Air America Radio: Lionel has questions about 9/11, what's wrong with that?

15 minute segment where Lionel questions and gives his interpretation on the events of 9/11.

Good breakthrough in the alternative media.

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Lionel talks conspiracy theories..

In the past, before Lionel went on Air America, he would regularly talk about 9/11 and blow the OCT to pieces. He was on late night in NY. Then after his move to Air America he went silent on the subject, I'm not condoning this silence, but it's obvious he doesn't want to be "Rosied". In his blog on the last 9/11 Anniversary he criticised Alex Jones for taking over the 9/11 movement and alienating people, there was a lot of hyperbole in his rant, but that was the general thrust of what he said. I'm not sure that was wise either, agree or disagree with AJ.

Anyway, a main stream Air America host talking about Conspiracy, so hear it is:

Lionel Loves Rosie!

Lionel - March 31, 2007 - Hour 1
Rosie O’Donnell is under fire for daring to question the incredible story of the official account of 9/11 – this fantastic meltdown via jet fuel – and the Foxies are calling forher to be fired. Unreal. Yet nobody’s read word one about anything.
[17 minute clip] [2 Meg]

Lionel - April 2, 2007 - Hour 1
A mélange of topics. The MSM fails to mention the GOP when it repeats the White House’s excoriation of Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria. Republicans did it, but that’s not mentioned. God bless Rosie O’Donnell. Trump’s officially lost his mind.
[5 minute clip] [700K]

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"GOD BLESS YOU ROSIE" Says top radio talk host LIONEL. Don't miss his fearless and informative rants on his show, and go to his website for great 9/11 investigation links: :
There simply is not enough room to list every 9/11 truth movement site. Here are a few to get you started. Remember, these are just a few. The internet is replete with such. Keep an open mind and remember . . . think!

Lionel Does Another 9/11 Show

Rosie O�Donnell is under fire for daring to question the incredible story of the official account of 9/11 � this fantastic meltdown via jet fuel � and the Foxies are calling for her to be fired. Unreal. Yet nobody�s read word one about anything.

There has been virtually nothing enunciated that has turned out to be true from the administration. Nada. So why do people believe the official explanation of anything given by this administration? Why must Rosie be fired for expressing an idea?

Again, callers will hear what they want to hear. They will swear that Rosie is suggesting a governmental conspiracy and cover-up when she�s done nothing of the sort. She�s merely stating facts that WE interpret. But Fox wants her to shut up.

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