Ae911truth gaining good visibility on Youtube from video of Richard's interview on KMPH TV. Keep forwarding!

According to the most recent e-newsletter from, the Youtube video of the interview with Richard Gage on KPMH TV in Fresno, CA is getting lots of hits. This video was posted May 28 at 911blogger in this thread: .

Richard Gage Interview Hitting Big-Time Numbers on YouTube
Over 100,000 views in just a few days...
by Staff

Richard Gage KMPH 26 Interview

The Fox TV (KMPH) affiliate in Fresno asked the kind of questions the Truth Movement has been waiting for. On their "Great Day" program, anchors Kim Stephens and Kopi Sotiropulos afforded Richard a friendly atmosphere, asked interesting questions, and reacted to his startling information appropriately and with a degree of humor. Very much missing was the familiar combative style normally associated with TV talk shows on which 9/11 Truth guests appear.

The huge spinoff benefit is the magnifying power of the Internet. Big numbers started coming in immediately on YouTube. Although only a few days have passed since the interview, the segment reached as high as fourth place for the week in politics and news, and third place in most discussed. These numbers hopefully will go much higher.

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