The film Shooter and 9/11

This might not be story-breaking news on the false-flag operation we know as 9/11 but, I found this crafty message to be rather brilliant in this time of fascism in the US of A.
The whole film is pro-truth-movement but, I found one scene to be rather refreshing.
I might be presuming a tad but, knowing a tad about films I know that certain items placed on the set are placed for a reason and after watching the film I know this certain item was placed for a reason. The same goes for the dialogue spoken by the characters.

At about 9:15-9:25 the film displays that crafty message I was talking about: the film zooms into Mark’s characters sitting at his computer desk and clearly at the right-hand corner is the official 9/11 commissions report and as he turns on his computer with the report still in the camera’s view he says, “Let’s see what lies they [the US government] are trying to sell us today.”

I don’t know about you but I found this to be subliminally fantastic.
The film is packed of these types of messages but, I found this one to be the paramount.