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John Farmer To Be On Air America's "The Lionel Show" 10/12/2009

Call in if you can. - Jon

What do the Warren and 9/11 Commissions have in common? Everything. John Farmer is the author of The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11. Mr. Farmer served as senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, where his areas of responsibility included assessing the national reaction to the terrorist attacks and evaluating the current state of national preparedness for terrorist attacks and natural disasters. He has also served as attorney general of New Jersey (1999-2002), as chief counsel to Governor Whitman, and as a federal prosecutor, and he has advised the special envoy for Middle East regional security. He is presently a partner of a New Jersey law firm and an adjunct professor of national security law at Rutgers University Law School. His editorials and articles have appeared in The New York Times and elsewhere. This should indeed be most interesting.  You know how I love this subject. And the 9/11 Omission, er, Commission.


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Air America Radio: Lionel has questions about 9/11, what's wrong with that?

15 minute segment where Lionel questions and gives his interpretation on the events of 9/11.

Good breakthrough in the alternative media.

To Thank Them and Request More...

* Thanks Vincent for the submission

9/11 Family Member Manny Badillo And 9/11 Survivor Janette MacKinlay On Air America


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We are one week away from the eighth anniversary of 9/11/2001. Eight years ago next Friday, our world changed.

There are many unanswered questions, and many people who won't rest until they get the answers. During the first hour of tonight's show, I'll speak with two of them.

Manny Badillo lost his uncle in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Janette Mackinlay lived right across the street from the twin towers, and was in her apartment when the planes hit, and blew her windows out... and lots of debris in.

Both are now involved with the NYC Coalition for Accountability Now ( a non-partisan organization comprised of 9/11 families, survivors and concerned citizens committed to bringing about an independent, impartial investigation into the events of 9/11/01.

Air America brings in Richard Ben-Veniste to push back against 9/11 Truth

Some time ago I signed up for Air America (I can't remember why now) and I receive their email spam called THE WIRE which I generally glance at briefly before putting in my hacks/shills folder.

This is what was at the top of the email for today, Thursday, June 11th:

Richard Ben-Veniste Addresses The 9-11 Truth Movement (VIDEO)

He was part of the commission charged with finding out the truth about 9-11. So what does Richard Ben-Veniste think about accusations that 9-11 was an inside job? Also, what's his take on Dick Cheney's latest media blitz?

(I hope I get the embed right!)

My open email to Randi Rhodes regarding my alleged "sandbagging" of the VP on blog-based nano-thermite rumor

I just called the Randi Rhodes show when I heard her give the number out, and, unexpectedly, got right on the air. I did not have my thoughts as collected as I would have liked and I was a little bit startled with how quickly things got snarky and snarly. So, I apologize if I was not that focused. But it seemed like it got some of the info out and got a good discussion going about journalism, blogging and "sandbagging." So, here is my open email in response to Randi. I have also told her that I will keep her responses private if she so desires.

p.s. if someone can grab that audio on the replay, that would be great.


Air America Show Poll Shows 90% Want Bush Crimes Investigated

(Related Digg, links to HuffPo story. -rep.)

by Justin A. Martell

Air America conducted a recent poll in which 9,000 or 90% of its respondents would like to see members of the Bush Administration do time in prison for alleged war crimes.

The poll was conducted in response to Joe Klein of Time Magazine's idea that a pardon from President Obama for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld for War Crimes "would brand them for crimes without the agony of a trial."

For Air America's respondents, that is not enough. In addition to wanting members of the Bush Administration to serve jail sentences, some would like to see them serve those terms after being subjected to "enhanced interrogation techniques."

Ron Reagan sd on Air Amer., " evidence of demolition..."!!

Just thought people should know that Reagan is spouting crap that he has seen detailed videos of the WTC destruction, and he asserts that, "he saw no evidence that anything took those towers down other than the planes that flew into them." (not verbatim, but close)

Air America is a bizarre amalgamation of biases, it seems. No wonder Clear Channel carries them out here in Portland, OR.

Kyle Hence And John Judge To Appear On Air America's Clout - TONIGHT - 9PM EST


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Joining John and Kyle tomorrow will be 9/11 Family Member, and "Jersey Girl", Lorie Van Auken who lost her husband Kenneth Van Auken.

AirAmerica's 9/11 Truth Debate Tonight With Richard Greene At 9PM EST

According to Richard, tonight's representative of the movement will be Dr. Peter Dale Scott. The topic of discussion will be Cheney's actions on 9/11, the possible Stand Down Order, and the Wargames. The debate starts at 9pm EST. Good luck to Dr. Scott.

David Ray Griffin added to Lineup - Remember to tune into tonight's installment of 9/11 Truth on Air America Radio

(David Ray Griffin has been added to tonight's lineup, as well as Col. George Nelson and Barbara Honegger. -rep.)

Updated: (5/16/08) May 15th Show

(71 Minutes - 8 Meg)

This Thursday, May 15th, Rob Balsamo of Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Craig Ranke of the Citizen's Investigation Team (CIT), and Barrett will debate the question of what happened at the Pentagon against one or more yet-to-be-named opponents. The show runs 8-10 pm Central at and on Air America stations around the USA.

Last Week's Show produced by Kevin Barrett featuring Richard Gage, Tony Szamboti and Stephen Jones

Dear 9/11 Truth Community - Richard Greene asks for our support tonight

with Richard Greene
Air America Radio

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 11:00 pm Eastern/6 - 8 pm Pacific

May 2, 2008

Dear 9/11 Truth Community,

As you know, CLOUT! has tried very hard to provide air time to cover a fuller understanding of the events of 9/11 and related issues. I greatly appreciate your appreciation of these efforts and want to, now, ask you to do something to convince others at Air America and elsewhere that there is a strong market for this kind of programming.

Please log on to TONIGHT at 10:05 pm Eastern/9:05 pm Central/8:05 pm Mountain/7:05 pm Pacific for a "Meet Up", LIVE, on air.

Air America Host Randi Rhodes Suspended For Calling Hillary A Very Bad Word

Air America Host Randi Rhodes Suspended For Calling Hillary A "Big F*cking Whore"

Air America host Randi Rhodes called both Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton "whores" in a recent appearance, seen below. Rhodes, who hosts a weekday radio show on Air America, said to the cheering crowd, "What a whore Geraldine Ferraro is! She's such a fucking whore!" She then proceeded to say, "Hillary is a big fucking whore, too" to a mixed audience reaction. "You know why she's a big fucking whore? Because her deal is always, 'Read the fine print, asshole!'"

9/11 And Air America

9/11 And Air America

by Shelton F. Lankford, Pilots For 9/11 Truth

When I signed up for the first Air America cruise, one of my goals was to challenge the open-minded, progressive listeners and radio hosts on 9/11 Truth, or rather the lack of it in their program content. My elevator speech was to the effect that, by attacking all the monsters that have been unleashed by the Bush administration piecemeal - Iraq, Patriot Act, Spying, Torture, Rendition, gutting the Constitution, etc. , it was like attacking a giant squid by grappling with each of its tentacles individually. We don't have enough arms, strength, or endurance to do it. By ignoring 9/11, we, in effect, ignore the body and brain of the monster, and have no hope of defeating it. It isn't a point that is original with me, but I don't mind stealing in an emergency - this is it.

Imagine my elation when one of the hosts, Richard Greene, to whom I had never listened, stood up in the introductory panel and said words to the effect that in order to stop the crimes that are ongoing and that are stealing our country away from us, we must confront and expose 9/11 as a false flag operation. I leapt to my feet and applauded wildly. I was joined by several others. I don't think he was prepared for the response his statement got, and he rapidly set up an impromptu session to show Zeitgeist, Part II and hold a discussion about the issue tonight.