Cincinnati 9/11 Truth 4th of July Parade

Cincinnati 9/11 Truth marching in the yearly 4th of July Parade

WeAreChange Ohio Removed from Biden Event in Cincinnati

All American Times

Members of WeAreChange Ohio were ejected from outside of a Joe Biden event at the Union Terminal in Cincinnati. As has happened numerous times in the Queen City, local security guards prevented the Change members from distributing pamphlets or holding signs. Despite being on publicly-owned property, the security team stated that the property was rented to a private entity and therefore they could restrict activities, even on a sidewalk.

Truth Action in Cincinnati on 9/11/08

On September 11, 2008 in Cincinnati, over twenty members of Cincinnati 9/11 Truth and WeAreChange Ohio gathered to distribute information about 9/11 to the public. Locations in this video include Fountain Square, the Cincinnati Masonic Temple, and a Homeland Security event at the Drake Center. -

Members of Cincinnati 9/11 Truth on Mike McConnell’s National Radio Show this Saturday

Members of Cincinnati 9/11 Truth will be on Mike McConnell’s National Radio Show this Saturday. It will be live on Saturday, January 18, 2008, at 1 PM. You can listen online. Just heard him plug the show.

I plan on live blogging the show at the Cincinnati 9/11 Truth blog, with references and sources from the broadcast.

Glenn Beck Visits Ohio and is Confronted by 9/11 Truth Groups

Glenn decided Ohio would be a great stop on his tour and members of Cincinnati 9/11 Truth and Ohio Change tried their best to give him a warm welcome. This was my first,"you have ten seconds before getting tackled" so give me a little slack on my questions. He really never responded or acknowledge my existence but heard me the same. A voice he will recognize in the future I'm sure. Thank you for checking it out please make sure to bid on the DVD and book. If you can please donate to my "chip in" so I can get Ohio change off the ground.

Street Action at The National September 11 Memorial Tour in Cincinnati

The Columbus and Cincinnati 9/11 Truth Groups met for some street action at the National September 11 Memorial Tour in Cincinnati.

Here's the video:

I also posted of the unedited video of the opening ceremonies. You can view part one and part two. Part one features a speech by Cincinnati City Manager Milton R. Dohoney, Jr. Part two features a letter from Sherrod Brown and a speech from Steve Chabot. All of the Cincinnati Area Truth group video is here.

Cincinnati Street Action

The Cincinnati area has a 9/11 truth group. Who knew?

Here's a short video I made near the end of the event. The crowd was slowing down, and we were about to head home, when I started filming this video. Next time I'll make a point to take more pictures.

Here's a run down on our September 11, 2007 action. First, at about 10:00 AM, we met at a major interstate exit heading into he city, and had a few signs. One said "9/11 truth ends this war... Free DVDs here." Lots of people were stopping, looking for some information. We handed out many DVDs.