Epic 911 Truth Bannering @ 2010 Vancouver Olympics

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

For 2 weeks during the Olympic Games, Darren and the brave men and woman of the Vancouver 911 Truth Society and WeAreChangeVancouver brought the message of 911 Truth to MILLIONS of people on National Olympic Broadcasts while risking abuse and assaults by drunken cowards,haters of free speech and paid operatives almost every single night.


The Best.

See also the the comments on the preliminary version of this video made soon after the closing ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics 2010!!

Way To Go We Are Change Vancouver!!!!

eh, Eh, EH!!

When I first saw this in real-time I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the greatest move I'd ever seen.

I didn't realize until watching this, just how long it went on and in so many settings. Some of the people around you and in front of you were freakin nuts. It would have been all I could do to stop myself from doing a whack-a-mole on a few of them!!!

Watching this vid made me feel VERY proud. I just shook my head and laughed all the way through it.

What a coup, eh? You guys are FIERCE!

thanks, Thanks, THANKS, V911 Truth!!

Thanks for all the great

Thanks for all the great comments and support. CTV was broadcasting coast to coast live every night of the Olympics on Robson st. here in Vancouver. Many people were hostile to our message but there were also some people who appreciated us. Many thanks to Darren who was there every night banner in hand. We also got the banner featured on Hockey Night in Canada on CBC one of those nights but we didn't manage to get a recording of it for this video.


"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true." --Henry Kissinger

We love you Canada!

Thank you so much! We love you Canada!

Vancouver ROCKS!!!

One of the things I love about being involved with 9/11 truth is all the great people I meet and get to work with in the movement and I can tell you from first hand experience there is no more wonderful, dedicated, intelligent, brave and fun group of people than those that make up the Vancouver groups.

I can't wait to visit Vancouver, hang out and do some serious truthing with you all again SOON.

That video brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thank you for your dedication!

I am moved by your commitment::)

Respect John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Go to where the people and the cameras are...

Well done my Canadian friends of 9/11 TRUTH for PEACE and JUSTICE...

In the 60s the now old fashioned idea was to ask both activists and then ordinary people to gather someplace far away to "do their thing"...as well as to ask, or think, that the media will take their cameras there too! So much for THAT plan that partially worked only once for one war...FIFTY YEARS AGO!

The 9/11 TRUTH for PEACE Movement has redefined public activism in that just a few of us go to places or place banners etc. where the ordinary people ARE! And our DVDs...and websites...and books...and flyers!!!

In this case, creating such a pervasive backdrop that cameras cannot avoid, and newsmakers cannot prevent without illegal physical intervention, takes the messaging to the people via electronic visual means. This is a fantastic approach and reaches FAR MORE people than our usual conventions will ever reach.

WAC-LA is prodigeous in the numbers of motorists that have seen their huge banners on highway overpasses...enough so that they are now considering other overpasses in LA. What this small group of LA activists has accomplished, both electronically and physically, is absolutely astonishing...YEA WAC-LA!!!

The Arizona team has erected a huge patriotsquestion911 banner/billboard on I40 and again, the number of people who see the message is immense.

The total number of people informed by the NYC coalitions for 9/11 Truth for Peace at the PATH station at Ground Zero is also incredible. And 80,000 signatures? GEESH!!!

And for me, by the time I take my 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE banner and attachments, and my 1/4 page handouts across the Puget Sound via ferry, present both before and after the Mariners baseball games on the sidewalks surrounding Safeco Field where I need no permits [I do the same at Quest Field for the semi-sober incoming footallers...BUT do avoid the post game drunkards], my presentation will be seen by as many as 10,000 ferry riders, auto drivers, pedestrians and sports fans...all for about five hours of my work.

And going to the Seattle Center for FolkLife, or BITE, or Bumbershoot, or down to the waterfront for the music and fun at Hempfest for a full day of music and fun...again tens of thousands of people see my banners and messaging for a few hours of work.

Or, if I work a local busy intersection walking back and forth across the busy streets carrying my purposefully designed banner apparatus, and using my rights as a pedestrian, three hours will have four or five thousand automobiles pass my information. I also bring and erect a few stand-alone messaging signs for the other corners too...

Almost the same goes for the ferry docks where I can interact with motorists more as they come to a stop to pay the fare...in three hours I'll get 6-8 boatloads of 200 cars each as well as hundreds of walk-ons...its another 3000+ people...and if the weather is right its a fantastic Puget Sound day.

I have NEVER had a bad day performing CI...the ratio of positive responses to negative responses is still about 100 positive for every one negative [the Tea Partyers have had an influence as usually the ratio is more favorable]...and many people simply THANK ME for being out there using my first amendment rights.

And I do this alone between one and three times per week, because I do not want to politicize the 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE and JUSTICE Movement, and its a total "good high blast". [The Ron Paulers drive people away in droves.] Expansion may be forthcoming...

All of this noted above are forms of modern CI...Civil Informationing...and it can be done in the new concepts of going to where the people are...physically or electronically. If we get together in big marches, lets first consider them virtual...it saves time, money and effort, and it also enhances enthusiasm when the numbers roll in.

Its time to get past the 60s...its time to DECENTRALIZE physically and to do more locally...and then to RECENTRALIZE from the grassroots up allowing our personal power to trickle UPWARD...but in our own designs.

Its no longer the 60s...its the new millenium...and its still the beginning of the new information age...

An ideal day of public activism in this century is to have 1,000,000 people work 250,000 street corners in groups of four spread out in about 50,000 towns and cities all across North America [more if its around the world] for about four hours on a weekly or monthly schedule...and THEN...after a good day of CI...

...find about 10,000 pubs, or parks, or meeing houses, or concerts...and have a giant "kegger" celebtrating the events of the day whilst drinking beer, listening to music and enjoying each other. We can even skip the vast majority of speeches that we have heard a thousand times already!

Tell me that you wouldn't want to lift a pint with our Vancouver heroes at the end of the camera shoots! YAHOOOOOOO!!!! What an amazing few weeks.

Now ALL OF THIS is being quite civil...and amazingly effective in this age...and possibly very attractive to newcomers who want to voice their concerns and have some fun doing it.

HEY, we CAN have some fun doing our public activisms...

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE and JUSTICE

love, peace and understanding...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

New Stuff on the Gators911 Blog

New Stuff on the Gators911 Blog
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Is this the final product?

This is disappointing. What's the improvement?

I hope you guys are still working on it.

This is Brilliant!

Great work you guys and gals in Vancouver. This was so inspiring. Bravo!

As a related note, everyone should watch "Vanouver Olympics: The Movie" as well, which has these actions included but also has quite an insight into the police state that occupied Vancouver.

Bravo again everyone!

Canada Truth Forums

Great job!

In March 2008, Darren also sent 308 DVDs of Mr. Yukihisa Fujita's, 30 minute presentation before the Japanese Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee (with a cover letter and translated transcript ) to all 308 members of Canada's House of Commons.


WOW!! Great job!!!

WOW!! Great job!!!


Wasn't proud to be a CANADIAN after our record haul of medals at the Olympics but am with the truthactions that WAC Vancouver did during these games.

Only wisdom can end such madness.


Posted on both WAC Ottawa

Posted on both WAC Ottawa and Ottawa 9/11 truth , shared with Youtube and Facebook contacts. Spread this video and the message of 9/11 truth.

Only wisdom can end such madness.



Love it. Also there's something about that song, "Wavin' Flag"-- it kind of gets ya....

"Go to where the people are and the cameras are," Amen.

I was just thinking today... that of all the online activism I've taken this past year... and mailings.... and donations.... I am longing for some street action. It's been a while, and there's no substitute. It's a rush.....