've considered the possible dirty bomb angle of the "escalation dominance" said to be possessed by Iran. According to wikipedia, "During the campaign Hezbollah fired between 3,970 and 4,228 rockets. About 95% of these were 122 mm (4.8 in) Katyusha artillery rockets, which carried warheads up to 30 kg (66 lb) and had a range of up to 30 km (19 mi).[61][62] An estimated 23% of these rockets hit built-up areas, primarily civilian in nature". Iran doesn't possess nuclear weapons, but they do possess nuclear materials. If Israel and/or the US attack nuclear facilities in Iran, spew radioactive waste every which way, and 9 months later there's a huge surge in Iranian babies being born with birth defects, does it take a rocket scientist (OK, pun intended) to figure out that the Iranians will conclude that they cannot coexist with Israel, and that using their Hezbollah allies to launch dirty bombs into Israel is a clever way to drive the Jews back to Europe? How many young Israeli couples are so in love with their country that a few birth defects here and there won't upset them sufficiently to pine for a less nightmarish existence in Europe?

It may be that the only hope for averting a catastrophe is for peace-loving Israelis to shut down their country until the Likudniks submit. President Bush is, well, President Bush, and Conyers is either a coward, a fool, or does an excellent imitation of one. Needless to say, it would also help things if the Iranians were as intent on seeking detente with Israel as they were in seeking nuclear energy. I've worked with Iranians (Persians). They were nice people, but also proud of their ancient culture. As well they should be. But a little less pride, under the current circumstances, might go a long way to allowing an agreement with Israel to be worked out. Believe it or not, there really are more important things than national pride. Living in a non-radioactively contaminated Middle East is certainly one of them. Google "depleted uranium" and "Iraq" if you think otherwise. Look carefully at the pictures of Iraqi children and babies with horrific birth defects that you come across.

Another thing that would help is if Ahmadinejad visited a holocaust museum or two, such as the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial and museum. Entertaining Holocaust revisionism is not helping the situation, and if Iran is serious about living in peace with Israel, doesn't common sense suggest that it make an honest effort to understand her? Is there not a single peace-loving man or woman in all of Poland (or Germany) who will extend an invitation to Ahmadinejad for a compassionate, respectful, guided tour? There are all sorts of creative possibilities for ameliorating the situation, but only if good will prevails.

On a lighter note, I saw the movie "You don't mess with the Zohan" last week. The funniest line, by far (judging by the audience's laughter) was when the Israelis (in New York) were asked why people didn't like them. The answer was "Because we look like you." (Meaning the Palestinians, who worked across the street from the Israelis in NYC, who had already answered the same question.) Maybe Adam Sandler can broker a deal between the Israelis and another group of people who don't look all that different from them? (You know, compared to Chinese or Indians.) Now, THAT would make quite a documentary. :-)



To say the least. Conyers left us standing at the altar for sure.

Israel does not want peace

It has never wanted peace. It was formed out of terrorism, ethnic cleansing and apartheid. It wishes to expand into Lebanon, Syria, and points beyond.

Iran is a strategic impediment to Israeli expansion, by supporting Hezbollah (the legitimate owners of much of Lebanon).

Iran is also a sitting duck for imperial liberation of much of its oil and gas reserves which sit in the province right next door to Iraq.

THAT is the perfect storm brewing against Iran. It has nothing to do with Ahdmenijad, and it was official policy in the two aggressor nations long before anyone ever heard of him. It has nothing to do with the fucking Holocaust, which I am quite sick to death of.

These are Zionist tactics to obscure the real reasons for war and peace.

As Zionism has set up shop in the US Congress, and every fucking piece of shit congressman has to kiss the ring or face demonization in media, and a boycott from the financial sector, these Zionist lies matter more than ever.

This is a thirty year plan, concocted in Israel and exported to the US security state that "terror" -- by disorganized Arabs exclusively -- is a force that must be fought globally by the imperial (U$ funded) police. Of course the definition of "terror" is anything Israel and the US don't like, period.

Ronald Reagan declared his own "war on terrorism" and he put marines in Lebanon -- to benefit whom?

This endless nightmare is a direct result of the theft of Palestine post ww2. It has gotten quite out of control with dire consequences for the world. Such a tiny minority is sure adept at causing international chaos, death and destruction quite disproportionate to their numbers. They have quite a hand in burning the bill of rights here too.

Fuck Israel. I hope they do abandon it and go back to Europe, Russia, US.

Yeah, that'll happen.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.

some people may realize

Israel is really just a base for the US. Some of the people may think they have a country and are independent but they are just a fort in the sand giving the US a base in the middle east and have been protecting our interest in this all important oil region of the world. They are sacrificing their sons and daughters because they have been manipulated by the US and the Zionists to do so! When a true voice of the people of Israel who want to try peace get a leader in place to make a difference such as Rabin what happens. The same thing that happens to any of our leaders who wanted peace.

Even if it were true that

Even if it were true that the Israeli government, historically, doesn't "want peace", Israel is a small country. Unlike the US, which mostly does it's killing and dying overseas, an Israeli government hell bent on war, in an age of missiles and rockets, means that a war can be brought right into people's homes in a matter of minutes. Regardless of what you perceive of a historical "Zionist" agenda, that is the reality, here and now. So, to say that the Israeli government doesn't want peace, means that you believe that they feel that getting hit with missiles and rockets is worth whatever is gained by war.

I have argued that if those missiles and rockets are essentially dirty bombs, it is no longer worth it to Israel to make war, except as a last, desperate act where it's survival was in immediate danger.

There are no good options, except peaceful coexistence. None. That means, ultimately, a two-state solution for the Palestinians, that doesn't humiliate them. It also means that Hezbollah cannot be lobbing Iranian supplied rockets into Israel. Above all, it means that moderate people, of good will, on all sides need to hold their own extremists in check, whatever that might require.

I'm quite aware that Ahmadinejad is not a major player, but his unfortunate actions are serving as propaganda fodder. If the Israeli public can be whipped into a state of fear or loathing over Ahmadinejad, it will be that much more easy for their government to attack Iran. Ditto for the US.

My motto for Middle East peace is: "Make falafel, not war!" :-)


Its good to talk about Israel...

The one thing that Zionists may fear most is any event, or set of events that galvanize what is loosely known as the "Arab or Muslim World" standing up, in UNITY, against Israel. Using the "Muslim World" as a generic identifier of a massive grouping of people in the middle east [certainly a bit more far ranging than that], the basic numbers are very impressive...Israel...25-35 million people versus 1.3 BILLION Muslims...etc. Hence...Israel's NUKES!

At the moment there is little unity in the loosely identified "Muslim World", and this provides some security for Israel. Should something happen to rally ALL those peoples in the "Muslim World" to act in unison AGAINST Israel, everyday life in Israel for Israeli Jews woud take the most horriffic turn for the worse...and Israeli Jews know this. Talk about living with every step and every breath perhaps being your very last because of the HUGE number of "Arabs and Muslims" [loosly speaking] that exist in their midst and who are unified AGAINST the state of Israel and Jews!.

For all intents and purposes, the comfortable upper middle class life of Israelis living in Israel would cease to exist in spite of all the funds that the US Government and Israel-Americans send their way. Israelis would be terrorized every minute of every day of every year, and more and more "Arabic-Muslim" types would somehow flood into Israel to "take care of such business". Of course, radical Zionists do not care about this. Sound familiar?

This does not happen now because ther is no "galvinization" amongst the various groups of Arabs, Muslims, Persians, Palestinians and many others who are NOT Jews in the region. Such division amongst these disparate groups has allowed for Israel to remain in control, or at least able to fend off such a "swarming" that would overrun Israel in what Israelis consider as their own country.

So, one irony that may exist is that The Bush Crime Family may actually be keeping the possibility of such a "galvanizing attack" upon Iran by the USofA in play as a "control" over Israel, Zionism and Israeli influence peddlers in the USofA such as AIPAC and the rest. But then again, they are good buddies too!

Wrapping it all up about impeaching Bush...lets wait to do it until after Obama gets elected, [if he does]. Lets do this so that Bush cannot pardon any of his neocon Crime Family before he leaves office . [Thanks for the pardons Bill Clinton...you DLC ___hole!].

If its McCain, all bets are off, and who knows who will be attacked and for what reason whenever he feels like doing so. But, he may not jump Iran as he is ALSO completely in AIPAC's back pocket.

And as far as McCain is concerened from my view, its pretty clear to me that he proves the age old addage that "Paybacks are a bitch..." McCain seems determined to pay SOMEONE BACK for the time he spent being tortured in Vietnam. If he gets elected my advice is very simple... TAKE COVER!

Robin Hordon

Ray McGovern - Media