Increasing Threats To the 9/11 Truth Movement

June 16, 2010

Increasing Threats To The 9/11 Truth Movement

By Bill Willers


"Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence."
--Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule, 2008, "Conspiracy Theories"
Attacks directed at the 9/11 Truth Movement are on the increase as the Movement grows globally, drawing ever more from technical, scientific, intelligence and military communities. While earlier criticism aimed only to insult and trivialize, more recent attacks have suggested stronger, even militant reaction.
Efforts to neutralize the 9/11 Truth Movement now involve describing a common "conspiratorial thinking" that essentially renders all conspiracy theories equally fallacious. By association, such a premise places one who cannot accept an official story replete with blatant lies into the company of vacuous fringe groups. A case in point is the new (2010) and widely advertised book "Voodoo Histories" in which David Aaronovitch, a "political journalist", frets about the "seditious role" conspiracies play and the"shadow armies" of the Internet that allow for "9/11 revisionism".

While Aaronovitch makes the empty claim that conspiracists are guilty of "exaggeration of the status of experts", heavoids referencing the 1200+ Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, orthe likes ofDr. Robert Bowman, head of the "Star Wars" program under two presidents; Francesco Cossiga, former president of Italy; Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College; Andreas von Bulow, former Secretary of Germany's Federal Defense Ministry; General Leonid Ivanshov, former Chief of Staff of Russian's Armed Forces; Ronald D. Ray, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration, and hundreds more of like credibility and authority. It is simply not believable that a competent journalist dealing with this subject could be unaware of them, since their positions have been public for many years.

Likewise, law professors Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule, whose article "Conspiracy Theories" centers on 9/11, intermingle 9/11 Truth with beliefs involving such as faked moon landings and global warming denials.
Throughout, they express such fear of the "harmful" 9/11Truth Movement that they prescribe "cognitive infiltration" by governmental agents. Because they use"theorist" and "extremist" interchangeably, it is not difficult in this era of the Patriot Act to envision scenarios in which governmental infiltration goes beyond the merely cognitive, should the Truth Movement make it necessary. Sunstein was made head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OMB) after authoring this article and is considered a contender for the Supreme Court.

Last year, Michael Chertoff, former head of Homeland Security, charged that failure to accept the official 9/11 Commission's narrative was akin to Holocaust denial - a serious charge although ludicrous on its face Others have made a similar comparison, including Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine:

Regarding Skeptic, for a lengthy butunconvincing defense of the governmental story re 9/11, consider this 2006 article at eSkeptic by Phil Mole One has to wonder why an account by the 9/11 Commission, admittedly "set up to fail", a story so full of holes and physical impossibilities that it cries out for a skeptical assessment , is not merely immune to skepticism by self-proclaimed "skeptics" but aggressively defended by them. Yes, it does make one wonder.

In March, the Washington Post, exposing itself in a way it may come to regret, published a venomous editorial attacking a prominent Japanese politician as "susceptible to the imaginings of the lunatic fringe" for his opinions regarding 9/11.While the editorial depicted the man's views as a threat to U.S.-Japanese relations, his views simply mirror those of the global Truth Movement, about which the Post is certainly aware, so that the editorial became a de facto attack on the entire Movement as"reckless and fact-averse ... too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion."

Evidence that three buildings came down via internal demolition is simply overwhelming, and by any reasonable standard this cries out for investigation. For the likes of Sunstein, Aaronovitch, Chertoff, Shermer et al. to so aggressively attack what is a global effort for truth puts them way, way beyond mere believers of a discredited governmental story. And this is very interesting, for when an influential cadre of lawyers, journalists and bureaucrats take such pains at organized attack of such a Movement, it makes them a major bulwark in a monstrous fiction. Why such concern on their part if the Truth Movement is, as it was depicted early on, so silly as to warrant "troofer" ridicule? In fact, their efforts indicate considerable apprehension (itself a validation of the Truth Movement) within certain interests. What interests, exactly, are they? What do these people have in common that is not clear to the larger public? One wonders.

A glaring aspect of these attacks is the apparent refusal of attackers to engage technical experts of the 9/11 Truth Movement in civil debate. So far, face-to-face exchanges of evidence, on camera and for the record, have not taken place as certainly they should have. Sunstein and Vermeule maintain that the claims of the 9/11 Truth Movement are easily refuted. Likewise "skeptic" Shermer. Fine, let them present their evidence, and let Richard Gage and his colleagues present theirs, so that the evidence of each side can be compared in full light.

Author's Bio: Bill Willers is emeritus professor of biology, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh now living in Middleton, WI. He is founder of Superior Wilderness Action Network (SWAN) and editor of Learning to Listen to the Land and Unmanaged Landscapes, both from Island Press. He posts occasionally online at OpEdNews, Common Dreams, Counterpunch and Dissident Voice.


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Thank you

For this article.

Let the ACTUAL debate, of the evidence itself, now begin, in earnest.

And then we win..

All someone has to do is to re-watch the videos of the twin towers blowing up, and then WTC7 going down, to see it, it's so blatant, not even hidden, in plain sight. It's right there.

Bin Laden could not have VIOLATED THE LAWS OF PHYSICS that day.

A re-examination of 9/11 is now and always has been, and will be (unto justice) entirely 100%, a prerequisit, for the sake of future historical evaluation for all generations, from generation to generation, and from age to age. This is not the novel 1984 by George Orwell, this is reality, a reality governed by immutable physical laws which uphold the universe, inviolate.

..while the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, remain, forever conspicuously absent, the New York City Skyline.

It's a real thorn in their craw for sure,BIG TIME. eh? Holy sh__!!! No wonder they're running scared now.. we did that, and it is good to see! : )

It (the truth) is DEVASTATING, to the "elite" who uphold the Bush/Cheney and mainstream media propoganda, and of unfathomable 'embarassment' to what Philip Zelikow described as the "relevent" ruling class and social elite, who were supposed to have upheld the myth in history - but alas the dam has given way, so now what are they to do..? Aid and abet the coverup over a conspiracy to commit mass murder, of American citizens and countless others (under the cause and effect pretext for the "public myth" as a guiding policy cornerstone)? Utter madness, what was done! But, in the words of Benjamin Franklin "that which hurts, instructs".

And so, soon, EVERYONE will be with us, as our numbers surpass, not 50%, but 70%, of the US population, or relattively well educated ADULT population.

The videos of the exploding twin towers cannot be scrubbed from the record, and that's first hand REAL physical evidence, those videos, along with so much else, as we all know.

The official government sanctioned Zelikow authored 9/11 Report, is as freudulant as the NIST Report, and "that's all she wrote", in terms of what they would have us believe, and what they had HOPED history itself would faithfully record, but it can't, given that the evidence itself is so painfully obvious and the official story, utterly impossible to believe, except as an ASSUMPTION based on some sort of patriotic bias which simply MUST preclude the truth, which would involve admitting openly, to having been HOODWINKED, all these years, but they do switch over, once they are permitted to take another LOOK at the evidence itself, which everyone can SEE WITH THEIR OWN EYES!

What -are the elite and MSM going to parrot the Zelikow myth in perpetuity?, while losing all credibility, and integrity in the process, while at some level aiding and abetting in the conspiracy to commit mass murder, of all things? That appears to be their gameplan, to just hold on, but it's all fluff, nothing but flag waving, Arab-basing nonsense - all for the war on "terra" and in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

They're CAUGHT, red handed - and the evidence remains, in perpetuity, and it cannot be denied, or rejected out of hand - one must use their own critical faculties, and people do,it's part of what we HAVE to do, as human beings.

Man are the elite who perpetuate this myth ever screwed. They are royally screwed.

Zelikow's public myth is falling, and his little universe, collapsing, in a singularity of rising civil conscious awareness.

So Biden gets grilled about the nano-thermite paper, with Biden noting that Bruno (the cameraman) appears to be "in charge", and then he gets wrongfully targeted as a "terrorist"? Yeah sure Mr. Biden, we can trust you yeah, right.

But who can talk about the God aweful truth at the heart of it? We have to,it cannot be brushed aside as either irrelevant, or crazy, that is not an argument.

It DEFIES rational evaluative thought process - to accept the OCT (official conspiracy theory) myth about it. It just doesn't stand up under ANY amount of rational scrutiny and analysis. It's grade 10 physics for Pete's sake.

Clear as a bell - and you cannot unring a rung bell.

Zelikow's public myth about 9/11 is falling apart, under the glare of historic reality, of truth.

We win.

"Self evident truth", is right. Shopenhauer was a very smart man.

Violently opposed means that it will become accepted as self evident, so it's already too late for the official story public myth, when stacked up against the reality itself, which people CAN look at now, in hindsight, enough time having passed.

We win.

In every case we win - but of course the work still goes on. Rather nice to be so emboldened though, puts wind under my sails regarding our little movement that could.

So now it's time to take G. Edward Griffin's advice and COME TO POWER, not as an Alex Jonesian right wing libertarian Tea Partying whatever.. but as Bowman suggests, through both existing parties, then reform to make room for viable third parties to enter successfully, for the sake of Liberty.

It covers the whole spectrum, and that concerns me about AJ part of the movement in so far as he is also advocating for a certain political position to be adopted by his "followers" - not a recipe for long term success.

Yes. I like all what you say. But the media censorship........

We have got to break through the media censorship.
And I think the way to do it is to break the censorship of the alternative media, or expose them for their hypocrisy of bringing the news to the people that the msm won't, and then censoring this, the most important story of all.
Those to pressure:
Amy Goodman (DemocracyNow)
Joshua Holland (alternet)
Alexander and Patrick Cockburn (Counterpunch)
Justin Raimondo (
Common Dreams
Z mag
the Nation magazine
and there are many others.

I think we need to form


just like they do and have done.

One idea I have is to raise tens of millions of dollars from donations by wealthy Americans, and then use that dough to do big things.

Another idea might be to spawn some new alternative media sites, which kick the competition's ass, I mean like have you SEEN Drudge Report's Webpage layout -it's HORRIBLE!

There must be better ways to structure a news media website with plugins to all the social networking functionality..

We should target the children of the elite billionaires as well, who will inherit their "kingdoms", and bring them secretly over to our side just waiting for the day that daddy passes away.

Think tanks - to develop big ideas and then wind them up like a coiled spring for release..

I for one have noticed how the present "ruling elite class" are a bunch of idiots.

We're smarter, but we need to start DOING these kinds of things, as a movement, and in the words of G. Edward Griffin - COME TO POWER.

Think tank sounds too noble for what these guys are about

I can't imagine how depressing and futile it would be to be the guy in charge of thinking about ways to derail this truth movement:

Cass Sunstein arrives home from work...

Mrs. Sunstein: Hi Dear, how was your day at work?

Cass: Oh, the usual, we just finished a new paper that totally smears over 1200 architects and engineers who think that Muslims didn't destroy the trade center.

Mrs. Sunstein: Thats nice Dear.

Cass: yeah and tomorrow I'm going to start a new campaign to brand intelligent, freedom loving citizens of this country as terrorists. We think it's going to work really well. Rahm said Barry is really impressed with how well it's gone so far.

Mrs. Sunstein: oh thats terrific dear. You must feel really good about the direction your career is headed. Oh I almost forgot, the Grosses and the Corelys are coming for dinner.

Cass: Sweeeet! I've been practicing my new straight face and I'm dying to try it out on John--"we have no evidence of molten metal"-- Gross. That dude slays me.

I think the one problem...........

of competing with the alternative media sites that already are well known is that these sites get foundational money...................from big organizations already linked with the big elite power brokers and pro Israel people and are not likely to contribute money if 9/11 truth is presented on these sites.

For something as vitally important as this

why could we not create a foundation and get millions in donations from Wealthy American Patriots - just one of a miriad of "think thank" type ideas. So please do not tell us what's not possible, that's not how we need to be thinking at this juncture, historically.

We think to THINK BIG!

How about pardody videos to break though the mass media ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
I have been turning this problem arround since 8 years : How to get the message out ? How to break through the media censorship. With the people around me family, friends, work mates, etc I am making no headway. Took my wife 4 and a bit years before she could have doubts. Now I am forbidden to talk about 911. Otherwise it is the isolation for me. No more invites to parties, etc.

After all these years I think a way is through YouTube, etc with parody videos. I see everyone happy to see some or other video that is funny. They spend quite a bit of time that way. Up to us to produce good parodies on what we know about 911.

Yours John

you've got something here....

humor and laughter will succeed. People too impatient and brainwashed to hear the details and study the actual evidence could be approached in a different way....through entertainment...this will work when all else fails.

Targeted Outreach...

We might as well try to reach the already established comedians as part of our strategy as well. The Bill Maher confrontation, although he ultimately rejected the claims, was a success in my opinion. Could we get Chris Rock or Adam Sandler on board? How about that guy Lewis Black who rails against the government from time to time and has his comedy based on politics a lot. Other comedians you can think of?

Although mainstream media and even alternative media websites haven't been friendly to our cause, we still need to reach out to fledgling reform outlets like Media Matters and I remember I joined the group because they were giving out free DVD's of 9/11: Press For Truth at the time. These groups who aren't bringing in the money or getting as much attention they want, may be open to our ideas if presented well.

Rosie O'Donnell could be prodded to do more as well at her site where she allows visitors to ask her questions.

The victory we had out at that PBS station in Denver should be an example of what can be possible even when things like bleak. That was a true success.

The parodies are working because they are being blocked ...

Sorry but some parodies have already been blocked for the public( Hitler knows what Nano-Thermite in the WTC dust ... ) because YouTube has a notification to block it.

So our citizens have gone back to their hard work to bring the truth out and have produced the clip below. The link to YouTube still works at 18/06/2010 20h11 French time.

The embedded link has been partially blocked and it is possible that you can not see it on This is a sign that the parodies are cumbersome to some.

follow up your investigation with

Readers of make you own copies of important video so that we can put them back up on the web and let our world citizens see the backups !

Video °1 (embedded video is down) at 20/06/2009 08h32 French time with YouTube reason given = "Intégration désactivée sur demande"
but found video °2 to replace it. Make your own copies before the parodies are taken off YouTube completely.



°2 _ _ _ _

°1 _ _ _ _

Humor. You are right. Laughter opens up communication.

Creative comedy, humor, corny jokes, an incongruous quality causing amusement, laughter, etc. is an excellent bridge towards an acceptance of communication.
Here are a few funny 9/11 Truth videos...
Hillary Clinton Attack...

Thanks TomT and I embedded the video in your three links.

Thanks TomT I had forgotten these ones especially with Bill Maher. I embedded them for you. This subject on parody can be found also on the 911blogger thread at

Yours John

How about pardody videos to break though the mass media ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
I have been turning this problem arround since 8 years : How to get the message out ? How to break through the media censorship. With the people around me family, friends, work mates, etc I am making no headway. Took my wife 4 and a bit years before she could have doubts. Now I am forbidden to talk about 911. Otherwise it is the isolation for me. No more invites to parties, etc.

After all these years I think a way is through YouTube, etc with parody videos. I see everyone happy to see some or other video that is funny. They spend quite a bit of time that way. Up to us to produce good parodies on what we know about 911.

Yours John

alex jones proved he's compromised

he has done a lot of good for us nevertheless....our movement has been full of hired disruptors and co intell pros. Mostly, like Michael Ruppert, they have helped more than they have hurt......take the information that alex gives out and then expose him! He works for the zionists

Coming to power through 'both existing parties' = delusional

'So now it's time to...COME TO POWER.. but as Bowman suggests, through both existing parties, then reform to make room for viable third parties to enter successfully, for the sake of Liberty.'

It boggles my mind that supporters of 9/11 truth, who are so much more astute than other observers as to the state of political realities in this country, can be so delusional as to think that the powers-that-be would ever allow their instruments--the parties of war, empire and COVER UP--to be transformed into instruments for peace, truth, and accountability--let alone as instruments for 'making room' for the very kinds of alternative parties that they have consistently shut out.

Is the 9/11 truth movement to follow the path of activists for so many other causes, expending energy trying to reform these unreformable institutions? Think of how much further truly independent alternative parties would be if proponents of change didn't keep having their energies diverted in this way.

so that the evidence of each side

can be compared in full light... now wouldn't that be something!

3-Minute Blowout Youtube Video Clip

We are getting closer to ground zero where the truth has been turned upside down, and the choice for civilization will either be of transformation or its destruction. The greater threat is in 9/11 junk science.

I recommend this youtube link for in 3-minutes Bob Bowman's film exposes the 9/11 cover-up-distortion completely with the WTC-7 demolition smoking gun evidence.

"Increasing Threats" at OpEdNews

Threats, fears and actions to undermine the 9/11 Truth for Peace

On Friday June 11th past, I was working the corner of State Route 305 and High School Road on Bainbridge Island, WA [a priveledged, wealthy and politically powerful place] and standing-walking in support of TruthAction's world-wide efforts to spread the truth about 9/11 on every I always do!

For over three hours I bannered-walked the Island's busiest intersection which covered three full ferry boat loads of autos [1000] and the indigenous after school-after work traffic [4000 cars or more] presenting the following messaging:

...major banner................................................................"9/11 TRUTH for WORLD PEACE"...and
............................................................................................"PAPER BALLOTS-PUBLIC FUNDS-VOTING HOLIDAY"
...smaller attached signs..............................................."GREEN ENERGY JOBS NOT WAR"...and
............................................................................................"STOP 9/11 WARS for OIL"...and
............................................................................................"GREEN ENERGY JOBS STAY LOCAL"...and
and two stand alone signs on other corners............."WAR IS THE PROBLEM"...and
............................................................................................"its the 11th-STAND UP FOR PEACE...and
............................................................................................"9/11 TRUTH IS A PEACE MOVEMENT...and

I carry the large banner along with the three other signs attached across the intersection at every pedestrian light and the entire effort is very, very visible and readible...and COMPLETELY LEGAL.

The intersection is approximately one mile from my now X-work...and since I used to get off in the early afternoon, I would bring along all my banners and signs to do some CI...Civil Informationing for a few hours...which I do one-two times per week all around the region. I have been doing this for over four years now at this location without incident.

On this past 11th I happened to see that several members of the local private golf club, my former employer, and my [now former] supervisor pass through the intersection several times. This was clearly an uptick in this "passing through" as I do see who is inside most vehicles. The golf club is very exclusive and corporately funded [in some ways] and its called the Wing Point Golf and Country Club...where Bainbridge Island's wealthy movers and shakers play golf every day.

Additionally, I had just completed some contracting hardscaping work at a home whose owners belong to a small but very politically powerful national diaspora that is deeply threatened by the 9/11 Truth for World Peace Movement. These owners noticed my bumper stickers about 9/11 Truth, War and Peace and the Mass Media's deceptions...and there were subsequent discussions about the movement and how the particular diaspora was very, very threatened by 9/11 Truth getting out...especially the WTC7 collapse[?].

Anyway, by the time Monday and Tuesday came and went, there was some "energy" at my former employment on the WPGC and by Tuesday afternoon there was a gentleman following me around the GC taking notes etc. On Wednesday, my supervisor, unfortunately a very incompetent superintendant and awful person, basically picked a fight and made minor issues into major ones and he fired me over these unimportant issues while concurrently telling me that I do fabulous work [which I usually accomplish]. And then soon after when on my way off the property, he THANKED ME for all that I had given him and the GC. I feel that he was told to fire me because he constantly complimented my work while firing me.

Although as a former air traffic controller who was paid to be suspicious and on high alert as a professional, there are absolutely no doubts in my mind that my activism supporting 9/11 Truth for World Peace was the hidden agenda and reason for me being fired...and that this angst has stepped up recently. [BTW...the last time I got fired was August 3rd, 1981 when I went on strike aa an air traffic controller].

So, in this example and in other ways, the 9/11 Truth for [World] Peace Movement seems to be really "getting to" the PTBs [Powers-To-Be] as we expose more and more of their corruptive control of "things"...and I feel that I may have just felt the sting. The Cass Sunstein proclamation is very, very big regarding the 9/11TM...Sunstein-Aaronovitch-Chertoff-Shermer in this blog.

So, if anyone has a job in the Puget Sound Region [or elswhere as I am quite mobile], please let me know because forclosure is just around the corner now...thanks!

As Jackson Browne croons in "Lives in the Balance..."just another part of the plan.."

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

I see this as relevant to the topic.

Dallas police crack down on Dealey Plaza vendors who peddle maps, conspiracy theories

From the Dallas Morning News

It sure is. Thanks Rob!

Dealey Plaza peddling conspiracy theories crackdown.
Also, odd coincidence on timing of the article.

Seems Ironic

that Cass Sunstein frets over "violence" concerning those who are beginning to understand the truth about the country they live in yet he endorses the wholesale deaths of Iraqis, Palestinians and Iranians. Seems a tad hypocritical.


I wonder if standing in the halls (literally the wide hallways) of Congress while having a large screen with the towers descending over and over on that video screen, clips of which are only a few minutes long, and handing out videos and documentation papers, such as the American Behavioral Scientist, and the Bentham Journal also, could have an impact. The videos though, would be the elephant in the room that they may be forced to look at. Heck, even folks that aren't interested in our topic will be intrigued by the video of explosions and/or implosions, the entire event was compelling as anything possibly could be. Also, the filming of those passing by the video would be pretty obvious, if they go out of their way not to look, as is the case with many. Seriously, it would be worth doing, a large (as Possible) video screen. It doesn't even have to be directly presented to any one person in particular. Where they (government officials/ Congress members) move, in and out of the building, a strategic location. Someone should be on the other side of the stream of those walking, also filming the responses of those, both sides . Those that move closer, and those who move away. As the population gets full wind of what has taken place, the Congress should know that this issue will have them by the short hairs. WHOSE side are they on is the ultimate question. It will become more obvious.

Brilliant Plan!!!

Absolutely BRILLIANT!

And we need to get those set up at every major University and College in the country, also. The technology to do this kind of thing, almost like some sort of artistic statement, about the real world vs. the false reality of the "elite ruling class", and a presentation not without parody on the official story at the same time - it would work. You could use those new high lumen countr projectors, with laptops and speakers and there it is..!

The buildings DID NOT "COLLAPSE", that's a myth, it's not what happened, in reality, and we need not shy away from showing again and again, the destruction of those buildings, as well as building 7 (it doesn't have to be 7 only and preclude the obvious demo of the twin towers).

Take it into the realm of "Self Evident Truth", which it is.

Brilliant! That's a "Think Tank" type idea as well, and a damn good one.

Just throw it up on big screens everywhere - that's easy.

My idea of raising MILLIONS and even 10's of millions from among the wealthy American Patriot communiity, is also a good one.

What we need is to be in a position to run the equivalent, of a 100 million dollar ad campaign, and then we need to make use of the new campaign contribution laws to field many many of our own candidates, for which we'll need another 100 mi. The money's out there, and people would gladly send it our way, if we were doing the right kind of things, to make change and transformation possible.

We can do this, but we need more groups, more orginazation, to finish off this campaign, which we've already largely won on the Internet - now to get the rest of 'em, the average American Joe who isn't aware.

One generation - that is all we need, that and to "come to power". 9/11 truth is a springboard, to reset history and move it on a better track, by starting with a history based in reality, and upon the physical laws of the universe, which Philip Zelikow btw indicated is not neccessary for the public perception of the "tranformative event" to be adopted, while retaining it's power (through policy) well beyond the "experiencing generation". Where he is certainly WRONG however, thanks to the Global 9/11 Truth Movement for keeping the issue squarely on the table, is that both the experiencing generation and the next, will not be able to adpot the public myth because the myth is not based in reality or the laws of physics - it just can't STICK, not long term, there's just no way. No history, will get this story straight, and then the MSM will appear as little more than a propaganda arm of a Hitlerian regime, which hasn't ended with Obama in whom we placed such hope and trust.

We;re almost there folks!, let's go BIG and take it home and change the world and history, by leavingt 9/11 as a legacy for great historical learning, from generation to generation, about what NOT to do, and about how NOT to be, thus serving a cause of justice in the largest possible frame of reference.

It (911 truth) swings the pendalum back in favour of "we the people" and to "life, liberty and justice for all" as something more substantial than mere platitudes..

Through the TRUTH about 9/11, a whole new realm of possibility opens up, and that is the gap or the space within which, and from which, we divide the middle, and *come to power* REAL power, the power to alter governments and history and the world in which our children and theirs, will inhabit, and to do so for the better, while at the same time rendering JUSTICE to the event victims, and as we know they are many and must include those killed in the name of 9/11 and the "war on terra".

We've got to start getting REALLY serious about our endgame in this, I think, in a wholly optimistic and constructive manner.

THINK THINK THINK - as in AA, this ought to be a motto adopted by the 9/11 Truth Movement. THINK THINK THINK, and then DO!

Projecting VIDS like Bob Bowman's WTC7 clip...

...on a closed loop tape is indeed a very good idea...and not all that hard to do. It can be done against building walls out in the public spaces or on laptop screens in cafeterias or appropriate public places in schools and colleges [must find out the legalities before you do this].

Unfortunately, the 9/11TM has made the same mistake that the peace movements made back in the 60s-70s...we have failed to remain connected with the youth...IE: connecting with the high school seniors and college kids. We will pay the price down the road as the youth will soon not have been alive when 9/11 happened. Right now we have the benefit of a young-ish demographic that jumped all over the Loose Change series. But that group is getting older too!

For four years now I have always had GREAT success at performing CI...Civil Informationing for 9/11 Truth for Peace outside the local high schools where I set-up across the street from the primary parking lot or bus departure area. This year I have set-up approximately five times outside the three high schools in the area...and get tons of positive responses and many, many long looks at my info as the cars, buses and school kids pass by. Many of the kids recognize me, already know what I'm all about and give me the thumbs up.

Please remember...doing so in a quiet and unnoticeable way, giving out DVDs for the youth to take with themas they hustle on by will be 1,000 times more effective than trying to reach out, stop and sell/engage the students IN PUBLIC because 9/11 is STILL a taboo subject in public...but not so much in private.

I know that if I could afford making DVDs, I could have handed out about 100K by now considering where and how I perform CI.

We should use funds to make several MILLION short DVDs about WTC7, and Gage's/Jones' work...all short and tight...

BUT NOT about Ron Paul, the Fed OR the Libertarian party. Let all that info be spread out on those group's own dimes and on their own times...

BTW...the peace movements were certainly helped to MISS or FORGET to reach out to the following youth by the cointelpro agents who cleverly directed energies towards the simplistic and old fashioned tactics of ONLY doing major marches etc. This failure to look to the young allowed for the military to recruit without much opposition or alternative choices on the campuses. why the peace movements are so hard to find nowadays.

AND...I have been making this point in the 9/11TM for over four years now...without much resonnance.

So, this is a real good sign for us...and its NOT too late...except for this year's graduating high schoolers. But there are always concerts and the like...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Thanks, Robert : )

Robert, it need not be expensive. There are probably people in the Truth Movement in Washington DC that could pull it off. If they don't have a large screen to pull this off, one could probably be borrowed. If we wait til we have huge sums of money, who knows when we could use this idea? I say let's start. with what we have, showing the clip in strategic locations.

Also, since it is an institution we the American public are paying for, they should not be able to kick us out, if we are, as we always are, staying peaceful and within the law.

Great ideas here:

I have been thinking that going straight to the streets surrounding or near high schools and colleges could be more productive than random street corners. The film of controlled demolitions might be more convincing if they are presented ( perhaps alternated) with examples of before and after film or photos of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.