New Video on Lack of 9/11 Air Defense by German Author

Here is a short video by the German freelance journalist and author Paul Schreyer, based on his new book Inside 9/11, which "contains a short summary of the publicly available--but still widely unnoticed--evidence for a supposed attempt to obstruct the air defense on September 11th, 2001." The video focuses in particular on the actions of Colonel Robert Marr, the battle commander at NEADS on September 11, 2001.

Hopefully an English translation of Schreyer's book will be published at some point.

More information about Paul Schreyer and his new book is here:


It's always nice and useful to know new things, the only problem with this video is that it takes away responsibility to the one and only who was not AWOL: VP Dick Cheney. He was in command, he was informed, he had the possibility to instruct orders, gave an order and THEN the plane hit the pentagon.
Let's accept those new facts but never forget what we already know.

Great Job

because it´s so FOCUSED - less is more - it´s easy to get so overwhelmed with info that we get tied up in a ball. This piece singles out Marr and brings him DOWN ! Knock out one key piece and the whole edifice should follow.

Focus on lack of air defense

Yes, I like the fact that Schreyer's film focuses on the lack of air defense over the U.S. on 9/11--an important topic that deserves more investigation. This aspect of 9/11 appears to be one of the main focuses of Schreyer's book, too.

A word from the author

Hi there, I´m the author of the film "Inside 9/11 - Hijacking the air defense". My new book "Inside 9/11" will be presented for the first time on July 7th in Berlin.

Of course I would really like to have an american edition of my book. Three years ago I tried it the other way around, looking for a German publisher for Peter Dale Scott´s great book "The Road to 9/11" - unfortunately with no success so far.

My book has 120 pages and three chapters:

1. The pre-knowledge of the intelligence agencies (all about Able Danger, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, Hazmi / Midhar and the suppression and cover-up of all of this)

2. The failure of the air defense (detailed account over 50 pages of all four flights, and the NEADS reaction - main part of the book)

3. The absence of the top of the chain of command (all about Rumsfeld abandoning his post, General Montague Winfield, Captain Leidig and General Canavan of the FAA)

Also included are some maps about the air defense, which can be seen here:

For readers from Germany here also some extra info on the book presentation in Berlin: it will take place on July 7th, 7 p.m., Viet-Haus, Leipziger Str. 54, Berlin-Mitte. More info about the event (German language) here:

Special thanks to Shoestring for posting the film!

Paul, can you tell us anything about 911 awareness in Germany?

This is an excellent film. Can we expect two more?

9/11 awareness in Germany

The awareness of the fact that 9/11 hasn´t been properly investigated at all, is quite poor in my opinion here in Germany. Sad to say, but a lot of the people around me aren´t really interested in this. Many of them don´t realize the importance of the question. It´s history for them.

Although there´s a broad movement of people here, distrusting the whole "war on terror" propaganda - but still many on the left can´t even imagine, that 9/11 might have been an inside job.

Fortunately a few new books on the topic will be published this summer here in Germany. Blogger Sitting Bull mentioned them here:

Also there will be a 9/11-conference in September in Leipzig (2nd largest city in east Germany), where I will speak alongside with Nafeez Ahmed and others:

Generally I think, with the catastrophic development in Afghanistan, the strange Bin Laden "capture" and so on, the distrust in the official 9/11 story will have a chance to grow.

It´s important to concentrate on the issues where there is the best available evidence. In my opinion these are:

- the pre-knowledge of intelligence agencies (Able Danger, Hazmi / Midhar)
- the failure of the air defense
- the absence of the top of the chain of command during the morning of 9/11

If these issues can somehow find there way into the mainstream press (again), than there´s a good chance for a productive public debate about 9/11 - here in Germany and elsewhere.

Thanks for the information.

It appears Germany has a controlled media too.

a 9/11-conference in September in Leipzig (2nd largest city in east Germany), where I will speak alongside with Nafeez Ahmed and others:

My impression

Notably, german researchers are well informed about the topic "Lack of air defense".

We have an unique set of experts and researchers on the topic. Many of them not well known in the US part:

Andreas Hauss of Medien Analyse International (MAI), a journalists with this topic as main point about 9/11 truth

Lt.Col. Jochen Scholz (german airforce)
Both highlighted here:

We have John Doe 2, and Woody Box, both once members of team8+

We have Christian C. Walther, who delivered a well written approach on topic even back in 2005, "Censored Day" would be the title in english...

I only wish that most of their research would be available in english language, which unfortunately is not.


Congrats and thank you

Hello Paul

Can you explain how you know it is a fact that Col Marr, did not give the shoot-down orders issued from Dick Cheney?

second question

Is it a fact that Col Marr gave the scrambling-order for the third fighter from Langley? Until know, I thought it was "unknown" person.

Third pilot from Langley

In my book I have all the details about this. In short: Borgstrom said in an interview with author Leslie Filson, that he got this phone call from NEADS, but that he didn´t know what person exactly talked to him. Because Sergeant Powell and Major Nasypany (both located in the NEADS-"Operations Floor") appearantly didn´t knew about this phone call (Lynn Spencer, "Touching History", 2008, p. 148), I concluded that it must have com from Colonel Marr´s NEADS-"Battle Cab", that is separated from the "Operations Floor".

Unclear who requested third pilot ...

I would be surprised if it was Marr who made the call. Since he was in the battle cab that day, I get the impression Marr was responsible for commanding the troops at NEADS, and so it would instead have been one of the personnel on the NEADS operations floor that made the call to Langley Air Force Base requesting that it launch three fighters instead of two. However, I've been unable to figure out who that person was.

In this internal 9/11 Commission e-mail, Miles Kara mentioned that "the Langley fighters were controlled by Citino"--meaning Steve Citino--and "His 'channel' was DRM2 CH 17." However, from having a quick listen to that NORAD tape, I was unable to find a call from Citino to Langley AFB at the relevant time.

Here is the entry from the Complete 9/11 Timeline in which the call is described:
(Between 9:10 a.m. and 9:23 a.m.) September 11, 2001: NEADS Wants Third Jet Launched from Langley, Meaning Unit Will Have No Supervisor of Flying

NEADS Battle Cab vs. Operations Floor

As I said, Sergeant Powell on the NEADS Operations Floor appearantly didn´t know about the call. See Lynn Spencer, "Touching History", 2008, p. 148:

"Powell: `Three? I only scrambled two!´ (...) Powell leans back in his chair to absorb what he´s just heard and what it means. The order to send all three jets hadn´t gone through him. He´s speechless. (...) Marr and the other senior officers in the battle cab do as they see fit, and communicate as necessary with Nasypany, the mission crew commander in charge of the Ops floor. Powell simply follows the orders passed from Nasypany to the senior director and then to the weapons crew. The officers in the battle cab certainly don´t owe him any explanations, but Powell sees implications in what they have done."

I think Spencer´s account sounds quite credible and clear. The order to Borgstrom came appearantly from Marr´s Battle Cab.

Good point

Yes, that's a good point. I still think it is unclear who actually made the call to Langley AFB. But, as you point out, Spencer certainly indicates that the order to launch a third fighter jet from the unit originated with Marr, or possibly someone else in the battle cab.

Marr and the "shoot down order"

On Marr not conveying the "shoot down order" to the pilots see: 9/11-Commission, 12th Public Hearing, 17.06.04, Transcript pp. 61-62; John Farmer, "The Ground Truth", 2009, p. 261

On Marr lying on TV about this see: ABC News, "9/11: Interviews by Peter Jennings", 11.09.02

These sources are also mentioned in the film.

Exercise inputs

NEADS was asked by NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain control, to "terminate all exercise inputs". Cpt. Brian Nagel had no control over the exercise and just gave a number, which was deleted / blacked in the documents. Where was Nagel - in the Battle Cab with Marr or in the Operations Floor?

13, 1547, near Pittsburgh. Possible bomb on board, united 93. Yeah, that's it. Near Pitt. Sorry, Northeast Weapons.
MALE SPEAKER 10: Hello. This is captain Taylor calling from Cheyenne Mountain control.
MALE SPEAKER 10: what we need you to do right now is to terminate all exercise inputs comin into Cheyenne Mountain. . .
MALE SPEAKER 1: Yes. Can you call ... (deleted)) extension for that, please?
MALE SPEAKER 10: ... (deleted) ?
MALE SPEAKER 1: YOU bet. He'll give you that.
MALE SPEAKER 10: I' do that.
MALE SPEAKER 1: okay. Thank you. Go ahead.


Paul, welcome to 911-blogger and thank you for your important contribution to the body of work questioning the official story. It's good to see some dialog on here over some of the details of these events.

I'd be interested to hear what's involved in the difficulty in getting a book published in a different language. The importance of a book that is based on factual research being in the public realm is beyond just a publisher making a profit. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

On publishing a translation

As for my small private campaign to find a German publisher for Peter Dale Scott´s "The Road to 9/11" in 2008:

I translated the first chapter (about 20 pages) into German language and approached several publishers. But a nationwide well-respected publisher, whom I asked, didn´t even get the point of the book at all. He thought wrongly, a book about 9/11 is merely a book about Bush, and as Bush was out of office already, nobody would buy the book ... One other smaller publisher on the other hand believed in the importance of the book, but hadn´t enough money to pay the translation, which in the case of Scott is quite challenging - alone for the amount of footnotes which are essential for the understanding of the context.

But Scott wrote me recently, that he got at least a french translation finally in 2010 which seems to be quite succesful there ...

The Road to 9/11

is a very important book.

Would it be possible for us to pay for the translation and facilitate this process?

Any idea how much it would cost?

Vielen Dank für Ihre gute Arbeit


Book translation - publisher interested?

Thanks for the offer! And thanks for your German "Prost!" ... :-) You know what it means, don´t you?

The translation cost is about 15,- Euro / 20,- Dollar per book page. So it´s quite hard to translate a longer book like Scott´s and sell it with profit - if you aren´t a well known publisher with marketing capabilities.

I have a different idea, that perhaps won´t surprise you ... Translating my own book "Inside 9/11" into American. In my opinion this would even have a bigger effect - because in the end 9/11 is an American thing. It has to be dealt with in your country. That´s why I made the film in English language.

My book is very focused, similar to the film. One of my aims is to make transparent all the issues with the best available evidence that could and should be prosecuted publicly in the U.S.

Therefore - and to keep it concentrated - my book has only 120 pages. While researching for the book I read everything from Scott, Griffin and so on as well as the more official accounts of Spencer (2008), Farmer (2009) and of course all the 9/11-Commission stuff. The book also contains the whole story of Anthony Shaffer, outlined in his 2010 published book, as well as 50 pages about the failure of the air defense including the newly researched issue of Colonel Marr, illustrated in the film. The last chapter of the book then describes in detail the COG-story (according to Scott and author James Mann) in connection with the corresponding careers of Rumsfeld and Cheney since the 1970s.

My bilingual English-German Webpage about it:

I work professionally as a book layouter and webdesigner, earning a living with graphics. If some US publisher might be interested: I could deliver a translated PDF-file ready to print for a total of 2.500,- Euro / 3.500,- Dollar. But you can believe me, I´m not very eager to do translations. It´s a lot of work and actually I haven´t really the time for it ... So a translation of Scott´s great - but very long - book is now unfortunately real out of reach for me.

I assume that you have already contacted Dr. Griffin's publisher


If not, you may want to contact Dr. Griffin first and see about working with and through him to reach the publisher.

My understanding from him is that Interlink don't really like his books that much, but as they are some of their best sellers, they continue to publish his books on the subject. I think yours could also be one of these best sellers, too.

I can put you in touch with Dr. Griffin, if you like.

I think the movement is now large enough that we could also self-publish the book (if Judy Wood can, we can too).

I would be happy to lead such an effort with you, if that idea is of interest to you.

Thanks for all your great work, I can't wait to read your book and meet you in person.


[FTR - I have been a big FC Bayern Munich supporter since 1973]

American Translation

No, I haven´t contacted anybody with this yet ... The German edition was just published last week, so until now I was busy trying to make publicity for this.

Following your suggestion I looked on the website of Interlink and saw, they already plan a book by Griffin ("9/11 - Ten years after") to be published this September.

But nonetheless it would be great if you could make a contact to Griffin for me. I already wanted to approach him but had no email adress. Perhaps you could send me an email about this? You can mail to me through my website:

Any ideas to publish an American edition are very welcome. So if you think of some possibility, I would be glad if you go on.

Thanks again.

PS: Bayern Munich is not so well liked here in the north of Germany where I live ... :-) But doesn´t matter ...

Col. Marr relationship with the truth

We have two more big anomalies of Col. Robert Marr, which were not highlighted here:

Number 1
Colonel Robert Marr, the battle commander at NEADS, says that when the Otis fighters took off, his “intent was to scramble [them] to military airspace while we found out what was going on.” He says that, before 9:03 when the second World Trade Center tower is hit, the fighters are “heading down south toward Whiskey 105 and we don’t really have a mission for them at this point.” Whiskey 105 is military training airspace southeast of Long Island, a few minutes flying time from New York City. [Filson, 2003, pp. 56 and 58-59]

That is not true. NEADS wanted to send the fighters over land, over New York, but FAA, New York, gave no permission.
more Info:
Why did Col. Marr "cover up" this decision of OMIC Bruce Barrett (FAA, New York).

Number 2
Before the 911-Commission, Marr indirectly lied, why the fighters from Langley were flying in the wrong direction. He sat in front the of Commission and just next to him was Col. William Scott, who said that:
"The answer on AA77 is not easy, nor is it pretty. At the time AA77 was occurring we were focused on UAL93 which was the only confirmed hijack that the FAA had identified to us. My records show UAL93 reported as hijacked at 0916L, once we found it and identified it's [sic] westerly heading, we scrambled Langley at 0924L just in case it turned around toward DC, which it did later.(...)."
Col. William Scott, 9/11 Commission, 23.05.2003.


Not sure if it is relevent, but I have heard of a film on the history of the war in which the Israelis took the Sinai, in which it was explained that the Egyptians thought they were in some kind of military exercise, which is why they did not react to the Israeli invasion as they should have. The Israelis were able to get into the radio channels and confuse the Egyptian military. This, I believe, was a military film, not something you would see in the movies.

NATO had this ready, yet in Cold War

"get in communication channels", this was part of a NATO plan how to win a nuclear war.
I think the program was called Canopy Wing.
It was about electronic warfare e.p. Goal was to disguisedly enter red army's communication links and manipulate them, somehow giving fake orders that wouldn't be recognize as such, sending bombers into wrong directions and so on.
This is now common technology and has been used in Serbia and Iraq.

Back then, the plans were spied out and sold to Russia, google James Hall and Hüseyin Yildirim.