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dz has decided to step back from the site and allow me to tweak a few knobs here at has been many things to many people. For quite a few, (including me), the site has been the first stop to check for the latest news on 9/11-related information. For others, it has been a rallying point and a place to meet other 9/11 researchers, skeptics, and Truthers.

For still others, unfortunately, has been used as a tool to identify and amplify wedge issues that divide 9/11 skeptics and researchers, and this has occurred primarily in the comments area.

The first editorial change that you will notice is that all comments now go into a moderation queue, just like blog entries. Comments that start off with an ad hominem subject line will simply be deleted. Comments that are low on content and high on snark shall meet the same fate. This is necessarily going to slow down the pace at which comments appear, so please put some thought into your comment, but don't be surprised if you spend an hour attacking another user or researcher who you don't agree with, and the comment doesn't show up.

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Users that consistently post the same hypotheses and theories that have brought out the worst in other users here, and have led to endless, pointless flame war threads that are never resolved, will simply find that their posts don't show up anymore. (Regular users of this site know exactly what I'm talking about.) under my editorial guidance is not going to "take a side" and label specific hypotheses or theories as disinformation. Our prescription is this: register a handle at a bona fide message board that has full-time, actual moderators that will regulate your debate, and have it out there.

Here are a couple message boards to consider joining for real-time debate:

One message board that has been severely under-used by 9/11 skeptics is the well-established, which has a dedicated 9/11 forum:

DemocraticUnderground is robust and redundant, rarely crashes, and bans just as rarely.

The Randi Rhodes message board also has a dedicated 9/11 forum and near-full-time moderation:

The British site, has a moderated forum:

Pilots for 9/11 Truth has a dedicated forum:

Respect the moderators there, and they will respect you.

The Loose Change crew also has a lively forum, and it is worth checking out:

Activists! The premiere site for you is it has a forum and is the place to hook up with folks from “Your Town”.

As far as content goes, that will change over time, but don't expect anything drastic in the near future.

Please refrain from posting news items in the comments area. Instead, take the time to post the item as a blog entry. That way, you get proper credit and if the news item is breaking news we'll pop it on the front page after checking it out.

Or, send in your news items to:


Oh, you're no fun at all

I suppose this isn't going to get through now, but, oh, well. Them's the breaks.

I think moderating comments is a mistake. And will be the demise of 9/11 Blogger. We'll see if I am right, or not, in the coming weeks, or months. (I hope I'm wrong)

Personally, I can't see you having the time to moderate the comments. Unless your hope is that people basically stop commenting, which is probably what will eventually occur. Or perhaps to levels that will allow moderation achievable. Regardless, you must have a lot more "free time" on your hands than I do.

I can't help but wonder if your decision is a type of self-destructive behavior, if you will. A way to "kill" 911B without actually consciously performing the act of shutting it down and turning it off.

Good luck. I think you're going to need it. (if you truly want 911B to thrive, rather than wither)

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Forensic 9/11ologist

R( \ )n P( \ )ul 2( \ )08 ==> A Woman's Right To Choose Is Sacrosanct!

If the intent is to kill

If the intent is to kill 911blogger, simply handing over the domain to SEO firm would do that, and make money to boot.

Staying true to the core of 911blogger is probably a factor in Reps decision, an that is to desimintate news and information related to 9/11. What it has become IMHO is a place to insert disinfo (primarily via comments) and attack others. By regulating the comments, this makes it less likely to occur.

I for one will not stop commenting here, I am a patient man.

edit: I have changed my mind - As it is, this change will kill 911blogger - The system is easily exploitable (editing previously moderated comments) and the response time is nonexistent.

This is not good

I mean, it's great as an object lesson in the perils of centralization... but hopefully not a permanent one. It really hurts to feel all the voices being cut off all of a sudden, sad just doesn't even cut it as a descriptor. I've seen this happen before when a community - chaotic and beautiful and rich - sprang up on someone's private internet property and suddenly one day the plug was pulled. This situation is much worse though because of the political potential (some of it already quite realized) inherent in the meme laboratory that this site has become. The campaign for Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice - a campaign that has spread around the world - was born out of a series of discussions that took place on this site. Discussions that would not have happened under this new scheme.

If the objective is to create a "clean" site, why not start up blogger v2 as a separate endeavor? Such a site might be a very worthy resource, but a thriving community of ideas and perspectives shouldn't be paved over to create it.

Whatever happens, I'm eternally grateful to dz and this site for providing the incubator for the campaign and for promoting it consistently since day one. My grave concern is that the fertile ground out of which such a phenomenon could be born will now be a paved over parking lot.

Thanks for putting in a good word for, much appreciated.

Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Everytime I see 911blogger

Everytime I see 911blogger now I am reminded of GNN.TV and the entire psyop incident. I don't know or care to understand all the details as I did not trust anyone who brought it up. But of what I do remember is that is the reason why Rep left GNN.

I despise "paid" posters more than any one else, but to do this, censoring posts is in no way justified. I surmise that three probable events will occur:

1) System of comment moderation will continue
2) An alternate system of "elite" moderators will be appointed.
3) The system will be go back to the way it was, user moderated comments via voting.

In instance 1 911blogger will die, in 3 it will continue to thrive. And in instance 2, which I believe is the goal, the power to moderate will exist in a small group of anonymous moderators who come down on honest voices and ignore those who are truly against the truth movement.

Keep in mind this is EXACTLY what happened in the forum, months before everyone split. Its the same MO.

These guys won't stop until we win.

"I did not trust.."


I was Gren who did much of the main research for that and I can't imagine why you didn't trust me. Did you ever chat with me or contact me or anything?

I'm trustworthy I can promise you that.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I did not trust != You are

I did not trust != You are not Trustworthy.

The nature of the allegations demands an objective view point, trust is a personal belief.

Let me begin by saying I

Let me begin by saying I have the utmost respect for
those whove created and maintained what is the BEST
9/11 information website out there....That being said,
this is crap. If I wanted to be part of a censured blog, Id
be going to Huffington, or ABC, Ect, Ect....
By the users, Of the users, For the users....comments
should be auto deleted by the amount of negative points
a comment gets from those inclined to read it. I mean really,
how long does a comment (or Ad Hom) from say Killtown
stay open anyway?....
This needs to be reconsidered.
By the users, Of the users, For the users.

Show "Good." by Jon Gold

ad hominem subject line

Now delete me.
Censorship sucks.

Show "Good." by pagan

What situation?

I just don't see that. Is it that I just pass over the non-sense? I just don't see what you are talking about.

"It is sad that we have come to this situation..."

I will say again...I just don't see what you are talking about.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

do we really need more

do we really need more censorship? is that the answer?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Adieu 911B

Good while it lasted. MSM is controlled and now internet information will be controlled by bloggers who advocated free discussion as long as it was not controversial. You still don't understand the principles of free speech, do you?

In a Totalitarian Society

the majority will express their opinions on something and then the "Fearless Leaders" will tell the majority to "go fuck themselves." This is also known as the Bush Doctrine. It is not surprising then that the intelligence agencies who are working on co-opting this site would want to install the same type of totalitrarian methods here at a site that seeks to bring their con games to a screeching halt.

Censorship will not work. Building walls wil not work. Censoring or shutting up 9/11 Blogger also will not work. The truth is out of the bag and there is nothing you government agents can do to stop your criminal bosses from being exposed and rounded up. You have already lost and now we just laugh at you like we laugh at FOX and CNN. I bet you could make a lot of money selling this site to Rupert Murdoch. Good luck with your little censorship circus. You will not win. That is a guarantee. 9/11 Truth is much more powerful than a little website in the outer reaches of the blogosphere.

Show "Excellent Idea" by maddog
Show "The only thing constant is change . . . ." by craniac

We all believe it's an

We all believe it's an inside job, so everyone move on and spread the word.

I have always though that a centralized location is fundemental in focusing attention on an issue, but once that issue has been firmly established in the medium, it must grow outside of its initial form to be effective.

In any case, I am glad Rep has the balls to "try" something different, and I hope people establish beach heads in other mediums (in their respective towns).

This is a movement and it should spread, not concentrate in ONE place.

edit: I have changed my mind - As it is, this change will kill 911blogger - The system is easily exploitable (editing previously moderated comments) and the response time is nonexistent.

I disagree...

... and believe that approach to be the 911 movements biggest weakness.

Until we can lay out, step by step, exactly how these crimes were performed, we are open to being labelled 'conspiracy theorists'.

By knowing the exact methodology the criminals used, we can substantiate our arguments with facts.

I believe this issue is sufficiently important that I have argued for a permanent section on this site for researchers and investigators to pool their efforts.

I guess, under the new management, its a good time to request it again.

Having been an active truther for around a year I have perceived a strange phenomenon. In all the thousands of posts, articles, movies, etc, there is a universal criminal - 'Them'. I have yet to see a truther document that has as its focus the intention of putting even one name to the label. We all say, 'the perpetrators', 'they', the administration, etc.

If we can solidly ID just one real person as a perpetrator then the rest will come. To get to specifics of who did this crime we need specifics of the things that were done.

Please Mr. Moderator, provide a streamed area on your site for those who wish to investigate the crime.

Thank you.

"one real person" Paul Kurzberg

Richard Cheney
Donald Rumsfeld
Paul Wolfowitz
George W. Bush
All members of the 9/11 Commission, except Max Cleland.

Start with them.

Edit: Forgot Condi and Ashcroft, Mike Maltbie and Dave Frasca. Then look into Tenet and the Co.


Well this is how it ends. My last blog went into the ether. The highly relevant (using some sources right from here) discussion of disinfiormaiton in THIS movement has proven too "wedge"y for certain ears.

Quite fitting for the 4th of July, freedom of speech should just die here. My final post met a similar ethereal fate, as did two or three others. Can you say "stabbed in the back?"

Not here you can't.

No one's quite sure what you CAN say here anymore. That's the elegant beauty of authoritarian censorship: it's up to the whim of the great leader.

Drop me an email if you feel similarly disgusted with this situation. I'd like to discuss things with Arabesque, and even Real Truther (an early casualty before the mass shock and awe campaign).

This post probably doesn't have long to live either. What an awful stench rising up...

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

Show "great move..." by Carlos

Un-needed Moderation

What's the point?

I frequent this site and I just don't see the need, the point, or the purpose for this. You are going to be creating much un-needed work for yourself.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

this will

... get some undies in a bunch

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

not outraged

but my excuse is I just signed up ten minutes ago. So it goes from real-time chat to slightlly slowed chat, for an intended result of higheer quality discussions? Sounds worth a try. May not even prove feasible. Who knows. But think of the time you might save from responding to flame posts that didn't even need to exist.

Show "Good luck with this..." by altruist

I'm torn on this one

Some of my favorite posters who have been here a long time (since haloscan days) have chimed in and voiced their approval. Some of those that seem to be here mostly to socialize, who occasionally get distracted by flamewars have vehemently opposed it.

While I truly believe something has to be done, I'm not sure if the moderation queue is the best idea. The level of unrelated, sometimes trollish comments is almost back to the level of haloscan. The pages and pages of back-and-forth bickering isn't collapsed and hidden away to the extent that it needs to be. Ideally, something like has, with entire threads collapsed when replying to trolls or flamebait would work, with "karma" to automatically rate trolls lower every time they post until they improve their karma. But I don't know that there is anything like that for 911blogger's software, drupal....

Anyway, it seems like we just need some tweaking of what we already had, maybe instead of full moderation with a queue.

Yeah, me too...

....hopefully the passions aroused by this change will have generated enough ideas that better solutions can be found. But until then, why not give Rep the benefit of the doubt, and let him try this new's too early to pass judgement, me thinks....IMO, every system should be constantly evaluated and continually refined....I have a feeling that, as in most cases when changes occur, we'll gain something and lose something...this site can always go back to the old method (or something else) if it doesn't work.

That said, I can't believe Rep wants to have to read every comment before posting it. Like another member said, his time is better spent. Comments/threads can always be removed after the fact, if they get out of hand. Prior improvements like the point system (more good than bad), combined with banning anonymous posters, have already allowed us to pass by the BS flame wars.

And, while I welcome the attempts to minimize the distracting and destructive divisiveness (intentionally created all too often) found here, I'm already missing that comments don't appear in real time.

hmmm...seems unnecessary.

hmmm...seems unnecessary. And a big waste of time. Perfection is not required. "Wedge issues" are inevitable. If you'd like more moderation you should just delete ad hom posts. Screening every comment before hand is draconian and best left to sites like ABC or CBS. I think you should reconsider Rep: your time is better spent writing essays and engaging in activism. The group-moderating scheme works fine 90% of the time.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I agree with you 110 percent, Danse

I like and respect you, Rep. But this new comment moderation idea (delaying or not posting them at all) is a terrible idea.

The community voting system works here and should remain in place without the addition of a 'Big Brother' system..

If you're worried about an ad hom comment title being displayed after a comment is buried, why not (if possible) make it so the title disappears too if the comment gets a negative vote?

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"
"The trouble with the NIST Report is that it isn’t even science because it's not capable of being verified or negated!"

-Dr. Frank Greening

Not sure about this...

If comments are censored only in rare cases, then it could work. But it does sound a little controlling. Freedom is hard to tolerate at times when people abuse it, but there really is no substitute for it. We all should learn to improve our tolerance a bit, which is necessary in any free society. I'm not sure why we couldn't have retroactive censorship for those who flame or whose comments don't add to the discussion. Knowing that your comment could be deleted may cause some to reconsider their point before hitting submit--which might work. But when breaking news hits and someone has info to add, or to clarify, or links to share that may help put pieces together, then there is no real substitute for real-time.

ad hominem/criticism

Good thing that you're taking ad hominem seriously.

Just don't forget that criticism of witnesses, professors, organizations and studies etc. often might be relevant.

That's sad to hear

Sounds as though you are going the way of something like Huffington Post which has an absolutely horrible comment section that is ridiculously slow and so heavily moderated that you think you are on an ABC or Freeper message board.
This will effectively kill this site in short order.

This change will certainly (EDITED)

This change will certainly bring cries of censorship and all that, but as a proponent for directed and well reasoned change, I am looking forward to seeing how this new system will change the dynamics of 911blogger.

edit: If today's moderation cycle is indicative of what is to come, I reserve the right to change my attitude towards this change.

edit: BTW this system can be exploited as I just realized, a comment can be made, approved, then edited at a later time, thus rendering the moderation system moot. Hmmm...

edit: Rep may want to rethink the implementation of this, it does not limit the ad hom attacks as I have just pointed out, and it does slow the debate to a crawl (updates once or twice a day??) Perhaps this is a first step into getting the blogger crowd to accept an intermediate system? say, a small group of moderators other than the 3 admins? If that is the way it goes, i think its a bad idea.

edit: Well after about of day, I have changed my vote from 10 to 1 - if this is the future of 911blogger, it will not be bright one.

"...all comments now go into a moderation queue,..."

That's certainly one way to stifle lively discussion and debate, particularly regarding time-sensitive news. So, I guess that in the future, there really won't be much point in visiting this site multiple times during the day. Once a day, if even that, should more than suffice, giving the mod squad time to filter enough comments to make the visit possibly worthwhile.

"Comments that are low on content and high on snark shall meet the same fate."

This serves those best who have a specific agenda to further. ABCNews is very good at this. They send every comment that I make, no matter how well reasoned and/or polite, to Winston's Incinerator. So, I am effectively banned there, though not by any formal notice. I just no longer exist.

Individuals assigning points served this function quite well, yet didn't doom someone's comment to Winston's Incinerator. Now, a comment will either exist or not, depending on the subjective opinion, mood, or attire of One as to the worthiness or snarkiness of a comment. I have yet to notice anyone pointing a gun to my head, forcing me to read anything at all here. There are some whom I would like to make go poof. I sure that there some who feel the same about me.

I've never understood people who try to force others to get along. The answer to the question "why can't we all just get along?" is pretty simple. We just can't. So, why not a POOF button? A button that effectively allows one user to send all evidence of the existance of another user to Winston's Incinerator would serve well and better protect us all from the mod squad succumbingto the Last Temptation of Winston.

Enough for now. My snarkiness will condemn this to Winston's Incinerator anyway.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

bravo dicktater. im not

bravo dicktater. im not being snarky, that was a great post. i hope they still allow compliments.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

ad hominem

This is a test of the new auto-poofing function.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Show "A more than fair decision," by greenback

Bad move!

I can virtually guarantee this move towards moderation of 9/11 comments will slowly but surely KILL this website. The voting up and down of comments took care of the abusers IMHO.

I am disappointed. VERY disappointed!
"Cogito ergo sum"

Edit: I'm done. I cannot support this move. No matter how you spin it, it's CENSORSHIP pure and simple. I will have no part of it. Good luck and God help us all.

-Chris Rose

A Heavy Hammer Indeed Reprehensor....

Depending on how you implement the new regime, the character of 911Blogger could fundamentally change.

Without a doubt DZ's creation will continue to be an effective source for 911 truth reality.

911blogger is also the premier 911 news and comment site because of the the fearless and dynamic mix of people and ideas ...what it was.

Good luck in your efforts.

Hate to say it...

Hate to say it but doing this Rep, will kill this site in my opinion. What made this site for me was the instant means of posting your thoughts and getting a response..but I can see that the path has been paved because of the links you posted for alternative sites to post at. Seems you want people to go away?

Sorry to see this change...Im sure you will also see a drastic change in traffic. And I also hope if you care about keeping traffic high at this site, you will roll back to the old way.

Just my thoughts...

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Of course I am apprehensive of these changes being made to 911 Blogger. And likewise I am all for dz and others making the life decisions that they feel will help keep them strong etc. That being said...

I haven't found 9/11 Blogger to be that big of a problem. The comments sometimes suck and are sidetracked but this is still the best site out there. I want to see the site move towards more activism-coordination as well as remain a center or hub of activity that keeps us informed and on task. I understand that changes and updates are sometimes necessary to keep this site focused along the lines the owners intended it to be, but as our movement grows and is gaining respectability, I hope we don't fall for the temptation of exerting exessive power and/or censorship to control the site and comment sections.

In other words, I personally like the site the way it is. We need vigorous debate and exchanges of ideas here because no one else in this damn society is providing it. We need the back and forth of healthy discussion. I've gained strength from the comments here both by reaffirming my positions and discarding negative or unproductive ideas.

I'm also looking forward to the new "dz" I think it is Reprehensor or George Washington and I'd like to offer a hell yeah and a big welcome to the new men on board. Hopefully dz will be back in the game when the impeachment trials start and the court cases begin. Adios.

Bad Idea

Moderating and censoring comments is a really bad idea. I get "good" ratings lots of the time, but the principal bothers me.

PS. Who has time to waste reading and approving all the comments? This is an infowar! Don't sit around trying to police comments! Go DO SOMETHING. Post Sings (I have put up a few hundred in Tucson in the last week)

Assuming this [insert ad-hominem] policy continues, I see it as an opportunity for us to change formats.... the problem with a "blog" format is that really important posts get buried.... and missed as new stories appear... what we really need is a wiki with a front page news section.... where stories get linked together and integrated into the wiki by users.

Show "It's a fine line" by Arabesque
Show "Hey there Arabesque!" by Caustic Logic

9/11 is a "wedge" issue [Edit]

Good to see you here CL.

There's plenty of room for disagreement on everything, and I think I'm like you in that I usually try to ignore the personal attack garbage. But there are also a lot of intelligent and respectful activists on this site, and that's who I care about the most.


Like it or not, 9/11 is a "wedge" issue. It is one of the most controversial issues of our time.

Not talking about something simply because it is a wedge issue is NOT the solution.

A wedge issue becomes a wedge issue because people make it so to the point of losing their cool and resorting to emotional and irrational arguments. Some of these people are genuine and others are merely intent on dividing the 9/11 truth community on their differences rather than their common goals. Look at the people who contribute nothing significant to this site, but who accuse, accuse, accuse.

Those who speak calmly, rationally and intelligently do not contribute to making 9/11 a wedge issue. Censoring the comments of people like myself who have contributed easily over 2000 comments to this site is extremely disappointing, and quite frankly, ridiculous.

Site admins have to deal with the bad behavior. I can understand their frustration as I have been targeted by certain individuals but have REFRAINED from returning their disruptive behavior. The people who are NOT rude, insulting, hurl accusations, or divisive are not disrupters. Isn't that obvious? But to those who have to deal with this behavior, it appears WORSE than it is. Not everyone reads every single post or their comments. In short, not everyone CARES about these disturbances.

Where have all of the comments gone? Look at the tracker, it’s like this site has DIED. If this is the "new" 911blogger, then you have killed something very special. If sites like the frequently insipid dig with the mostly under-19, below 70 IQ users can function with the bury option, why can’t 911blogger?

911blogger is much more than a news source. Telling us to go to different locations to debate is acceptable if there are issues that need extensive debating. Otherwise, having a CENTRAL location to discuss newsworthy topics is PRICELESS. In a place like 911blogger, which has the most extensive coverage of news events, there is no guarantee that everyone will join a forum to separately discuss a topic.

Even limiting the number of posts per thread per user would be a MUCH more ideal solution than moderation. If users can only post a certain number of times per post, they will make their comments count and will refrain from wasting their quota. How can someone be disruptive if they can't post more than 4, 5 or 6 times per thread?

Yes, there are yahoos and disrupters. The policy should be to ignore them--and not be manipulated by their crass antics. Setting a precedent of banning users temporarily, then permanently would stop the nonsense. Making a complicated sign up procedure would discourage users from being banned, and if necessary, a IP ban could be implemented.

As I said before, the trolling problem before was TERRIBLE and much much worse than the current situation. It is now gone. A simple solution fixed an annoying problem. Why can't temporary or permanent banning fix this current situation? Why must the entire 911blogger community be affected by a few morons who are either intent on creating division or are anti-social rejects—or both.

The current situation smells very bad.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

One last comment

Then I'm out of here. I'll not be contributing to a site that lets me say some things I think, and not others.

This is so unbelievably disingenuous, Arabesque. Read what Reprehensor said. This is not about civility, it's about so-called "wedge" issues, and it's about whether people like Steven Jones, and you, should be accountable for their ideas.

This is a gem, but thanks for the warning:

"Don't be surprised if you spend an hour attacking another user or researcher who you don't agree with, and the comment doesn't show up."

"Attack" is the wrong word. Anybody that spends an hour is not attacking, they are critiquing.

Reprehensor, since you have taken it upon yourself to edit comments, I trust that you will also be checking facts before you post a blog or a comment.

I see your standard for judging a hypothesis or theory is that it "consistently brings out the worst in other users." That is a fine display of scientific ideals, quite conducive to the "truth."

Looks like the "ad hominem" meme set up by Reynolds and Wood calling Jones "retarded," and Fetzer not letting Jones speak on his radio show, has flowered nicely. Not all of us are stupid enough not to be able to see through that, nor stupid enough to think that the choice is between Wood and Jones. Controlled demolition, however it was done, was shown by people like Jeff King long before Steven Jones and Judy Wood arrived, and the impossible crash physics and other evidence of no planes was shown by Gerard Holmgren long before Morgan Reynolds arrived.

If the moderators have any honor and integrity, any respect for intellectual inquiry, and any respect for the contributions I have made here in good faith, they will post my final comment.

Dwight Van Winkle

P.S. (update): Arabesque, I've read your comment and you are still obscuring the real issue. You have played the "civility" card in the context of substantive debates that get mildly heated, like your debate with JohnDoeX about Pentagon witnesses. This is different from people who came in with "you're talking nonsense and you're a shill" attacks, yet offer no substantive arguments. They were the problem. The majority of my discussion of "no planes" followed attacks from idiots (or worse) like this, because I am not going to take that without responding. I figured it was only a matter of time before I got booted for negative comments, which would have been unfair because not only was I following the rules, my negative comments resulted from attacks by those who were not following the rules. The whole "wedge" issue is not only intellectually bankrupt, it is a fraud because the wedge is created by slanderous accusations of "disinfo." I'm not saying you did that, but you are not addressing it. The "civility" issue is false.

As I said, 9/11 is a "wedge" issue

As I said, 9/11 is a "wedge" issue

People are going to disagree... on everything related to 9/11. Does that mean we should stop talking about 9/11?

Anyone who has read the comments on this site can figure out that every single area of 9/11 is controversial. Find the rare posts where everyone agrees.

Why is a wedge issue a wedge issue? Why do people make controversy over certain points? Why do people resort to personal attacks and insults over issues that are in disagreement? It's a personal choice to make something a wedge issue. Perhaps a subconscious one, but it is still a choice. Are there people who deliberately choose to be divisive over certain issues? Yes, this is what CONITELPRO agents intentionally do. Look at these people and denounce their behavior.

Do people who respond in a civil manner, and who refrain from returning insults, accusations, and irrational arguments contribute to making 9/11 a "wedge" issue? No. A wedge issue is only a wedge issue because the people arguing it make it so.

Ideas are ideas. Ideas are not inherently controversial--only people decide to make them controversial. Although I feel passionately about 9/11, I am not going to be among those trying to stir up controversy by simply discussing a topic.

Should we cease or be afraid to discuss issues simply because certain individuals want to make a controversy out of it? We are talking about 9/11 here--this is not going to go away, and it's going to get MORE controversial before this fight is over. The entire issue of 9/11 is a controversy.

If 911blogger wants to stop civil, rational, and calm discussion of issues simply because certain individuals want to act like children.... BAN the children, not the adults. It's pretty obvious to tell the difference between the two groups.

A wedge issue is NOT a wedge issue if people can discuss it civilly, calmly and rationally. Punish those who do can NOT behave properly, not those who can.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Censorship is a dangerous

Censorship is a dangerous thing. I hope it works, and respect the decision, but as a frequent visitor and participant for quite some time, I just do not see the problem.

The charm of 9/11B for me has always been the wide-open, wild-west atmosphere. Once there is censorship, we will never know just what is being censored or why. Puts a big shadow over everything. Feels like an emotional decision more than a rational one. Who cares about nasty comments? Just ignore them. And new people can learn a great deal from "old" arguments and mistakes. It does no harm to have them often repeated. Those who know better can help others learn, or just skip that part of the string if there is no time.

SUGGESTION: Rather than moderate every comment before posting it, why not empower 10-50 reasonable, registered users to do all the voting? Restrict VOTING, not the comments. Give the voters clear, reasonable guidelines, and the problems you mention should be taken care of.

JFK on secrecy and the press

Very foolish move! (EDITED)

The comments section on this site is by far the best feature of You can sift through quick reactions on news stories and have your say.

This change might also be to address the COINTELPRO disinfo artists. But now, we won't be able to see what these disinfo agents have to say, and read other people's informative rebuttals.

I'm sorry but I want to read ad hominem attacks and 'low content' entries if I so wish to. I assure you can handle it!?! Really! These entries can be equally informative in an indirect way. I don't need a patronizing moderator filtering away.

Now that the user-driven comment rating system works fine, why do you need a moderator? Let the user base decide what is worthwhile reading.

Many hugely popular sites such as and ( do not have moderators but rely on the rating system already has. So why are we moving towards a censored alternative like abcnews or What makes so different to digg or slashdot?

This will kill the reactivity and life out of Users will now unknowingly submit a comment very similar to many other waiting comments in the moderation queue. These will of course be delete since they are now 'low in content'. I don't want to waste time writing something that someone else has already mentioned, all because the moderator woke up late this morning.

I understand you are trying to reduce the processing load on your servers by reducing comment usage, but surely there must be another way.

I would suggest as an alternative, that admin moderators use the existing rating system instead. Why not simply poorly rate all junk comments. Then if I choose to, I can still read them with the "show/hide comment" feature.

Why not introduce along with the comment score, a message qualifier/label like on Slashdot: Insightful/Informative/Redundant/Troll/Disinfo/Funny/AdHom to help users quickly sort out messages.

Maybe you could introduce a user Karma feature like on slashdot, so that users can better filter out other users they don't like.

This now massively centralizes the direction which will take. The influential job of moderator will become an ideal target for COINTELPRO to take over.

It's ironic that 9/11 Truth complaints that it's being censored by the media, and then it starts censoring...

UPDATE: Already two of my comments haven't been published here. It was nothing outlandish either. So bye bye I won't be participating anymore. I feel betrayed. dz's sudden departure and Rep's rampant and unjustified authoritarianism looks very suspicious to me.
Oh well, someone will just have to create a better uncensored version of this site.

not optimistic

A heavy hand will kill the site. At least for me. We'll see how delicately and lightly you can implement your strategy.
If you succeed,... well, few may notice. If not..

By the way. Having passed my major slang period back around the time of 'groovy' , I still don't know what 'Snark' is. How will I know if I have committed 'snark'. And if, having committed snark, will I simply be disappeared?

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Don't agree with it, there

Don't agree with it, there are other options and this will sap all the momentum out of posting comments here.

there are other options

I agree.
Giving the offender a warning or placing his/her comments on moderation (not EVERYONE's) would be one option. Most of us are civil and respectful when debating contentious issues. Why sabotage a very good discussion board with a drastic change because of a select few bad apples? We've got a good thing goin' here... don't fcuk it up :0


Oh, wait…I wasn’t asked.
Let me offer my two cents anyway. This smacks of the very actions and attitudes we’re fighting against. It will immediately invite suspicion and accusations of government control. The only acceptable censorship is self-censorship (within ourselves). Yes, it would be nice if people were more respectful of each other. But you can’t enforce civility any more than you can legislate morality. There are other forces that keep trolls and shills and fools in check: getting voted down is pretty effective; getting called on it in open debate is even better. And what about those occasional zingers by Jenny Sparks and others that provide much-needed comic relief?

I don’t see anything good to be gained from this move. Judging from the comments and votes here, neither do most people. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But having said that, I’m also fully committed to 9/11 truth, and I deeply appreciate the blood, sweat and tears all four of you have put into this site. I’ll support you in whatever you decide.


Best said. I hope that someday I might learn to be as succinct.

"But you can’t enforce civility any more than you can legislate morality."

"And what about those occasional zingers by Jenny Sparks and others that provide much-needed comic relief?"

Where has the fiery-fingered Col. Jen been? I've been missing her wit and casseia's probing questions of late.

"But having said that, I’m also fully committed to 9/11 truth, and I deeply appreciate the blood, sweat and tears all four of you have put into this site. I’ll support you in whatever you decide."

In my rush to criticize Rep's decision, I failed to give them all the deserved recognition for their loss of vital bodily fluids in maintaining this site. Sorry!


Oh shit! I may have failed to close a tag in a previous comment. Now how long before I will be able to edit my own blunder?

Whew. Fixed it here. Me like Preview. Preview good!

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Quality & Kind: What Makes a Star Chamber?

The question of the civility of discourse here is not a problematic one, and I would assert that any dissenting view can be offered with reasoned thought and reasonable expression. Indeed the interests of the dissenter are best served in this manner.
I too rely upon 911B for news, and for information not quickly (or generally, or at all) found elsewhere. The prescription for raising, or at least maintaining, a degree of civility in the Comments area as stated in your 3rd paragraph sound reasonable, admirable and desirable. However, the specter of censored speech necessarily lurks within these high-minded intentions. This is the sharp blade of free speech: both desirable and dangerous.
Frankly I am not a regular visitor to the Comments area for the very reason that I all too often find the quality of conversation here compromised by incivility in many forms. Yet, where there is legitimate debate about substantive issues -- those you seem to be referring to as "wedge issues that divide 9/11 skeptics and researchers" -- such debate, if curtailed, quickly falls under the murky shadow of censorship, and this troubles me. What's especially troubling is that users of 911B cannot and will not know what has been removed from a debate. Essentially users are being asked to trust a moderation review that -- please correct me if I have a wrong impression -- is a bit of a star chamber.
I encourage civil and courteous discourse and find no fault in the removal of posts that are ad hominem, baiting, "in your face" and other clearly identifiable instances of combative statements or charges. Where you lose me, and test my support, is in the matter of arbitrating what is deemed a dissenting opinion.
I would ask that you clarify the distinction, if you mean for there to be a distinction, between the Quality and the Kind of discourse you aim to address for the improvement of the Comments area... which knobs are being tweaked here?

"The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master." Thomas Pynchon

I just went to to check out their "dedicated 9/11 forum"--but I didn't see any forum for 9/11.

Where is it?

Show "Link." by Reprehensor
Show "You see?" by Victronix

You're doing the right

You're doing the right thing. Otherwise you wouldn't be getting slammed. Most people slammed the hardest are doing what no one else dares to do.

That is the most irrational thing I have ever seen you post Victronix, by that rationale, the PNAC/Neocons are doing the "right thing"... The ends justify the means mentality is and will always be unethical.

Show "Why not" by Beef Stew

Banning free speech?

Congratulations on following the trend in the rest of society.

I don't agree with this...

... but if you really want to try moderating comments, the easiest way to start is putting a generous negative points threshold for the automatic deletion. (e.g. lower than -15). This is more democratic and less time consuming for you Reprehensor.

It's about time...

Why not create a message board on here?


You can use phpbb it's easy.

I can help if you want.

Otherwise I can put one up somewhere else so folks can "debate".

It might become a nice resource if used properly and regularly.

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Great idea!

Nice thinking DHS--wouldn't a message board be a powerful addition to this site folks?
Reprehensor what do you think of this idea?

Please note that I am still STRONGLY opposed to the censorship of the comments--I do not want the message board to replace our real-time comments on blogs.

Censorship is bad

Free exchange of ideas is good.

It's worth it putting up with the odd shit disturber, to know that the echange of ideas is free and fast wheeling. Part of the joy of posting here, is seeing your post go up, and be responded to, and that's why you keep coming back to check on it, and see how it was voted and responded to. If you have to wait around for your post to be vetted by the great Reprehensor, then IMO, it's just not worth waiting around.

I think trying to administer this, is both unneccessary, and a waste of your valuable time and energy, and it smacks of a need for control and dominion over the free wheeling exchange of ideas, the very thing we most loath.
On the 11th day, of every month.

What is the unstated intent?

I attempted to submit this brief comment an hour or more ago. I may have screwed up somehow. So I'm trying again but have edited slightly.

A heavy hand will kill the site. At least for me. We'll see how delicately and lightly you can implement your strategy. I also abhor opacity. Decisions made in the dark by one or two people are offensive to me.

However, iIf you succeed,... well, few may notice. If not, all will know.

By the way. Having passed my major slang period back around the time of 'groovy' , I still don't know what 'Snark' is. How will I know if I have committed 'snark'. And if, having committed snark, will I simply be disappeared?

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

down like the towers

Rep Are you getting Paid to destroy 911 Blogger and thats why dz got out. cause he wouldnt do what your doing (kudos to dz) fredooom of speach at 911 blogger. down like the towers

Show "No." by Reprehensor

Are you going to respond to our concernes?

Reprehensor, your censorship edict is extremely unpopular. Are you going to respond to us or just do what you want?

-Justin Keogh

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

It's only been a day.

Definitely reading everyone's comments, and taking it all into consideration.

There are some suggestions that I do want to consider, (anatomically impossible ones excluded).

Is this

In any way a money/traffic/server issue?

We currently have a nice system of "user censorship" a-la the voting on comments (as we have censored and hidden the pro-censorship comments ;-)

911blogger could get 10 times bigger. or it could stop right here. People are checking this blog many times a day... posting all these comments... if we could re-direct some of this energy I think some fantastic things could happen. Here's a few ideas:

1. Make a "golden blogs" section... where important blog entries that get (voted or nominated) as a "golden blog" get put into some structure... this page could be wiki-based and editable by some set of users.

2. In addition to 1 we need a wiki to integrate all these stories and comments into.... SO MUCH INFORMATION is available through user comments it's really a shame that one has to search for hours through all the old blogs to find these comments or "golden eggs", a wiki that is editable by all registered users (just ban vandals) would grow quickly to a valuable resource. I am aware of other 911wiki's but one directly connected to 911blogger would quickly supersede them.

I am more than willing to help set this up. -Justin

Golden blogs--great idea

I would like to see some of the great blogs on this site permanently highlighted. Perhaps by editorial/user voting.

Also, consider my idea about limiting posts per user on a thread. That would kill the flame wars and the unnecessary debates that should be on a forum. One possible exception: bloggers who initiate a thread could have unlimited comments in replying to their own blog.

Just a suggestion.

Suggestions? Well that would

Suggestions? Well that would seem to have been the correct path to follow (hindsight being 20/20 and all)...

Add a "report" function in the same area/code as the voting, those that participate in ad hom attacks can be reported and go through an escalation process, temp banning, perm banning.

Giving more power to the users is a good thing, as it dilutes the temptation for corruption. Centralizing power in an individual(s) leads to a dictatorship.

Politician speech

> Definitely reading everyone's comments, and taking it all into consideration.

That's what a paid politician would say, Reprehensor. "I'm listening and reading all the comments", then he would just go and do whatever he feels. Just because he's in power.

We *need* Free Speech. An occassional ad-hominem attack doesn't hurt. Not knowing what's being censored is worrying in these hot topics.

Rep... please reconsider and turn this ship around the way it was. This way won't help and it will hurt the openness of the discussion.

Show "Bravo" by Phaedrus

So is this the end of the blogger?

I suppose this is goodbye. I haven't commented in a long time, but I enjoyed that it was "unregulated". I remember trying go get comments posted on such sites as BBC and others to no avail. What is "divisive"? Pretty much open to your own opinions.

I'm frustrated to even see an urge to "moderate" here. Seems like the blogger has been taken over by the same mentality that runs the MSM.

Goodbye, Consciousness, maddog, so many others. Enjoyed the last year, so many times I thought that the Truth was going to get out. Found so many great links in the "comments" section. It felt like open on-line conversation. If the changes happen, it will never be the same.

Best Luck to all of you. Maybe the Truth won't come out. Most of humanity seems to prefer to slide into a dismal end. I'll stick to my garden and community and hope that we can survive such sick world governments.

Too bad about the blogger, though...

I've already had my comments here

censored twice, and this would make it three, if it doesn't make it, and they were NOT over the top or exceptionally divisive posts. I am posting here, one more time, to see if posting here again is worth it...

If this post doesn't show up then I'll know I'm not wanted.
On the 11th day, of every month.


The people have spoken. A true leader knows when to follow.

JFK on secrecy and the press

"The people have spoken. A

"The people have spoken. A true leader knows when to follow."


Rep, you've heard the general consensus of blogger's regular users. Should you continue with your plan, don't expect to have much of a site to moderate here, if any at all.
Blogger is the best 9/11 truth site EVER. If you decide to go forward with the censorship/moderator way of doing things here, you'll sabotage the precious gem that you've helped to create. As someone above stated so succinctly, if it's not broke...don't fix it.

Things are fine here as they are. Period.

How do we change your mind?

"Censoring our posts to encourage a healthier debate" sounds too much like "Limiting our civil liberties to protect our freedoms". To entertain this notion is to engage in doublethink.

I really like 911Blogger the way it is. Seriously Rep, how do we change your mind?

Maybe 911blogger will notice the overwhelming....

opposition to this comment moderation thing.
Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

This site was more fun when...

... I didn't have to log in with a password to post comments. Remember when? Ahhh the golden days when obvious trolls were left to be kicked around by the users... it was fun! These days there are just a bunch of overly paranoid newbies declaring honest 911 researches as trolls, no real trolls left at all.

Anyway, I think another commentors idea of adding a message board to this site is excellent!
Solve the problem by opening up dialogue not shutting down comments. I bet some users would even volunteer to be moderators.

I do understand that there are difficulties running an online group. i suggest any sysadmin read "A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy" by Clay Shirky. If you don't know Shirky... well you get the idea, right?

Best wishes,
— JV

More Censorship is not the answer.

You may mean well but this just won't work. Better to just kill the comments section all together and make the site a read-only newspaper style info site. I understand all the free debate can generate dribble and useless banter. I can understand if you want to kill it. If so, just kill it.... censoring material is another matter altogether. You will now be doing one of the things we've been rallying against ! I don't think the site will survive this new policy. I hope I'm wrong.

Bad idea

"This is necessarily going to slow down the pace at which comments appear"
It looks to me like it could be about money. The servers are too full so you need to limit the amought of comments?

I think it is a really bad idea. We are all complaining that the msn are censoring us, and we are now doing the same thing.

Today seems like a cloudy day :(

Returning again..

And seeing the comments and the votes, and NOT seeing my posts go up right away like they used to, which was the fun of it, I must say I'm getting angrier and angrier about this. There's something very WRONG about it, in terms of the very SPIRIT of what 911blogger USED to be, and the very spirit of what we're all about and are fighting for. REVERSE THIS POLICY! Don't delay. Do it today.
On the 11th day, of every month.


why would you waste your time reading all the comments people write , then approve them in your mind, for publication on 911 blogger. I personally read alot of comments but I dont let what people write offend me.


Is it the end of this blog?

I just speak for myself here and this is just a drop of water in all those comments but for me reprensented the real source of the americain truther thinkink. My daily dose of truth. Yes the topics of the posts were fantastic but the comments helped sometimes undestand people view. Just half an hour ago I sent a message wishing a good 4th of July to everyone(around Navy Wave) and I was really surprised no to see my comment appearing. I did not read this post about censoring.

As being out of the USA (french Canadian) I made 911blogger my daily reading source for knowing wath was really going on in your country. I'm affraid that 911blogger will die because it's spirit will slowly fade. All the persons here needs the truth, and foremost the liberty to say the truth...good or bad. If you're taking this you'll loose the people. Another blog will appear elsewhere.

But you know, Reprehensor, what I think is that you knew what would really happen after you announce your decision. There would be less and less people visiting and 911blogger would diisapear.... Admit it it was beginning to be too big to handle. By closing it indirectly you are sending the message for someone to continue but without you.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

This looks pretty sad

Under the "tracker" link, the newest "Last Posted" comment is currently over 8 HOURS old!

This is outrageous. Now I appreciate 911Blogger before the new changes.

Reprehensor, if this goes on very long, someone else will start a new open blog and the crowd will follow. I hope this doesn't happen.

I hope it WILL happen if this isn't undone

We really need a place to discuss the latest developments on 9/11 without half days of delay. 911blogger was perfect for this. Yes, there were a few people talking about space beams and hologram planes, but these posts were quickly buried. As far as I'm concerned it functioned very well. At least a lot better than now.

Test post to see if site

Test post to see if site killing bullshit is still in effect...

Same test

Just checking


I'll give 9/11B a couple of days to revert this policy. After that, it will just be another MSM-like censorship. And I will unsubscribe, and I suggest others do the same in protest.

If you really want to "filter" comments and spend that much time reading ALL comments, I'd suggest this: Let the posts go in as usual, and if you don't like it (eek) smash it down with a -10. But let the rest of us see what was censored. Not knowing is bad.

This way, we can see our posts and replies right away. I posted almost an hour ago, and it still hasn't showed up yet. That kills all the interactivity!

Rep, please make use of your time in a more useful way.

9/11 Truth Chain Email Generation

9/11 Mysteries is back up! Sophie obviously overcame Rick Siegel, who'd somehow managed to get it taken down.

We want to see both 9/11 Mysteries, and Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut, back up on the top 100 of Google Video USA (LCSE is already back up on the top 100 for Canada and other countries)

Therefore, I'm proposing that we generate a chain email for which I'm offering the following form or boilerplate, which you can use as is or not at all, but get something ROLLING along these lines to everyone you know and many you don't. Your help and effort in this regard is much appreciated. The result could be a few more million converts to our just cause and noble historical pursuit.



Subject: 9/11 Was An Inside Job - the evidence revealed.

Dear friend,

I am sending you the Google Video links of two Internet Blockbuster films which purport to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the historical record of the 9/11 event, as we've been led to believe by the Government's official account as contained in the 9/11 Commission Report, is completely false.

If true, this is vitally important information which needs to be disseminated as far as possible and as fast as possible, to as many people as possible. Please, if you find the information or parts of it, contained within the following two films, as being credible and worthy of serious consideration, then for God's sake send this email to as many people as possible, right away.

If you're not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.
Please help us, in this vitally important historic enveavour.

Yours truly,

The 9/11 Truth Movement

9/11 Mysteries

Loose Change


P.S. Though I decided to post this, and then wait a day to see it come up, if at all - consider this also as an example of the kind of thing you will lose if you in effect destroy the community posting spirit of 911blogger. Ideas well up as inspiration, based on other ideas, and we need them all and we need them all ASAP! [angry face]

Anyway, that said, please help start some really good 9/11 truth sharing chain emails rolling forward. Thanks.

i don't know how to edit my

i don't know how to edit my post, so i will make a new comment.

By looking at the number of comments that got post today, i think this is safe to say that this censorship will kill 911 blogger in a matter of weeks.

What was great about this blog is that when you came here, you had a feeling that you were not alone with your ideas because there was a lot of people commenting the news. now all what is left is news, with barely 1 or 2 comments. This place feels empty and i don't really see the point of staying

Some Things to Consider

I have been a long time reader and just recently signed up for an account. Now I have seen some snarky comments and I have seen misunderstandings. Now what does one mean by "snarky?" Does that mean that if someone's tone gets raised discussing a article or blog posted here, that they'll comment will be deleted? Does "snarky" mean a comment that could be construed as insulting? Does "snarky" merely mean having an unpopular opinion? What does this mean to the occasional debunker that wants to stop by? The thing with out and out censorship of comments is that the intent is never known. Someone could write something but we cannot in good character, judge the merits of the words on the screen. Sarcasm, sadness, and shock are just some of the motions that are hard to detect coming from behind a computer monitor. I was under the impression that this place was full of adults who have reached the same conclusion about 9/11 and shared the same goals. I guess the impression was premature as now an open ended policy, which the current administration is currently using as well I might add, has now been implemented on the site. I respectfully disagree with this approach on discussion as it is currently being used by our enemies. To follow in their path, we can no longer claim we are better then them. By condoning and implementing their actions, we are going down the path of only following one voice and one leader. This movement, however, is an individual journey. It's the choices you make and the choices you follow through on that make this movement grow. To stifle discussion like this will not only cap creative minds from flowing and making new ideas, it will stop our claim to freedom, as we have revoked to all others that fail to comprehend this open-ended policy.

Ann Arbor Truth and Freedom
*My Views Do Not Necessarily Reflect The Views of The Group I Am A Part Of

Oh well I guess 9/11 blogger is dead

I will check back maybe once a week for awhile, was nice while it lasted but I don't post on sites that feel they have to approve each and every post they ALL suck.
Welcome to the memory hole Wilson.
Cant understand what the goal is here, if its to just kill the site then why not just flip the switch and be done with it?

Oh well goodbye all, keep up the fight.

very well said, leather!!!

very well said, leather!!!

I've had EVERY comment I made Censored

All I did was voice my opinion that this new policy was an embarassment to this site, and seeing as the fact that this totalitarian hasn't let a single comment of mine go through, it is abundantly clear that I am not wanted here. Don't worry I'll be letting my thousands of friends in the myspace brigade know not to visit this site anymore, and I'll be giving a call to AJ to tell him and his millions of listeners. And to show you I'm not the bad guy here rep, you are. I'll make a plea with alex that he'll bring you under his wing server wise so you can't use that as a fucking excuse for this travesty.

P.S. I had to make a kiss ass comment so the "great leader" would approve it, thus the -12 rep points on it, cause no one on this site wants this bullshit policy.


The approval score for this

The approval score for this news is 32%, lower then Bush approval.

This blog CAN NOT wait a full month to return to what it was before. It will be too late!

Here is what i think you should do:
1- let our comments appear in real time right now
2- then start a new topic where you fully establish all the problem this site is going through and ask for solutions.

Please do at least step #1

32% is inaccurate as all

32% is inaccurate as all those that voted "1" would translate into 10% approval - there is no Zero...

It looks better to me.

I am adding this comment a week later, with one week's worth of experience to judge from. So far, I find it OK.

In fact, the site seems more dignified now, and more 'down to business.'

So often people's comments, at any message board, are about each other, rather than the matter at hand. I am much more interested in the matter at hand, rather than reading through the long back-and-forth that takes place, of various posters' opinions about each other's intelligence and so on. That stuff gets old.

Therefore I say, so far so good. It looks like the site is improved. I predict it will have a stronger and wider influence now.

again, your missing the

again, your missing the point. the point is many if not even most of the people who used to come here and comment will not do so now because of the moderation. its just not worth it to most people. that means all of us will miss out on all of those peoples contributions. sure, some of them wont be missed and didnt add much but enough did. its influence will drop like its alexa rating has. thats not a knock thats just the facts. less people equals less influence. its very simple.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


Maybe actual site statistics will help see the trend. If the policy does not send serious posters away, then it would seem OK, to me at least. The delay doesn't seem too problematic, IMO.

Here is the clincher: a site will necessarily be and show what the owner wants it to be and show. If the owner does not want lots of unfiltered comments, and back-and-forth discussion in real time, so be it. In that light, do our opinions about it matter so much?

My take on it is to watch what happens over time, such as over a year or so.

Well I got censored today

(I hope this will get through)

Perhaps I did not explain my posting sufficiently. Perhaps the language was too provocative and daring.
I HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING. NO REASON WAS GIVEN. Still, this is what I had to say:

I found McCain's speach, as reported by the wearechange guys, offensive and hate mongering.

He was just drumming up the old song of global war based on synthetic false flag terror. Same old Good and Evil crap:

McCain said:
"Al Qaueda has made it a part of their global effort to destroy everything we stand for"
"I believe the greatest challenge of the 21st century is that of radical Islamic extremism."
"I believe it is there"
"I believe it is all over the world"
"I believe it is a stuggle between Good and Evil"
"Everything we value and believe in versus everything that is evil..."

In answer to those words, and as a separate blog entry, I posted a two part video message of friendshp from the Iraqi resistance to the people of America. A message NEVER heard on the main stream media. I found the clips on And they are directly relevent to many ongoing discussions here at 911blogger. In my frustration, I posted the clips to the excellent and free Loose change forum.

You can see the clips here

Besides the problem of turn around tme, pure and simple censorship will kill the richness of this place. I think you will agree. Check out the videos for yourselves.

Posted your blog entry.


The Muj army viddy is old news, and I missed your broader context. I just published your blog entry.

After watching the Muj army viddy again, you are entirely correct.

Ok, my bad

I edited the posted blog.

My take on this

Also, sometimes time is of the essence, and others may miss an important question etc. because it does not yet appear on the board.

It also feel a bit "humiliating" (not quite the right word) to have one's posts "reviewed". And isn't that a waste of resources in, say, 95 percent of the cases anyway?

Why not moderate only the comments by those who have a tendency to disrupt discussions?