911 DVDs

Truth Movement DVDs for a Dollar or Two.

Please, come see my project site. It is a source of inexpensive truth movement DVDs to pass along to those who just haven't been exposed to what we have.



WACLA Visibilty Action = Banner Preparation and DVD - - sticker, stamp and stuff!


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We got together to put stickers on 1200+ DVDs, stamp the sleeves with the WeAreChangeLA contact info, and stuff the DVDs into the sleeves. We also laid out all of our banners and gave them a good cleaning. This is all in preparation for our participation in the anti-war march here in Los Angeles. Can't wait!

By doing this out in the open at a popular park, we created a visibility action for passersby to learn about 9-11 Truth. Everyone brought flyers and displays for this fun outreach.

Steve Wright did a great job interviewing the passersby and he put together a fantastic video. Check it out!