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Senator Gravel read the “Pentagon Papers” into the Senate record in 1971, and thus helped bring an end to the Viet Nam war. Currently, over 1300 architects and engineers are calling for a new investigation of “9/11.” [See] Senator Gravel and concerned citizens are joining together to raise funds to file an initiative in California to enact a 9/11 Truth Commission law. The goal is a new commission untainted by politics and with subpoena powers.

'The Villager' covers Gravel - NYC Ballot Initiative

‘Pentagon Papers senator’ calls for new 9/11 probe

By Jefferson Siegel

Skeptics of the government’s explanation regarding details of the September 11 attacks are trying to put the issue before a larger audience. In an attempt to place a call for a new investigation on November’s ballot, the 9/11 Truth group welcomed former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel to St. Mark’s Church on Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s crunch time,” Gravel said, noting the group hopes to amass at least 40,000 signatures in the next three weeks for a citywide ballot initiative for the November election. The group already has 12,000 signatures.

“This may be our last hope to bring about a serious investigation,” Gravel, who also ran for president earlier this year, told a crowd of several dozen in the plaza facing the church.

“It’s more of a citizens commission rather than a government commission,” he explained.

“The referendum would allow for a legally sanctioned commission with subpoena powers,” said Reverend Frank Morales, a St. Mark’s associate pastor and a member of the 9/11 Truth movement.

Village Voice covers Gravel Press Conference

Former Senator Gravel Backs NYC 9/11 Commission

by Duncan Meisel - June 18, 2008

After two presidential runs in one year, former Senator Mike Gravel is setting his sites on New York City politics, specifically a grassroots effort to have New York City citizens vote to establish a new September 11th investigation commission.

The petition drive needs at least 30,000 residents to give their signatures in order to place a potential amendment to the city charter on the November ballot. The former Alaska senator and lifelong political loose cannon threw his weight behind the effort to establish a second, privately funded investigation into the events of September 11th, in response to what he called a fatally flawed 9/11 Commission report.

“Even the commissioners and their panderers admit it had shortcomings” Gravel said. “This commission will be made up of people with only one stake: finding the truth.”

Video: Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel Endorses NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative on Democracy Now - June 17, 2008

(This video is now currently linked on the front page of Infowars, which will help kick it to a broader viewership. If you have a website that you can mirror this YouTube video at, please do. In this video, Gravel makes some great observations about the Pentagon Papers, government secrecy, the umbrella of whistleblower protection that Congressmen have, [but never use], and about running as a Libertarian. Much more than just a 9/11 statement. Help be the new media. -rep.)

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Get involved:

Senator Mike Gravel Supports NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

Press Conference with Sen. Mike Gravel and reception to follow (see below)
St. Marks Church, 2nd Ave. & 10th Street, New York City
Tues. June 17th, 5pm

Senator Mike Gravel Calls for New Investigation of 9/11, Supports NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

(New York, NY, June 13, 2009) --- On Tuesday, June 17th at 5pm, at St. Marks Church in New York City, former Senator Mike Gravel, speaking on behalf of the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign, will call for a new and far reaching investigation of the crimes of 9/11.. This comes in the wake of several developments which underscore the need for a truly independent, thorough, fact-driven investigation into the events of 9/11. Consider the recent book by NY Times veteran reporter Philip Shenon titled “The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation” which highlighted the conflicts of interest of Executive Director Philip Zelikow. Consider the book by Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton titled “Unprecedented” in which they stated they were "doomed to fail from the start" and they were lied to by NORAD regarding our absence of air defense. Consider the Articles of Impeachment nos. 33-35 by Dennis Kucinich which list hard evidence showing dereliction of duty, obstruction of justice, and malfeasance by the Bush administration. Consider the revelation of the destruction in 2004 of CIA tape recordings of suspects in Guantanamo Bay which were requested by the 9/11 Commission. Consider that Arizona Congresswoman Karen Johnson, who has called attention to the research of physics professor Steven Jones and architect Richard Gage, has called for a new 9/11 investigation. The list goes on and on…

Ask Senator Gravel to Kick It Up a Notch!

Attention: A full press campaign is needed by all antiwar-9/11 truth seekers to push for a breakthrough as regards the present Presidential campaign malaise by contacting the campaign of Mike Gravel, - Please tell the Senator that we need a real leader here in this nation once again, and for the whole world, who will take the lead towards peace and freedom by actively advocating the need for 9/11
truth now.

We need such a leader. Senator Gravel has a history in this regards when he was a Senator vigorously oppossed to the war in Vietnam. Thank him for his statements that appeared on 9/11 Blogger concerning his determination if President to make sure there is a real investigation of 9/11.

Tell him that it is the first candidate who tells the mainstream this, that challenges the threat of more false -flag terror, and does so in August 2007, and speaks at either the NYC or Washington DC 9/11 truth events, will be the one to change history, to show who a true leader is, and will have won the real primary challenge as to who our next President should be. The same goes for Dennis Kuchinich and Ron Paul. Tell them to come out now or lose the election, but more importantly, the chance to save the nation and the world for life and peace.

Bruce Marshall

We started sending email to Gravel the other day. Feel free to share yours as an open letter and post below as a comment. -rep.

Presidential Candidate Senator Mike Gravel Has "No Problem" with new 9/11 investigations

Last month, on June 6th, member of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Eric Jackman, asked former Senator Gravel;

"It's been reported that you will support a new global investigation into the events of September 11th, do you care to elaborate on that?"

Gravel responded: "Well, as much I know... I've had several people approach me on that, and I said, I have no problem, because every time we had an investigation of the Kennedy assassination, we learned more, and we've had several of those investigations, and we kept learning more, and learning more. So I don't think that there's any harm, in having additional investigations as to what really happened on 9/11."

This is an extremely strong and positive public statement from a political candidate with a dedicated base, and very candid views on the Military Industrial Complex;

"The Military-Industrial-Complex not only controls our government, lock, stock and barrel, but they control our culture."

Gravel could kick awareness of 9/11 skepticism, 9/11 Truth, whatever you want to call it, onto an entirely new level given the chance. Yesterday, Gravel's Press Secretary, Alex Colvin, posted this statement in a 9/11 thread on the Senator's campaign website forum;

Thanks to everybody committed to the 9/11 truth movement who have forwarded us films and literature concerning 9/11. We have taken [a] considerable amount of time to look into this issue, there is a lot of evidence to sift through. After careful consideration and much study, Senator Gravel agrees that an independent inquiry is indeed needed to get to the bottom of what happened on September 11, 2001.

Senator Gravel and his campaign, have now set a benchmark for the other Presidential candidates. The Kucinich campaign should take note that there is now another candidate on the record about new 9/11 investigations. Although Gravel doesn't have Committee powers like Kucinich does, Kucinich should be encouraged that making public statements on new 9/11 investigations is welcome, and wanted, and he should consider broadening his investigations.

Ron Paul should be encouraged to make a public statement supporting new investigations into the events of 9/11. He now has a new benchmark to meet.

If you make a contribution to Gravel because of these statements, let him know why.