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At the 2010 Anarchist Bookfair in London there was a discussion with independent journalist and filmmaker John Pilger (which was recorded - listen below) and one of the questions from the audience was about the attacks on 9/11. The following is a transcript of the question and his reply:

Audience Question: "I would like to ask your views or theory that the US government was complicit in or even perpetrated the attacks on 9/11 to gain support for criminal [inaudible] Afghanistan and Iraq?"

John Pilger: "I think there is a lot of evidence that certain elements in the Bush administration, whether by intent or by or by their own arrogant incompetence, I don't know, let things happen. I think there is enough evidence to...

We know the senior FBI people who gave warnings right throughout 2001. We know about the extraordinary inactivity by the NORAD aircraft on the day of September 11th. We know that Cheney was in charge of the White House on that day.

I think the most plausible is the "let it happen", now at what stage it was let happen, I don't know, I don't know. But certainly that seems to me, the most plausible.

There is no doubt that 9/11 became the opportunity for a new "Cold War" basically, only called the "War on Terror". But beyond that I wouldn't want to..."

John Pilger on 9/11 by 9/11 Truth News

The image above was taken from an interview with John Pilger at the same event.

Thanks to Chris C and ZKT for the audio and transcription.

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No doubt many here will bash Pilger for only meeting us halfway, and I have stated many times that I consider the "let it happen" scenario (in the manner he describes) grossly implausible, but I think this is a very positive development.

Along with Cindy Sheehan and William Blum's recent statements, it is proof that we are finally making headway amongst people who have often been described as "left gatekeepers".

For those unfamiliar with Pilger's work, here are a few of his best recent films;

The War on Democracy

Palestine is Still the Issue

Breaking the silence - Truth and lies in the war on terror

You can find the full list at

I have met Pilger in person....

...and heard his Syd Peace Prize speech last year.

He is spot on, on every single issue around the American Empire and the Corporate/Globalist Agenda except for 9/11 Truth. But he listened to me and received the book and DVD I had for him in a friendly but uncomfortable way. I asked him to look into building 7 as a priority.

He has kept on the fence but has never rubbished us rather erred on the side of caution. I believe he is with us as are many of his friends. They simple do not want to be cut off from the MSM just yet...?

Regards John

PS - Sorry if you've heard this story before...


I would not be surprised to learn that your DVD changed Pilger's heart.

Let it happen = make it happen

Yes, it appears that Pilger has gone "half way" here, but lets get one thing straight: Under US criminal law persons accused of "letting it happen" are on similar legal ground as "making it happen". It's called "accessory before the fact", and those found guilty of "accessory before (or after) the fact" are liable to (virtually) same degree of sentence as the person(s) who actually committed the crime itself. In the case of 9/11, if members of the Bush Administration are tried for crimes relating to 9/11 under "accessory before the fact" charges, they might as well have perpetrated it. Interestingly, if such potential cases are ever tried in the State of New York, a guilty verdict could render the accused a death sentence. The last time I checked, accessory before the fact to murder can be a capital offense in New York State.

Completely agree

I'm talking about the plausibility of various scenarios (eg that the dozen war games were a fluke, and that Rummy enjoyed his coffee at the Pentagon while imagining Hani Hanjour flying toward him Kamikaze style).

Clearly, Bush and most of the rest of the neocon crew are guilty, guilty, guilty. Whatever acronym you label it with, the whole bunch should be sent to jail. In the tradition of the folks who didn't torture Dan Mitrione, I insist on not sinking to their level in recommending the Gtmo treatment.

Pilger is perhaps the greatest journalist of the last three decades, imo. Please visit his website and watch some of his films.

The corporate media even came up with a name for a journalist that creates a "leftist slant" on a particular story -- in other words, one who connects the dots and does what "journalists" are supposed to be doing -- exposing corruption etc. They called it "pilgerizing". Isn't that cute?

The corporate media whores who are best described not as journalists but stenographers, came up with a cute name to refer to an actual practitioner of journalism.

Luckily, we don't need any more Pilgers. We have the web.

I agree. It is disillusioning.......... have the very best................those journalists and analysts do such great works and be so courageous for so many years, only to whimp out on 9/11.

Something is going on that I don't understand, and nobody has satisfactorily convinced me just how this all happens.


No one here understands it any better than you do. All we can do is offer theories. Maybe Pilger can help elucidate it.

but I dont buy the theory that these journalists don't know

Yes, all we can do is theorize as to what is going on behind the curtain and what their true motivations might be, But to say that honest, prize-winning, anti-establishment dissident journalists don't realize that 9-11 was clearly an inside job seems highly implausible. They know, but for some reason unknown to us, they don't want to say. Heck, they don't even want to ask questions.

I believe there are several possible explanations as to why practically everyone in the left/progressive media has chosen to remain silent, if not ouright hostile to 9-11 truth. I posted these various theories previously on this website, but they have been strangely expunged from the record (unless the search function doesn't include members' comments). So, instead of having my theories lost/censored, let me just say that it boils down to 9-11 (and many, many other policies and operations) actually being imposed upon an administration by the national security apparatus, which is itself run by a cabal of the elite. The US national security advisor is the contact person between these elite masters and the president/administration.

Essentially, an investigation into 9-11 would reveal that our political leaders are not the ones running the show, but that there is a higher power with its own agenda. The left media wants to keep this secret (while Bill Clinton's Georgetown mentor Prof. Carroll Quigley actually wanted the masses to know, and even wrote a book about it entitled "Tragedy and Hope" (or Hope and Tragedy).

There may be many reasons the left wants to keep the people in the dark about our true masters and their agenda. One reason is that they kill people who threaten to reveal their secrets. Remember Tony Casalaro? He was one of probably hudreds if not thousands. Another reason might be that the left feels that it has enough influence within the elite cabal to influence its agenda, and they don't want to endanger this influential relationship. Again, we're talking theories here. But I'm tired reading that smart people are wrong about 9-11 simply because they're uninformed. It most definitely goes beyond that.

Alex Jones may be wrong about many things, and may be overly simplistic in his thinking, but he is spot on when he talks about the real power residing not within government, but with secretive groups of the powerful. Any journalist or investigator who won't tell you this simple truth is either ignorant, scared, or playing politics, deep politics.

AA 77

Cheney later said they initially believed the plane was headed for the White House, but turned around for the Pentagon instead due to lack of visual clues for locating and flying into the White House. Interesting comment. How does he know this for sure? Was AA 77 supposed to hit the White House, and is that why Cheney was evacuated and not Rumsfeld?

Then we have the possibility of a second hijacking: remote control, leaving Hanjour amazed at the unresponsiveness of the control yoke as it does a spiraling loop dive towards a preprogrammed target.

And a third possibility, the report of six hijackers on the plane, instead of five.

And a fourth possibility: that Rumsfeld (and a small group of witnesses, such as an aide and Giambastiani) was not where he said he was, in his office, but a few floors below ground.

And a fifth possibility: that Rumsfeld somehow didn't know or indeed took that chance. Seems unlikely.

I think I failed

to mention "Northwoods" as a possibility. I personally find that unlikely also, but it is a possibility.

Hammer Hits nail on head

bloggulator said....."letting it happen" ....... It's called "accessory before the fact"

Indeed. Very well said.


i think it's worth also noting that a lengthy rave by Pilger is on the back of Nafeez Ahmed Mohammed's THE WAR ON TRUTH, a very detailed 9/11 truth book that covers damn near everything you'd want a book like that to bring up, except for (if I remember correctly) building 7 - so Pilger must be aware of the territory. He also got into a friendly but blunt confrontation with Amy Goodman regarding the RFK assassination. Pilger was there(!) working as a journalist and remembers counting the shots - he heard more bullets fired than a single gunman could account for. Goodman offered some asinine rebuttal about how it was bizarre Pilger's recollection didn't gel with the official story, and Pilger scoffed "I know what I heard...". So Pilger isn't predisposed against conspiracy theories. If he ever jumped fully on board, he'd probably be one of our best weapons.

John Pilger at 911blogger

I'm not sure why the hesitancy............

..............of coming right out and saying that 9/11 was an inside job.

I've never heard Pilger hem and haw before.
He is usually spot on, unafraid of saying just what he thinks.

9/11 is different, apparently, from all other issues. I was amazed years ago when, having watched the media become absolutely terrified of exposing what was really going on in Palestine, Pilger came out with his film, "Palestine is Still the Answer".

After that I always felt he would not back down from anything. But he is now. I don't get it.
We see the same with Chomsky, Zinn, most of the popular alternative media.

I don't get it. I KNOW he knows more than he is letting on.

I've always respected Pilger.

I've always respected Pilger. I love his films. But I think on this issue he is likely too afraid to be isolated and red lettered amongst the heavily left-leaning intelligentsia. He's also heavily invested into a world paradigm that he believes in. Such a paradigm carries no possibility for conspiracies on a grand scale. It is a Rubicon that he can not cross. And if he does, he knows that he will never get invited to Chomsky's cocktail party or to be a guest on Amy G's show.

I see movement

I spoke with Pilger some time ago and found him definitely on the fence. Now he is supporting "let it happen", which is criminal complicity. That is a substantial move.

Pilger has done amazing things. I am sure East Timor would not be a free nation now if it had not been for his film-making. In my mind's eye I see the rows of crosses the Timorese set up to mark the deaths of their civilians at the hands of the Indonesian occupying troops. His film paved the way in the Australian public understanding of the true situation. Then when Max Stahl smuggled out his video of the massacre at the cemetery near Dili, it was the trigger for action.

Who knows what might be possible if he produced a film on 9/11.

The voice of hope and reason!

Thank you Frank I believe you are spot on with your analysis!

Kind regards John

Who knows what might be possible if he produced a film on 9/11.

and Michael Moore and Oliver Stone

How about the three of them together?

How about a joint effort, with three co-directors?

It is of course just a pipe-dream. A childish hope. Could such independent types ever do such a thing?

But wouldn't that hit hard, if it were to happen? It would serve as a coffin nail for intentional 9-11 ignorance.

They would have to act you would think?

That would cause some serious interest with the perps and maybe they would attack?

A dream that if realized would change the world.

Kind regards John