Congress Should Rescind the State of Emergency Declared by Bush

The White House suspended the Constitution and implemented Continuity of Government Plans on 9/11, based upon a declared state of national emergency. Bush has continually renewed the declared state of emergency up until today. See this.

The White House has done everything it could to scare people and convince them that America is under attack, as a way to justify the yearly renewal of the declared state of emergency and the continuing unconstitutional seizure of power by the executive branch.

But Congress has the power to revoke the state of emergency.

Specifically, the National Emergencies Act, 50 U.S.C. Sections 1601-1651, passed in 1976, gives Congress the power to countermand a presidential declaration of national emergency. Indeed, in 1976, Congress rescinded all of the declarations of national emergency made since World War II, as many of them had been on the books for years and were giving the executive unrestricted powers which were undermining the constitution.

In 1983, the Supreme Court struck down a portion of Congress' power to countermand a declaration of national emergency. But the application of that decision is limited, and should not really effect Congress' power to countermand, through a joint resolution between the House and Senate, a declaration of emergency by the president.

Moreover, in 2007, the Bush Administration tried to ignore the National Emergencies Act by issuing National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 51. But that dog won't hunt. The constitution does not allow the president to unilaterally cut Congress out of the action.

So in addition to impeachment, contempt for ignoring subpoenas, and a host of other powers, Congress can countermand Bush's declarations of national emergency since 2001.

With the declared state of emergency over, Continuity of Government Plans cannot remain in effect, and Congress is suddenly in a much stronger position to reign in Bush and Cheney.


hasn't got the balls.

All we can do is try,

so let's try, brothers and sisters!

It's high season in American politics, with every Member of the House and one third of the Senate scrambling for votes. Go to town hall meetings and ask them point blank to rescind the declared State of Emergency and see what they do (and keep track of the excuses they give).

Then ask them about a real investigation into the events of 9/11/01.

Record and post as much of it as you can, but don't let the lack of a camera or audio recorder keep you from asking the hard questions and demanding answers that make sense.

Civil persistence is the order of the day!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

COG and violations of the law...

The Bush Crime Family, and their close BIG BIZ friends, seem to be operating with full knowledge of their impunity to any prosecution for their heretofore illegal actions beginning with the stolen election in 2000.

Could this be because there ARE NO SUCH LAWS TO VIOLATE when the USofA is operating under COG which at one time or another was kicked into gear on 9/11?

Clearly there must be plans to get all of these criminals, starting with the PNAC gang, off the hook before Bush heads out of office [if he does?], and might not the COG-"no laws" BE one of these mechanism's?

Maybe impeachment the day after the election would tie Bush's hands for such pardons?

If so, THEN, I will suport the impeachment process.

Robin Hordon

The most urgent story Americans never heard!

GW, you're doing excellent work keeping the COG issue out in front! Hats off to you!

"In addition, one of the top investigative journalists in the country, Larisa Alexandrovna (the lead journalist at Raw Story), writing about the 2001 Department of Justice memorandum that found that the Fourth Amendment had no application to domestic military operations, wrote:
"it seems to me that this administration has justified its crimes by NOT suspending the state of emergency that went up on September 11, 2001. They are using emergency powers if you look at the whole of the spying, military actions inside the US, etc. I would wager that if asked, this administration will admit that we have been in a state of emergency for their tenure in office."
Alexandrovna not only believes that we have been in a state of emergency since 2001 (which the White House itself has verified, see above), but that the government has been using its emergency powers -- i.e. powers justified by a state of emergency -- in spying, carrying out military actions inside the U.S. (see this), and taking other extra-Constitutional actions.

Is that why the government:
• Suspended habeas corpus?
• Has been spying on Americans?
• Won't enforce the laws?
• Is basically “deputizing” corporations to act as sheriffs in the event of martial law?
• Is training pastors to preach obedience to martial law?"

Alexandrovna seems accurate in her commentary! It is the most urgent issue in the United States, today, and most Americans are not even aware of it.

Continuity of Government...
...don't believe it!