Jon Stewart Trashes 9/11 Truth

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart along with Stephen Colbert are announcing counter-Beck rallies at the Lincoln Memorial on October 30, 2010. Stewart's is for "Restoring Sanity", Colbert's is for keeping "Fear Alive". While both of these guys have done some pretty amazing work pulling down the pants of right wing hypocrisy and government lunacy, they are nonetheless serving the unhelpful role of left wing progressive gate keepers by once again referring to 9/11 Truth activism as "conspiracy" stuff.
Holding a huge sign on his show saying that "9/11 Was An Outside Job", Stewart is feeding the perception that the left has better things to do than pay heed to serious questioning into the validity of the official 9/11 story. I suppose there is nothing "funny" about questioning the official story. Maybe it's time for either of these comedic geniuses to show some moral backbone and intellectual courage and bring David Ray Griffin or David Chandler onto their shows....but that wouldn't be funny....would it?


on you!!!

Court Jester

See the response to this piece: The Court Jester and 9/11 Truth

"Stewart’s shtick is the exasperated moderate everyman, a lone voice of reason in a sea of insanity – willing to question or poke fun at anyone or anything. But, as with fellow “edgy” political humorist Bill Maher, some things simply must not be questioned. And those who do question them must be mocked."

an outside job.

he means the Israeli art students.

geez!. . .

. . . what a &%$#@! nitwit stewart is!

Yes his ratings will suffer by his rantings!

Nitwit is one word for it...treason is another? Depends on what is inside that "brain" of his?

Laughs are not coming freely with this routine:(

Regards John


Kevin Bleyer Bleyer joined the writing staff of The Daily Show in 2005, where he has worked on over 1000 episodes. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Bleyer has also scripted material for Bill Maher and conservative comic Dennis Miller.

Since 2008 Bleyer has contributed to a number of U.S. President Barack Obama's speeches, including the President's 2010 address at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

This about sums it up.

This about sums it up.


Good find:)

Kind regards John

My Heart Sinks a Little...

whenever I see such Cowardly Conniving.

"outside Job" at 8:02

there are some good comments over at comedy central.

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Triple Crossers

These guys have been transparent Globalists for quite some time. They’re like the Zionists that funded Marxism, Capitalism and the Bolshevism all at the same time.

But what could be better?

We got some publicity.
I'll take it, considering that there is a total censorship of our side of the story.
It is better than the total blackout of references to our movement.

Even O'Reilly gave us a bit of a boost in telling the world how dangerous we are.

Excellent analysis.

This is just a phase—and it's actually encouraging to know that it's been reached. This type of misguided satire wouldn't be happening if 9/11 Truth were not becoming the visible and effective force that it is.

It's annoying, to be sure, watching these brazen displays of ignorance and stupidity. But it's still an important gauge.

We're getting closer.


Also notice when he did the slam on us with the sign, the audience didn't really laugh that much. I got the feeling that in that crowd, that night, they didn't think the slam was that funny.


Let us hope he lost some devotees.

We are waking them up.

I'd rather see

his devotees corner him into giving truthers a better shake.

This can only help the cause

Think about it. There will be some viewers who will realize from watching this comedy sketch that there is some controversy playing out somewhere that they didn't realize was happening. Why else would Stewart mention it? Some of these will then dig deeper and become awake, but NONE will become unawakened who already understand the truth. So the net gain will be for Truth. Thanks Jon. Keep it up. Make fun of WTC7 next time. It's hilarious stuff.

AE911Truth Signs on the Mall

We got publicity at least... and we will get more publicity on Oct. 30th at the National Mall when people see our banners flying!

* Remember that "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" will be among the specific targets for our BuildingWhat? ads in New York.

John "Theodor Herzl" Stewart

By Outside Job I assume he means Mossad?

Maybe we should have

Maybe we should have a few sign carrying truthers outside his rally on 10/30. Inside it would be even better.

peace all



with sign's that say "9/11 was an outsourced job."

One way to help do that...

dc911truth holds rallies, tabling and other public events in the DC metro area. Check the calendar of events on the right side of the page for upcoming actions.


"Outsourced job" - slogan

I think that is a brilliant idea on par with the third beam in NYC. It's better than the "inside job" slogan, because "outsourced job" really hits home the "patsy" concept. So, thanks again for an ingenious idea, I hope to see this on signs. I'm almost inclined to think that something good actually came out of another attack piece: your idea.

I wonder who came up with this joint promotion.

It seems to serve agendas beyond getting ratings and selling products. Is it a reflection (mirroring) of the views of their viewers? Or is it a line in the sand that says, if you believe that 911 was a false flag psyop with elements of the operation facilitated by factions of the US government, then you are to be ridiculed and ostracized from the "rational" discussion.

I think they are both too smart to actually believe the official conspiracy theory is really what happened.

Could this be a PR influenced event? Could this be a Cass Sunstein production? Just a thought.

Has Daniel Sunjata been on

Has Daniel Sunjata been on the show? Maybe it's time for him to talk about the "Outside Job"

Good Idea

Dan should contact him as well as AE911

Stewart is a decent guy & is pretty open-minded.

Decent guy?

Stewart and Colbert are actors, too. While Danny might be sincere if he went on their shows, they would not be. They're just reading a script and collecting a paycheck.


I guess, no mater what, the word "conspiracy" can't be taken away from our perspective, and as our beloved David Ray Griffin has pointed out, it WAS a conspiracy. There WAS conspiring going on to get this long dreamed of (by PNAC neo-cons) war into action. What we have to make VERY clear, is that there is NO theorizing. Only verifiable facts are presented. ONLY verifiable facts should be presented. THEORIZING, is the word we need to REJECT, loud and clear.

Both Mickey Huff and Michael

Both Mickey Huff and Michael Parenti refer to it as "conspiracy analysis".

I find it hard to believe

that Stewart would sell out so completely to the NWO. It makes my stomach turn.

It Was An Outside Job

The job of 9/11 was outside the realm of possibly being done by 19 hijackers with boxcutters and a guy living in a cave.

It's hard to think of anything more offensive

than to encourage people to react to moral and intellectual confusion by converting to the church of meaningless, obedient and moderate nothingness.

This plan is self-defeating, because Stewart is appealing to a demography of nothing, to do absolutely nothing. He will get exactly what he asked for.

Its The Audience Baby!!!

Please note that the reponse to the 9/11 Was An Outside Job held up by Jon "Whatshisname"'s holding up of the four protest signs was...



That Jon "Whatshisname"'s audience DID NOT AGREE with this sign...

...and in fact by default...HIS OWN AUDIENCE felt the OPPOSITE...that indeed 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!

So... my fellow 9/11 knee-jerkers ...overreactionary types ...hopelessly biased combatants ...and of course all the disinfo moles on the site...the PEOPLE GET IT!


Besides, when I evaluated Jon "Whatshisname" for Catch A Rising Star way back in the 90s, Jon "Whatshisname" had absolutely ZERO minutes of humor that would be considered political in any way shape or form. NADA POLITICA!!!

Lizz Winstead, [whom I also know and supported heartily] the "co-creator" of The Daily Show actually IS a political comic and got that show up on its current thematic feet.

Fact is that Jon "Whatshisname" was selected to be a funny talking head on this "political" show for OBVIOUS REASONS TO ALL OF YOU NOW.

But I've been on this case for years and know that even some of his comic peers KNOW that he is a gatekeeper for Israel. But, they all have to make it through LA in order to have a successful career in the, mums the public word.

Anyway, regarding truthers commenting on this site...WHY...might I ask that at this time in 9/11 Truth history does anybody still get surprised by such biases shown in MSM? HUH?

How come so many are still surprised? And those who see this show as an opportunity to keep our movement exposed and in "someone's news" have their thinking caps on straight.

We need to be our own media and educators...and we are wining this just takes some time.

Jon "Whatshisname"'s audience has just PROVED THIS!

This is a HUGE indicator of how well we are doing with the general public...including the most HIP audience in the nation.

Damn good news to me...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

VIVA CI...Civil Informationing!!!!

Court Jesters

I'll do what I usually do in Jon Stewart/Colbert threads, which is to post this excerpt regarding the role of court jesters in medieval Europe;

*It is apropos in this respect that the early court jesters were assigned the role of protecting the king against the chaotic and uncontrolled forces in the universe. The jesters were considered to be qualified for such a role because their foolish strangeness and deviance intimated they were in contact with, and could potentially influence, analogous outlandish phenomena. Paradoxically, even as the funny ones soothe and protect, they also provoke. They go out of their way to conjure up images of threatening, forbidden stuff (variously relating to sex, death, anality, and hypocrisy). But each provocation is bathed in humor and the reassurance that there is nothing to fear from the threatening theme because it is, after all, only one more example of something ridiculous and absurd.*

There is something distinctly distasteful about making jokes about mass murder and destruction when they are happening in the here and now, which is what Stewart/Colbert do on a nightly basis. Defenders will argue that if we don't laugh we cry; it's a form of catharsis. There is more "truthiness" in Stewart/Colbert than the nightly news.

Yet these programs also reassure us, subconsciously, that all is well in the world. And there are lines that they will not cross. When it comes to the interviews of *controversial* figures, ie politicians/mass murderers -- 9 times out of 10 they throw softballs, giggle together, shake hands, and proceed with the commercials.

I have no doubt that dissafected youth will flock to these rallies, but it all seems so...empty.

Snowcrash's line "meaningless, obedient and moderate nothingness" is astute. These men have the potential to create real change. Yet they insist on mediocrity and nihilism.

Great post Danse. Snowcrash

Great post Danse. Snowcrash is right. All the more reason for these two to amp up their journey to the truth with some clever and provocative presentation. But are either up to it? Colbert flayed Bush in person during an appearance at some venue a while back during the evil ones presidency. He can do it again. Just how clever these dynamic duo are, we shall see.............

John Stewart Fail

I look forward to this rally because it will turn out to be a bust, an embarrassment, and a barometer for the establishment's base. I also look forward to the day John Stewart is prosecuted for partaking in the cover up of mass murder and war crimes and sentenced to hang till death along with Glenn Beck and every other low life.

"Coffee Party Anyone"?

"Coffee Party Anyone"?

John Stewart Fail

I look forward to this rally because it will turn out to be a bust, an embarrassment, and a barometer for the establishment's base. I also look forward to the day John Stewart is prosecuted for partaking in the cover up of mass murder and war crimes and sentenced to hang till death along with Glenn Beck and every other low life.

Do you mean that?

I'm honestly curious.

Rwanda resulted in radio personalities being jailed for incitement to genocide.

I'm not sure whether that's right or wrong.

They advocated genocide.

Similar WWII, though

Can the same charges be applied to Rupert Murdoch?

I'd like to think so, but doesn't that infringe upon freedom of speech?

Where genocide and freedom of speech meet.......


I saw this movie recently, and in the movie, to show support for a particular public radio figure, asking here to stay with her job, the plan to support her, was that everyone that loved her, would blow their car's horn at midnight. in that city..

Now, I am not for getting arrested (then again, maybe it's a good idea to get arrested, you decide for yourself, midnight would make for "disturbing the peace") but, what if on the 11th of every month, all of us were to, at 9:11 p.m. decided, to get the public to start taking note, we all went to a central location within our own cities or town, and laid on our horns, for at least a full 60 seconds of that 11th minute of that 9th hour? What do you think? Any one else want to take up this idea. Or 9:11 a.m. for those that don't have day jobs...?


What if we did it every day at 9:11 ?

I think its...

brilliant. I will propose the horn-honking at 9:11pm every night to those I know and see if we can't get this going.

Let's take this up a notch, Colbert would say,

I am starting to worry a little. We as Truth communitys have always got to make sure that it is always a pleasant experience with us but we are unmoved by attempts at intimidation. We more than anyone else know where the integrity is held, which perspective. But, maybe, we should only do it on Tuesdays at 9:11 p.m.

I'm pleased to hear a positive response. I live in a little Conservative, and military town that may create anger at us. I'm for using this idea, but only enough to make people curious, and have downloaded literature to offer ample information, if no DVDs to give away, AND of course ongoing 11th of every month event, the information gets put out then too, maybe too then, the 9-11-01.....9:11 p.m. lay on the horns, sure would send the clarion up a notch? Fact over fear.

Did I mean that?

If a court of law and a jury finds John Stewart or anyone else for that matter guilty of cover up of mass murder and war crimes they shall receive just punishment, of course I meant it. Why in the world are you comparing it to Rwanda?

Free speech

Participants of Radio Rwanda were found guilty of incitement to genocide.

Theoretically, similar charges could be laid at the feet of Murdoch, O'Reilly, Hannity et al.

What about the FAILURE to expose relevant information, which leads to same? And who is the arbiter?

Personally, I see a slippery slope. Though I'll bite my tongue if Murdoch is ever charged.

"Take it down a notch"

That was the slogan at the end ("Take it down a notch"), and there was one 911 truther sign, which could be a good sign, depending upon how you think of it.

The opposite was on the Colbert Report to follow, which has a rally at the same time and location, Oct 30, 2010. The DC mall, at the Lincoln Memorial.

But 911 truth isn't what either is about. Stewart is about toning it down, and Colbert is about raising it up (a notch). And that one 911 sign was in the mix with many others (on Stewart), and I think (between the two) it was a nice stunt.

Cheers -

It's a joke right?

Trouble is it's not funny Jon. But thanks for bringing up the subject, I suspect that was the most you could do at this time. We're still watching you...just a bit more carefully.

Stewert said what he could. He's too smart to denounce us.

You know, he really did not say anything against us. It was subtle, but as he mocked the T party, and he actually said, in a round about way, that those thinking this was a Muslim/hijacker job (outside) act are in the same category as t-party NUTS.

I thought it was brilliant.

I thought it was brilliant. The whole rally thing is a mockery. He added 911 because it IS an issue in front of people now. I think he diffused it a little. Every time it is mentioned, it is in our favor even as a joke.

I like the idea here to make a sign that 911 was an outsouced job.


9/11 was an outsourced job!!


Jon Stewart

I've seen Jon seriously ask guests (don't remember who) what they thought of 911 truth. My sense was that he was sincerely wondering about it not just trying to promote the OCT. The guests discounted it of course. Since then I've seen him do pieces highly critical of Israel, so I seriously doubt that he is an Israeli gatekeeper as someone suggested. I also think he sincerely believes the OCT, because I think he has too much integrity to be a hypocritical shill.

I support the idea that he interview David Ray Griffin, Daniel Sunjata, Richard Gage, or Niels Harrit because I think he has an enormous influence on his audience. I wonder if we could write to him en masse suggesting such a thing. Since David Ray Griffin has written many books and Jon is an avid reader, maybe some of us could send him copies of his books. If he were on our side I think he would be a formidable promoter of the truth. Until they yank his show off the air of course.

Gage or Jones or Griffin on Daily Show?

I wouldn't hold my breath. They're just not going to take the chance. Now Stephen Colbert the person (as opposed to the character on TV) might just surprise us like he did speaking as himself on this day:

For some reason I want to believe that Colbert has some core decency. Maybe I'm naive. He's probably somebody else's puppet too.

Has anyone considered the possibility

that "they" made him an offer he could not refuse?

How else could the media blackout be so absolute?

"Jon, I have here a check for $100,000 and a gift certificate at your local mortuary for $100,000, which would you prefer?"

"They" want us to direct our anger at the pawns and away from the perpetrators.

O'Riley and Chomsky should be condemned but Goodman and Stewart, perhaps not so much.