Blackwater USA

Sharp End International. Spy alert.

While it is save to assume that, if you run a blog critical of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory, you will be on a watch list and the site will be monitored, and it would be dangerously naive to assume you can write about or investigate Blackwater or other creepy private military organisations without them finding out, it is not common to find out who does the monitoring. And while we thought we were relatively safe, doing all this from a country that seemingly has all it’s civil rights firmly secured, it seems that the monitoring is done by a group that brings the threat these private contractors pose for all of us much closer to home that we find comfortable.

This morning as we checked the usage of the site, as we do every morning, we found something strange.
Wordpress lets you see which sites referred people onto your site, and lets you go back through those sites by clicking on the hyperlink.
In other words, someone puts a link to your site much as we link people trough to the sites of the articles we choose to publish.

Naomi Wolf's Latest -- A ‘Paper Coup’

This isn't directly 9/11/01 activism but it contains information that anyone working in our area should be aware of. Blackwater's role is becoming increasingly ominious and they are an integral part of any fascist efforts, as Wolf describes in her essays.

She states, "Increasingly, reputable figures are starting to talk about `a coup.’"

I personally don't think the martial law in Pakistan is without relevance to the near future in the US -- there is no catastrophe there except that the judicial branch won't go against the constitution and allow Musharraf to run as president again, and so he is having them taken out of their offices by police, held in house arrest, and replaced with installed justices (this sets a precedent and also echoes Bush's firings of federal prosecutors). These events are important to learn about, understand and thus predict when to act and how.

She also states, "Nothing at present prevents Blackwater agents from being deployed to help or replace the TSA domestically. Or from being deployed at the next New York City rally such as the one that is being featured on their website."

All you need is a crazy rich guy with a private army

Dear 911 truthseekers,

I have been a member of this blog for 7 week and three days.
I have had a good long skulk, but it is time to become more active on this blog.
I love this blog because of it's activity and the amounts of current information, and because it is a real community with a very important purpose.

I have seen the films done my homework and picked my fights.

They are:

1/ WTC 6. I have found enough information on this building to make the case for planned explosions in the building and when this has occured. I want to publish this information and give you all a chance to pick it appart, but before I do this I would like to find a first responder and ask her some questions.
Her name is Patricia Ondrovic. I found her name on the killtown blog were she gave an interview. She testifies to the fact that she saw explosions in the foyer of WTC 6, but there is some confusion as to when she saw them. I cross reverenced her with the Times 911 files (statements of the first responders.) So I know she is for real. She may not be prepared to speak or correspond with me and in that case I will lay my case before you all.