Mainstream Media Boycott for 9/11 Justice

Source: 9/11 Truth News

An activist group is calling for a complete boycott of corporate mainstream media, starting on the 9th anniversary of 9/11. According the group's facebook page, "Mainstream media networks have barely touched the surface of what happened... Through their negligence, they have made a mockery of the unanswered questions held by the victims' families, and greatly dishonored the 3,000 people who died on 9/11. This must change." The group is urging those who agree to join the boycott, during which participants will rely only on independent media sources for their news. On their page, the group suggests several alternatives to mainstream news, including Raw Story and Information Clearinghouse.

Jonathan Reynolds, one of the boycott organizers, says "The boycott is very open-ended. Anyone can participate as long as they would like to. Television is a trivial sacrifice once we realize how much we don't need it."

The organizers of the boycott make several demands of the corporate media, including "giving sufficient air time to the September 11th Advocates and members of the Family Steering Committee who called for a new investigation as a result of the shortcomings of the Commission."

A similar but unrelated campaign, called Unplug The Signal, is encouraging the public to do away with TV altogether. Activist artist Nathan Janes says the campaign "draws attention to the gross manipulation of reality that is broadcast by the six major corporations controlling the content of television."

The Mainstream Media Boycott for 9/11 Justice starts on September 11, 2010 at 12 am.

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I have not watched Broudcast or Cable TV in over FOUR years

I might turn it back on for the treason trials.

Same here

I haven't had a TV in 22 years. But I encourage everyone else to join us!

I do have a TV

and a DVD recorder, and I'm putting it to good use, for research purposes.

Anyways, I feel there is some cognitive dissonance going on here: I have a gigantic amount of research material, much of which is from the MSM. History Commons leans on the MSM. NYCCAN and The Building What Campaign rely on MSM. We cheer if Richard Gage has an MSM breakthrough. We can reach people through MSM. The International Center for 9/11 Studies just obtained an enormous amount of MSM footage of Lower Manhattan.

Nate Flach (Xenomorph911WTC) and Arie (11septembervideos) post large amounts of MSM source material on Youtube. Justin Keogh and Arie both created documentary films based on MSM source material. In fact, the MSM contains a treasure trove of research data when properly combed.

This is a double edged sword. So I understand the intent, but I just criticize the MSM, and I watch the MSM through my own filter of healthy skepticism. I read books from Middle Eastern correspondents to wrap my head around what I'm actually seeing when I see reports. It helps to know the world of journalism to be able to properly discern what is groundbreaking and what is bunk. Understanding who and what is behind the source of a news report provides critical context, it provides balance. Fox News is a source which I essentially regard as hostile: it's a network that exists specifically to pump lies into the minds of American citizens and the cumulative effect over years is pure psychological devastation. I see Fox News memes everywhere on the web, on Youtube, in comments... Fox News is the premier purveyor of lies and distortions so outrageous it's tempting to overlook the more subtle deception pandered by the networks that seem 'moderate' in comparison, let alone the "alternative" media. Furthermore, there exist a clear and undeniable symbiosis between GOP congressmen and Newscorp, including financial ties. The Democrats are usually no better, but the Fox - GOP - DoD - MIC relationship is truly something else.

That's why I liked this post by pfgetty and, of course, Danse's documentary. In fact, many documentaries have been made about propaganda, largely examining the "fawning corporate media" as Ray McGovern calls it. You have to read between the lines. All of that said, I owe no allegiance to anybody but the truth, and so I will readjust my convictions to what seems logical, plausible, factual, accurate and sensible. 9/11 truthers have to be careful not to immediately jump on the bandwagon as soon as something 'anomalous' pops up; I want research to be solid and meaningful, not just sensationalist and ... well.. paranoid. A good example of such paranoia is the recent attack on you (What a sick joke), but cognitive biases and flaws occur plenty within our own ranks as well.

Anyways, you'll probably be involved in street action on 9/11 again, good luck to you. And I do apologize for being an ass to you in the past. I let my ego get in the way. You live you learn.


P.S. where would the 'Hit Piece' section on 9/11 Truth News be without the mainstream media? ;-)

Good points

I think the greatest potential value in this campaign is that of a symbolic message to the corporate media. "Those of us who are sincerely interested in 9/11 justice are turning off our TVs and canceling our subscriptions because you refuse to deliver credible journalism on the important issues. If you decide to change your course, let us know." I think that's a good thing for journalists who work for these outlets - and the higher ups - to hear, over and over again.

And there could be real value too, for those who have bombarded themselves with mainstream media for their whole lives and never tried just doing away with their TV before. It can really be a life changer, and for the better. So hopefully that will happen, too.

Of course for myself, as an editor on a news site (how did that happen?), I'm exposing myself to more mainstream media than I have in a long time (still no TV though)! I'm notorious among friends for pretty much ignoring "the news" completely, so it's requiring a bit of a change for me. And the info-activists that you mentioned who are doing such important work mining the archives, indeed show just how important it is to utilize and make the most out of what the media does provide us.

So, yes, I understand exactly the cognitive dissonance you felt in reaction to this boycott.

But I think it's a very important message to send, even if mostly symbolic.

And thanks for the apology. I certainly accept it and I really appreciate it because I've always enjoyed your thoughtful and informative comments.

Today is the start of the 4 day film festival in Northern California and we have a few street actions planned too, so it's going to be a very busy weekend!


I'd like to join you but...

...I haven't owned a TV for at least 26 years and don't plan on getting one anytime soon.

gotta admit I watch tv, but alternative media is JUST as bad....

the alternative media, like progressive sites, are just as bad as msm.
EVERY bit as bad. Maybe worse, considering that people go to them to get stories they already know the msm won't tell.
And they get censorship there also.
The most aggravating and disappointing are alternet, commonDreams,, Zmag, Counterpunch, democracyNow, MotherJones, Nationmag, and more.

All of these have participated in a criminal censorship of some of the most important stories of our day..........the lies of 9/11. They PURPOSELY have avoided presenting vital information to their views, and several of the above have actually mocked and insulted those in the 911 truth movement for their beliefs, which happen to be based on facts.

Boycott? Yes. I wish we could do more.

Alternative News

The good news is that sites like Global Research, Information Clearing House and Dissident Voice have the best of both worlds, and are bypassing the de facto censorship of the now-mainstream *alternative* news websites.

There is really no excuse for maintaining a Cable News hookup or a *noose paper* subscription. If you like a particular TV show or sports broadcast you can always download them the following day.

Kill your TV!

good point

but the tv will continue on and on because of the four of us in my family, only I feel as you do. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that the rest in my house would turn it off for good.

And I'm saying this because that is the way most people in America feel.

We are the odd ones.
If we don't someday get 9/11 truth into the rest of the media, our word simply will not get out.

Ditto on not having watched

Ditto on not having watched 'mainstream' news for 5 years. Why would anyone? I can't even stand to watch the clips and find them disturbingly irrelevant when I see them depicted online. Who is the Beck fellow anyway (and why would anyone care?). Do people really watch this crap or even take any of the reporting of this non-reporting seriously? It's got to be some kind of humor. We're smarter than that. Right? (god, tell me I'm right :)).
But there's plenty of crap to watch and listen to without filling your time needlessly. Welcome to the quiet world. What a wonderful, expansive place it is.

We've talked about the left-leaning/right-leaning media slant for some time. It's irrelevant. Read and understand it's much more objective:).
But I understand the dynamics of being 'pulled-in'. I have to think about it in order to understand my family:).