Bryan Sacks

Video spot examines newly released "alleged hijacker" timeline.

9/11 researcher Bryan Sacks takes a look at the FBI "hijacker" timeline released via a FOIA request from Kevin Fenton.

Sacks is one of the contributing authors to The Hidden History of 9/11.

Part 2 of Video Report on Dr. David M. Graham

Part 2 of Bryan Sacks and Sander Hicks' report on Dr. David M. Graham.

Part 1 here.

D/L the Graham Report here, courtesy of Sander Hicks.

Dr. David M. Graham's story on YouTube

Sander Hicks has supplied some of Dr. David M. Graham's video footage to 9/11 researcher Bryan Sacks, who has in turn narrated an introductory video to Graham's story. Part 2 should be available soon.

Dr. Graham's story is now available in full at Check it out, and weigh the evidence for yourself. Graham's story was omitted from the Joint Select Intelligence Committee report and the 9/11 Commission Report. responds to South Park

South Park Episode Hits Mark For Toilet Humor, But Misses On 9/11 Skepticism

October 12, 2006
by Bryan Sacks

It took longer than expected, but Trey Parker and company have joined with the growing ranks of the opportunists who distort 9/11 skepticism for fun and profit (unlike the screeds by Alexander Cockburn, Matthew Rothschild and Matt Taibbi, at least the South Park episode had its humorous moments).

They included the obligatory "the Jews did it" canard, and the focus taken was shallow and purposely exploitative. The underlying idea, if there was one to be gleaned, was: "the conspiracy theorists are retarded, because they believe the government was competent enough to pull off 9/11."

The psychological principle that unifies the distortions of Cockburn, Rothschild, Taibbi and the creators of South Park is avoidance. 9/11 skepticism is an easy target for ridicule, because it includes ridiculous theories ( is well aware of them, and has cautioned readers to be careful with them). But a commentator can take any attitude he wishes toward these theories. Our attitude has been to largely ignore them, and instead focus on the most striking and disturbing evidence of official complicity in the attacks.