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Ed Asner on 9/11 Truth & the Absence of the Hollywood Left under Obama

Abby Martin talks to legendary actor and activist, Ed Asner, discussing 9/11 questions, US intervention in Syria, the declining role of Hollywood's anti-war left and his charity work with his organization Autism Speaks.

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2009 Hollywood Anti War March Part 2 of 2 - HUGE 9/11 TRUTH PRESENCE



Anti-war march held in Los Angeles to mark Iraq war anniversary. The demonstrators marched along the famous Hollywood Boulevard to demand an end to the six-year war in Iraq and Afghanistan. HUGE 9/11 TRUTH PRESENCE.

Below are two quotes from the video.

Katy Kurtzman

"This is the most 9/11 truth presence I've ever seen at a-- at a march and-- ...just the presence, the respect to people that, they already know. It wasn't any of those confused looks like in the past they at least looked at it and made a decision one way or another. There were a couple of people that came up to argue with us but we love that. Because we love to opportunity to change somebody's mind. It was a good day. I was a really good day."

Bruno Bruhwiler