Richard Gage Lecture - Montreal 9/11 Truth - April 18th,2009 -

Members of Ottawa 9/11 Truth drove to Montreal on April 18th,2009 to attend the Richard Gage( Architects an Engineers for 9/11 truth ) lecture hosted by Montreal 9/11 truth. Michel Chossudovsky ( ) chaired the event and Jonathan Kay of the National Post was also in attendance. Jonathan participated in the question and answer period perhaps most so that he would have liked. It was a little disapointing to see a journalist not asking REAL QUESTIONS and not doing homage to his profession. It was funny for someone to be wanting to write a book about the 9/11 Truth Movement to not have done little to no research about the events of 9/11. I have read some of his articles for the National Post and he maintains the official theory and has refered to the 9/11 truth movement as nutjobs. He did not hesistant to jump on The Black Rods information ( a blogger from Manitoba) in a slight error Lesley Hughes made in a 2002 articles concerning the events of 9/11. As a results of the backlash created by this and the fact that Lesley Hughes is a 9/11 truther, she was forced to step down as Liberal Candidate for the 2008 Canadian election. Interesting how they jump on a hole in Lesley Hughes reporting but have left the 9/11 Commission Report alone. Richard Gages presentation of the evidence of controlled demolition of the Twin Towers was top notch and those in attentance did not go home disapointed. This is a brief recap of this event. Go to Montreal 9/11 website to view their recap of the event along with a more detailed video.
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Gage full lecture at MTL911truth


I don't know what it is with that video but it isn't really buffering, so it stutters a lot.. Anybody else experience that same problem or is it me?

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just click HQ and it should work fine.

Great video but the music renders it almost useless.

You cannot put loud music to indirect reverberating vocal audio.
I understand the desire to make the video catchy but the music destroys it.
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