New poster in spanish for 911 truth

New Poster has 911 truth now on one side in spanish, other side in engish:

9/11 activism sign in Spanish

I just finished a sign in spanish that I did in Inkscape, a free vector graphics program that i strongly recommend (you can learn to use it easily, watch some tutorials).

The main text says: "The war in Afghanistan also started with a lie"
The text on top reads: "Investigate yourself" (or something similar, not sure how it would be in english)

It is an A2 - 90dpi, but if you want a bigger badder version, make sure to contact me and I can get you the svg file no problem.

Please find it attached

We are change latino

We are change latino is the spanish language group following the examples of we are change and Madrid 911 truth of anti war and non violence. It was created to educate and mobilze Spanish speaking people in the United States of America to the corruption of the government and to the cover up of the September 11th Attacks and other crimes of the New World Order in the Spanish language. Like the English counter part We are change latino will expose the politicians lies and corruption that is hidden from Latinos in the U.S.A

Spanish truth Pamplet ready to go!!!

I recently finished a pamplet that can be used for educating the spanish population please download the attachment at the bottomif u want me to send it to u. i will take any criticism u can give me


This is a translation of the document from

The translation follows the English original as close as possible in substance and spirit, but NOTE: the original English article makes references to Bush cabinet members as current when they are no longer there in the current administration.

Special Thanks to Bill Burton with the group for this translation!

More spanish language 9/11 truth material is needed

Hi my name is Luis I am a Puerto Rican guy that woke up to the truth basically on my own. I started to raise questions like why havent we causght osama yet its almost september 11 and still no justice. and why are we wasting lives and money and time in iraq when we should be fighting terror in afganistan streatch our army to the limit?