Herald Sun Poll: 65% Agree that the Official 9/11 Story does not Stand up to Scientific Scrutiny

Source: 911oz.com

22 October 2010

As of 10:00AM this morning a Herald sun poll is showing that over 65% of respondents agree with Union leader Kevin Bracken's view that the official explanation of 9/11 does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

Radio host John Faine previously attacked Bracken's views on air over two days, describing him as a nutter and an extremist, and stating that his views were "offensive".

In Parliament on Wednesday Australian PM Julia Gillard stated that Bracken's views were "stupid and wrong".

Poll Screen Shot: 5:30pm 22nd of October 2010
30pm 22nd October 2010
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Kind regards John Bursill - Australian 9/11 Truth Movement

Have voted :)

... I see this - finally - as a clear indicator that THE TRUTH WILL BE 'OFFICIALLY' RECOGNIZED some day :D

Right - Officially recognized


Make that

69% now.

over 70% in support

of his comments now, there seems to be plenty of people talking against his view (and plenty for), while the poll most likely represents those that cannot be bothered commenting.

My comment is yet to be posted so I wonder how many others are not posted.

it says when you post a comment that personal attacks are not allowed but one of the first comments simply calls him a moron.

go figure?

Reminds me

Of that conversation Richard Gage had with Kim Hill. People like John Faine and Kim Hill... they get my blood boiling. They represent the modern day Volksempfänger

The poll is almost @ 75% now

Could someone please get a screenshot of that again, for posterity.. we'll add it to all the rest of the polls which essentially show the same thing, in spite of the MSM blackout and spin regarding what they want the public to believe.

We win again, we always do, which says something I think about the truth and history, and how "there is nothing now hidden, which will not be made known, and brought to light."


Good work John Bursill

You helped make this happen, surely.

A debate, an idea cannot be PRESUMED to have no merit, unless and until it is raised and PROVEN to be false, or absurd.

The points raised are valid, and cannot be so easily dismissed.

Anyway, good work John, we appreciate it very much, it's so important. Too bad your prime minister and establishment have placed themseves into a corner shared by the likes of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Zelikow, etc.

But I say again, on what basis must the official story be adopted, particularly in light of scientific evidence to the contrary? (said with an Aussie accent).

Thanks Robert!

I really appreciate it:)

Kevin and I have been working together for many years to expose the lies of 9/11. We are a great support to each other and have helped each other pull off events, distribute information and survive the barrage of negativity.

Brothers in arms, fists in the air!

Kind regards John

What are the chances John,

that they would ever let either one of you or both debate him on the air? Maybe you can call him out in a letter to the editor? You have some momentum goin', don't let them off hook and fight the good fight. Great work pal, great work. bravo.


There are numerous complaints going...

...we will see what comes of them. We need more people in the spotlight on our side to force the issue; and as our government has said we will be in Afghanistan another 10 bloody years more will come in desperation to 9/11 Truth!

This is the war mongers error to stay in Afghanistan it keeps us in the argument. If I was them I would get out asap before the whole game falls apart. They are relying on our apathy...

Regards John

Walking Tall

All its takes is for Good People to Make a Stand.

Great Job Guys.

The years of effort have a good pay off in the end.

That is called

Statistically significant.

Looks like they've stopped posting comments.

I see the number of comments has been stuck on 513 for at least the last day. I submitted a comment yesterday on the black ops and false flag attacks that have traditionally being used, even by "democracies", to stir up hatred and mistrust of the designated "bad guy" and to remind the Aussies how the US military and the Johnson Administration had hoodwinked Americans and Australians (the only traditional, WWII US ally to send troops to fight in Vietnam alongside the US) with the Gulf of Tonkin fakery. This would lead to the deaths of a million + civilians in SE Asia, the deaths of 58,000 US troops and close to 500 Australian troops. Looks now like it probably won't be published, too bad.

Lets hope the Herald Sun

writes more articles & does their own investigation into 911

I believe Australia had more deaths in Afghanistan in the past 6 months then previous years combined.

911 truth is the only way to stop the war machine

I voted

The poll is now 74.66% yes and 23.34% no.




October 22, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff · 32 Comments
9 11


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
“72% of Australians cite 9/11 government conspiracy in poll. How can a government get so out of touch with reality, so “snookered” by American pressure over the 9/11 coverup that it would wake up one morning looking totally idiotic to its own people?”

When Trades Hall council president and staunch conservative, Kevin Bracken, on the ABC show “Talk Back” publicly aired his views on American government complicity in the 9/11 attacks, host Jon Faine attacked him violently on air, making every attempt to humiliate and silence Bracken. Bracken, known for taking tough stances during his tenure as head of Australia’s Maritime Union, didn’t back down.

Bracken’s memorable response to ABC’s Jon Faine:

more: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/10/22/gordon-duff-thank-you-australia-...

Duff and Veteran's Today...is a problem...

Lately we've been seeing more of Israel did 9/1 and exotic weapons used on 9/11 at Veterans Today. They seem to always slip a turd into the punch bowl every other time they report on 9/11?

Regards John

Ours is a Global movement

who's firehose of information is a one way arrow and who's numbers are swelling by the millions almost daily now, and we will keep on keeping on, with unrelenting persistence and perserverence, unto justice, even if only in the form of historical justice whereby the 9/11 event might be permitted to serve history, as cause of authentic, although painful LEARNING, and in the process render justice to the victims of the 9/11 who are many, and to us all, as the rightful active historical participants that we really are according to our rights, freedoms and the power of free will choice directed by the lens of rational, clear eyed, evaluative discernment. After all, what is power, if not the power to choose.

The Aussie establishment are acting as if such choices are not a viable option, without backing their assertion up with anything other than hyperbole, they have nothing other than - HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU MUST BE INSANE. And that is not an argument, it's not rational, or in the final analysis, sane. Therefore, may we drive them stark raving MAD, as we move the collective consciousness through the three stages of truth.

Poll now at 76% of 10,400 people

Latest update - Herald Sun poll - 76.28% of 10,400 people say Kevin Bracken's comments are reasonable!!

To be honest, it is not a fair poll...

I have voted yes about 15 times or more, as have a multitude of other 9/11 activists.

But the perception of others stumbling onto those results is what is important in breaking down psychological barriers.


Kinda sorry to hear the poll is inaccurate, and manipulatable like that. Reminds me of voting in the USA.

This poll is ruined as useful data to tell anyone about. People should know that, and steer clear of talking about it.

Steer clear?

'This poll is ruined as useful data to tell anyone about. People should know that, and steer clear of talking about it.'

I think it's legit to mention such figures so long as you indicate that it's an online poll, which will always carry less weight than a 'real,' professionally-conducted 'scientific' poll--but might still be worth something in the course of bringing up the topic with others who still haven't been exposed to much besides the official story. Knowing that the opinion was supported that well in a poll conducted by a publication with a significant circulation (even allowing for its unscientific basis) might get them to start reassessing just how 'fringe' it is. There are online polls that are just as unscientific where our side gets held down to small percentages--and you can expect our adversaries won't hesitate to cite those figures. I say, no harm in bringing these results up, so long as we don't try to pass them off as something they're not. They might not have the solid statisitical basis we would like--but altogether ruined? I don't think so.


the poll can be mathematically corrected for the number of debunkers and truthers who vote multiple times. I'm sure it happens on both sides. It's almost impossible to prevent, too: if you limit each unique ip address to 1 vote, you may lock out entire subnets hidden behind NAT gateways.

was about 50/50 before it got viral

The poll was about 50/50 when this was new and before it got too heavily voted by truthers.